The Launch Of
On The WorldWide Web!

In January of 1997, the IKF launched it's official IKF Website at a temporary web address located at www.jps.net/ikf.

How important was the IKF Website to the growth and exposure of the IKF?

Well one look at the numbers will tell you the whole story. The IKF was started in July of 1992 and there were 2 IKF sanctioned events that year. The first ever IKF Sanctioned event was on August 1st, 1992 at the Roseville Fairgrounds in Roseville, CA, USA. It was promoted by IKF President Steve Fossum to get the word out about the new organization. The second IKF Sanctioned event ever was promoted by IKF Promoter Jacob Duran in Fairfield, CA USA on October 17th.

In 1993 there were 6 IKF Sanctioned Events, 2 of those were promoted by IKF President Steve Fossum and one of them was his last one he ever promoted. He felt Promoting was a conflict of interest and assured all the promoters who worked with the IKF in the beginning that he would only promote events for the first year of the IKF. A Promise he kept to everyone.

The IKF continued to grow in 1994 as they sanctioned 11 Events. However the numbers dropped in 1995 to only 8 IKF Sanctioned events because Mr. Fossum was putting in a lot of his time focusing on the building of a new Martial Arts and Kickboxing club. In 1996 there were still only 8 IKF Sanctioned Events.

After Dan Stell stepped away from the IKF in July of 1996, President Steve Fossum took on the task of enlarging the IKF on a true worldwide scale through the use of the worldwide web. In January of 1997, the IKF launched it's official IKF Website at a temporary web address located at www.jps.net/ikf. The old site is still there to refer viewers to the new site that was launched a couple of years later at www.IKFKickboxing.com. In 1997 (Because of the IKF Presence on the internet) the IKF Sanctioned events outside of USA for the first time ever which included events in Canada and Mexico.

After a year spent learning about internet marketing, website work etc. etc. the IKF was ready to push out into the world. In 1998 they sanctioned over 50 events that included events in the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Armenia, Portugal and several other countries. In 1999 the IKF Sanctioned well over 100 events and the number of IKF Sanctioned events has continued to nearly double every year since. Having a website was not the secret though...

Doing the Right Thing Was!

"IKFKickboxing.com... The Game Has Changed!"

IKF Tijuana, Mexico

Auditorium of Tijuana, - December 15th, 1997 - Promoter: Gerry Salmon

Event Results

    Charles Williams, San Diego, CA, USA defeated Jose Araiza, Tecate, BC, Mexico, by Unanimous Decision, 30-28, 29-27, 30-28.

    Dave Marinoble, Roseville, CA, USA and Eric Guerrero, Downey, CA, USA ended in a Technical Draw.
    • Marinoble did a spinning backhand and KO'ed Guerrero at :24 seconds into round 3. However, in Mexico, spinning backhands are illegal. Since Guerrero also did one in round 2 and only got a warning, Marinoble's was also ruled a warning. However again, Guerrero, unlike Marinoble in round 2, couldn't continue because he was OUT for quite some time. The officials referred to the previous round scorecards which were split at one round each. Great punch though..."OUCH!!!".

    Jose Guardado, Ensanada, B.C., Mexico defeated John Washington, Bakersfield, CA, USA,by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

  4. IKF Pro World Muay Thai Rules Light Welterweight Title
    Surapon Dechkampu, (Khunpon), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada defeated John Adams, San Dimas, CA, USA by Leg Kick KO at 2:23 of round 1 of the first of 5 Muay Thai 3 minute rounds.

  5. IKFPro World International Rules Welterweight Title
    Ivan Silva, Tijuana B.C. Mexico defeated Dave Horvath, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, at 1:44 of round 1 by Right Hand "KNOCKOUT!".

WEDNESDAY, November 26th, 1997 7:30 PM

Press about the IKF...

Introduces New Kickboxing Organization to Many Who NEED IT!

Taken From Martial Arts International magazine by Ron Harbinship

There's a new sheriff in town as the saying goes and this one is here to clean up a sport that has needed help for some time. Kickboxing! From foul mouth interviews on live TV, drug busts and money stolen by promoters, kickboxing has faced many setbacks over the years. Although more exciting than any boxing match, kickboxing still comes in a very distant second to boxing in glory, fame and most important, prize money. Born from the martial arts of Thailand and other countries, you would think most martial artists would have great honor and respect towards others in their own business, but these are seldom found in a cut-throat business that seems to attract a lot of questionable individuals. Kickboxing has more sanctioning bodies than any other sport. It isn't uncommon to see promoters inventing their own initials for an organization overnight and awarding their own world titles the next evening at their own events just to save paying true professional sanctioning fees to a worthy organization. And the titles they award, well they're about as prestigious as a 10 year old martial arts black belt. There is NO HONOR in either but what has the world come to. Will anyone step up, make some noise and try to organize kickboxing before it breaths it's final breath? Well, someone has...

