The 2000 IKF National Amateur
Championships Title Belts
Before leaving the IKF Headquarters to the Event.


The 2000 National Amateur Championships Title Belts
before they left the IKF Headquarters
in Newcastle, California...
Too bad UPS (United Parcel Service) lost them
during shipping between California and Iowa...
Instead, the 1999 belts were used for presentation
purposes during the 2000 event....
Finally found, all the belts were shipped out to all the
Champions on September 18th...

Michael Ross of Detroit, Michigan is awarded his National Tournament Title belt
by RINGSIDE INC. Joe Taylor after defeating Nick Benton
of Omaha Nebraska by unanimous decision, 30-23, 29-26, 29-24.

The Making of Champions.
The Coopers Kickboxing Team
from Detroit Michigan trained by Elliot Cooper.

Chad Monyelle (10, L) of Beloit Wisconsin, lands a kick in the
IKF Junior Division, Featherweight National Championship Bout
against Jimmy Ryder (9) of Omaha, Nebraska.
Monyelle won the bout by unanimous decision, 28-26, 29-26 & 28-27.

Blanca Gutierrez
(R) of Pacifica, California throws a strong right hand on her
opponent as referee Dan Stell of Fairfield, CA watches close.
She lost in the Championship Bout to Suzanne Anderson
of Bloomington, Minnesota by unanimous decision.

2000 IKF Light MTR Middleweight National Champion Rob Wiley (L) of Omaha,
Nebraska squares off with his opponent in one of his bouts as referee
Fred Fitzgerald watches close. Wiley won his title by split decision,
29-28, 28-29, 29-28, over Jason Strout of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kasper Harrison (L) of Coopers Kickboxing in Detroit, Michigan and
Shane Shappley (R) of Memphis Tennessee congratate each other after a great bout.
Harrison won the bout by unanimous decision, 29-27, 30-26, 30-26.
Brooks Mason (L) prepares to award the title belt as referee Carlton Duncan looks on.

How GREAT were some of these fights? In the Men's IR Middleweight Championship bout, Narayan Stitt (Blue gloves) of Seaside, California
and Ronell Huston (Red gloves) of Detroit, Michigan ended in a majority draw, 28-28, 28-28 and 30-26.

Since it was a National Tournament Bout, Both fighters were given the option to fight 1 extra round. Above right, L-R, Stitt's
cornerman Dennis Sagundel, IKF President Steve Fossum, Huston's trainer Elliot Cooper
and Stitt's trainer Adam Rogers discuss the tournament tie break rules.
In the extra round, Stitt won on all 3 judges cards 10-9 to win the title.

Rhea Fontanilla
(L) of Adelanto, CA
squares off against
Ashley Healey
(R) of Dubuque, IA in
their IKF Flyweight
National Championship
MuayThai Bout which
Fontanilla won by
unanimous decision
30-27, 30-27, 30-27.


IKF Representative
Rob Zbilski
prepares to award
the winner the IKF National Title Belt as
Referee Dan Stell
awaits the decision.


Proud Champion


Awaiting his turn to
"Walk The Walk!"

2000 IKF Light IR Middleweight
National Champion
Adam Rogers
of Seaside, California
takes a winners
pose after defeating Kurt Leda
of Omaha, Nebraska by
unanimous decision
30-26, 30-25, 30-25.


Elliot Cooper
(L) discusses the days schedule with
IKF President
Steve Fossum.


Trisha Hill
(R) of Lawerenceville, Georgia
added her 3rd IKF National Title
to her collection after she stopped
Katie Ehrhardt
of Lake Zurich, Illinois with an
impressive spinning crescent kick
to the head at 1:09 of the
3rd round in what was
"The Women's Bout of the Tournament!"

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