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WEDNESDAY, April 29th, 2015, AT 7:40 PM/ PST


Appoints South East Director of Operations
Seeking Representatives And Event Officials To Assist With Expansion In Promotion And Championship Opportunities On The East Coast

All of us here at International Fight Sports {} would like to introduce to you our new IKF South East Director of Operations, Johnny Davis. As many here know, Johnny has been aligned with the IKF for over 20 years. Most know him today as President of IKF Point Kickboxing, (IKFPKB) the a semi-contact branch of IKF Kickboxing & Muay Thai that he created in 2002. Others may know him as a promoter of IKF Events under his promotional company name, AK Promotions. Johnny was also a two time world champion Kickboxer back in the 80's where he won the PKA Welterweight world title in 1985 and the FFKA Light Middleweight World title in 1987. He also won the ISKA United States title and four other titles.

After moving to California 25 years ago from South Carolina, Johnny was one of the first IKF Promoters holding his first IKF Sanctioned event on May 11th, 1996 in Hayward, California, USA. he hit the ground running in assisting the newly formed IKF. In 1995, Davis would begin writing his Autobiographical Kickboxing Training Manual (Right) that was published in 2002 and was endorsed by the IKF. The manual was well received and martial arts top magazines, Black Belt noted it as perhaps one of the best manuals every written for the sport of Kickboxing and complemented it with a five page layout in their internationally distributed magazine. In 2000 he was appointed Director of Marketing for the IKF in helping get the letters of the IKF branded with trainers around the United States and abroad. A year or so later, he would produced his Kickboxing Training DVD that was also endorsed by the IKF.

Davis' passion for the sport of Kickboxing has always been a recognized staple for the IKF. He's written many essays and articles promoting the sport as well as motivating fighters and trainers alike to support the IKF and the great sport of Kickboxing. (For Articles Click Here.)

Over the years, while in California, Davis took on several political projects like helping open the door for junior fighters under the age of 15 years old to compete in sanctioned full contact Kickboxing events in the State of California. After promoting many juniors on his shows, he would later hold the first IKF Junior Amateur World title bout in the State in 2012 in Oakland, California.

In 2009 and 2010, he lead a campaign supported by the IKF's President and CEO Steve Fossum, then Athletic Commission Staffer Rebecca Alvarez and Director of the California Athletic Commission George Dodd who arranged a meeting with the Department of Consumer Affairs to allow the IKF to bring the first official Kickboxing Tournament that allowed more than one fight in a day to the State.

The IKF West Coast Classic was held in 2011 in Sacramento, California and registered 185 Fighters, 129 who actually fought in the event on a Thanksgiving weekend. The event was deemed a tremendous success by everyone in attendance including the majority of Officials with the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) who were assigned to work the event. Since the IKF West Coast Classic, promotions that feature Tournament style events like Glory have been allowed to hold their shows in the state giving California fight fans yet another opportunity to enjoy the great sport of Kickboxing.

In his final years in California, Davis' Amateur Kickboxing Promotions under the guise of AK Promotions. were some of the more popular kickboxing events in Northern, California. His shows had a Las Vegas appeal and thousands of fans packed ballrooms for several years.

Moreover, there were many champions crowned and some now have professional careers while others are in pursuit. Since moving back to the South Carolina to care for his now deceased mother, he has held two successful IKF East Coast Classic Tournaments. His 2014 tournament registered approximately 100 fighters. Not too bad for an area that basically dried up over the years in regards to the sport of Kickboxing, mainly due to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

With his new role of IKF South East Director of Operations, he will among other things, continue to promote IKF Kickboxing and build an IKF East Coast Brand. Promotions include more single and tournament events. As well as recruiting, training and coordinating a solid team of IKF Representatives and qualified officials to help (along with State Commissions) both amateur and professional Kickboxing events in States across the South East.

The IKF's plan is to help Davis build the South East which will hope to move into overseeing and building the entire East Coast region. Davis' work at the position will be to seek out new and current promoters as well as building and grooming many new IKF Kickboxing Champions from IKF Point/Semi Contact fighting all the way to Full Contact Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Davis noted "First, I'm thankful to Steve Fossum for this appointment and his trust. I'm delighted to have an opportunity to grow the IKF on the East Coast! I've been committed to the letters of IKF since inception. Although the IKF has grown tremendously over the years, there is still so much more growth to be accomplished and I look forward to continuing to help move it forward. Additionally, I will be putting together a great game-plan and I'm looking forward to speaking and working with everyone interested in growing the IKF and the sport of Kickboxing in the South East and eventually the entire East Coast. As things are coming together, I welcome those of you who are passionate about growing the IKF in your area to contact me if you are interested in becoming part of the IKFSouth East and East Coast Team. Thanks in advance for your support in taking the IKF and sport of Kickboxing and Muay Thai to its deserving magnitude…talk to you soon…Forward March!"

This decision is in line with the IKF's plans to appoint more and more State and Regional Directors around North America to help grow the IKF as was done in California this past year where the IKF Sanctioned over 40 events. these appointments will give IKF Promoters, Officials and associates a closer local contact to get things done. We look forward to the great things Johnny and his team of associates and officials will accomplish in growing the IKF in the South East and beyond.

Davis' current region will include 7 States which are shown in red on the map at the right. They include:

  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Tennessee

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