FRIDAY, March 12th, 1999, 7:30 PM

Response to WKA President, Paul Ingram of a response to a previous letter sent by IKF President Steve Fossum to the Kickboxing Ring Report.
Mr. Ingram has been mailing out a letter of response to many IKF associates and others in the world of kickboxing, which contains Lies and False Accusations about the IKF, some of our associates and myself. Because of this, I feel it appropriate to respond Publicly to it on our own pages. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

Dear Readers,
Recently, I was e-mailed a copy of a letter that Paul Ingram, President of the WKA, is mailing out to several people that is in response to a previous letter I wrote to the Kickboxing Ring Report. My letter to the KRR was a response in regards to their posted question about the different organizations needing to work together etc.

Last fall, 1998, I and IKF Europe Representative Alby Bimpson were receiving "MANY" e-mails and faxes from current and past "WKA" promoters asking about working with the IKF. Out of RESPECT for our desire to work with our good friend and IKF Canada Associate Mike Miles in Canada who has been working with the IKF AND WKA together for the last 1 and a half years, Mr. Bimpson and myself decided to inform Mr. Ingram of the inquiries. We wanted to do this so that Mr. Ingram would not lose any of the "Kickboxing" promoters he had left in the WKA.

Rather than simply accept these promoters into the IKF and allow them to turn their backs on the WKA (who they were obviously not satisfied with or the wouldn't have been contacting the IKF) we offered to see if Mr. Ingram and the WKA wanted to work together to keep the WKA alive and active in England. Mr. Ingram wanted to see what his promoters felt about this first so he scheduled a meeting of what WKA Promoters (4) he had in England. PREVIOUS to the meeting, Mr. Ingram pulled Mr. Bimpson aside and asked if "I" Steve Fossum, IKF President, would be willing to take over WKA North America? When I was told of this, I was shocked! Not just that Mr. Ingram would offer 1/3rd of his organization to an obvious competitor, but more shocked that he had SNUBBED a GOOD FRIEND of mine who had supported the WKA for over 15+ years, Mr. Mike Miles of Canada.

Mr. Miles and I are good friends and our friendship is NOT based on "LETTERS" of an organization, but from honor and respect of each other. That offer of Mr. Ingram's SHOULD of "ETHICALLY" went to Mr. Miles. However, "POLITICALLY" Mr. Ingram offered it to me instead. Of course I refused. Why would I want 1/3rd of a sinking ship?! However, we thought that if Mr. Miles was given the position of WKA North America and if we were to associate with the WKA, than the WKA would have had a great chance again at becoming a top organization like it "USE TO BE" back in the 80's.

In the WKA meeting in England, after the topic of co-sanctioning was brought up, the WKA Promoters all voted UNANIMOUSLY to co-sanction with the IKF. Mr. Bimpson then discussed with Mr. Ingram about scheduling a meeting to meet with me personally in which Mr. Ingram "AGREED HIMSELF" to a meeting to be set in England in November 1998. Now that all of you have a TRUE foundation to what has been going on, this is where the letter to the KRR comes into play. My letter happened to mention Paul Ingram and the WKA since Mr. Ingram had just recently turned his back on his own people who had voted UNANIMOUSLY to co-sanction events in England with the IKF.

How? At the expense of the IKF, I was already scheduled to fly to England and meet personally with Mr. Ingram to try to unify the "SPORT". However, "2 Days" before I was scheduled to leave, Mr. Ingram e-mailed me to cancel the meeting saying that it would not help the "WKA" to co-sanction with "ANY" organization. Heck, don't let me make up Mr. Ingram's words, here is a copy of the letter itself just so you have the FACTS;


Subject: Meeting Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2022 8:55 AM
World Kickboxing Association
James Court, 63 Gravelly Lane, BIRMINGHAM, West Midlands
B23 6LX, England
tel:00 (0)44 121 382 2995
Fax:00 (0)44 121 382 5688
UK Club info 0891 517 5305
Our Ref: PSI/ga, 24 November 2022
Mr. Steve Fossum, President IKF

