September 24th, 2013

Honor - Respect - Integrity - Discipline

Honor - Respect - Integrity - Discipline

"My instructor once told me that the first five dan ranks come for what you've gotten out of the system, the next ranks come for what you've given back." - Anonymous -


"If you can't wear your belt with respect and honor, DON'T WEAR IT AT ALL!"

Although many modern Karate / Martial Art Schools, (or as many are referred to today, "McDojos") do not have belt rules of respect, in System 5 these rules are Honored with Integrity, Discipline and as Always, RESPECT!

"A goal creates a direction in one's life with a purpose. As individuals, we all inspire to hope for a better and more meaningful life. Without a purpose, a reason to move forward, a goal is just a wish. A belt in Martial Arts represents a purposeful goal. Striving for any goal builds Honor, Respect, Integrity and Discipline. The challenge the Martial Arts gives a student inspires motivation and diligence within. Each student sets their sights on each goal and in the end, the attainment of these goals builds confidence in each individual."

Although many modern day martial artists say that respect for ones belt is simply a tale or myth, in System 5, we have honored traditions that are still upheld today.

  • System 5 Martial Arts Belt

    1. Never let your belt touch the ground/floor unless you are wearing it.
      • Your belt represents the respect that you have earned. The Martial Arts belt use to be "ONE BELT". One belt that transformed over time from white, to brown to black and eventually, as it frayed and ravelled, back to it's beginning, White. This represented a full circle of ones training, the path to master. As one trained, the belt became darker and darker from ones sweat, dirt and even blood. Attaining this darker color in any way other than from your training is considered a weak and cowardly way to insinuate that your training path has been true. Instead, it express that instead of working hard, you would rather just throw your belt on the floor and hope it gets more and more dirty from the floor instead of your own sweat, dirt and blood. If you are not wearing your belt, do not drag it on the ground. Hold it in your hand or drape it around your neck until you are done with it. When so, fold it neatly into your training bag or hang it up somewhere, so that no dirt, other than your own sweat, dirt or blood touches it until you are ready to train again. If your belt comes off during training such as during grappling, stop and take the time to either put your belt back on or hang it up. NEVER leave it laying on the floor!
        • The bottom line here is, you can, if you choose to, believe these belt rules in System 5 are just falsely followed myths. Doing so proves System 5 is not for you.
          However, if you truly want to learn the "Martial Arts" side of System 5, which is an honored part of the Combat side, you will respect these traditions.
          The reality here is, without respect for honored traditions, there is no Honor.

    2. Never wash your belt!
      • Doing so washes away all that you have earned.

    3. Never face others when tieing your belt or fixing your Gi. Always turn to do so.
      • It is disrespectful to "Dress" openly in front of others.

    4. Never touch another students belt, unless given permission.

    5. Once tied, both ends of your belt should hang evenly.

    6. Only wear your belt and uniform at the martial arts school, or away from your school if participating in school or other martial arts activities.

    7. NEVER eat while wearing your belt.

    8. Failure to follow these rules could result in the loss of your rank.

The System 5 Color Belt...
No Average Karate Belt...
An ELITE of Karate Ranks...

Below you will find the color belt ranks of System 5 Karate under Master Sensei Steve Fossum since he opened his first Professional System 5 Karate School in January, 1982.

How ELITE is a belt rank in System 5 Karate?

Well, as of 2005, there have been well over 10,000 students who have trained in System 5 Karate in many different types of seminars, from woman's self defense to S.T.I.H.C. (Special Training In Hand to Hand Combat - Military Special Forces Training) Than there are those elite few that have attempted to achieve a color belt rank in System 5..

Over 3,000 students have trained under Master Sensei Steve Fossum from January, 1982 to 2005.
Of those, only 389 students have achieved a color Belt rank in System 5 under Master Sensei Steve Fossum.

They all make up the elite force of the Few & the Proud, The System 5 Color Belts.
They are listed below in rank and alphabetical order.


System 5 Sensei
Conrad Woodall
Mr. Woodall was the first student under Master Sensei Steve Fossum's Instruction to reach Black Belt in System 5. His 40 hour test started at 8:PM, Friday, February 11th and ended at 12: Noon Sunday, February 13th, 1995. Mr. Woodall attained the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt In System 5.

In February of 2002 Mr. Woodall opened his first karate school taking over where Mr. Fossum left off. Later he expanded his school to Loomis and in May of 2007 he expanded to an even larger location in Rocklin, California. When Mr. Woodall attained a job teaching Criminal Justice he moved his club back to Loomis, CA.

System 5 Sensei

Stacey Scannell

Miss "The Little Dragon" Scannell was the second student to reach Black Belt In System 5 under Master Sensei Steve Fossum's Instruction. At 17 years old, she was the youngest individual to reach Black Belt In System 5. She was also the first female Black Belt In System 5.

An error was made in scheduling her test and she actually started an hour early at 7:PM, Friday, November 22nd instead of 8:PM. Her weekend testing ended at 12:Noon Sunday, November 24th, 1996. By mistake, her test was 41 hours instead of the standard 40 hours for a System 5 Black Belt Test.

She Graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, USA in the spring of 2000.

As of 2010, she is married to Sebastian. Together they have two sons, Rocco and Luca and living in Florida. She also has her own business, Writing Monster. The company is the world's number one multi-service editorial company online giving their customers direct access to over 150 highly qualified proofreading and editing experts, including English professors, lawyers, copy editors, technical and business writers.

System 5 Sensei

Jim Stephens

Sensei Jim Stephens (Father of Joe Stephens below) lives in Loomis, CA, USA. He was the 3rd student to reach Black Belt in System 5 under Master Sensei Steve Fossum's Instruction at the age of 42. His 40 hour test started at 8:PM, Friday, August 11th and ended at 12: Noon Sunday, August 13th, 2000.

Jim retired as a Battalion Chief for South Placer Fire District in Granite Bay, California, USA. He, like his son below, was a "MAJOR HELP" in Building the Current Private System 5 Club.

System 5 Sensei

Pat Perkins

Mr. Perkins' of Tahoe City, Lake Tahoe, CA, USA was the 4th student under Master Sensei Steve Fossum's Instruction to reach Black Belt in System 5 at the age of 35.

