Olathe Holiday Inn, Olathe/Kansas City, Kansas
September 7th, 8th & 9th, 2001

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YOUR AIRPORT IS IN MISSOURI. THE AIRPORT CODE IS "MCI". PLEASE CHECK YOUR AIRLINE TICKETS TO ASSURE YOU ARE NOT FLYING INTO "KCK" which is "another airport in Kansas." MCI is right on the Kansas/Missouri border and about 35 miles from the Holiday Inn. Shuttles are ONLY going to MCI, NOT KCK.

For Pictures of the Olathe Holiday Inn and ringside Inc., click HERE!

From Steve Fossum
IKF World President

Dear Coaches, Athletes, Trainers, Officials, Family Members Friends and Fans,
We are very excited about our 3rd straight year of the IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championships. This event is not and has never been promoted by just 1 individual. It's a complete TEAM EFFORT. Without regional directors/promoters there would be no local links to many of you for this great event. Without their efforts, many of you might not have known about this tournament so I'd like to acknowledge the great work of our Regional Directors. Jeff Mullen, Duke Roufus, Scott Joffe, Rob Zbilski, Craig Monyelle, Lane Collyer, Clement & Rhonda Vierra, Gene Fields, Adam Rogers and Sven Bean. Without their great work, there wouldn't be a National Finals Tournament!
However many more made this great tournament possible as well. Without trainers, there would be no fighters. Without fighters there would be no fights. Without officials, there would be no order and without the support of family friends and the fans of this great sport, none of us would be doing what we love today in this sport. But let us not forget who had the idea for this GREAT EVENT, and if not for him, there would be no National Kickboxing Championship tournament. It was the idea of Joe Taylor (Right) of RINGSIDE Inc. to develop a National Amateur Kickboxing tournament. Sure, a lot of us "Talked" about it, but Joe and RINGSIDE made it a reality and with the help of the entire IKF Team of promoters, trainers, officials and of course fighters, together we all have been "Walkin The Walk" ever since. Although Joe isn't with RINGSIDE anymore, (Moved to Texas...) you can be assured he will be a very honored guest along with the other very supportive staff from RINGSIDE, Doug, Mike, Albert and of course, RINGSIDE President and founder, John Brown. For all your efforts, I present to you "YOUR" 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament, and remember, there is no "I" in TEAM! Thank You ALL!

SATURDAY, September 1st, 2001, AT 1:40 PM PT

WIPSS Jaw Joint Protectors to be Given Out "AT NATIONALS"

We had hoped to mail out all of the WIPSS Jaw Joint Protectors BEFORE the National Finals however we received them later then we expected and to make matters worse, already a lot of what were mailed out have come back to us with undeliverable addresses. Add to this the confusion of all the late entries this year, we had to make a final decision as to when everyone would get them, if at all. We opted to be assured everyone receives theirs so we made the decision to hand them out at the event as amateur boxing does with their free products from sponsors.

Checking the addresses on the registration forms, the addresses on the "Returned" packages were what we wrote on them so we can only expect them to be bad addresses. So instead, we will personally hand out each fighters

WIPSS Jaw Joint Protectors

at the Friday night Weigh-Ins when each fighter checks in. "SOME" of you have already received your WIPPS Product (Those who have, we have a record of) we're glad. For those who have not, please pick yours up at the Fighters Registration Tabel where we will handle fighter check-ins, weigh-ins, medicals, lete fee payments, event scheduling etc. etc.. See all of you soon... To "WALK THE WALK! Bring It ON!

POSTED: MONDAY, August 27th, 2001, AT 4:45 PM PT

USA National Fighters & Trainers!

Everyone attending the 2001 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championships who is in need of airport transportation from the Kansas City International Airport to the Holiday Inn-Olathe (or satellite hotel ) must email Doug Ward at Ringside at ward.doug@ringside.com

Please email your name, number of people in your group, your flight number, time of arrival/departure, and name of the airline for both your arrival and departure. All of this information must be included. Airport pick-ups will take place on Friday, Sept. 7th, from 9:AM to 5:PM. Transportation from the host hotel back to the airport will take place Sunday, September 9th, from 6:30 PM to 10 PM. and Monday, September 10th, from 9:AM to 12:PM. Ringside must be notified by Sept. 3rd or transportation will not be provided. Thank You, Rinside Inc.

