TUESDAY, February 11th, 2003, 11:50 AM

"1" World AMATEUR Rankings!

Over the last year we have sent out e-mails requesting to see other sanctioning bodies "AMATEUR" rankings. We wanted to find out about other amateurs around the world that hold various titles and their records. Once we attained the information, we would contact them and ask them if they would like to be placed in the IKF Amateur Rankings for FREE! We thought this would be a good way to bring more exposure to amateur kickboxers around the world and begin the process of organizing a TRUE AMATEUR WORLD Championship Tournament.

Our plan was to make a central base for everyone around the world to find out what they could about as many amateur kickboxers as possible. As many know, there have been hundreds of Amateur World Titles awarded in the sport but the question is, "Were the two fighters fighting for that WORLD title "REALLY" the best two amateurs in the world?" Often not, especially when in some cases, we found fighters from the same towns fighting for that World title.

We had put a deadline of February 1st, 2003 as to when we needed to info. We were looking for info on amateur fighters with as well as without titles. Well, in the end, the results will probably not shock many of you regular readers of the IKF website.

Of the 14 Sanctioning bodies we sent e-mails to we thought at the very least we would get a listing of their amateur champions. Well, we must have expected too much because we didn't get any! Oh, we got some responses, but they were in no way positive towards amateur kickboxers. Some we found amusing to say the least...They include:

  • USA Based Organization: "We do not keep a ranking on amateur fighters because they quit too much and it's too hard to keep track of them."

  • USA Based Organization: "We do not keep track of our amateur champions. Amateur titles are only for promotional purposes and are not highly regarded."

  • Europe Based Organization: "The time and expense in keeping track of amateur fighters and titles is not worth the return. We focus more on the pro fighters."

  • Europe Based Organization: "Our country representatives pay a yearly fee to be a part of our organization. With that fee they are allowed to have as many titles on their shows as they want to. For this reason, we have no idea what titles they have awarded. Only they would know this."

  • Europe Based Organization: "We do not separate amateurs and pro fighters."

  • USA Based Organization: "We only give out this information to our promoters. would you like to sanction an event with us?"

  • And the one we thought most amusing: Europe Based Organization: "Why would you want to keep track of amateur fighters? Their amateurs."

We didn't want to name who said what because in the end, it just doesn't matter. The fact is, we didn't get any organization to send us their amateur rankings. You're probably saying, "Well of course they wouldn't send the IKF their rankings." well, we figured as much as well, which is why we sent 3 different e-mails (Different e-mail addresses - none of which are IKF addresses) to each of the 14 sanctioning bodies over the last year. These were responses the organizations gave to individuals inquiring about amateur rankings who signed their names as trainers or fighters, not the IKF trying to find out about them.

In the past, we had separated our IKF Amateur Rankings. into continents and than down into regions. However, over the years it was hard getting "Complete" fighter information from the IKF Promoters outside of North America. Of the info we did get it often left out things like a fighters hometown, their full fight record (wins, loses, draws if any and wins by TKO/KO)and most importantly, we rarely received "CONTACT INFO" of these fighters. What good is it to have a name of a fighter without a way to contact them!? Sadly, from what all the other organizations were telling us, NONE of them had ANY Amateur Ranking system or a record of their amateur champions. We found this an INSULT to all amateur kickboxers around the world. In other words, if an amateur fighter won an amateur title from one of these organizations, there would be no way to "Verify" that they actually do hold or held the actual title. In fact, it meant anyone could go out and buy a belt and "Claim" they were an amateur world champion and no one would question it...

"If you want something done, you need to do it yourself..."
This has always been one of 2 mottos the IKF has lived by through the years. The other one speaks for everyone in the IKF. It reads;
"Do not follow where the path may lead... go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

The second one is important to us all because if things were done right in the past our sport would be more advanced than it is today in regards to media exposure, TV and fight purses. Not to mention the very thing we are talking about here, ORGANIZATION! Knowing now that this has never been done we know there is no path to follow. No one to "Copy". So we are left with those of you who truly want to see our sport grow. To grow we will need organization from the foundation up, around the world. With this in mind, we decided someone needed to step up and take control of the amateur fighters around the world.

