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Amir Mosadegh of Tehran, Iran was born on May 10th, 1980. He started to practice Martial Arts at the age of 5 with his father, who was one of the best and leading trainers in Iran in his field. He has been teaching since 1996 in different Master Classes and Schools in Iran, India and Greece. He has a Diploma from FIMA University in the field of Martial Arts.

He instructs many classes which include Light Contact Karate, Semi Contact Karate, Body Contact Karate, Full Contact Karate, Low Kick, Free Style, Kickboxing, Shoot boxing, Muay Thai Boxing, Wrestling Fighting, Wrestling, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Advanced Self-Defense, San-Shou, Kung Fu Toa, San Da Wang, Wushu, Traditional Cold Weapons, Physical Fitness, Sports Nutrition, Self-Confidence and Self-Discipline.

Amir is the President of the Persian International Martial Arts Federation. He has more than 2,000 students around Iran, some of them are now World Champions and also International trainers all over Iran. His overall plans are to make a Professional and strong group in Iran to expand IKF Iran.

A brief list of Amir Mosadegh's certifications and accomplishments include the following.

  • Certificates and Memberships
    • Master Diploma from Grand Master Fereidoun Maleki.

    • International first Grade coach

    • Master instructor Certificate from Martial Arts Association in Kickboxing.

    • Professional tournament Referee

    • Maters Degrees from Martial Arts universities in China and USA.

    • Top Master Certificate from JAJU University in China.

    • Master Certificate of Joe Luise in the field of Kick-boxing from USA.

    • Master Certificate of Bill Wallace in the field of Kick-boxing from USA.

    • Captain and trainer of the Iran National Team ( The nearest event which we will participate is the international competition of UAE and also Egypt)

    • Passing the training course for Body guards in the Italian institute and having the top certificate of it!

    • Member of International Free style Fighting.

    • Member of Sanda Wuang Organization from China.

    • Member of World Alliance for security and Investigation.

    • Member of International free Style Martial Arts Association.

    • Member of World shoot boxing Association.

    • Membership of Shaolin Training Center.

    • Member of AIKIA World Martial Arts Masters from Dr. Beasley.
  • His Championship Titles
    • World Gold Medal of the Professional kickboxing Matches in Greece 2004.

    • World Gold Medal of the Professional kickboxing Matches in Iran 2004.

    • World Gold Medal of the Professional Full Contact Karate Matches in Turkey 2003.

    • World Gold Medal of the Shoot boxing Matches in Azerbaijan 2002.

    • Golden Trophy World Championship Muay Thai Boxing, Russia 2001.

    • Winner of 36 titles around Iran.
  • Grades & Ranks
    • 5th Dan Black Belt from the American Independent Karate Instructors Association.

    • 5th Dan Black Belt Ju Jitsu.

    • 5th Black Belt Karate.

    • 5th Dan Black Belt from IMAA.

    • 4th grade Degree Black Belt Shaulin Quan Wushu Style Islamic Republic of Iran.

    • 5th Dan black Belt Shotokan Karate from the W.S.K.F of Sweden.

    • 5th Dan Black Belt ( Yudasha Diploma) from Jiu Jitsu International of Soke Richard Morris.