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Was K-1
As Bad As We Have Heard?

Question... Mr. Ishi (Right)... What has happened to your "New Fighting Sport?
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From the looks of the Kickboxing Message Board, this last weekends K-1 in Osaka Japan was anything but a great show. As someone stated on there...

"The Fighting Sport of the Future??? LOL"

Now wait K-1, before you go and get upset with us and send us nasty e-mails etc. etc., understand that "YOU" put yourselves in this spot. As everyone here knows, the IKF has went above and beyond to assist in supporting K-1 over the years through web articles, ad banners and more. We say "Above and Beyond" because these K-1 events are not sanctioned by the IKF and we have never been paid a penny for any of our press coverage of any of the K-1 Events. Also, as a policy, we only do news on our news page that is related to IKF people or for events that are sanctioned by the IKF. In the past though, we have only made exceptions for one group... K-1.

Over the years, there have been times we could have spoke up negatively about some of the decisions K-1 made that many have questioned, but we held silent out of respect. We held back from speaking our minds and writing stories about some of those questionable decisions because it would have sounded like a jealous action instead of constructive criticism. However, it wasn't until this last January that we couldn't take some of these recent decisions any longer. In January of this year we posted a story asking your views about Japan and K-1. The story was entitled "Is Japan Setting The Standards Of Our Sport? It's Impressive What Money Can Do... Lots of IT!"

Later in May of this year Johnny Davis, felt he had to say something as well in his article entitled, K-1- If It Glitters…Is it Gold? Both articles brought e-mails from those involved in K-1 as if the thoughts were "Out of line". The question today is, "Where they or were they a vision of what was to come?"

After this last Saturday nights K-1 Osaka event, we as the leading organization for kickboxing in the world today, decided we can no longer hold back all those thoughts about the direction K-1 has been taking ever since Ishi was arrested for tax evasion (See stories on our December 2002 news page). Since this happened, it seems the direction of the mighty K-1 machine has taken a drastic turn SOUTH! Nearly every school or gym owner reading this are being asked today by their students and even some potential kickboxing sponsors, "Was that REALLY Kickboxing I saw Saturday night? Some of it looked like a Circus Act to me! Some of those fighters couldn't even kick. And this is what Kickboxing's BEST Promotion looks like?"

All this wasn't nearly as damaging as the 2 TV Executives and several potential TV Sponsors we spoke to today that asked us pretty much the same thing. "You want us to put what we saw on TV Saturday night on our Network Station? You want us to put our name on that? You have to be kidding! If we wanted big time wrestling we would be talking with the WWE!" But wait we responded, "Our IKF TV Program is different!" Which they replied, "Never mind, we seen enough... CLICK!"

With this being said, as the leading promotional company in our sport, the Public Eye is on K-1 more than the rest of us. K-1's actions speak for all of us to those unknown in our sport and recently, those actions have really hurt our sport as a whole.
While K-1 is pocketing money from PPV, ticket sales, merchandise and those "OTHER" means of income we all know about, the rest of us are losing it from potential sponsors who are appalled and laughing at our sport from what K-1 has represented it to them as. Attention K-1... You "REALLY" need to listen. That is, unless you could care less what you're doing to the rest of us in Kickboxing.

As a saying goes in self defense and martial arts, "If you don't put yourselves in a position where you HAVE TO defend yourself, you don't have to worry about defending yourself." However, in the last few months, K-1 has done just about everything to bring them under the watchful eye of "ALL OF US" in the sport of kickboxing as well as EVERYONE else in the Nation. Having fighters (If you can call him that) such as Bob Sapp on the "Tonight Show" brought attention to the sport as a whole. But after Saturday, did it do more harm than good? YES! Because even those outside our sport watched this last weekends show on ESPN PPV.

Over the years we have all grown to respect and admire the great works of Ishi and his great powerhouse K-1 invention. However since his "Public" departure (He is still VERY ACTIVE in ALL of the K-1 decisions as we were told recently from Japan) we have decided to take a stand today and say "Enough is Enough!" All this Sapp, Tyson and Botha (Left) parade is not just making people question K-1's reality, It's now hurting ALL of KICKBOXING!