His 40 hour test started at 8:PM, Friday, August 18th and ended at 12:Noon Sunday, August 20th, 2000.
Mr. Perkins was awarded his current rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt in System 5 on June 11th, 2003.

He is currently an Engineer in North Shore Tahoe, California, USA.

On Tuesday, January 6th, 2004, Mr. Perkins held his first class at his own System 5 Karate School in Tahoe City, California, USA. (His School Logo is at Left)
He can be reached at (530) 414-6272.

To add, He was a "MAJOR HELP" in Building the Current Private System 5 Club in Newcastle, CA.

System 5 Sensei

Joe Stephens

Sensei Joe Stephens (Son of Jim Stephens above) lives in Loomis, CA, USA. He was the 5th student to reach Black Belt in System 5 under Master Sensei Steve Fossum's Instruction. His 40 hour test started at 8:PM, Friday, October 11th and ended at 12: Noon Sunday, October 13th, 2002.

Joe is married and is currently a Fireman for South Placer Fire District in Granite Bay, California, USA.
He, like his father (Jim, Left, in Joe's arms after his test) was a "MAJOR HELP" in Building the Current Private System 5 Club.

System 5 Sensei

Rory Inchaurregui

Sensei Rory Inchaurregui lives in Loomis, CA, USA. He was the 6th student to reach Black Belt in System 5 under Master Sensei Steve Fossum's Instruction. His 40 hour test started at 8:PM, Friday, August 29th and ended at 12: Noon Sunday, August 31st, 2008.

With his family he is part owner in "Inch's Tooling". Inch's Tooling specializes in metal fabrication with a specialized CNC machine shop that handles sheet metal work, powder coating, bumpers, radio racks etc. for law enforcement vehicles like CHP, Sheriff, Police, CDF, Forestry Department etc. and pretty much anything to do with Metal. Rory himself is extremely skilled in doing custom fabricating with metal.

He was a major help in building and maintaining the current System 5 club. He also makes parts for the official IKF and ISCF Championship Title Belts as well as other belts for the company, International Fight Belts, being the one who makes the side plates as well as the shield plates on the 2008 IKF World Classic Title Belts. He is also the one who created the custom Trophy Belts.

Rory started training in System 5 with Master Sensei Steve Fossum in July of 1992.


  • S5I
    • These students were System 5 Instructors at one time.

  • (S5B)
    • These were the 6 Original BLACK BELTS of System 5 Karate, however at the time, the requirements for this rank were at the Green Belt Level.

    • The actual System 5 records only exist from late 1989 to present for exact promotion dates. Previous to then, some records were lost in the Lincoln Way, Auburn School fire on November 15th, 1985. If the exact dates were known, they were listed. When Year only is listed, it is usually an estimate within 1 year.

    • Some of these individuals were awarded their ADVANCED rank in the spring of 1997 when the Yellow, Orange and Blue Belt ranks were SPLIT in half. Students active last promoted as late as 1996 who held a Yellow, Orange or Blue Belt rank were automatically promoted to the Advanced rank of the belt that they held. HOWEVER, students who were active prior to 1996 but held Yellow, Orange or Blue Belt ranks were not automatically promoted up. These students were kept at their last promoted rank.

These were the 6 Original BLACK BELTS of System 5 Karate.
However at the time, the requirements for this rank were at the Green Belt Level.

Name, Titles, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  • John Anderson
    • (Pictured at Right -On Left- with IKF Pro World Champion Juan Torres)
      S5B, S5I, February 23rd, 2006 - Achieved Brown Belt.
      First System 5 Student of SF to do kickboxing.
      Lives in Greenwood, California
      John and his father own their own construction company.
      Info as of 12-10-14


  • John Hardin
    • S5B, S5I, February 23rd, 2006 - Achieved Brown Belt
      Was a USN Corpsman
      Lives in Penryn, California.
      He is a Physician's Assistant
      2010 Photo
      Info as of 9-28-10


  • James Dunn
    • S5B, S5I, APRIL, 1985 - Achieved Green Belt, (Equal now to System 5, 2nd Degree Black Belt)
      Lives in Washington State
      Owns his own Pet Store (Critters & CO Pet Center)
      Teaching System 5 in Washington State.
      1986 Photo
      Info as of 12-21-07


  • Steve Pacheco
    • S5B, S5I. OCTOBER, 1982, 1st Green Belt, (Equal now to System 5, 1st Degree Black Belt)
      With Privates from Mr. Fossum, Mr. Pacheco only took 1 year to reach this rank.
      Lives in Port Orchard, Washington State
      2008: Owns a commercial painting company.
      Info as of 9-2008


  • Dr. Mike Trapani
    • S5B, S5I. AUGUST, 1989 - Advanced Red Belt, (Equal now to System 5, 3rd Degree Black Belt)
      Mike was the very First system 5 Red Belt.
      Lives in Bodega Bay, California
      Mike is a Veterinarian and once owned his own Veterinarian Hospital (For the Love of Pets) in Grass Valley, CA, but recently relocated.
      Info as of 9-2008

  • Don West
    • S5B, S5I. MAY 29th, 1990 - Advanced Red Belt, (Equal now to System 5, 3rd Degree Black Belt)
      Was Longest active System 5 student. (Approximately. 12 years)
      Lives in Newcastle, California.
      Now works for the Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento, CA.
      Info as of 12-21-07


Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. John Anderson
    • (Pictured at Right -On Left- with IKF Pro World Champion Juan Torres)
      S5B, S5I, February 23rd, 2006 - Achieved Brown Belt.
      First System 5 Student of SF to do kickboxing.
      Lives in Greenwood, California
      John and his father own their own construction company.
      Info as of 12-10-14

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. John Hardin
    • S5B, S5I, February 23rd, 2006 - Achieved Brown Belt
      USN Corpsman
      Lives in Penryn, California.
      He is a Physician's Assistant
      Info as of 9-28-10
      2011 PHOTO

  2. Carl Bader
    • S5I, OCTOBER 14th, 1996.
      Lives in Auburn, CA
      Computer Tech, HP in Roseville, CA.
      Info as of 11-16-05

  3. Gary Henson
    • S5I, AUGUST 23rd, 1999.
      Owns his own Financial Advisor and Tax consulting company in Auburn, CA.
      Helped in Building Current Club.
      Lives in Ophir, CA.
      Gary is also involved in music, for more on his music career, click HERE.
      Family PHOTO
      Info as of 8-08

