Rudi Ott Vs Dave Marinoble
For the IKF Pro San Shou Middleweight World Title

Rudi Ott
awaits his IKF World Title bout against Dave Marinoble at the Win River Casino in Redding, California, USA. Ott won the bout by Unanimous decision.

Rudi Ott's
hand is raised by IKF Referee Dan Stell as Marinoble looks on.

Marinoble SLIPS Ott's punch and lands one of his own.

After the "WAR", Rudi Ott of San Jose, CA, USA wears the IKF Pro San Shou World Title Belt! The two later fought in a rematch in San Jose, CA, USA and Marinoble won by unanimous decision in 2003. After the bout everyone was asking,
"When is the THIRD?"

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