We as the kickboxing faithfuls have all supported K-1. Those with websites have all done stories on them. Those with magazines have all wrote about them. Nearly every kickboxing or MMA/NHB website has placed their links or ad banners on our pages. Yes, so many have gone above and beyond for K-1 while out-right ignoring the many other fighters, trainers and promoters in our sport just because they don't have the big star studded promotions or all the big $$ to offer. Look at magazines like Inside Kung Fu or Black Belt just to name a couple. WHERE are the stories about the fighters NOT in K-1? These are really the ones making things happen in our sport yet the only place we read about their accomplishments are on the IKF News page. Are they not worthy enough to have an article in a magazine? These very people BUY and SUPPORT those magazines, yet the magazines shun them for the Glitz and Gold portrayed by the Mighty K-1 Machine.

Those in the trenches (The amateur trainers, school owners and fighters) who are doing all the work to bring fighters to the level of a promotion like a K-1 event are being shunned by todays media sources. Is their work worthless to those in the media? And worse yet, are these up and coming REAL Kickboxers soon to take a back seat to TOUGHMEN FIGHTERS and now, BOXERS?

How many of you trainers or school owners have bought a Inside Kung Fu or Black Belt magazine to put in your school lobby? How many of you have put up a K-1 Poster and urged your students to purchase this last weekends ESPN K-1 PPV show? Lots of you! All because K-1 has told us all "They are not our competition, they serve us all." Well, do they truly "SERVE" us all or are they now "Hurting" us all?

Lets take the first part first. HOW are they serving martial arts and kickboxing?
What have they brought to the sport in the last 5 years? A tournament for HEAVYWEIGHTS. Is that it? What about the other 90% of the kickboxers fighting today? Why are they not on TV earning the big K-1 $$$? OK, for arguments sake, K-1 does not have to put them on any of their events, but isn't this a two way street? If they don't serve us, why are we serving them? Just because were all "Nice Guys" who want to "Help" the sport? Are we really HELPING the sport or are we Helping K-1 make a lot of $$$? You don't have to think much on that one do you...

In the IKF, we always answer to the people. You the kickboxing fighters, trainers, officials and fans. You speak, we listen. We listen, we take action. From this action we improve and from that improvement, We have ALL made our sport better for ALL of us. Kickboxing is more organized today than it ever has been yet why isn't a company like ESPN re-signing any kickboxing contracts? Instead, they signed into a partnership deal with K-1, an organization that features ONLY Heavyweights. Again, what about the other 90% of the fighters in our sport. Will we forever be left with just watching Heavyweights on a large network such as ESPN? It appears so.

Money has a way of grabbing peoples attention. All of us have followed K-1's growth and have been very impressed with what they have built and always eager to see their next move. We have seen them land the "BIG" Sponsors the rest of us seek for, the TV deals with groups such as ESPN and put on the Biggest Shows we have ever seen! Nearly all of us have even been to a K-1 promotion and have been awe struck at the pyrotechnics, the light show and the glitz and glamour. The GOLD was what we saw, but now I look back and ask myself about Johnny Davis' article...It Is Glittering…But Is it Really Gold?

Now for the second part, Are they Hurting us ALL?
Ishi had worked hard to build in many peoples opinion, the greatest production event the sport of kickboxing has ever seen. So the question is, "Why destroy it?" We ask this because this is what we have seen happen over the last several K-1 Events. Sure, there are the issues of poor officiating here and there but lets be honest, every fight sport will have it's share of questionable calls. Sad but true, it's part of the game. But we are not writing this because so many have told us that former IKF Amateur National Champion Carter Williams was robbed in his bout this last weekend, (See sidebar story at right) although it could be a good reason. No, we are making a stand because today we are asking ourselves as many others are questions like...

  • "With all the great kickboxers in the world who have worked their butts off in training, WHY is K-1, the Greatest Promotional machine for kickboxing today, using someone like Sapp to be their spokesperson and their STAR fighter?

  • Why is K-1 signing those who the sport of Boxing turned their back on such as Tyson and Botha?

  • Is K-1 that disparate to get attention?

  • Are they that "STARVED" for fighters?

  • Who was doing the thinking when they thought a boxer like Tyson would make a good "KICKBOXER" in K-1?