  4. Tim Nash
    • S5I, OCTOBER 14th, 1999.
      Associate Producer / Director of Photography for Ridgeline Entertainment, Auburn, CA
      Lives in Auburn, CA
      2014 PHOTO
      Info as of 9-2012

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Peter Demas
    • OCTOBER 20th, 1997, Known for his Basketball Skills.
      Lives in Lincoln, CA
      Peter is now involved in Real Estate and land developing.
      Info as of 11-16-05

  2. Jessie Meeker
    • JUNE 30th, 1997, Jessie joined the Army in 2006.
      SGT. Meeker was a Military Policeman in the Army Reserves.
      He deployed to Iraq in 2007-2008 and his second tour in the fall of 2010.
      Jessie is married and living in Tucson, Arizona
      is a Policeman in Marana, Arizona, USA.
      Jessie was also a Co-Star on the System 5 TV show "The WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS". PHOTO
      Info as of 8-22-10

  3. John Tafoya
    • Advanced Red Belt - 2007, S5.
      John was a software engineer for Microsoft until 2009.
      He is now self employed with his business, Competition Technology.
      Lives in Granite Bay, California:
      He is married with 3 children and living in Granite Bay, California.
      Info as of 9-28-10

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Eric Harris
    • S5I, OCTOBER 8th, 1998.
      Computer industry we believe.
      Lives in Sacramento, California
      Info as of 11-16-05

  2. Chris Lonicki
    • JUNE 12th, 1996.
      Chris was a wrestled in high school and has grown up a lot since a student in System 5.
      Along with his father Sylvestor, Chris too is a Professional Painter.
      Lives in Rocklin, CA
      Info as of 11-16-05

  3. Sylvester Lonicki
    • APRIL 11th, 1996.
      Sylvestor is still a Professional Painter and was the one who Painted most of the old karate school.
      Lives in Auburn, CA
      2013 PHOTO
      Info as of 11-16-10

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Frank Curtis
    • S-5 Istructor, September 10th, 1998.
      Frank was Mr. Fossum's Seminar Assistant during his "Victory by Knockout" Tour.
      Works as a Service Advisor at Gold Rush Chevrolet, Auburn, CA
      He was also the Best Man at Mr. Fossum's wedding on November 2nd, 2002.
      2009 PHOTO
      Info as of 10-30-14

  2. Yancey Gillies
    • S5I. APRIL 28th, 1997, 2nd highest ranking female in System 5.
      Yancey moved to Western New York in October 2006 after her husband Em died in 2005.
      She also created THE Original IKF Website.
      2013 PHOTO
      Info as of 8-22-10)

  3. Bob Meneely
    • S5I, MAY 17th, 2000.
      Bob is a retired Computer Technician for the State of California.
      He is also the chief computer man for the entire IKF/ISCF and Syatem 5 facility.
      He was a "MAJOR HELP" in Building Current Club.
      Lives in Sacramento, CA
      Info as of 11-28-14

  4. Miles Mott
    • SEPTEMBER 27th, 2000.
      Ski Insturctor for the Sugar Bowl Ski Team & Academy in Truckee, CA
      Winning Competition Skier.
      Living in Truckee, CA
      Info as of 11-16-05

  5. Jason Theis
    • APRIL 10th, 1997.
      After Mr. Fossum stopped teaching Jason started training with Mr. Woodall and Professor Don Cross.
      Jason became certified as a massage therapist in 2007.
      He holds a black belt in Won Yuen Fa.
      He also has training in CPR, first aid and and an Associates Degree from Heald Business College.
      Lives in Rocklin, CA
      Info as of 12-21-07

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Josh Demas
    • MAY 29th, 1997.
      Josh was a wrestler at Del Oro High School in Loomis, CA.
      After graduating he went on to become quite the hard working businessman.
      Today Josh owns his own 18 wheeler and hauls hay from his family ranch in Nevada to ranches throughout California and MAN, Does his truck SHINE!
      lives in Homewood, California
      Info as of 11-16-14

  2. David Marston
    • S5I, MARCH 22nd, 1995.
      Dave was in the Navy where he served on an Aircraft Carrier.
      Lives in Seattle, Washington
      Info as of 11-16-05

  3. Chris Obranovich
    • Chris was also a Co-Star on the System 5 TV show "The WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS". PHOTO
      He was a helicopter pilot in the Air Force.
      Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada
      Info as of 12-3-14

  4. Pay Porter
    • S5I 1996, You will be Remembered with Honor Ray.
      Rest In Peace. Ray past away in 2000.
      Info as of 11-16-05

  5. Pat Ryan
    • AUGUST 6th, 1997.
      Lives in Tahoe Pines, California
      Info as of 12-1-14

  6. Kirsten Suzuki
    • MARCH 27th, 1996.
      Kirsten was also a Co-Star on the System 5 TV show "The WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS". PHOTO
      Known for her beatiful long hair Kirsten (Beck) is now married to Nathan.
      Lives in Santa Maria, California
      Info as of 11-16-14

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any.

  1. Marian Fernandez
    • S5I: OCTOBER 20th, 1997.
      Marian was one of our Woman's Self Defense Seminar Instructors.
      She was also a Nurse at the Roseville Hospital, in Roseville, CA
      Whereabouts unknown
      Info as of 11-16-05

  2. Monty Hanks
    • (S5I) MARCH 3rd, 1998.
      Monty earned the kickboxing nickname of "Rocketman" with a KO win in :52 seconds.
      He went on to be a major player in the e-trade market and also got married. Good Kick Monty!
      Orangevale, CA
      Info as of 11-16-05

  3. Gateley Meeker
    • AUGUST 2nd, 1994.
      Gateley will forever hold the record for the most System 5 Karate Grand Point Titles (6).
      Gateley graduated from the Huntsman Program at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
      He is married and works for Neilson Entertainment in Los Angeles, California, USA.
      Lives in Los Angeles, California, USA
      Info as of 8-22-10

  4. Greg Noyes
    • FEBRUARY 5th, 1997.
      Info as of 11-16-05

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Darren Anderson
    • AUGUST 22nd, 1996
      School Teacher

  2. Diana Bare
    • S5I, AUGUST 22nd, 1996
      Woman's Self Defense Seminar Assistant

  3. Randy Brooks
    • S5I, AUGUST 8th, 1989

  4. Mike Buehler
    • SEPTEMBER 28th, 1998

  5. Andrew Bushey
    • APRIL 20th, 1998

  6. Ron Coe
    • S5I, MARCH 19th, 1987
      Worked as a bouncer with Mr. Fossum for 3 years

  7. Dan Delgado
    • DECEMBER 21st, 1994.
      Was a BIG HELP as Assistant Director with Mr. Fossum for the System 5 TV Show "World of Martial Arts" With Master Sensei Steve Fossum.

