2017 IKF

July 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2017.

Orlando, Florida, USA



    • Registration Deadline for the $50 Regiastration Fee Is FRIDAY, JULY 7th, 2017 at 5:PM.

      • After FRIDAY, JULY 7th, 2017 at 5:PM You Can No Longer MAIL or FAX your Registration Form In.

      • After Friday FRIDAY, JULY 7th, 2017 at 5:PM You Can ONLY REGISTER ON FRIDAY, JULY 21st at the Tournament - The Fee Will Be $75.00. ($70 If By Cash.)

      • Full Kickboxing or Muay Thai Fighters that lose by decision, and suffer no injuries during the Saturday Prelim rounds, and wish to join the PKB Saturday night tournament can register at the IKF BOOTH With Johnny Davis during the Saturday tournament for only $25.00



Special Round Lengths for The IKF World Classic in Orlando, Florida.
2-Two Minute Rounds with a 1 round Tie Breaker if needed! Be Ready! Be In Shape!

The Official Rules For

    • GENERAL PKB Rules - World Classic Bout Lengths Above.
      • Bouts are 1 to 3 rounds of 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 2-2 minutes in length, 3- 2 minutes etc. depending on the fighters Experience and Age. Please note: Round length should be advertise in advance of the event.
      • If there is a small division or advanced divisions, IKF Representative, promoter, trainer and fighter may all agree to increase length of a round or rounds. See Additional Round information below.

  • Standard Boxing rules apply in all divisions.

    • American Kickboxing - Above The Waist (PKB)
      • Controlled spinning back-fist allowed in all divisions.
      • Foot and hand strikes to the body Above the waist/belt line are allowed.
      • No strikes to joints, groin and spine area.
      • Shin and foot pads that cover the toes are MANDATORY for all divisions.
      • Headgear is MANDATORY.
      • Dress Code: Full Length, Long Karate or Contact Pants are MANDATORY.

    • International Rules (PIR)
      • All rules above apply.
      • No knees!
      • No Elbows!
      • Kicks to inside and outside of thigh OK.
      • Dress Code: Shorts are Mandatory, NO LONG PANTS.

    • Muay Thai (PMT)
      • Foot and hand strikes to the entire body except joints, groin and spine area are allowed.
      • Chest/Body Pads and Shin Pads are MANDATORY in Junior divisions. (Under 18.
      • Please Note: Pre- Approved Knee strikes to the body may also be allowed in advance divisions only.
      • Dress Code: Shorts are Mandatory, NO LONG PANTS.

    • Semi-contact only. NO KNOCKOUTS ALLOWED! There are no Knockouts and, or Technical Knockouts. If a fighter quits, ( for example due to exhaustion) this will give a win to his or her opponent by DEFAULT.
    • HAND & FOOT STRIKES to the HEAD - Semi- Contact Only - The Official IKF Ring Referee or the IKF Ringside Representative, may penalized by points or disqualify the striker.
    • No *Knockouts allowed. Any Knockout will result in Disqualification of the striker. *There are some exceptions to a person stopping or faking a knockout. This circumstance shall be determined by the Official IKF Ring Referee or the IKF Ringside Representative. Together, they will determine the reason for the stoppage and designate the winner.
    • No kicks or punches in the back spine area, groin or knee joints.
    • Faking and, or over exaggerating a blow will be closely monitored.

      • Mouth Piece.
      • Headgear- All Juniors must wear Faceguard with headgear- Headgear that a glove can not touch the face is also acceptable.
      • Groin Cup.
      • Foot Pads- All divisions/rule styles must wear footgear that covers the toes.
      • Shin Pads.
    • All fighters wear IKF APPROVED boxing gloves.
    • GLOVES: 12 or 16 ounce Boxing Gloves. (Weight, Age and Experience shall determine glove SIZE. 12 Ounce are for JUNIOR Divisions, 16 ounce for ADULT Divisions. 10oz may be use for ages 4-8 year old).
    • Hand Wraps - Standard hand-wraps should be worn by all competitors.
    • Breast and Chest Protectors, Face Guard Protectors- Are optional for adults but are recommended. If one fighter chooses not to wear a protector, it will have no bearing on the scoring. The winner will still be determined by who hits the point areas most effectively.

    • Three judges will sit at ringside and score each bout based on a 10 point must system just like in regular boxing or kickboxing. The winner gets 10, the loser gets 9 or less if point deductions occur.
    • Bouts will be solely judged on who lands the most strikes / points in the designated areas based on the judges discretion.
    • It will not be judged on who the crowd is chanting for on one's "show boating" etc.
    • Point Kickboxing is a semi contact event and no full contact techniques will be allowed.
    • If judges rule that a participants is intentionally trying to hurt someone or hurts someone resulting from a full contact blow that participant will be disqualified with no refund. (this will be at judges discretion majority rules).
    • Full protective gear is Mandatory - approved head gear, mouth piece, groin protectors, shin guards, handwraps and foot pads must be worn.
    • All strikes must be in designated striking areas... these are front head area, front body area, inside and outside of thigh... no groin strikes. If there is a draw in a match there will be an extra round to determine a winner.
    • If a leg kick is thrown and it is blocked with the shin portion of the leg...it is not a point.
    • If a knee is thrown to the body but is blocked it is not a point. All techniques must land in designated striking area to be counted as a point.