Sounds like money talking to us because K-1 is sure not helping the sport of kickboxing, and this we need to start to look at! Let us add something else to this mix. K-1 brought in Boxer Francois Botha of South Africa to debut as a K-1 fighter against Cyril Abidi on last weekends event. The question is, "How did he all of a sudden get into the mix without having to go through any qualifying tournament?" Is this truly fair to all the other Heavyweight Kickboxers around the world that have worked hard for such a shot? Here is how K-1 wrote the bout up:

Botha charged in toward Abidi from the bell. A duck-and-cover Abidi slipped and fell, at which point Botha administered a totally vicious uppercut to the prone French kickboxer's head, which would have been the nice coup de grace were it not that, under K-1 rules, hitting an opponent when he is down is totally illegal. Now, Botha is a smart guy who attended the rule meeting, so he ought to have known what he did was wrong. Abidi certainly did, and so, his eye aching from the sucker punch, he elected not to continue, and was awarded the victory after Botha was disqualified. All this happened in just 19 seconds. Said Abidi at the post-bout interview space: "The punch hurt my eye, I felt dizzy, and didn't think I could continue with that disadvantage."

Here is what will get you... An anonymous source of ours in Japan told us that K-1 paid right at $500,000 just to have Botha show up for those 19 seconds... Lets do the math there... Around $26,315.78 per second isn't it? Thats money well invested... How many events could that $26,315.78 of sponsored in "REAL KICKBOXING?"

From what we have observed in the last 8 months, K-1 is starting to care less and less about the sport of kickboxing and more and more about the $$$ they can put in their pocket. Oh sure, we support anyone making a buck and the truth is, we are not afraid to admit that many of us are jealous of the money K-1 is raking in. Who wouldn't be?!

However, what you are all missing is that money they are raking in is because all of us have been supporting them and continue to do so.

You purchase the K-1 PPV, tack up their posters, post their articles and ads and go to those events. Yes, we are all guilty of supporting a Giant that is in reality doing nothing for us. Or are they...?

Why yes they are, they are destroying the name of Kickboxing by bringing in the Sapps and making them their stars which is an insult to those who are REAL FIGHTERS!

"Oh but I won't turn my back on them because what if K-1 wants to work with me? I can't afford to burn a bridge there." We have heard this so many times it's getting old, even several times today. We have continued to support a production that has given NOTHING back to the mass majority of us in the sport. Let us say that again, They have given NOTHING back to the mass majority of the sport! In fact, K-1 has only pleased leg kicking super heavyweights. What about the other 15 weight classes and the other rule styles? But wait, now they are even slowly turning their backs on those kickboxers who have given their all in our sport as they now turn to... TOUGHMEN FIGHTERS and BOXERS?

If you listen closely enough, you can hear the world of boxing laughing their heads off at kickboxing today. Bob Sapp is nothing more than an over-rated "TOUGHMAN" fighter who is being paid BIG MONEY by K-1, as if he is our STAR! Did Sapp make K-1? Hell NO! "REAL" kickboxers made K-1. Real kickboxers gave their sweat and blood to make it the king of the fighting sports. Some gave so much to K-1 that in their gallant efforts they destroyed their own careers by the injuries that got from it. Some who come to mind are Curtis Schuster, Rick Roufus, and Jim Mullen.

What is worse, according to the K-1 report on the event, "IF" the "Heavily-favored" American fighter Bob Sapp would have won his bout against rising K-1 star Remy Bonjasky Saturday night, he would have joined the evening's six other winners in advancing to this years K-1 GP Final, set for December 6th at the Tokyo Dome. NO WAY! HOW did Sapp even get a shot to qualify for such a spot?

But wait, K-1 swears they are "NOT" kickboxing! They claim to be the "New Fighting Sport!" So is the "New Fighting Sport" a bit of big time wrestling, kickboxing and MMA/NHB all mixed together? Isn't their use of the name kickboxing insulting to us all when we see it being mixed in with big time wrestling and circus? Sure, they don't need the name kickboxing... Ya right... Just like "Cardio Kickboxing" classes assure us they are doing kickboxing moves...