  8. Garrett Frank
    • MARCH 18th 1998

  9. Evrett Jay
    • S5I, JUNE 21st, 1986

  10. Cynthia - Cindy Kajimura - Fossum
    • S5I, FEBRUARY 3rd, 1998.
      Married Mr. Fossum's brother Tom.
      Lives in Newcastle, CA
      Info as of 11-16-14

  11. Ben McAlister
    • MAY 12th, 1997

  12. Peter Meneely
    • May 17th, 2000.
      With his father Bob, Peter helped build the current school.
      2000 Graduate Of Del Oro HS
      Peter works as a Banquet Manager at International Palms Resort & Conference Center Cocoa Beach FL
      Lives in Cape Canaveral, Florida
      Info as of 11-10-14

  13. Helene Nakamura
    • S5I, 1986
      Also a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate

  14. Jason Sawyer
    • MAY 12th, 1998

  15. Pat Sayer
    • SEPTEMBER 26th, 1996

  16. Norm Schoenhoff
    • APRIL 24th, 1996.
      Owns "WHITEWATER EXCITEMENT" Rafting Company
      2014 PHOTO

  17. Suzanne Suzuki
    • SEPTEMBER 16th, 1995

  18. Joe Swallow
    • APRIL 17th, 1997.
      After Mr. Fossum stopped teaching Joe started training with Mr. Woodall.
      Joe earned his 4th degree Black Belt in Mr. Woodall's school and also an instructor.
      He is also a Sheriff
      Lives in Granite Bay, California
      Info as of 12-10-14

  19. Serina Thompson
    • APRIL 3rd, 1997

  20. Sam Wilson
    • JUNE 9th, 1997

  21. Gun. Sgt. Mike Woods
    • S5I, APRIL 15th, 1987.
      Last we knew Mike was teaching USMC System 5 in North Carolina.

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Lisa Branstad
    • NOVEMBER 4th, 1996
      Valedictorian at Del Oro High School 1996

  2. Robert Buffum
    • OCTOBER 10th, 1996

  3. Bernie Cabral
    • DECEMBER 14th, 1996

  4. Tim Freese
    • OCTOBER 16th, 1996

  5. Caleb Nakata
    • October 28th, 1999
      Helped build Current School

  6. Dennis Raines
    • OCTOBER 10th, 1996.
      Although we spoke with Dennis as recently as July 2005 via e-mail, we don't know what he is doing today.
      Santa Clairita, CA
      Info as of 11-16-05

  7. Chris Taylor
    • SEPTEMBER 10th, 1996

  8. Jeff Taylor
    • SEPTEMBER 10th, 1996

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Dave Allen
    • JUNE 14th, 1994.
      Dave is a Placer County Sheriff Deputy based out of Tahoe, CA.
      Keep us safe Dave.
      Info as of 12-21-07

  2. Alyssa Anderson
    • March 2006.
      Alyssa is the daughter of System 5 Senior Student John Anderson.
      She trained under both John and Sensei Steve Fossum.
      She won the Miss Auburn Pageant in 2007.
      Married in October, 2012.
      Dental Assistant in Roseville, CA
      Lives in Lincoln, California
      Info as of 12-2014

  3. Brian Bassett
    • 1984

  4. Benny Bloomdale
    • 1987
      Top brother & sister students.

  5. Janelle Bloomdale
    • 1987
      Top brother & sister students.

  6. Jim Brown
    • S5I, 1984
      Jim is a truck driver.
      Meadow Vista, CA
      Info as of 11-16-05

  7. Casey Cary
    • 1986

  8. Gary Copley
    • (S5I) 1985

  9. Karen Cundy
    • (S5I) 1985

  10. Sean Culver
    • MAY 5th, 1997

  11. Jeff Delaney
    • September 8th, 1998
      Lives in Phoenix, Arizona
      Info as of 12-5-14

  12. Mike Fernandez
    • JANUARY 16th 1995

  13. Chris Freeman
    • 1987, Wrote Unicorn poem in hallway of Newcastle school.

  14. Mike Garcia
    • MAY 23rd, 1995

  15. John Grottanelli
    • JANUARY 24th, 1994

  16. Nathan Harpainter
    • OCTOBER 25th, 2000

  17. Boyd Hensley
    • 1985
      Lives in Riverbank, California

  18. Aaron Hildebrant
    • (S5I) 1988
      Won first System 5 organized "GRAND POINT" Tournament Champion

  19. Rocky Kajimura
    • DECEMBER 10th, 1998
      Rocky James Kajimura has become quite the musician - CLICK HERE.
      Lives in Sacramento, California
      December 2014

  20. Dan McKevitt
    • 1987
      Electrical Engineer
      Worked as a DJ at several IKF Kickboxing events

  21. Ellen Meneely
    • SEPTEMBER 2nd, 1998.
      Ellen helped build the Current School.
      She is currently working with her church and children.
      Info as of 11-16-05

  22. Lance Mitchell
    • 1986

  23. Rod Nishi
    • OCTOBER 3rd, 1994
      Rod and his family live in Rocklin, CA
      2014 PHOTO
      Info as of 12-9-14

  24. Michal Parks
    • (F) 1985

  25. Glen Reese
    • 1987

  26. Mark Schnetz
    • 1985

  27. Tim Thalhamer
    • 1984
      Tim is a Chef at Brewbakers Brewing Company in Visalia, California
      Lives in Visalia, California
      2010 PHOTO
      Tim past away in the spring of 2014.