Dear Steve
I am sorry that I am not able to keep our meeting planned for this week. I hold the interest of the WKA very dear as I am sure you do with the IKF and I honestly cannot see what benefit can come out of this meeting other than for you to champion the cause of the WKA instead of the IKF, which I am sure is wishful thinking. The WKA as you know has been around for some 25+ years and to the best of my knowledge has always been credible and certainly since December 93 squeaky clean. I believe like yourself I do not take any profit or salary from the WKA my other business interests enable me to champion its cause. Since originally agreeing to a meeting Alby Bimpson has made a *number of enquiries with promoters actively involved with the WKA to meet you also and he is actively singing your praises. I am sure you will appreciate the difficulty this puts me in. I am sure our paths will cross and at which time I would welcome the opportunity of having a drink with you and chewing the cud. I trust you will enjoy your stay in the UK. Regards Yours sincerely PAUL INGRAM


To clear things up, let me re-address the (*) about the "NUMBER of inquiries" that our IKF European Representative Alby Bimpson is accused by Mr. Ingram of making. Instead of just say "he" or "someone" Let me "FOR THE FACTS" state "WHO". It was "1" Promoter. Yes, "1".

Long time WKA Promoter, Mr. Steve Humphries and Mr. Bimpson are friends and Mr. Humphries happened to contact Mr. Bimpson about his upcoming event. During the conversation, "Mr. Humphries" asked Mr. Bimpson who he was working with in regards to sanctioning bodies which Mr. Bimpson replied "The IKF". As the conversation went on, Mr. Humphries asked Mr. Bimpson more about the IKF. Mr. Bimpson eventually told Mr. Humphries that the WKA and the IKF "MAY" begin to co-sanctioning bouts in England to unify titles. Excited about the possibilities of this, Mr. Humphries was than told of my planned trip to England and he told Mr. Bimpson he wanted to meet me when I came over. That's all!!! "NO" other WKA promoters contacted or were ever contacted by Mr. Bimpson. NONE!

There was NO HARD SALE to Mr. Humphries. Mr. Bimpson DID NOT call Mr. Humphries. There are NO GUILTY parties here! Only Mr. Ingram Jumping to a conclusion and making him decide to cancel what could have been a GREAT meeting, not for the IKF or the WKA but FOR THE SPORT! Unfortunately, Mr. Ingram only had his personal interest of the WKA in mind. Not THE SPORT. Personally, I feel the sport NEEDS to unify some of these world titles since it seems we have so many different World Champions in so many Sanctioning Organizations around the world. But from this recent experience, it seems that so many of these organizations are EGO driven.

The IKF is based on a TEAM concept and our rapid worldwide growth speaks for itself in that we must be doing what everyone has wanted someone to do for a long time but wasn't. Too many organizations think that their past accomplishments will carry them on. However, as all of us know, we move ahead in this world by change and improvement. It's called PROGRESS. EVERYTHING in this world can be improved on. So why hasn't kickboxing advanced over the last 10 years? Simple, everyone seems to be sitting on their past accomplishment, if any, hoping their letters will keep them afloat. Sitting without improving what they have to offer to their members. Things NEED to improve! The Ford Model A was a great car… But did Ford sit on it and brag that it "Had" a great idea once? If so, we wouldn't be driving the cars available today. "PROGRESS" moves us forward while TRUE Competition makes us number one.

The IKF THRIVES on competition because we know it will only make THE SPORT better as a Whole. We also believe we need to "Blow the Whistle" and Speak Up on some of the "POLITICAL CRAP" that has been going on in the sport of kickboxing. Too many have kept quiet, afraid of getting their titles stripped, or afraid an organization won't work with them, rank them etc. These other organizations have put fear into so many we have met with their so called Power and Mr. Ingram and the WKA of today as we have discovered as fact, has proven he "STILL" chooses to throw his Power around Recklessly! Mr. Ingram brags about his saying that "'Empty vessels make most noise" Well Mr. Ingram, we ADMIRE that comment. As a martial artist of many years, I have heard of your type. You must be the same person who when he hears a women screaming who is being brutally attacked, chooses NOT to get involved and help her. This is NOT the IKF. If one of our members scream, We will be the first one there! You can count on it! But I ASSURE YOU, Our Vessel is Filled with what is needed for the circumstance in question.

Mr. Ingram's false accusations and lies in his "RESPONSE" to a letter where I merle stated a simple FACT has only invited me and the IKF to address what he has done wrong in the last 6 years since acquiring a once proud organization for a mer $10,000.00 us dollars….