  • Point Deduction or Possible Disqualifications
    • No elbows!
    • Too Much Contact- Reminder all techniques must be controlled with semi - contact only.
    • Use of profanity and un-professionalism.

Frequently Aasked Question About

  1. What are the Weight Classes?
      • ADULT MEN
        1. Lightweight: 149.9 and below.
        2. Middleweight: 150-175.
        3. Heavyweight: 175.1 - & up.
          • If these division have to vast of a weight difference and the division is too big...we will make another class.
        1. Lightweight: 121 and below.
        2. Middleweight: 121.1-143.
        3. Heavyweight: 143.1 - & UP
      • JUNIORS - Ages 17 & Below
        • 8-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17. Age will be first factor, weight the second factor.

  2. Can events have more than one round eliminations?
    • Yes. In some cases there can be dual round eliminations. However, at this time we only do single round elimination because most competitors at this level or not conditioned enough to complete the division. A promoter must advertise in advance if the they have approval from the IKF to have dual round eliminations.

  3. Do the fights take place in a boxing ring?
    • No. Its a floor / mat competition.

  4. Will you let some pretty hard contact occur to the body?
    • Only Semi Contact is allowed. ( HEAD OR BODY) and contact is strictly enforced! You will feel the intensity of the fight!

  5. What about leg kicks?
    • Yes, International and Muay Thai Rules semi contact divisions allow leg kicks. Kicks must be on the inside and outside thigh ...NO JOINT STRIKES.

  6. Soft leg kicks?
    • Yes. Remember, you can only win on points not TKO'S or KO'S.

  7. Are there Grand Championship fights?
    • Yes. An event can have grand championships fights. However, there is only one fight and in most cases only the closest two weight divisions can fight for grand championships.

  8. What size of gloves will the fighters wear?
    • Adults: 16 Ounce, Boxing Glove with a Velcro Style Closure. Juniors: 12 Ounce, Boxing Glove with a Velcro Style Closure. Children 4 to 8 years of age in their separate divisions can wear 10oz. gloves.

  9. What about Face Guards?
    • All Juniors...regardless of size will have to wear headgear with a face guard or Headgear that a glove will make minimum make contact with the face....No Exceptions!

  10. Shouldn't everyone wear big gloves?
    • Yes, They will for their size...This will be carefully monitored. We will have assorted sizes at the event and it will be predetermined before matches what sizes are to be worn for smaller children. This area will be closely monitored... SAFETY FIRST!

  11. Can you fight in more than one class? I mean could you fight both Kickboxing rules and International rules?
    • For the most part...No. However, if divisions will not clash and, or be running at the same time...it may be allowed if approved by the IKF/PKB official. There will not be a refund if one signs up for two divisions and are not able to compete for whatever reason other than that of the promoter or the IKF/PKB division.

  12. Can highly experienced kick boxers participate?
    • Yes, we have both Beginner and Advanced Divisions. However, the same semi contact rules apply.

  13. What should we wear?
    • Regular Kickboxing Rules (High Kick/Above Waist) all must wear Long Pants. International Rule/ Muay Thai Rules (Kicks allowed to the legs) competitors must wear Shorts.

  14. Can we knee to the head in the MuayThai bouts and use elbows?
    • No . In the International Rule bouts there are no knees or elbows allowed. Knees may be allowed in Advance Muay Thai Divisions.

  15. Is it mandatory for all juniors to wear the Headgear with faceguard?
    • Yes. All juniors regardless of skill level must wear the face guard. We feel that IKF Point kickboxing in designed to improved ones skill not see how much punishment that can take.

  16. I'm an adult and am nervous about getting hit in the face and prefer not to get punched directly in the face...can I wear the headgear with faceguards?
    • Yes. You have the option to wear open or closed face head gear. Its not about the power but how many times someone hits the gear.

  17. Bout Lengths & Round Lengths?
    • Each fight is 1 Round comprising of 2 Minutes. Grand Championship bouts may go two rounds but must be approved in advance of the bout. The bout will be judged at the end of each round or at the end of the second round. Bout lengths and round lengths can be determined by the IKF Rep., Promoter, coaches and fighters in advance of if an adjustment is needed.
      • Bout Lengths - Amended for Clarity 6/27/07
        • Each fight could be 2-2 minute rounds. If the judges come to the conclusion in private that there is a draw then there will be a third round to determine the winner. Bouts could also go 3-2 minute rounds.
        • This will be for adult and junior divisions. However, the IKF/PKB representative will retain the right to make an adjustment if needed for the much smaller kids...kind of like seeing who's there...for greater safety concerns....they might fight the same format but perhaps 60 or 90 second rounds.
        • The aforementioned format can be used at all IKF/PKB tournaments but must be advertise in the promotion literature in advance of the event.
        • Advance agreement to alter the round can be approved by the IKF/PKB Rep. However, Safety and No Knockout rules must be adhered to at all times.

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