  28. Scott Wall
    • 1987
      Scott owns Wall's Heating & Cooling in Colfax, CA
      Scott is a Black belt in Shotokan Karate under Mr. France Borka out of Meadow Vista, CA
      Scott is married and lives in Colfax, CA
      Info as of 12-10-14

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Lucas Bader
    • APRIL 25th

  2. Christy Bader
    • NOVEMBER 27th, 1996

  3. Anastasia Delaney
    • JULY 8th, 1999

  4. John Eslinger Jr.
    • MARCH 16th, 1998

  5. Zack Frasher
    • JANUARY 2nd, 1996

  6. Tyler Hattrup
    • OCTOBER 16th, 1996.
      Tyler was a 5 year old GO-CART Racing Champion - CLICK HERE. AND HERE
      2014 PHOTO
      Tyler past away on November 29th, 2014.
      Info as of 12-9-14

  7. Chuck Larson
    • FEBRUARY 12th, 1997

  8. Tonya Lightfoot
    • DECEMBER 19th, 1996

  9. Michael Margraf
    • APRIL 9th, 1996

  10. Catharine Meijer
    • JUNE 20th, 1996.

  11. Sean Nash
    • OCTOBER 16th, 1996

  12. Ed Ryan
    • AUGUST 8th, 1996

  13. Mical Salmonson
    • OCTOBER 9th, 1996

  14. Rory Sayer
    • DECEMBER 7th, 1995

  15. Ryan Sayer
    • NOVEMBER 25th, 1996

  16. Devin Schlup
    • FEBRUARY 12th, 1998

  17. Ryan Schlup
    • FEBRUARY 12th, 1998

  18. Scott Tidball
    • MAY 22nd, 1995

  19. Bill Tindell
    • APRIL 23rd, 1998
      Teacher at Franklin school in Loomis, CA

  20. Mark Tokutomi
    • MARCH 2nd, 1998

  21. Martin Vallis
    • FEBRUARY 8th, 1995

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Mike Allen
    • M, 1983

  2. Leslie Bader
    • F, MARCH, 1992 - Draftperson

  3. Andy Bare
    • M, APRIL 25th, 1996

  4. Lance Barker
    • Washington: M, DECEMBER 5th, 1996.
      Lance is married and living in Washington.
      He is still active in the Air Force as a Pilot.
      He use to fly U-2 planes and still flys missions today overseas along with being a commercial pilot for Alaskin Airlines. - (Info as of 11-16-10)

  5. Don Black
    • M, 1984, author of 2 books.

  6. John Brun
    • Lake of the Pines, CA: M, November 18th, 1999.
      John keeps in touch with us regularly.
      He runs his own Masonry Company. - (Info as of 11-16-05)

  7. Andy Burge
    • M, 1985

  8. Kimo Cabral
    • M, 1982

  9. Doug Cady
    • M, 1982

  10. Bridgett Cagle
    • F, JANUARY, 1991

  11. Jon Coder
    • S5I, M, SEPT 9th, 1983.
      John was one of the top fighters and Instructors in System 5.
      He currently directs, produces and even stars in his own Plays produced in Northern California. - (Info as of 11-16-05)

  12. Jared Conk
    • M, MAY 12th, 1998

  13. Brian Cooney
    • M, 1983

  14. Chris Copley
    • M, 1984

  15. Justin Craig
    • M, 1983, Achieved Orange Belt twice - 1983 & 1992

  16. Gene Dalpez
    • M, 1982, First to receive a color belt rank from Master Sensei Steve Fossum in 1982

  17. Ron Daniel
    • Auburn, CA: M, 1985.
      Known as "The Wild Thing" or MR. "Wipe Out", love ya Ron...
      Ron is a sheetrock hanger and is married with children. - (Info as of 11-16-05)

  18. Jay Dejersey
    • M, 1984

  19. Chelsey Demas
    • F, OCTOBER 20th, 1997

  20. Tiffany Demas
    • F, NOVEMBER 20th, 1997

  21. Diana Drake
    • M, 1984

  22. Scott Drake
    • M, 1983

  23. John Eslinger Sr.
    • M, 1983

  24. Cody Evans
    • M, OCTOBER 20th, 1994

  25. Tom Evans
    • M, SEPTEMBER 14th, 1994

  26. Mick Garcia
    • M, NOVEMBER, 1992

  27. Alden Gillette
    • M, 1982

  28. Jim Grimes
  29. John Grove
    • M, 1982

  30. Tim Groves
    • M, 1982, Electrician

  31. Matthew Gandara
    • M, AUGUST 28th, 1990

  32. Sean Gilland
    • M, AUGUST 29th, 1990

  33. Brian Gonzalas
    • M, 1986

  34. Nathan Goode
    • M, 1982

  35. Paul Greeson
    • M, NOVEMBER 23rd, 1991

  36. Sharon Greeson
    • F, APRIL, 1992

  37. Bruce Griffith
    • M, AUGUST 28th, 1990

  38. Jeremy Groves
    • M, 1986

  39. Dwayne Halkyard
    • M, 1982

  40. Bobby Hall
    • M, 1984

  41. Issac Hanley
    • Newcastle, CA: DECEMBER 10th, 1998.
      Issac had stopped training shortly after reaching this rank in System 5.
      Years later he started training with Mr. Woodall where he earned his Black Belt.
      (Info as of 12-21-07)

  42. Katie Harpainter
    • F, October 6th, 1999

  43. Ben Hartsell
    • M, APRIL 8th, 1993, With sister Stephanie, a top brother & sister pair.

  44. Stephanie Hartsel
    • F, SEPTEMBER, 1992-With brother Ben, a top brother & sister pair.

  45. Jon Hawkins
    • M, 1987

  46. Josh Hawkin
    • M, 1987

  47. Chris Hedman
    • M, MAY 29th, 1991.
      Chris was tragically killed in an auto accident in Jauary of 96. Rest in peach Chris. - (Info as of 11-16-05)

  48. Dean Hendrickson
    • M, 1982

  49. Jason Herr
    • M, 1983 - Jason top agility honors in 1 minute drills & DHT (Distance - Height - Time) drills in 1984.