Earlier this year ESPN said "NO" to showing kickboxing programming that would have featured TRUE TALENT in our sport in "ALL" the weightclasses and rule styles. Instead, ESPN made a deal with K-1 that had some ties to the Tyson signing even, to partner up with them and have ESPN PPV Kickboxing with K-1. Was Saturday nights event really what ESPN was thinking when they bought it? Who knows... As the Reality TV Programs have proves, "Entertainment SELLS" and so do the right characters like a Butterbean, Bob Sapp and of course, Mike Tyson.

The Osaka event also saw an appearance in the ring by Shannon Briggs, (Left) a 31 year old boxer who fought against (and beat) George Foreman in 1997. He also lasted 5 rounds against Lennox Lewis in 1998 before being stopped. will he now take the place of another up and coming kickboxer who has been working to get to the K-1 Show?

Saturday's event drew a crowd of around 31,700 to the Osaka Dome, and was same day broadcast on Fuji TV network in Japan, on ESPN Pay-Per-View in the United States, and on different regional sports television networks across Europe and Oceania. It was as always one of the largest productions for kickboxing in the World. Our only worry though is will we soon lose K-1 to boxing or will it always be a sport supported by Kickboxing? If they continue to sign toughman fighters and boxers, the question we will ask to all of you is,

"Why do we in the sport of Kickboxing want to support an event that turned it's back on us all for a Circus Act
Yet still asks for our TOTAL SUPPORT?

Said One E-Mailer: "This is no surprise to many though. Like in "ANY" sport, a Promoter cannot Police Themselves which is the case here...
K-1 CANNOT Police Themselves!
They are a Promotional company that has their own officials (referees, judges and doctors who happen to give all the drug tests and who have the power to call any fights) their own rules and their own regulations. It's THEIR SHOW, THEIR GAME, THEIR SPORT & THEIR RULES. If one doesn't like it, they can just go home!

  • OSAKA, October 11, 2022 - FULL EVENT RESULTS

    1. Ray Sefo of New Zealand defeated Carter Williams of USA by officials decision due to fouls.

    2. Peter Graham wins due to injury of Sam Greco's left foot after he kicked Graham.

    3. Alexy "The Scorpion" Ignashov defeated Mike Bernardo by TKO.

    4. Peter Aerts defeated Jerrel Venetiaan by unanimous decision.

    5. Stephan Leko defeated Francisco Filho by decision.

    6. Cyril Abidi defeated Francois Botha by officials disqualification after Botha hit Abidi in the head when he was on the floor.

    7. Remy Bonjasky defeated Bob Sapp of USA by officials disqualification after Sapp hit Bonjasky in the back of the head when he was on the floor.

    8. Superfight: Bjorn Bregy defeated Michael McDonald by TKO.

K-1... We can only hope this article serves as a Wake-Up call to you.
We can only hope that you do not destroy what ALL OF US have helped you build...

With the edition of Bob Sapp,
(Taking the chair above and being choked below)
K-1 has been given the title of "The K-1 Circus"
by many in kickboxing.

The only problem is, that circus name is attached to all
of us in the sport and when fight fans see K-1,
they think all of kickboxing is like this...
Even the potential high powered and
big money sponsors.
A picture speaks a thousand words as
seen above and below
from a K-1 event earlier this year.

Is Bob Sapp (Above)
the answer to kickboxing's Popularity
and Success around the world or just the ring
leading clown of the once admired K-1 Circus?


Mike Tyson's recent K-1 signing
(Above) brought a lot of attention to K-1.
what K-1 paid him still remains a mystery.
Questions still remain as to whether or not he
played a KEY part in the ESPN K-1 PPV
Partnership deal between ESPN & K-1 signed
around the same time.
Even more AMAZING to the Kickboxing
World is why did K-1,
an organization that prides itself on
CLASS and Professional decisions,
sign a fighter who has NEVER kicked a day
in his life and has shown NO CLASS in his
recent Boxing bouts. Also STILL in question
is where exactly will he fit into the K-1
Game plan or as some have called it,
"The Bob Sapp Circus."

Even The Real Kickboxing
Ends Sour!