Who's "*BRINGING" the Largest Teams to this year 2001 National Finals? Check out the Trainers bringing 3 or more fighters to this years Event Below
(*) These numbers will change DAILY between now and the event because several have had to drop out due to injury, work, scheduling, finances and other reasons. This is expected as it has always happened every year in the National Tournament. To see who has pulled or dropped out, see the bottom of each finalist page.

  1. Mick Doyle, 15, Omaha, Nebraska
  2. 10 Fighters
  3. Mark Maske, 9, Douglasville, Georgia
  4. Team Thump, 8, Beloit Wisconsin
  5. 7 Fighters
  6. Benny Voyles, 6, Pacific, Missouri
  7. 5 Fighters
  8. 4 Fighters
  9. 3 Fighters

TRAINERS & FIGHTERS: Please let us know if we forgot any to add to this list of 3 or more.

Now to the event news you all need...

In order for everything to run smooth, all fighter applications and registration fees must be received here at the IKF Headquarters by July 30th, 2001.


The DEADLINE date for ALL National Finals Tournament REGISTRATION Is JULY 30th, 2001. Any fighter who's Registration form is RECEIVED (Not Postmarked) Here at the IKF Headquarters AFTER JULY 30th, 2001 will be charged a $25 Late Fee paid at the National Finals Weigh-ins. If your registration is received AFTER August 9th here at our office, the Late fee is $30.00 paid at the National Finals Weigh-ins.


REGISTRATIONS Received After August 9th
will be charged a $30 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.

This Late Fee May Be Paid At Nationals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.

REGISTRATIONS Received After August 16th
will be charged a $35 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
This Late Fee May Be Paid At Nationals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.

REGISTRATIONS Received After August 20th
will be charged a $40 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
This Late Fee Must be paid along with your registration.


Please send all National Finals Tournament registration forms and fees to the IKF at:
IKF, 9385 Old State Highway. P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658
Please also mark your envelope "Nationals" on the lower left side.


As you know the event will take place at Olathe Holiday Inn, Olathe/Kansas City, Kansas on September 7, 8 and 9th. The Holiday Inn is in the hometown of our event sponsor, RINGSIDE. At this hotel, RINGSIDE hosts their Boxing National finals. This years boxing event will take place the weekend directly before our event. We now have some information available in regards to this years event so simply review this page. If your questions are unanswered, please contact any of us at IKF Headquarters at (916) 663-2467 and we'll be happy to assist your needs.

Olathe Holiday Inn, Olathe/Kansas City, Kansas 101 W. 151st Street OLATHE, KS has reserved a block of 140 rooms for this years Event. Last year everyone paid a minimum of $80 per room. We are pleased to announce that this year, room rates at the Holiday Inn will only be $63.00. These rooms will be held until August 23rd. You can make your reservation by calling 1- 913-829-4000 or 800-833-6632. All fights will take place at this location as well. The hotel web address is www.holiday-inn.com/olatheks. If more rooms are needed, the Sleep Inn is located directly next door and they have already agreed to offer the same great rate. Directions: From Denver/Topeka: I-70 East, to I-435 South, to I-435 East, to I-35 South, exit 215. From St. Louis: I-70 West, to I-435 South, to I-435 west, to I-35 South, exit 215. From Oklahoma City/Emporia: I-35 North, exit 215. From KCI Airport: I-29 North, to I-435 South, to I-435 east, to I-35 South, exit 215.
The Airport everyone will fly into is the Kansas City International Airport. (Approximately 40 miles from Hotel) Transportation to and from the airport to the hotel will be provided by the Olathe Convention and Visitors Bureau and Ringside themselves.

Posted 7/21/01: Holiday Inn is Sold Out and Sleep Inn has very few rooms left. Here are some additional Hotels in the area: Microtel: (913) 397-9455 & Econolodge: (913) 829-1312. We do not know what their rates are.

There will be shuttle service provided on Friday, Sunday Afternoon & Evening and Monday morning. A Shuttle schedule will be posted here by August 22nd. See Previous message ABOVE for Shuttle reservations

Holiday Inn will provide shuttle service from other Hotels to Holiday Inn and back on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A Shuttle schedule will be posted here by August 22nd.

Southwest Airlines will be giving a 10% Discount on all roundtrip tickets for the Nationals. To do so call 1-800-433-5368. When you make your reservation please give the agent the IKF ID Code to get your discount which is R8617.

Since this is a TOURNAMENT and not a General Event, all fighters are required to pay their own travel expenses. We suggest each fighter to seek SPONSORS to pay for their travel expenses and in return, list these sponsors on fight clothing, warm up robes, cornermens jackets trainer T-shirts, hats or other areas you feel you can offer your sponsor exposure.