  50. Maria Hewling
    • F, MARCH 13th, 1991.

  51. Dennis Higginbotham
    • Auburn, CA: M, 1986.
      Dennis is a Mechanic in Auburn, CA. - (Info as of 11-16-05)

  52. Mitch Higgins
    • M, 1984, Firefighter

  53. Deric Jarne
    • M, 1982

  54. Brian Jagger
    • M, 1986

  55. Mike Johnston
    • M, FEBRUARY 5th, 1991

  56. Leroy Kammerer
    • M, 1988

  57. Dr. Zane Kime
    • M, 1983, Zane was killed in Mountain climbing accident. Rest in peace Zane.
      Despite local authorities ruling Zane's death an accident, conspiracy theories bloomed overnight and persisted. This was partly because when Zane was killed, there was only one witness…another climber who was a stranger to the Kime family and friends…and some felt his story was suspect. But also fueling these suspicions was the terrible timing of his death. When he died, Zane R. Kime MD, had been practicing Environmental Medicine and had become the target of a governmental prosecution against this specialty. This lawsuit threatened the vested interests of the chemical industry and the outcome looked hopeful for a decision in his favor. However, with his death, the case was dismissed and some say, the threat eliminated. When Zane's wife hired a private investigator to explore the matter further, the other climber threatened to sue…and then disappeared. The conspiracy theories drove Zane's daughter Faun (Also a Syatem 5 Student) to start exploring her father's death. However, she is soon unraveling his controversial life as a physician practicing Environmental Medicine. Environmental Medicine, like much of alternative medicine has considerable opposition. This is partly because it's a newer more progressive medicine. Throughout history, the old paradigm in science has been slow to accept the new. But in this era of unchecked capitalism, Faun discovers that advancement in alternative medicine has nearly ground to a halt…if it doesn't profit the pharmaceutical or chemical industry. From all of this, Faun Produced and Directed a Documentary on her fathers death entitled The Tomato Effect. CLICK HERE. - If you have the right video software, you can watch the entire film by clicking HERE
  58. Jim Landon
    • M, 1983

  59. Dean Laner
    • M, 1982

  60. Dean Lagoe
    • M, 1982

  61. Dana Larson
    • F, NOVEMBER 16th, 1989

  62. Danny Lavinder
    • M, FEBRUARY 5th, 1991

  63. Jason Laurie
    • M, 1984

  64. Ryan Lee
    • M, AUGUST 28th, 1990

  65. Gary Lipsmeyer
    • M, 1986

  66. David Lund
    • M, JUNE 23rd, 1998

  67. Darrel Marriot
    • M, 1984

  68. Annette McCullough
  69. Casey McClerrin
    • M, AUGUST 29th, 1994

  70. Tim McShane
    • M, APRIL 9th, 1992

  71. Russ McSwain
    • M, MARCH 20th, 1990

  72. Jim Mitchell
    • M, 1986
      Jim was a Professional saddlebronc rider and was rated in the top 10 in world.

  73. Steve Moody
    • M, 1982

  74. Nicole Molina
    • F, NOVEMBER 12th, 1990

  75. Cathy Muller
    • F, MAY 13th, 1997.
      Cathy went on to be a Sacramento County Sheriffs Deputy and later transferred to the Citrus Heights Police Department.

  76. Tom Naillon
    • M, 1982

  77. Joe Nicolai
    • Citrus Heights, CA: M, 1983.
      Joe was in the USMC and a member of the FAST Co. Special Forces.
      Today he and his children live in Folsom, CA and he works in automotive sales and financing in Folsom, CA. - (Info as of 6-2010)

  78. Kevin Nishi
    • M, FEBRUARY 14th, 1994

  79. Jenny Obranovich
    • F, NOVEMBER 2nd, 1994, Jenny was a Co-Star on the System 5 TV show "The WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS"

  80. Michael Obranovich
    • M, JANUARY 18th 1995

  81. Dianne Osborne
    • F, 1982

  82. David Peabody
    • M, 1984

  83. Mike Perez
    • Roseville, CA: M, MARCH 12th, 1998.
      Mike lives in Roseville, CA. - (Info as of 11-10-10)

  84. Mark Peshoff
    • S5I, M, AUGUST 26th, 1992.
      Living in Tahoe, Working for a computer firm.

  85. Chris Pollock
    • M, SEPTEMBER 21st, 1992

  86. Charles Porter
    • M, 1984

  87. Steve Prince
    • S5I, M, FEBRUARY 15th, 1990

  88. Gregg Rasmussen
    • M, 1984

  89. Becky Riley
    • F, MAY 19th, 1994, Oakmont High School Nurse

  90. Ernest Riley
    • M, MAY 19th, 1994, Sierra College Teacher

  91. Rich Salisbury
    • M, SEPTEMBER 29th, 1994

  92. Courtney Scannell
  93. Denise - Scannell - Howell
    • Newcastle, CA: F, MAY, 1992.
      Denise curerently lives in Newcastle, CA with her husband Dean. - (Info as of 12-21-07)

  94. Greg Schutte
    • M, 1986

  95. Nick Serveas
    • M, 1986

  96. Doug Smith
    • M, 1982

  97. Ron Speroni
    • M, 1983

  98. Richard Staudinger
    • M, 1984

  99. Cheri Steward
    • S5I, F, 1984
      First women to reach achieve a color Belt rank in System 5.

  100. Jon Sterling
    • M, 1986

  101. Greg Sykora
    • M, 1982

  102. Ginni Trapani
    • F, 1986

  103. John Trotta
    • M, 1982

  104. Mike Trotta
    • M, 1982

  105. Keith Thalhamer
    • M, 1984

  106. Brian Twedt
    • M, 1982

  107. Peter Vandewalker
    • M, AUGUST 2nd 1994

  108. Mike Whaley
    • M, 1983

  109. Tracy Whaley
    • F, 1983

  110. Corinne Wietrick
    • F, MARCH, 1990
      2012: Corinne joined the United States Army in 2010 - 88m Motor Transportation Operator.

