September 2004

As the IKF Message board Admin in september of 2004, I presented a series of questions to IKF President Steve Fossum about Chuck Norris' new WCL, (World Combat League - and other things about the IKF. Here is that discussion below.


Q & A To
IKF President Steve Fossum (R)

  1. ADMIN: There seems to be a lot of discussion about the WCL on the message board. Should we allow it?
  2. ADMIN: Do you think the WCL good for kickboxing?
  3. ADMIN: Do you think the WCL is good for the Professional Kickboxer?
  4. ADMIN: Do you personally or financially fear the WCL?
  5. ADMIN: Sorry, I just wanted to hear more about your opinions on the WCL.
  6. ADMIN: Are you Jealouse of the WCL?
  7. ADMIN: Do you wish the IKF was involved with the WCL?
  8. ADMIN: Will the IKF support the WCL?
  9. ADMIN: Have you been to a WCL event?
  10. ADMIN: Do you like the Team concept?
  11. ADMIN: Do you think the WCL will make it to TV?
  12. ADMIN: What is the next big thing for the IKF?
  13. ADMIN: Sorry, it's just that there has been a lot of discussion about the WCL and some want to know where you stand.
  14. ADMIN: With the upcoming IKF World Tournament what can we expect to see different this year?
  15. ADMIN: Aren't you missing something here? A new addition maybe?
  16. ADMIN: Congratulations, is it a boy or girl?
  17. ADMIN: Thanks Steve, anything else you want to add?

If you have questions for our next "Q & A With Steve Fossum" thread, please e-mail me at

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