Two "REAL" Kickboxers Hook It Up
Ray Sefo (L) & Carter Williams (R)
But according to sources, the K-1 Officials
on the outcome of this bout.
The K-1 officials "CLAIMED" Williams kneed Sefo.
One knee in round 1 could have very well
been a call for a groin strike which
Carter got a yellow card for,
but it was called back by the head
K-1 Official because he informed Williams
corner that it should have been just a warning.
In round 2 Williams kneed Sefo in the gut and Sefo
faked as if he was hit in the groin.
Replays of this proved to be no knee to the groin which even the
commentators for the PPV show admitted this.
As round 2 continued, Williams threw a forearm
at Sefo which Williams got a second
yellow card for which was thrown after Sefo
punched Williams in the throat.
After this, the K-1 Doctors had a look at Sefo's
eye and decided he could not continue, and so under
K-1 rules the fight went to the score cards.
Here's where it gets silly.
At this point, the K-1 referee came over to
Williams corner and gave Williams a red card
"AFTER" the yellow card. In K-1 rules, a fighter must have
"THREE" yellow cards before a red card
(Point deduction) is given and Williams
only had 2. After the point deduction, Sefo
was up by a point on two cards, the third judge scored
the fight a draw. As the decision was announced
even Sefo shook his head sympathizing with
Williams' frustration. HOW did the judges have
Sefo up on the cards?
Yet Sefo got the win...
What else is there to this story...


Posts Below Taken From The Kickboxing Message Board
On October 13th, 2003

  • Posted by K-1 What a JOKE ! ??????????????????????? on October 12, 2022 at 00:43:29:
    THe ppv fights I spent my money to see tonight was a joke and any real kickboxer should see that. it was loaded with bullys and f- punks who hit fighters when they were clearly down because they were getting their asses kicked. Sapp got his ass kicked and was going to be knocked out and punked out instead...Botha has always been dirty and prove it again. the williams guy was on the way to a win-what happen with that decision? I saw the elbow but shoudn't that had been a foul or something else? I'm new to watching th k1 stuff but had boxed a long time with some kickboxing. what i saw tonight i'm not suyre about. help me understand.

  • In Reply to: k1 a joke posted by K-1 What a JOKE ! ??????????????????????? on October 12, 2022 at 00:43:29:
    Next time, get onto sherdog's thread and follow along and save the money. There are always a couple of guys willing to provide minute-by-minute commentary while they watch the live broadcast. I stopped ordering these horrendous displays of "kickboxing" a couple of years ago. While many of the fighters certainly deserve a tremendous amount of respect (Williams, Bonjasky, etc.), the jokers that have been imported (Sapp, Botha, etc.) have reduced the overall quality to the brink of absurdity. The fighting sport of the future??? LOL

  • Posted by Ray Thompson on October 12, 2022 at 13:39:28: In Reply to: Re: k1 a joke posted by Stephen on October 12, 2022 at 11:14:46:
    Agreed with 100%. Carter got ripped!! He was rippin Sefo.

  • Posted by Kickboxer on October 12, 2022 at 17:29:40: In Reply to: Re: k1 a joke posted by Ray Thompson on October 12, 2022 at 13:39:27:
    Youn are right about everthing, except, Carter hit with an elbow, and hit below the belt (Balls) more than once. He also recieved two yellow cards. Because of the fouls, he lost on points. Do you actually think that Sefo could have continued? I do not believe he should be allowed to. If Sefo was your Fighter, what then would you have to say about the decision? You may have another view of the Fight. Sapp & Botha do not belong in Kickboxing, the K1 is no longer about the best Fighters competing. They should have Regional Events to qualify for the Fights like last night. Then, we would not have Sapp or Botha in there.

  • Posted by K-1 fan and sefo fan on October 12, 2022 at 20:20:27: In Reply to: Re: k1 a joke posted by Kickboxer on October 12, 2022 at 17:29:40:
    You must be a f%^&*ing jerk Ray got beat and I've been a fan of his for years and here comes this kid Carter Williams and "KICKS" Rays ass antbody coulkd see that you ignorant asshole and the ball stikes "WATCH THE SLOW MOTION ,LISTEN TO THE COMMENTATERS" jerk off wanna bees stay out the GAME

  • Posted by Ray Thompson on October 12, 2022 at 18:26:57: In Reply to: Re: k1 a joke posted by Kickboxer on October 12, 2022 at 17:29:40:
    You are absolutly right about a regional qualifier, but isn't that what we saw last night. Wasn't this a qualifier for the K-1 Grand Prix? Also you are right in that Sapp and Botha do not belong in kickboxing (if they continue fighting like they have been).