  111. Chris Williamson
    • S5I, M, JULY 20th, 1989.
      Chris use to work for "World Mark Travel Club as Head of sales.
      However we do not know what he is doing today. - (Info as of 11-16-05)

  112. Ken Wood
    • M, 1982

  113. Gene Young
    • M, 1984

  114. Scott Young
    • M, 1982

  115. Billy Yurgionas
    • M, 1982.

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Glenn Berlo, M, APRIL, 22nd, 1996
  2. Richard Berlo, M, APRIL 22nd, 1996, Joined US Marine Corps
  3. Brandon Black, M, MAY 22nd, 1996
  4. Eric Boswell, M, AUGUST 15th, 1995
  5. Jessica Bronzini, F, FEBRUARY 12th, 1997
  6. Steven Bronzini, M, JANUARY 29th, 1997
  7. Tony Delatorre, M, DECEMBER 7th, 1995
  8. Christian Devlin, M, AUGUST 25th, 1997
  9. Jon Duncan, M, APRIL 26th, 1995
  10. Shane Evans, F, JANUARY 25th, 1995
  11. Jim Fast, M, MAY 29th, 1996
  12. Kevin Flanagan, M, FEBRUARY 23rd, 1995
  13. Arlen Flanagan, M, FEBRUARY 23rd, 1995
  14. Jeffery Frey, M, SEPTEMBER 13, 2022
  15. Matt Friesen, M, MAY 12th, 1998
  16. Sara Friesen, F, MAY 12th, 1998
  17. John Garcia, M, AUGUST 15th, 1996, 1998
  18. Taylor Hill, M, SEPTEMBER 3rd, 1998
  19. Dan Hirst, M, MARCH 16th, 1995
  20. Kevin Izumiya, M, SEPTEMBER 9th, 1996
  21. Jim Jackson, M, MAY 29th, 1997, Moved to Arizona
  22. Luke Jackson, M, MAY 29th, 1997, Moved to Arizona
  23. Gracie Kajimura
    • Loomis, CA: F, SEPTEMBER 13th, 1995. - (Info as of 9-28-10)
  24. Travis Kawata, M, APRIL 1st, 1996
  25. Cody Kukrall, M, APRIL 1st, 1996
  26. Allen Losh, M, MARCH 21st, 1996
  27. Mark Matheson, M, MARCH 16th, 1995
  28. Jonathan Meijer, M, SEPTEMBER 13th, 1995
  29. Katie Mott, F, MAY 13th, 2000
  30. Andrew Nelway, M, March 15th, 1998
  31. Michael Nash, M, MARCH 12th, 1997
  32. Jackie Noyes, F, JANUARY 20th, 1997
  33. Elissa Poole, F, SEPTEMBER 12th, 1995
  34. Cody Rosener, M, SEPTEMBER 13th, 1995
  35. Mariellyn Schoenhoff, F, FEBRUARY 23rd, 1995
  36. Karen Sheldon, F, APRIL 11th, 1996
  37. Rick Sheldon, M, FEBRUARY 28th, 1996
  38. Jill Tokutomi, F, FEBRUARY 23rd, 1995