Now we are not saying we are the best for this mission but the fact remains, "Who else has even tried?" So we refer to the quote of many pioneers, "If not us. Who? If not now, When?" There needs to be a location where ANY PROMOTER or matchmaker around the world could go to TRULY find the WORLDS best amateur fighters. A location where they could attain a name, a fight record and most importantly, contact information. This way promoters around the world would be able to seek out THE BEST amateurs for that title they wanted to sanction (With any sanctioning body) to assure they had the two best fighters, or at least close to it, as possible. Our solution? We made a decision here at the IKF to change all our various continental and regional amateur rankings and combine them all into "1" Amateur World Ranking system making it the "ONLY" Amateur World Rankings.

These rankings can be found on our rankings page at the web address

Once there you will see 4 rule style divisions for both men and women

  • Full Contact Rules: Where all kicks (Except the boot to boot sweep) must strike above the waist. Often referred to as American Kickboxing.
  • International Rules: Allowing the above plus kicks to the legs.
  • MuayThai Rules: Allowing all the above plus knees and elbows when allowed
  • San Shou Rules: Allowing the above, minus the elbows, and throwing.

It will be clear to all of you that the majority of the fighters listed in our rankings currently are from North America. This is because our North American promoters, representatives, trainers as well as fighters keep us updated with the necessary info for their rankings where very few outside of North America do not. You may also see fighters with the letters "N/A" or "TBA" next to their name. This means that the promoter or regional representative never forwarded us this needed info. Fighters without records, even those who may hold an IKF title, are ranked low because we have no idea of their fight experience. This happened in Europe often and we are still awaiting the fighter info. Of course having the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament helps us a lot in seeing the different amateur fighters.

In addition, we know we may have some amateur fighters in the rankings who are no longer fighting or that have turned pro. If you see any of them or are one, or notice a "N/A" or "TBA" by a fighters name and can help us fill in the blank(s), please e-mail us at rankings@ikfkickboxing.com. Please make sure to indicate the rule style, weightclass and fighters name with the correction and any additional info you can provide us. Your assistance would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! To view the new IKF Amateur World Rankings please click HERE.

Some of you have asked us, "How can one be eligible to fight for an IKF Amateur World Title?" Of course our ultimate goal is to have an IKF Amateur World Championships. this may come sooner than expected after these recent findings so keep watch for this announcement. However, until that time, here's what makes you eligible for an IKF Amateur World Title. To begin with, you need to be in the IKF Amateur World Rankings. If you are not, click HERE to register.

If you are in the USA, you will need to have competed in or need to compete in the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament and won or win it. Next you will need to have competed in or need to compete in the IKF North American Amateur Tournament and won or win again. Once you won both, you will become eligible for a shot at an IKF Amateur World Title. This year the IKF USA National Amateur Tournament is August 15th, 16th and 17th. There are several regional events around the USA that you can attend prior to this event. To see what regional represents your state Click HERE! If you win or won this event, you will move to the next step...

In North America: For those in Mexico and Canada your requirement will be to compete in one of the IKF Amateur North American Tournaments. Although last year there was only 1 North American Tournament which was for Full Contact Rules, this year there will be "TWO" IKF North American Championship events. One for full contact rules which will be in November in South Carolina, and one for MuayThai and International rules which has yet to be scheduled. The MTR/IR Tournament will either be hosted by the IKF like the USA Nationals or by an IKF Promoter as is the USA Regionals and the Full Contact Rules North American Tournament.

If you are outside of North America and want to fight for one of these titles, until we establish other tournaments we will need to qualify you as we do for IKF "PRO" World Titles. To do so, please e-mail us with all your past fight info. Who you fought, when, where and the results. What titles in what organizations do you hold? we will have to trust you here because as we noted above, we will have no way to verify the titles with the organization. With this in mind, please understand that you will not be selected by what or how many titles you won but who you fought and your win/loss record. In addition, we will need a VHS format video of at least 2 of your bouts as well.

So does all this sound complicated? Of course it does. Sound like a lot of work? Of course it will be. Hard? Of course... But if it were so easy, everyone would have already been doing it... Which is what makes the IKF different than any other organization in the world today...

"Do not follow where the path may lead... go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
We hope to see many of you in the ring soon fighting for that
IKF Amateur World Championship!

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