WEDNESDAY, August 4th, 1999, 11:55 PM

People of the Martial Arts...

By Brooks Mason

Perhaps you don't know the influence you carry. More people are involved in the Martial Arts than any other sport in America. More people listen to what you have to say than the President of a bank. The power of suggestion and of example is how we can move the perception of the Martial Arts into the main stream America. I'm talking about Chuck Norris' dream of Martial Arts in every school. I can think of no better way to fight drugs and gang involvement than to teach the children of America self worth. The very ideas you teach everyday in every school are the values we hope the American youth will live up to. When you walk into your school all you can ask is that the Students do their best. It is asking for their best that you build the confidence in their ability to do something on their own.

From the local Police Chief to the kid in the1st Grade, there is no better way to appreciate one's self than by accomplishing something that is inherently very personal. I ask the Martial Artists in America to join me in finding a way to get the message out to the American public that the Arts exude the very ideals of the American way of life. Honor, Integrity, Loyalty and Dedication to Duty. Duty to God, duty to Family and duty to Country. We can make a huge difference in the quality of life in America but we must act together. Brooks

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Mr. Mason is a Martial arts master and past fighter and trainer of many. He is best known to the kickboxing world as the trainer of a 10 time Kickboxing World Champion. He started training a 17 year old martial artist in a town in Florida by the name of Don Wilson who later became, you guessed it, IKF World Cruiserweight Champion and movie star Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Mr. Mason trained him long before he became "The Dragon".

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