I had to laugh and shake my head in discuss at his "ATTEMPTS" to tread water by making up accusations about myself personally and the IKF. Mr. Ingram has only accomplished to sink the WKA even farther down while embarrassing, insulting and offending his own members in the process. Sham on you Mr. Ingram to do so to associates who have stood PROUDLY with the WKA letters through the years but now, they NEED to question YOU as their worldwide leader. You stated various things in your letter I will now address PUBLICLY.

You first stated, "to my knowledge I have only spoken to Mr. Possum once when he enquired about an ex-WKA champion."
Mr. Ingram, my last name is spelled "Fossum". But I am sure you know that, since in the previous mail you have sent me, you got it right. But than again, people you have dealt with for years have told me you forget their names as well. Shame on you for not knowing your associates and friends by their names. And Mr. Ingram, I have NEVER spoken to you personally. "ONLY" through e-mail. In regards to Mr. Mike Miles stating that I was once a member of the WKA. This is true. I "WAS".

However, your slanderous remarks about why I am no longer a member are in short, A laugh and a cover up! I admire how you tried to turn the finger to me personally stating I was
"thrown out before your time, possibly for the same concoctions, rhetoric and mis-information that he has been guilty of where it pertains to the WKA in his last article."
For such a slanderous line Mr. Ingram, I will expect an apology IN PERSON, NOT in an e-mail! What do you say we "Let the cat out of the bag" so EVERYONE knows the facts. What a GREAT idea. Truth, honesty. Gee, I believe this sport needs some of this! Yes Paul, I "WAS" once a short term member of the WKA before you purchased it for $10,000.00 (US) from Dale Floyd I believe. I was a member when the proud Howard Hanson was President and ran things and a proud member at that, as MANY were back in the late 80's. Mr. Hanson even appointed me the WKA Northern California USA Representative. Then suddenly, in late 1991 or early 1992, Mr. Hanson retired and Gave the WKA to Dale Floyd FOR FREE. This is when the whole organization "STARTED" to turn.

I "LEFT" the WKA on my OWN decision. I was NEVER kicked out, thrown out etc. as you wish to believe.

Why did I leave? Well the straw that broke the camels back sort of say was when I paid the WKA for what I was told and OBVIOUSLY believe to be, an EXCLUSIVE "VACANT" amateur title sanctioning fee for an event I promoted. A week before the event, one of the fighters scheduled for the bout dropped out and the WKA refused to refund or credit my sanctioning fees to another event. But that was only the beginning. Within the weeks after the promotion, we found 4 other fighters who showed by news articles, belts, awards etc. that they CURRENTLY held the SAME EXACT TITLE I had purchased to offer on my promotion only a few weeks earlier and had NEVER defended it to lose it!

Mr. Ingram, as we BOTH know, this "STILL" happens TODAY! How can you sell something more than once? "Several" organizations are guilty of this, but NOT the IKF. Are titles are on our web site, clear for public viewing. Are yours??? No need to answer, WE BOTH know the answer to this question. In addition to why I left the WKA, I was tired of all the "If you do this for me, I will do this for you, political crap!" Mr. Ingram, Shouldn't the BEST fighter hold or at least be offered a title shot, NOT JUST the fighter who promotes his own shows and pays the WKA fees? I know lots of great fighters who DO NOT have their own promoters. Does this mean they will not be offered a WKA World title for example? What about the fighters who win WKA titles that are around the globe today that had their titles STRIPPED because "THEY" personally did not offer to promote their own show and pay the WKA sanctioning fees? Tell me Mr. Ingram, WHY is it a FIRM WKA Rule for World Title holder fighters to promote their OWN events and defend their OWN title or be STRIPPED for not defending it? Can't really answer that one can you?!

But what if a fighter did have a promoter, shouldn't that promoter then be allowed to promote such an event if they prove they are qualified, or do you say no, just to strip the title and offer it to someone claiming to you that they will promote 6 WKA events a year, only to find out that they had ALWAYS planned to promote only 1!? Which by the way we have proof of…

Again, no need to answer these questions, we BOTH KNOW the answers the WKA gave back then and as recently as 2 years ago. Just tell me, are the answers different "TODAY"? We BOTH know they are NOT! Let me stop here or this will turn into a book. I believe I made it quite obvious why I left the WKA. Like a bad marriage, there was no reason to stay anymore. No respect, no honor, no pride. And I know at that moment, I wanted to HELP the sport of Kickboxing.