Name, Promoted Date, Notes & info if any

  1. Dave Aagard, M, MAY 18th, 1989, Teacher
  2. Andrew Adkins, M, OCTOBER 19th, 1995
  3. Sean Aitcheson, M, AUGUST 29th, 1994
  4. Jeff Allen, M,1983
  5. Bill Baker, M,1988
  6. Brian Baker, M, 1988
  7. Lori Baker, F, 1988
  8. Nate Baker, M, Jan. 19th 2000
  9. Kevin Ballment, M, MARCH 19th, 1997
  10. Matthew Ballment, M, MARCH 19th, 1997
  11. Dustin Barr, M, AUGUST 28th, 1990
  12. Dave Baskerville
    • Roseville, CA: M, MARCH, 1991.
      Dave is a top exe for TUFF SHED and is married with children. - (Info as of 11-16-05)
  13. Mike Benzivingo, M, 1988
  14. Jim Bischel, M, 1986
  15. Jason Boberg, M, AUGUST 28th, 1990.
    Top children's point fighter in 1990.
  16. Jamie Bonari, F, 1987
  17. Ryan Bonari, M, NOVEMBER 12th, 1990
  18. Doug Bower, M, JANUARY, 1991
  19. Ron Bower, M, JUNE 4th, 1991.
    Helped a great deal in building the Newcastle school.
  20. Russ Bower, M, JANUARY, 1991
  21. Christopher Bravo, M, JUNE 24th, 1998
  22. Curtis Brock, M, JANUARY, 1991
  23. Scotty Brooks, M, OCTOBER 20th, 1997
  24. Rick Brown, M, 1986
  25. Jake Bucher, M, 1988
  26. Kari Bushey, F, APRIL 23rd, 1998
  27. Chris Bushey, M, APRIL 23rd, 1998
  28. Clinton Carmack, M, MARCH 16th, 1998
  29. Josh Carnes, M, AUGUST 3rd, 1994
  30. Robert Cavanna, M, 1987
  31. Vincent Cavanna, M,1987
  32. Brett Cole, M, AUGUST 25th, 1997
  33. Tommy Connant, M, JUNE 13th, 1994
  34. Josh Cook, M, MARCH 27th, 1997
  35. Earl Cross, M, MAY 30th, 1990
  36. William Cummings, M, 1986
  37. Aimee Demske, F, 1986
  38. Elizabeth Demske, F,1986
  39. Peggy Demske, F, 1986
  40. Tim Donnelly, M, 1986
  41. Eric Dowling, M, OCTOBER 21st, 1990
  42. Ben Duke, M, 1986
  43. Ryan Fernandez, M, JANUARY 25th, 1994
  44. Robyn Fisher, F,1984
  45. Elton Fontain, M, 1986
  46. Jason Fodrini, M, 1986
  47. Chris Fowler, M, MARCH 21st, 1991
  48. Dustin Franchimone, M, MAY 23rd, 1994
  49. Stuart Frase, M, 1986
  50. Debra Freitas, F, SEPTEMBER 5th, 1989
  51. William Friese, M, JULY 27th, 1994
  52. Dillon Grey, M, MAY 12th, 1998
  53. Jessica Haddad, F, DECEMBER 10TH, 1998
  54. Kayla Hanley, F, MARCH 17th, 1998, 1998
  55. Jenny Harpainter, F, September 15th, 1999
  56. Tegan Harpainter, F, MAY 27th, 1998
  57. Brian Herrman, M, DECEMBER 10th 1998
  58. Jason Hussman, M, JUNE 14th, 1994
  59. Dustin Itow, M, JUNE 13th, 1994
  60. Jeff Jarvis, M, APRIL 1st, 1997.
    Moved and now lives in Washington, Engineer.
  61. Mike Jenkins, M, NOVEMBER 30th, 1993
  62. Jeremy Jorgensen, M, FEBRUARY 14th, 1994
  63. Tara Jorgensen, F, FEBRUARY 24th, 1994
  64. Cuauhtli Landeros, M, DECEMBER 10TH, 1998
  65. Brad Lang, M, APRIL 3rd, 1997, Bass Player "JET RED"
  66. John Lund Jr., M, MAY 13th, 1998
  67. Gregg Millar, M, JANUARY 4th, 1990.
    Owns gold mining & Jewelry business.
  68. Ryan Miller, M, FEBRUARY 12th, 1992
  69. Sean Molina, M, OCTOBER 28th, 1989
  70. Micel Montoya, M, 1988
  71. Jim Monty, M, MAY 26th, 1993.
    A retired attorney achieving Yellow belt at age 57.
  72. Bernie Molloy, M, 1988
  73. Bernie Molloy Jr., M, 1988
  74. Stephen Murschel, M, 1989
  75. Emily Nakata, F, Jan. 19th 2000
  76. Joey Navarro, M, OCTOBER 16th, 1991
  77. Chad Nelson, M, 1986
  78. Danielle Nelson, F, AUGUST 31st, 1994
  79. Dr. Nelson, M, 1986 - Chiropractor.
  80. Matt Nieman, M, JUNE 8th, 1994
  81. Mike Nunez, M,1988
  82. Kim Otley, F, DECEMBER 4th, 1991.
    Homecoming Queen at Del Oro High School.
  83. Nathan Patterson, M, MAY 10th, 1989.
    Went into the Army and into Rangers school.
  84. Carol Pchelkin,
    • Newcastle, CA: F, JULY, 1991.
      Carol raises horses and Corgy Dogs and is a retired school Bus driver. - (Info as of 11-16-10)
  85. Jake Pchelkin, M, MARCH 24th, 1992
  86. Mary Peck, F, MARCH 12th, 1997
  87. Lindsay Peshoff, F, JULY 6th, 1992
  88. Alyssa Pollock, F, MARCH 6th, 1990
  89. Matt Polly, M, 1986, Navy Seal
  90. Darren Ponsiano, M, 1987
  91. Dawn Ponsiano, F, 1987
  92. Geoff Potts, M, 1987
  93. Stephanie Potts, F, 1987
  94. Kevin Powell, M, 1989.
    Was "MAJOR" help in building first Newcastle school.
  95. Aaron Quinn, M, NOVEMBER 29th, 1993
  96. Ethan Quinn, M, February 9th, 1994
  97. Cy Roman, M, DECEMBER 10th, 1991
  98. Colin Rueb, M,1987
  99. Mike Seadorf, M, MARCH 20th, 1990
  100. Mark Seeland, M, 1986
  101. Debora Simmons, F, JANUARY 4th, 1990
  102. Jon Simpson, M, JANUARY 15th, 1998
  103. Robin Sindorf, F, 1986.
    Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Moved back to Texas.
  104. Andy Sparks, M, JULY 20th, 1989
  105. Jennifer Sparks, F, AUGUST 8th, 1989
  106. Shane Sponsler, M, 1986
  107. Jack Stearns, M, MARCH 24th, 1992.
    Woodland, CA, Did kickboxing and won an IKF U.S. Amateur Cruiserweight Title.
  108. Matt Stottle, M, JANUARY, 1991
  109. Bruce Swanson, M, AUGUST, 1991.
    Black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  110. Paul Swinney, M, JUNE, 1990
  111. Scott Swinney, M, JUNE, 1990
  112. Bill Tindell, (A different person than the Advanced Yellow Belt Bill Tindell) M, 1990
  113. Paul Tonn, M, 1986
  114. Ron Turpin, M, 1987
  115. Shelly Veteto, F, MARCH 16th, 1991
  116. Chris Watson, M, MAY 10th, 1994
  117. Ryan Warner, M, JULY 11th, 1994
  118. Paul Webber
    • M, MAY 28th, 1992.
      Paul joined the USMC and fought for our Freedom in Iraq. - (Info as of 11-16-05)
  119. Scott Webster, M, OCTOBER 28th, 1989
  120. Davey Wesson, M, APRIL 12th 1991
  121. Brian Westbrook, M, 1988
  122. Bryan Yoshino, M, AUGUST 25th, 1994
  123. Mike Zinda, M, 1986


December 24, 2022 - January 25, 2022

In 1982, Master Sensei Steve Fossum met James Hanley (Above)
who was wheelchair bound. Together the two developed a Wheelchair Self Defense System they named
"System 5 Rolling Tigers".
While creating the system the two made one of the first ever "Self Defense Instructional Videos."
The system included all aspects of fighting that a wheelchair bound individual could use. From various strikes, punches and grabs and locks from the sitting position of a wheelchair, to full out ground fighting techniques with even more strikes, grabs, locks and even takedowns. Making it complete, the two came up with a way for the wheelchair bound individual to get back up into his/her chair if ever knocked out.

When you look back at what System 5 Combat Karate was, one could say it was one of the most well rounded systems ever created. As one experienced martial artists noted to Fossum years later,
"System 5 was MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) long before there was a name coined as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts... It was well ahead of its time in the process of combat application..."

In 2010, Fossum visited Hanley in the hospital while he was there for some treatments. It was there Fossum awarded him his long awaited rank of "Sensei - Black Belt" in the system the two created together from years and years of trial and error.
Since their work, there has never been such a well rounded system for a wheelchair bound individual.
In fact, one may go as far as to say that no one has ever before or after their work, created any such structured self defense system for a wheelchair bound individual.

James E. Hanley passed away January 25, 2014.
He is survived by his life partner, Jennifer, their two sons Garrett and Dillon, grandson, Tyler, sisters, Brenita Mears, Arleatha Davis, brothers, Bob Hanley, Leonard Hanley, Carl Hanley and 20 nieces and nephews.
"James, Throughout your life you shared smiles and laughter along with pain and challenges.
Through it all you touched the hearts of so many of us with your courage and resilience over the years.
You will always be remembered as our "Panda" James...
You can now rest my Friend...
Steve Fossum


Steve Fossum's International Karate - System 5 Combat Karate- STIHC
9250 Cyprus Street, Newcastle, CA USA
Mailing: P.O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658, USA
PHONE: (916) 663-2467 - FAX: (916) 663-4510
E-mail: SF@ikfkickboxing.com