Forget something for your fight? Need additional gear? New T-Shirt, Hat? In the Bristol Ballroom will be the event Pro Shop set up with RINGSIDE Products Equiupment as well as IKF Gear. Don't forget to stop in and check it out!

In Conference Room 2 the IKF will set up the IKF Administrative Office. If you have any needs before, during or after the event, if you don't find us at Ringside, you may find us in here.

All the bouts for the National Tournament will take place in Ballrooms A, B, C & D. These rooms will be opened up to make 1 large event room.

Most of these will take place in Ballrooms A, B, C & D. This has yet to be confirmed and will be announced at the Friday night Rules Meeting.

This year like last year we will have a photographer at the tournament to take both portrait and action shots during the fights. This year we have a lot better deals for everyone to choose from as well.

The company "Focal Point Photography" (FPP) will provide professional portraits of you at the National Tournament. There will be action shots of your fight, and a posed portrait of you alone. FPP has designed a special edition border that will be customized with your name and weight division and fighting style. You can purchase a package listed below and the photos will be mailed directly to you following the tournament. Additional photos are available for $15.00 per sheet. No printed photos will be available until after the tournament.

Team and group photos can be taken and placed on a special edition border for the same prices. FPP's photographer will be available all weekend for special photos and will have a backdrop set up for posed photos. All posed photos will be done either before or after the fight event. During the fights, the photographer will be ringside taking photos. Here are the packages available:

Package #1: (1) 8x10, (1) 5x7, (1) 3x5's and (2) Wallets: *$25.00
Package #2: (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7's, (2) 3x5's and (4) Wallets: *$40.00
Package #3: (1) 8x13, (2) 8x10's, (2) 5x7's (4) 3x5's and 9 Wallets: *$85.00
Package #4: Posters (Prices & Sizes available to be announced at the event)

(*) Therer will be a $3.00 shipping charge on all orders.

FPP will hold your pictures on file IF you purchase pictures at the event. If desired, FPP can offer fees for larger poster size prints as well.

Available At the Door. The fees are;

TRAINERS/FAMILY: Sorry but we will not be giving out any FREE family passes for this event. Each trainer/cornerman and fighter will receive 2 wristbands at the MANDATORY rules meeting. (One for Saturday and 1 for Sunday - Different colors and designs) For door security reasons, Trainers not attending the rules meeting will be required to purchase their own event ticket. A Maximum of 3 Cornermen/Trainers wristbands per fighter and no more than 5 wristbands will be given per club/gym. These must be approved cornermen with the IKF. Not relatives or friends just getting a free pass. Thank You

What To Expect:


    • REGISTRATION & WEIGH-INS: 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM in the"MAIN BALLROOM" ALL Fighters must CHECKED IN at the IKF Event Registration Table. ALL Late Fees must be paid at this time. Once checked-in, please go to weigh-ins in the same room. Once you weigh-in, please go to the fighters physical area. All of this will happen in the "MAIN BALLROOM".
      • SPECIAL NOTE: If you are not weighed in AND Finished with your Physical by 6:45 PM, you will be dropped from the Tournament. BE HERE EARLY To get everything Done Please.
    • Dinner: Fighters, trainers & Officials. If you plan to attend any of the nights seminars we suggest you find time to eat before the 6:50 PM Rules meeting. Your on your own. Eat and relax when and where you wish to. The restaurant has a buffet Friday night as well as through the weekend. Breakfast $7.50, Lunch $8.50, Dinner $9.50.
    • 6:50 PM SHARP: "MAIN BALLROOM" Fighters Rules Meeting & weekend outline. Mandatory For ALL Fighters & TRAINERS!
    • SEMINARS AVAILABLE: ALL SEMINARS ARE FREE to "Registered Fighters and Trainers of this event" - TIPS to those who instruct them are suggested and appreciated. Fee for non registered attendees is $30.00 paid at the seminar. Please register for the seminars you plan to attend with the IKF during the weigh-in time. Attendance is limited. Seminars Available are:
      • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM: JUDGES CERTIFICATION COURSE: This will be in the Harvey Room and is Mandatory For ALL Event Officials and a must for those wanting to become IKF certified to judge in Full Contact, International & MuayThai rules matches OR those who want to learn more about the rules. This course will also cover aspects of the REFEREES but not full IKF Certification. This is a much longer course. This course is MANDATORY for all officials who wish to officiate during the National Championships. Your course instructors will be IKF World Muay Thai Official Fred Fitzgerald who will oversee the MuayThai course. IKF World Official Dan Stell, will oversee the Full Contact & International Rules part of the course. Trainers and fighters may attend the "OFFICIALS" meeting if desired.
      • 8:35 PM - 9:30+ PM: Full Contact Fighters Seminar by JOHNNY "Superfoot" DAVIS (Main Ballroom - A & B)
      • 8:35 PM - 9:30+ PM: MuayThai & Intl. Rules Fighters Seminar. By Former IKF Pro MuayThai World Champion DUKE ROUFUS & Pro Fighter JASON JOHNSON (Main Ballroom - C & D)
      • 9:35 - 10:30+ PM: Trainer & Cornerman Seminar For ALL RULE Styles. The Skills of working the fight corner by BROOKS MASON (Main Ballroom - A & B)
      • By MIDNIGHT (Hopefully Sooner) the Fight schedule for Saturday will be announced and posted on the doors to the Main Ballroom. Junior bouts and brackets with 5 or more fighters, be ready to be first Saturday morning.
    • 9:00 AM: Officials Fight Assignments: These will be posted on the main doors of the Event Ballroom Saturday morning but ALL Officials must check in at 9:AM with Fred Fitzgerald (MTR) and/or Dan Stell (FCR & IR)
    • 9:30 AM: Bouts Begin.
      • We will have "2" Rings at this years events. Each have their own sound for the ring timers etc that will be explained at the fighters meeting & at the beginning of each day.
    • 5:00 PM: Saturday schedule ends. (We Hope...)
    • OFFICIALS MEETING: Held directly after the Saturday bouts end: A short meeting to review the Saturday Bouts. All tournament officials.
    • 6:00 PM: Dinner Time: Your on your own. Eat and relax when and where you wish to.
    • 8:00 - 8:55 PM: PRIVATE MEETING: Current IKF Promoters ONLY: Discussion of yearly calendar and other IKF Issues in regards to IKF Promotional Future. AND:
      • The plans for an IKF Amateur North American Championship Tournament.
      • The plans for the IKF Amateur World Championships.
      • 2002 IKF North America Event calendar.
      • Income opportunities selling IKF Gear at your gyms and your events.
      • Registration of the 2002 Regional Tournament Promoters. This way, Ringside Inc. can put your ad in their Fall AND Christmas catalog. To register, see HERE! and HERE For you Regional Promoter- Directors Application. All deposit fees must be paid at this time to be included in the RINGSIDE INC. Fall & Winter Catalog Ad.
      • 2002 National Tournament and Regional Tournament Scheduling.
        • Establishing territorial boundaries of each regional.
        • Stressing TIME DEADLINES.
        • Regional & National Sponsorship.
        • AND MORE.
    • 9:00 PM: Promoters & Trainers Meeting: By special request, we have cancelled the Hall Of Fame Banquet and moved the Sunday Promoters meeting to Saturday Night. (If you have already paid for tickets for the Hall of Fame Dinner, please see the IKF Staff at the Nationals for a refund. Thank You.) Reasons for the change;
      1. Several noted it may not be a good idea, (since there is still a day left in the Tournament) to have fighters mixing at such a dinner.
      2. Several fighters have said they would rather be able to rest on Saturday night before the Sunday Finals.
      3. Several trainers and promoters asked to put this meeting on Saturday since many wanted to leave home Sunday night.
      This meeting is open to ANY and ALL Promoters, Trainers and fighters regardless if you sanction with the IKF or not. This meeting is a great opportunity for you to meet other trainers and promoters to associate with on future events and also learn how to promote yourself and your events to others. We will discuss topics such as
      1. The future goals of the IKF and how they benifit you.
      2. Fighter exchanges and return deals.
      3. What is known as a "Pro Winners Purse" and the benefits of it.
      4. IKF Sanctioning requirements.
      5. Great Promoter ideas - Marketing, Ticket Sales & Matchmaking
      6. Promoting training seminars and other special events.
      7. Marketing yourself and your activities to the World
      8. How to put together a great promotional package for yourself to send to promoters.
      9. How to find sponsorship for your events.
      10. AND MUCH MORE!
    • By MIDNIGHT the Fight schedule for Sunday will be announced and posted on the doors to the Event Ballroom.
    • 9:30 AM: Officials Fight Assignments: These will be posted on the main doors of the Event Ballroom Sunday morning.
    • 9:30 AM: Bouts Begin.
    • 5:00 PM: Sunday schedule ends.
    • 7:30 PM: AFTER EVENT DINNER PARTY: Due to requests by many who plan to travel home on Sunday evening, "The 2001 Awards Dinner" was changed to just an "After Event Party" for those who wish to stay. We will have a casual after event party with beverages and snacks. The time of this party will be announced after the last bout on Sunday. You may order meals/food at your own expense if desired. The Presentation of "The Best OF The 2001 National Amateur Kickboxing Tournament" awards will be announced through the weekend as well as some announcements made after the event. Anyone not in attendance to receive their award, their award will be mailed to them. If you have already paid for tickets for this dinner, please see the IKF Staff at the Nationals for a refund. Thank You.