Welcome the forming of the IKF. I guess I should thank the WKA for making us want to form the IKF. So Thank You for helping the sport improve through the forming of the IKF. In your letter, you went on to say,
"Despite Mr Fossum's rhetoric the WKA have lost no promoters and their hold as the world's largest sanctioning body has been re-enforced with over 100 international representatives on all of the world's continents with over 200 professional promotions a year, which is increasing."
OK Mr. Ingram, I call your BLUFF! Name me "100" Professional Promotions you and the WKA did last year? Too many? OK, name me 75? Still too many? 50? Not even close is it Mr. Ingram… Of course you not. How do I know this? Because it's our business to know our so called Competition. And Mr. Ingram, WE KNOW!

Just like you tell everyone you get 500,000 hits on your web site a month or that you did 99 UK promotions last year… I think you have a fault at adding too many numbers when you type. Sadly enough though, it seems we have NO COMPETITION out there, ONLY politics. It angers me GREATLY when I see the sport become victim to POLITICAL MOVES like you and the WKA have done in the last 10 years. And DON'T say you Don't know what I am talking about Mr. Ingram. "YOU DO!" If you want me to, I can open up that file and we can "REALLY" open up publicly to what has happened to past fighters, trainers and promoters of the sport of kickboxing who did NOTHING wrong but were damaged by the WKA. This is a file that would make a GREAT book of scandal but it would hurt EVERYONE worldwide.

YOU and the others who are GUILTY of some of these actions should be ASHAMED of what you have done in association with this sport. ASHAMED!! You go on to say;
"Over 500 competitors competed in the semi contact and forms championships in Toronto November 98."
Again Mr. Ingram, we know AS A FACT that we are stretching the numbers a bit aren't we. But than again, "SEMI CONTACT"? Mr. Ingram, my letter discusses the activities of KICKBOXING organizations! NOT Point Karate! You went on to say;
"World semi contact and forms championships this year are being held in Hanover, Germany 26~29 August."
AGAIN,, SEMI CONTACT??? FORMS??? Next thing we know you'll be doing BRICK BREAKING CHAMPIONSHIPS! Where is the kickboxing??? You go on to say;
"World light contact championships will take place in Malta 30-31 October."
Again, "LIGHT" Contact??? You go on;
"World amateur kickboxing and full contact championships are scheduled to take place in Beirut Lebanon 4-7 November."
Paul… A World Amateur title? How can you have this when you don't even RANK the amateurs??? How legit can this be? No need to answer here…We all know the answer… You went on;
"World semi contact and forms championships will be held in Kentucky in the year 2000 as well as world amateur Thai boxing championships in Hungary and world amateur kickboxing and full contact championships in Vienna."
Semi contact? Forms? Amateur world champions? Please….Mr. Ingram, still…Just answer the question sir. This letter ONLY PERTAINS TO KICKBOXING! SO TELL US, WHERE IS THE KICKBOXING?

You went on to say;
"Does this sound like a dying association?"
Well actually Mr. Ingram, we need to congratulate you. You have definitely stormed the world in point karate. If it weren't for the ISKA and WAKO activities in the same thing, you may be the worlds largest organization in point karate. Thus the original name of the WKA, World Karate Association. However, such claims are irrelevant here Mr. Ingram. Let me remind you and the readers once "AGAIN!" We are talking about "KICKBOXING!" NOT point karate or forms.

You went on to say;
"As I have said earlier 'empty vessels make most noise' and I am sure your readers will see through Mr Fossum's waffling and downgrading other sanctioning bodies the most recent of which is probably older than his own."
Well Mr. Ingram, YES, the WKA IS OLDER than the IKF. But than again, we are not talking about WINE Mr. Ingram. you don't get better with age just sitting around on a shelf doing nothing... Please try to focus on the content of my comments. Wine, point karate, semi contact, forms etc. was never discussed by me. KICKBOXING was and IS the topic!

