A dejected Duncan James (L) after suffering a KO loss to
Chris Wright
(R, of Merseyside, England, 14-3 with 7 KOs, 6', 189, 27)
In their Title bout in England in 1998.
Wright won the IKF Pro World
Muay Thai Cruiserweight Title with the Win.

Brooks Mason (L)
One of the trainer's of Don "The Dragon" Wilson
when he won 10 World titles and Eugene Ray (R)
the original Trainer of Dennis Alexio.
and Ray had a good workout together sparring
with each other and IKF President Steve Fossum
at Fossum's Karate & Kickboxing gym and
IKF World Headquarters in Newcastle, CA, USA.

IKF Australian Representative and Trainer
Robert Wilesmith (L) with Grant Barker (C)
and Duke Roufus (R).
The photo was after Barker lost by a head kick KO
to Roufus on Roufus' defense of his
IKF Pro World MuayThai Super Heavyweight Title
in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA.
Roufus retired the Super Heavyweight title in September of 1999
to move down in weight but never fought for a title there and
eventually moved back up to Super Heavyweight before he retired.

IKF Pro Muay Thai Intercontinental
Junior Welterweight Champion Richard Kostuck (L)
sweeps Sakasam (R) during one of their 2 IKF
bouts in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. Kostuck
won both match-ups by unanimous decision.

Victory...Again! IKF
Pro World MuayThai Junior Middleweight Champion

IKF Pro World
Muay Thai Welterweight Champion,
Khunpon, (Surapon Dechkampu)

IKF Pro United States
Full Contact Rules Middleweight Champion
Dave "MADMAN" Marinoble
. Marinoble
held 3 IKF
United States Titles at once as an amateur,
Light Middle, Middle and Super Middleweight.
He won his IKF Pro title
in the spring of 1999 and the
IKF Pro FCR Middleweight World Title later.

IKF World Official Steve Wenger,
IKF Promoter Mike Miles
of Canada and IKF President Steve Fossum
pause for a picture at an IKF event in California USA.

Judo Champion Mike Swain, Martial Artist
and movie star Bob Wall, Kickboxing Champion
Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and
President Steve Fossum
take time out for a photo in San Jose, California..

Chris Wright (L) with trainer and
IKF European Representative Alby Bimpson (R)
after won the IKF Pro
World Muay Thai Cruiserweight Title in England in 1998.

IKF President Steve Fossum,
World Kickboxing Champion Kathy Long
and IKF Champion Toney Hannon.

IKF President Steve Fossum (L)
and IKF Referee Dan Stell (R)
hold up the hands of new IKF Pro United States
Welterweight Champion Randy Bussart
of Vacaville, California USA in March of 1999.

Former IKF Pro World Cruiserweight Champion
Don "The Dragon" Wilson and
IKF President Steve Fossum
pause for a picture at an event in San Jose, California.

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