  • Posted by Ray Thompson on October 12, 2022 at 18:22:16: In Reply to: Re: k1 a joke posted by Kickboxer on October 12, 2022 at 17:29:40:
    I agree the FOREARM (not elbow) did not look good but these guys are pros and are conditioned athletes. The abuse they take is part of there job. Elbows are common in Muay Thai therefor probably the reason for Carter throwing it, but again it was not an elbow AND it was more of a push than a strike. There was no aparant damage caused by the forearm. The damage to the eye was done earlier in the bout by a knee by Carter. Carter did not loose any points because of the yellow cards. I only saw two yellow cards awarded to Carter and you must have three to have points removed. As for "if Sefo was your fighter you would probably have a different view". You are absolutly right, if he was my fighter I WOULD have a different view but I wouldn't be very unbiased would I? I would be naturally biased toward my fighter. Being that neither Carter or Sefo are my fighters I can make little more of an unbiased judgement. Now remember these are MY opinions, not everybody elses. Thank you.

  • Posted by Carter Watch on October 12, 2022 at 15:29:25: In Reply to: can you be more specific? posted by chris on October 12, 2022 at 01:09:18:
    Carter was robbed, but whats new, it was k-1! and since he wasn't the FREAK SHOW, he wasn't meant to win. as reported by k-1, Williams vs Ray Sefo of New Zealand. "I've been following K-1 since I was 15," said Williams at the pre-event press conference, " and it will be a great honor for me to step into the ring with Ray Sefo." Wisely, Williams left his personal respect for Sefo outside the ring, and this was a thrilling fight. Looking the bad boy, Williams came out fast and furious in the first round, with smart technical punch and kick combinations, while Sefo muscled his way inside to counter with tight hooks, just missing twice with potentially devastating uppercuts. Sefo's low kicks looked good and sounded hard, but Williams didn't seem bothered by these. Williams relentless in-and-out punch and kick attacks had Sefo's right eye puffed up something awful by the end of the round, and had the challenger up on one judge's card. Again in the second the young American impressed, racking up the points and shutting down Sefo's counters. Really now it was looking like Williams' fight to lose -- which, sadly, he did. After landing a knee below the belt Williams was assessed a yellow card. Moments later, from the clinch, Williams threw a sloppy elbow up to Sefo's eye, and this brought him a red card and one point penalty. Doctors had a look at Sefo's eye and decided he could not continue, and so under K-1 rules the fight went to the score cards. Sefo was up by a point on two cards, the third judge scored the fight a draw. As the narrowest possible margin of victory was announced, Sefo slowly shook his head back in forth, sympathizing with Williams' frustration. A very spirited contest, in which the inexperienced Carter Williams took too many penalties, and ended up beating himself.

  • Posted by from k-1's mouth on October 12, 2022 at 15:34:32: In Reply to: Re: Carter was ROBBED!!!!!!! posted by Carter Watch on October 12, 2022 at 15:29:25:
    as reported by k-1, The main event had the world sports media buzzing for weeks -- a showdown between big bully Bob "The Beast" Sapp of America, and sleek and fast Dutch Muay Thai fighter Remy "The Panther" Bonjasky. In a pre-bout poll, 11 of the 13 Japanese sportswriters said Sapp would beat Bonjasky. K-1 USA fans, presumably, were also in Sapp's corner, after all, this was the fighter who had twice defeated the great Ernesto Hoost, K-1 's only Four-time World GP Champion. On the other hand, most European K-1 fans were convinced Bonjasky would humiliate Sapp. Well, the Europeans were right. Sapp's much-heralded new "secret techniques" amounted to deep breathing and some hard low kicks, but were no match for Bonjasky's run and gun offence. Try as he might to corral the Dutch fighter with his trademark haymakers, the sleek Panther repeatedly slipped out of the trap, responding with quick and effective low kicks on the counterstrike. Bonjasky also worked the knees, and, head down, sometimes simply pushed Sapp back when the big guy tried to get inside. Bonjasky also made a study of nimble backstepping, almost always able to scurry out of trouble. By midway through the first, Sapp was panting for breath, no longer able to march in, a sitting target that Bonjasky could strike at will. Refreshed somewhat after the break, Sapp came out swinging in the second, throwing out a rally that included a couple of not bad kicks. But Bonjasky was always better, and scored a down with a high kick just 52 seconds in. When Bonjasky stumbled soon afterwards, Sap came in gracelessly with a late blow to the back o his head, and was assessed red card. The Dutch fighter, like Abidi before him, opted to collect the win rather than continue against an opponent who had given up on the rules.