You went on with…
"Readers might also be interested to know that following a random check of 4 of Mr Fossum's representatives none of them claimed to be associated with him."
Well Mr. Ingram, following a "RANDAM" check to the same 4 individuals you say you called, I found different answers. I also found out that you have been calling several of our Europe promoters and others asking them to work with you which I hear many got a good laugh at. Hey Mr. Ingram, why don't you list your event promoters on your web site? Unless, that is, you don't have any events… Or maybe you are afraid someone will do like you do and call them all and offer them a GREAT POLITICAL positions if they work with your organization. We know you do this Paul. "Work with the WKA and I will make you the WKA country representative." I've heard the line from MANY. You went on to say;
"If the same is true with the others (and somebody should check) it not only makes his outfit one of the newest, but also one of the smallest."
At least you can contact our associates Mr. Ingram. I see names on your list that I KNOW DON'T work with you the WKA anymore and haven't for YEARS! Maybe you should update your web site… I better focus on the comments.

You went on to say;
"Those consulted and alleged to be members were Mike Miles (Canada) ~ Mike has never been a member of the IKF or co-sanctioning with them and has written to the editor of Ring Report denying involvement. He has also remonstrated directly with Mr Fossum."
Well Mr. Ingram, maybe a little research would have helped you here but maybe that falls under the same classification as "WORK" which explains why you didn't find what you need to find on our web site. In a recent conversation with Russ Shawney, chief editor and owner of the Kickboxing Ring Report, I understand that NO SUCH call, e-mail fax etc. was EVER sent. WHY would it be? Mr. Shawney and the rest of the world know from past articles on both the KRR site and our site submitted by Mr. Miles himself, that we HAVE worked many times with Mr. Miles and WE, the IKF have NEVER had a problem with him co-sanctioning events with the WKA. WHY WOULD WE? What are you afraid of ? You are truly a man of NO HONOR to put Mr. Miles in such an awkward spot.

My question is HOW you would get him there in the first place? I would like to make a motion to appoint Mr. Miles the World President of the WKA. At least he has credible integrity for the sport!! Mr. Miles works HARD to promote the sport of kickboxing and works even harder to support YOU and the WKA Mr. Ingram!!! I know this to be a FACT!!! Does this bother me? "NOT AT ALL!" Mike and I are FRIENDS FIRST! No letters of ANY Organization or Association WILL EVER get in the way of our friendship! I would TRUST that you have promoters under the WKA banner who you feel the same way towards. However, I am CONFIDENT you cannot say the same and we BOTH know it! Which means that your only friends because of business. NOT so with Mike and I. NOT so AT ALL!

It appears that you think Mike is disloyal to you because he has co-sanctioned with the IKF in the past. However, what you don't see is that from the start of our relationship, Mike made it VERY Clear that he is a WKA promoter and Always will be, but wanted to work in association with the IKF because he thought and still thinks we are doing great things for the sport. I and the IKF have NEVER had a problem with this. I would have trusted that you wouldn't have a problem with this as well. However, obviously your Jealous Power proves me wrong here. We, the IKF, have NEVER had a problem with "ANY" Co-Sanctioning! NEVER!

Obviously "YOU" need to open your eyes more Paul and see who is standing "WITH YOU" instead of accusing them of turning on you. Knowing Mr. Miles TRUE and HONEST Loyalty to you and the WKA, the only reason Mike's name came up is because once again, I was SHOCKED to hear that you were offering "ME", of all people, to head up WKA North America when it was OBVIOUS in EVERYONE'S eyes that the "ONLY TRUE" individual for this job was Mr. Miles.

Now, You want some FACTS? But than again, as you have tried to say Mr. Miles said above, maybe you will say I just "Made Up" these events and champions at the flip of a coin…You can pull up "ALL" these events on our web site ( to see what IKF and WKA titles were won. In addition to Mr. Miles being one of our IKF World Muay Thai Representatives, here are the events he has promoted with the IKF;

  1. June 14th, 1997, IKF RED DEER, ALBERTA, CANADA
  2. November 1st, 1997, IKF CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, The Battle 97
  3. May 2nd in Calgary Alberta Canada. IKF KICKBOXING - MANIA 6
  4. June 13th, 1998, IKF SUPERFIGHTS # 4
  5. Sunday, August 23rd, 1998, IKF MALICE AT THE PALACE
  6. November 7th, 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada THE 13TH ANNUAL BATTLE OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS AND PRAIRIES

