SUNDAY, June 13th, 1999, 7:45 PM

Let's get to the heart of the issue...

By Brooks Mason

Let's get to the heart of the issue. Why has the sport of kickboxing continued to struggle in the proffessional arena. The quality and commitment of todays martial artist rivals any professional sport in the world but we can't seem to hold the audience. Why don't we do this;

1. Follow Ringside and IKF's example and hold national tournaments.

2. Establish a clear and concise idea of what we want out of the sport.

3. Get off our butts and promote the sport.

Kickboxing needs to appeal to the American public. I know it is an international sport but the meat of this sport has to be the American people and their acceptance. The American people want old fashion kickboxing. I enjoy Muay Thai as much as anyone but the general public in America does not appreciate the infighting that occurs and therefore views it as slow paced. Kicking below the waist was a natural progression of the sport for American fighters but we were wrong to go there. Keep the kicks above the waist. America wants the flash of high kicks with the tried and true love of boxing.

We need to work on quality boxing skills along with the kicks above the waist. This is not a contest of how effective an art is on the street, it is a plan to allow quality martial artists earn a living at what they do best. Contact Steve Fossum or the guys at Ringside. They can help you set up a program that will deliver quality fights and help promote a sport we can all be proud of and help the dedicated fighters make a better living. If you would like a seminar in your home town to help you set up a program or get a program on tract please contact me or Mr. Fossum and we would be glad to come. Remember No one has a higher stake in your success than Ringside and the IKF. By the way , Don Wilson along with hundreds of other fighters feel the same way. Thanks, waiting on your response, Brooks Mason. Comments can be sent directly to Mr. Mason by clisking HERE!

So who is Mr. Mason? Mr. Mason is a Martial arts master and past fighter and trainer of many. He is best known to the kickboxing world as the trainer of a 10 time Kickboxing World Champion. He started training a 17 year old martial artist in a town in Florida by the name of Don Wilson who later became, you guessed it, IKF World Cruiserweight Champion and movie star Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Mr. Mason trained him long before he became "The Dragon".

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