Please contact the IKF for the following NATIONAL FINALS Sponsorship and Advertising Items

  • SPONSORSHIP: Title Belts, Event T-Shirts, Equipment etc. Please call for these fees as each varies greatly.
  • BOOTH SPACE: Products/service booth space will be available at this years event for the fee of $500 for the weekend. To register your booth, please contact the IKF at (916) 663-2467. Booth space is limited
  • PROGRAM AD: In The 2001 National Finals Event Program. All artwork and fees must be received at the IKF Headquarters no later then Friday, August 24th, 2001. Please mail all artwork and fees to: IKF Nationals Program, P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658. Please send all Artwork in a TIF, JPG file or Camera Ready Art. For Program ads that require design work there will be an additional charge. Program ads are all Black and White except for the back cover. One program page is 8 & 1/2 X 11" in size. (Regular sheet of paper) Ad costs are;
    1. Business Card: $50.00
    2. 1/4 Page $130.00
    3. 1/2 Page $230.00
    4. Full Page: $410.00
    5. Back Page (Full Color) $1,000. Please call for availability before sending artwork and fees.
  • WALL BANNER ADS: Advertise your company at the event with a Wall Banner. The cost if you have your own banner (3' x 10' maximum) is $200.00 for the full weekend. If you need us to make your banner, the cost is $400.00 (3' x 10'). Please mail all fees to: IKF Nationals Program, P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658. Please send all Artwork in a TIF, JPG file or Camera Ready Art.
  • 2 White/Neutral Ring Corner Cushions: To display your gym or company name on them. Keep in mind, this particular advertising attains the GREATEST EXPOSURE both during and more so, AFTER the event. Your ad will be seen by thousands around the United States because it will be on EVERY fight video, EVERY fight highlight sent out to press, Many Fight Pictures and of course, exposure to fighters, trainers and fans from all over the United States. One Ring: $1,500.00 for the full weekend which includes a 1/4 page program ad. Two Rings: $2,200.00 which includes a half page program ad. Please call for availability before sending artwork and fees.

For more info, please call the IKF at (916) 663-2467 or e-mail us by clicking This Link USANationals@IKFKickboxing.com




All Fighters must choose a RULE DIVISION - FIGHTING STYLE and WEIGHTCLASS to Fight in when they register for their Regional Event OR when they Register as a Walkover to the National Finals.
For fighters who qualified and plan to attend the National Finals as a Regional Winner or Walkover (No regional to attend or no opponent at their regional) they CANNOT change their RULE or WEIGHT DIVISION at the National Finals. They MUST Compete at Nationals in the SAME RULE DIVISION and SAME WEIGHT DIVISION as they Won their Regional level event at or Registered as a Walkover at. If a fighter weighs-in heavier than their registered fight weight division, whether at the Regional Level or the National Finals, they will be given "2 HOURS" to LOSE the Weight to make their Registered weight class. NO FIGHTER MAY "GAIN" Weight to make their weight class. If a Fighter weighs-in UNDER their weight class, they will be automatically disqualified from competition without any refund of any registration fees. If after 2 hours, the fighter is still unable to make their registered weight, they will be disqualified from competition whether at the Regional Level or the National Finals, without any refund of registration fees.
HOWEVER if there are no fighters in or close to their weight and or rule division registered for the National Finals, they will be given a choice PRIOR to August 15th to either switch rule and or weight divisions OR be given a refund of their National Finals Registration Fees.