Now, knowing you Mr. Ingram, you will go and disrespect Mr. Miles AGAIN as you obviously must have done to make him remove the IKF letters from his web site news pages. Who knows, maybe Mr. Miles will be upset I listed these events, but if so, I will need to live with that. To me, the truth is what's important and hopefully Mr. Miles will understand my intentions here were to state the facts. NOT use him as a "PAWN". I don't see how you can attempt to cover up someone who was only doing GREAT things for the sport. Mike and I DID NOT get into an argument, disagreement etc. that made him remove the IKF letters from his web site. For whatever reasons I am sure he did these things to please and help you and the WKA. Why Mr. Ingram? What was at stake? What did you threaten him with like you have threatened MANY others? Whatever it was, you have once again SHAMED the sport and I and EVERYONE else find it to be another, POLITICAL stroke you have cast with your ABUSED POWER as head of a "ONCE" proud organization. There is "NO" other way to see it. It all goes along with the MANY other things you have done with such power as head of the WKA which include but are not limited by any means to;

So Mr. Ingram, tired of making things up? Thought I would sit back and be a "QUIET VESSEL" as you suggested a good individual would do? NO CHANCE! There is still screaming coming from those being attacked! You went on to say;
"John Blackledge (UK) ~ John has been a loyal member of the WKA for over sixteen years and holds the position of head referee. John has never agreed to be involved with the IKF nor would he."
Again Paul, open your mouth, insert foot. Not only is Mr. Blackledge done with supporting the WKA, he went as far as to start up HIS OWN sanctioning body, the WFC (World Full Contact Sanctioning Body) which was formed BEFORE Mr. Blackledge and I met in November 1998. Let me continue. Mr. Blackledge will work ANY event just as ANY fighter should be allowed to fight for ANY sanctioning Body. There should be NO EXCLUSIVITY in this sport! NONE. In fact, Mr. Blackledge as recently as a month ago worked a WKA event. However, he was asked by the Promoter, NOT BY THE WKA. He will also be working SEVERAL IKF events this year as an official IKF referee. Mr. Blackledge will also be co-sanctioning 2 events this year (July & Nov, check IKF Upcoming Events Page) with the IKF and his organization the WFC. I confirmed these facts AGAIN in a phone conversation to Mr. Blackledge on 3/12/99. Mr Ingram, maybe you spoke to the wrong John Blackledge. I assure you all, Mr. Blackledge is STILL a member of the IKF World Team and we are proud he is. Lets move on…

You say; "Alan Clarkin (UK) ~ In a recent telephone conversation with Alan he stated that he was not a member of the IKF or any other sanctioning body." Gee Paul, funny you should bring up. Maybe a direct quote from one of his e-mail will do here;
All the best from IKF TEAM MEMBER Allan Clarkin.

I assure you all as well, Mr. Clarkin is STILL a member of the IKF World Team and we are proud he is. Lets continue your letter where you said;
"Trevor Ambrose (UK) ~ According to his partner Carl Sams has no involvement with Mr Fossum."
Mr. Ingram, as well as speaking to the wrong Mr. Blackledge, maybe you should talk with the real Trevor himself personally, since it was HIM PERSONALLY who asked to be on the IKF associates list. I have never met Carl Sams. In addition, Mr. Ambrose has made it very clear that he really wants to fight for an IKF World title. The IKF has offered to Co-Sanction his bout here in California USA on May 15th against IKF World Champion Francis Farley. However, it's an ISKA event and we are not sure if the promoter, Scott Coker or the ISKA themselves will allow us to co-sanction the bout. EVEN if we, the IKF offer to sanction it for FREE! Lets hope the offer is accepted. It would be great to unify the title with either fighters as both are great champions and individuals.

Lets continue. You next stated;
"It is apparent that Mr Fossum has resorted to producing officials out of a hat. Perhaps he is a member of the Magic Circle."
Sure Mr. Ingram.. It's your story, tell it how you want to. However, at least my facts can be backed up, ALL OF THEM! I suggest you or ANYONE for that matter call ANY of these people in question. All their numbers are on our web site. WE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE! I am sure the worldwide public would like to hear more about you and your current WKA though Mr. Ingram. Maybe about how you bragged about doing 99 Pro events in the UK last year when we KNOW that you only did "15". Now, unless one doesn't know their math, this is a FAR CRY from 99. Or how you stripped a title holder of his title for "65" days? All because he had a 4th person come to his corner during a break in the round? 65 days? What is that all about? However, if we continue on these MANY things we feel the public should know, this will be 2 books instead of the one it already is.