  • Posted by from k-1 on October 12, 2022 at 15:37:27: In Reply to: Re: Another SAPP Freak SHOW! posted by from k-1's mouth on October 12, 2003 at 15:34:32:
    as reported by k-1, The Osaka event also saw an appearance in the ring by Shannon Briggs, a 31 year-old Brooklyn-born heavyweight boxer who beat George Foreman in 1997 and lasted five rounds against Lennox Lewis in a challenge for the WBC Title back in 1998. "I love the K-1 production and the fans, there is nothing like this back home," said Briggs, who is in negotiations for a possible appearance with K-1 "Of course, it's like fresh water fish going to saltwater for most boxers coming to try K-1, but I have been training in Thai boxing for two years." Briggs is the latest in a growing line of heavyweight boxers vying for a spot on Bob Sapp's dance card.

  • Posted by johnny D on October 12, 2022 at 19:38:12:
    Last night,I like so many others watched the K-1 event on PPV. Again, Scott Coker put on a first class production. Continued success to him and his crew. Some of fighters showed some good skills. However, others showed about as much discipline as Tyson bitting Holyfield's ear. As a promoter and I'm sure I speak for many others out there, Kickboxing and most of the other styles that paticapate in the K-1 and kickboxing events worldwide mostly come from one of the "DISCIPLINES" of the Martial Arts which always teaches RESPECT etc. For those that practice respect and discpline in the heat of battle...thanks. For those that have never heard of the word(s)or who are just entering this or a new martial DISCIPLINE please seek out your nearest dictionary for the meaning of respect and discipline. (Sapp,Botha and incoming Biggs please take note) In the end, what is dangerous about some of the foul antics we saw last night is that those sponsors who all of us promoters try too often to impress may be quickly turned off by those they feel are well armoured but uncontrolable and lacking discipline and respect that's all so important in the "sport of fighting". Food for thought for the greater good...Forward March !

  • Posted by PJ on October 13, 2022 at 00:38:56: In Reply to: K-1 fighters Discipline Please...for the greater good posted by johnny D on October 12, 2022 at 19:38:12:
    johnny, coker did not promote the show so dont kiss his ass. the show was a joke. no matter what you say to try to be the good guy to everyone here or for whatever reasons, lets don't pad the words. this show sucked and a lot of us wasted our money on it. sapp, botha, and soon to be tyson! What the f#$% are they doing in OUR SPORT! they don't care, they come in, destroy it with shit like last nights circus, take all the money and leave us here to deal with the aftermath! if a sponsor gives these jokers money, they make a big mistake. they need to start supporting the real fighters and real promoters. not this shit k1 force fed us last night. i am ashamed to be part of kickboxing. if k1 wants to share the name of kickboxing with us, we need to boycott this shit!. they need to claim their own sport as they say, and continue to call it the new fighting JOKE and change their name to c-1 for circus 1!!!!!!

  • Posted by Johnny D on October 13, 2022 at 12:08:08: In Reply to: Re: Join the circus! posted by PJ on October 13, 2022 at 00:38:56:
    OK, but for the record. In case you don't know me, I don't kiss up to anyone. If you knew the history of Scott and I, you would know that I have no reason to do this. NONE! The Production lights, camera, and huge crowd does say something to a good promotion regardless of the quality or lack there of in some of the fights on the event. I would like to think that they (k1 promoters) too were disappointed in the outcome of some of the fights and will make proper ammends in the future. One would hope so at least. Also, I did read on the credits Executive Producer Scott Coker. Perhaps my eyes played a trick but I thought I saw it. end of story

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