  1. All FINAL MATCHMAKING and BOUT ORDER for each bout at the NATIONAL FINALS will be Confirmed AFTER the Official Weigh-Ins.
  2. WALKOVER CHAMPIONS: There will be NO NATIONAL WALKOVER CHAMPIONS. "HOWEVER", IF Your confirmed with a scheduled opponent BEFORE the weigh-in date of the National Finals Tournament and your opponent doesn't show up for some reason at the official weigh-ins of the National Finals Tournament, you will be awarded the title by walkover if there are no other opponents in your division. If this happens, you are also allowed at this time to switch rule styles or weight divisions so you can at least have a fight, and a chance at winning "2" National Titles.
  3. If a fighter qualifies at a regional event and we discover that there are no CONFIRMED Opponents for them to fight in their weight class PRIOR to the date of the National Finals Tournament Weekend, they will have several options.

SEEDING & Placement At The Finals

  1. TOP SEED DROPOUTS: If one of the top 2 fighters in any region cannot attend the National Finals Tournament, the next top seed (3rd etc.) would be allowed to take this fighters place.
  2. *PREVIOUS CHAMPIONS: All previous National Champions do not have to compete at their regionals to attend. Out of respect, they will be given the privilege of having a direct Walkover to the National Finals Tournament and only be required to register for the National Finals Tournament. However, their seeding at the National Finals Tournament will not be privileged unless they DO compete at their regional event for a top seeding position or they have the superior fighting record of someone who fought at a regional event in the division. If they choose to compete at their regional event, they waive their direct invitation to the National Finals Tournament and will be required, as everyone in their region, to finish in the top 2, to be able to attend the National Finals Tournament.
  3. NATIONAL FINALS SEEDING FOR FIGHTERS WITHOUT A REGIONAL: If there is no regional in a fighters area, they will not be deprived of a top seed just because they received a direct walkover to the National Finals Tournament and did not fight to get there. Not having a regional is not the fighters fault. However, ALL fighters who do not have a regional event to compete at will be required to send in WITH their Fighter Registration their TRUE record. To support their records, the IKF will also ask them to provide (with the best of their knowledge) the opponents they fought, bout result, when the bout was (Approximate dates are fine) Who the event Promoter was. In addition, we require them to also send us a full picture as well as a video of their most recent bout.


In Divisions with an EVEN Number of Fighters:
In Divisions of "2" Fighters: Seed #1 will fight seed #2 in the finals on Sunday for the National Tournament Championship. They will not fight Saturday.
In Divisions of "4" Fighters: Seed #1 will face seed #4 and seed #2 will face seed #3 in round 1. The winners of these 2 matches will fight Sunday for the National Tournament Championship.
In Divisions of "6" fighters: Seed #1 & 2 will have a bye on the first round Saturday. In round 1 Saturday, seed #3 will fight seed #4. Seed #6 will fight seed #5. In round 2 Saturday, the winner of #3 & #4 will fight seed #2. The winner of #6 & #5 will fight seed #1. On Sunday, winners of these last 2 bouts will fight for the National Tournament Championship.

In Divisions with an ODD Number of Fighters:
In Divisions of 3 Fighters: The #1 seed will receive a bye on Saturday. Seed #2 will fight seed #3 in the first round on Saturday. The winner of this bout will fight seed #1 on Sunday for the National Tournament Championship.
In Divisions of 5 Fighters: The #1 seed will receive a bye in round 1 Saturday. In round 1 Saturday, seed #2 will fight seed #3 in the first fight. The winner of this fight will advance to the National Championship bout on Sunday. In the second fight on Saturdays round 1, seed number 4 will fight seed number 5. In round 2 Saturday, Seed # 1 will fight the winner of seed #4 & 5. The winner of this fight will fight seed #1 on Sunday for the National Tournament Championship.


Each winner of an IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Tournament Title will become the ONLY TRUE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Champion. Each Champion will hold their title for a period of 1 year, or until the next years tournament. Champions CANNOT lose their title during the year by a challenge. This is what the tournament circuit is for. If an Amateur Kickboxer wants to be a TRUE National Amateur Kickboxing Champion, they must enter the OPEN (Any amateur can enter) Tournament. Each year the title automatically becomes vacant and any fighter has an opportunity to win it for the new year. Just like in USA Amateur Boxing Championships. This will prove that there is only "1" True National Amateur Kickboxing Champion in each Fighting Division and Weightclass...
The one who made the sacrifices to "Walk The Walk" and attend the IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament.

Phone: (916) 663-2467 - Fax: (916) 663-4510 or E-MAIL at: USANationals@IKFKickboxing.com
E-Mails are much easier for us to respond to than Phone Calls. Thank You...


Proud Sponsor of IKF Kickboxing!