Amateur Kickboxing Championships


  1. What if I can't make it to a regional?
  2. Do I have to fight at a Regional Seeding Tournament if my state is listed as part of that regional?
  3. What ages can fight at this event?
  4. What Rule Sstyles are the fights in?
  5. What kind of gloves will the fighters wear?
  6. Are all fighters required to wear headgear?
  7. Will the IKF supply the headgear and if so, or not, what headgear will or should be used?
  8. Are fighters required to wear shin pads?
  9. If so, will IKF supply them or do the fighters supply them and what kind?
  10. What other safety equipment is mandatory for each fighter?
  11. Are fighters required to wear footpads?
  12. Are women required to wear chest/breast pads?
  13. Where are the regional events held?
  14. What are the dress codes for all the fighters?
  15. If I'm a full contact fighter and I only bring shorts to the national finals, can I wear them in my fight?
  16. How do I find a Regional Seeding Tournament in my area?
  17. What if I don't have an opponent at the regional event I attend?
  18. If there is no Regional Seeding Tournament for my state, what should I do?
  19. How long are the bouts?
  20. What if a bout ends in a draw?
  21. What if an unintentional foul happens and forces a fighter out of the fight due to injury. What will determine which fighter will go to the next round?
  22. What if I fight and win, but am too banged up - injured to fight my next bout. Who will take my place?
  23. If I feel I received a bad decision, can I protest the bout?
  24. Why am I paying a Regional Registration fee? Where does the money go?
  25. Can I register late for a regional event?
  26. What if I miss the Championship Finals Registration Deadline?
  27. Do I pay for my own travel expenses?
  28. Do I have to weigh-in at the weight I put on my registration form?
  29. Do I have to fight in the rule style I put on my registration form?
  30. If I register and pay for a regional Tournament and get injured or can't make it will I receive a refund?
  31. If I register and pay for a Regional Tournament and the Regional Tournament is cancelled, will I get a refund?
  32. When will I know who I will be fighting at my Regional Tournament?
  33. How does the Regional Director determine who will fight who at their Regional Seeding Tournament?

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