You closed with;
"I will not reply further to this individual, but would be pleased to up-date Ring Report on WKA activities."
Of course you won't reply to me personally Mr. Ingram, but you can be assured, I will reply DIRECTLY to you. I too would be afraid of my reaction as well after the FALSE Accusations you have made of me and the IKF. Be thankful that the WKA has semi contact and forms competition which seems to be your main business, NOT KICKBOXING. And keep calling our people Mr. Ingram, we have all gotten a laugh from it. Especially your offers to those you did wrong in the past and haven't spoken to in years. I guess you grab for anything when you're drowning. Maybe instead of trying to be such a king, you should work the WKA as a TEAM as we do with the IKF. Obviously though, you didn't listen to your own people when one of them said;
"I can't understand why Paul is not co sanctioning with the IKF because this is the way forward."

Why did we start the IKF? It wasn't about money Mr. Ingram, or power or politics. It was about ORGANIZATION! We found it frustrating as a fighter and a trainer, not knowing who our competition was. Isn't the strong points of ANY Goal to know your objective? Know your obstacles you will need to overcome to become number 1? How can one know these things when no one ever kept accurate and up to date Pro Rankings let alone kept AMATEUR RANKINGS at all? EVER!

Believe it or not, "THE RANKINGS" were the MAIN reason we started the IKF. Of course we wanted to get away from all the other crap, but we wanted to organize our promotions. We also wanted to make fighters contact numbers PUBLIC so other promoters could find them. Can you believe we had matchmakers mad at us for making matchmaking easy for promoters? They were mad because they couldn't charge their $2-3,000.00 dollars for matchmaking fees anymore because their personal fighters lists were no longer a secret. "SECRET?" Why? Why not HELP these fighters be found? This was our thinking. WHY is this such a hard concept? WHY didn't ANY other organization do this before? WHY Don't you and other organizations do it NOW? WHY? It seems so easy! It HELPS the sport. It helps your organization! But WHY? Is it too hard of work? YES it is, but that's what we have ALWAYS been taught, what it takes to be the Best. Not just "Good", The Best, at whatever you choose to do.

If you want to lead a WORLDWIDE Organization, than you better have something to offer and you better be willing to WORK hard at it! What do you offer Mr. Ingram? Letters? Who built those letters Mr. Ingram? Let me tell you who. A man named Howard Hanson who built a proud organization with true champions like Benny Urquidez, Don Wilson and Many others. What has happened since he left Paul? We both know the answer to this. Again, all I say is, if you want to be the best at what you do, WORK AT IT! I learned this as a fighter, trainer, martial arts student and now with the IKF. WE WORK AT IT!

Large corporations spend thousands if not millions of dollars searching for new and better ideas for the future. Why? So they can STAY at the top. Look what the IKF has done in just the last 2 years Mr. Ingram. WHAT has the WKA done? Again, we BOTH know the answer to this! We had no idea we would grow to where we are today, truly we didn't. But it's only proof of where hard work, dedication, honesty, credibility, loyalty and more important, TEAMWORK, will get you in this world.

During our growth it became obvious real fast that what we wanted an organization to do for it's participants and associates was something MANY people wanted one to do. ORGANIZE the sport of KICKBOXING. Let me add something to this Mr. Ingram. Maybe you should check your records because the WKA "STILL" owes me money. We have said some pretty public things about other organizations in the past, but Mr. Ingram, it was the WKA's actions which caused the birth of the IKF. Not the ISKA or WAKO or KICK or anyone else.

Don't bother with a reply Mr. Ingram. We "BOTH" know the TRUTH here. You and I both know that you cannot name or find "1" thing the IKF has done unethical, corrupt, wrong, illegal, unjustified etc. etc…. and if you could, I WELCOME you to present such FACTS. And last but certainly not least Mr. Ingram. Calling the IKF and or myself an "Empty Vessel" is a shot in the dark. Nice try but you truly missed the broad side of a LARGE barn on that try. Sounds like someone is treading in water and we BOTH know who that is don't we. Maybe you should have lived by the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." However, as the saying goes, "Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves." Well Mr. Ingram, you don't need any more rope, at least not from me.
Steve Fossum
IKF World President
IKF World Team Kickboxing

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