Fairness, Loyalty and Honor "DO" have a place in the world of Kickboxing! Within all those fancy initials and overnight organizations emerged an organization looking to accomplish all this and more. In 1992, the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) was formed by past martial arts black belts Steve Fossum and Dan Stell. Both trained in the martial arts. Both were not only full contact kickboxers, but kickboxing champions as well with over 100 bouts between them. Both trained kickboxers and both promoted kickboxing events. They knew exactly what everyone involved in the sport wanted, and sure enough, they gave it. Lower sanctioning fees, organization of rankings both amateur and pro. Event assistance, legit title holders with mandatory title defenses. Publicity to fighters, trainers, promoters and on and on. Since it's forming, Stell has stepped down as Vice President to concentrate on officiating for the IKF and promoting kickboxing events, while Fossum has driven the IKF train to one of the top 3 organizations in the world. Fossum organizes the IKF from his spacious 17,000 square foot martial arts school in the town of Newcastle, CA, USA. His school offers karate, grappling and of course, kickboxing classes. But as Fossum says, he didn't do it alone. "We started out small like everyone else would and just kept pressing to improve the needs of those around us" says Fossum. "Our promoters gave their all for what they believed the sport could be. We begin with a strong team of promoters like Jacob Duran, Tat Mau Wong, Dan Verdugo, Johnny Davis, Sam Montgomery, Abe Belardo, Eric Nolan & Mike Miles. These were the people who kept the IKF alive, not me." he says. But it didn't stop there, Fossum says that he stressed professionalism in all the IKF fighters and trainers so they would be respected by the fans of kickboxing. And kickboxing needs fans.

With it's disciplined view on rapid growth, the IKF was more focused on a strong foundation of doing things right and learning from mistakes made and improving on them. "Mistakes were common and I can admit to a lot" says Fossum. "Whether getting too involved or not getting involved enough, everyone makes mistakes but the question is, did you learn from them? That's what helps you grow." Structure, discipline and a strong foundation are exactly the strong points of the IKF today. Add to all this, their newly established web site and WaLa, the IKF is Worldwide nearly overnight. Since the posting of their official web site in June of 1997, the IKF has expanded greatly and became a MAJOR FORCE in the world of Kickboxing Sanctioning! Many of their strong points continue to be deciding factors among other promoters. The IKF has welcomed many promoters from other organizations with open arms. Still in it's early growth stages, many promoters are finding out that now is a great time to get involved on the ground floor of a fast growing worldwide organization. "We are always looking for new promoters willing to associate with the IKF" says IKF president Steve Fossum. Look for the IKF to become more involved in martial arts magazines as well as cable TV produced events and documentaries on Kickboxing. Kickboxing in the Olympics? We can't expose too much here but aren't we all tired of Olympic Tae Kwon Do? Or hey, do you remember when Full Contact Karate and Kickboxing events were on regular TV? So does the IKF. Think Kickboxing? Think IKF!

FRIDAY, November 21st, 1997 @7:30 PM

Trust Fund
Set up for Murdered Kickboxing Champions Daughter

A trust fund has been set up for Murdered Kickboxing Champion, Charles Lee Redmond's little daughter, Lexus Redmond. (Scroll down and see Article below) All checks or money orders are asked to be made payable to Lexus Redmond. The donations can be mailed to 321 S. Frontage Road, Pahrump, Nevada, USA 89048. Please address the envelope to Gwen Wydermyre, Redmond's kickboxing trainer. You can reach Gwen at (702) 751-0948

Redmond was shot in the back by a female stalker near his place of work where he was a limo driver & body guard at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada on October 13th. Rest in Peach Lee.

IKF Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Battle 97 - November 1st, 1997 - Promoter: Mike Miles

Event Results


    Trevor "T.N.T." Smandych defeated Korea's "Tiger Boy" Yun Kyung Il by KO in round 2.

  2. IKF Amateur Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai Rules Title
    Patrick "Pitbull" Bowsher, Canada defeated Kim In Sik, Korea by TKO in round 2.

  3. Vanessa Bellegarde, Canada, defeated Una Truscott, Winnipeg.by TKO in Round 2.

Several International Prestige matches took place and the outcomes were as follows

  • Modified Muay Thai Rules matches (no knees to the head and no elbow attacks)

    1. Jason Jillain (Canada) TKO win, round 4 over Kim Hyo Jung (Korea)

    2. Jason Fenton (Canada) KO Win, round 1 over. Kang Il Kyu (Korea)

    3. Kerry Dell (Canada) TKO win at break of 2nd and 3rd round over Igor Zanoviev (Russia)

  • International Rules Bouts: Kickboxing matches allowing kicks to the legs.

    1. Trevor Desjarlais (Canada) decision win over Alex Yusupov (Russia)

    2. Paul Sukys (Canada) TKO win, 3rd round over Abrahim Namery (Egypt)

  • The results of the Team Canada fighters against other Canadian athletes are as follows:

    1. Nick Ring (Calgary) decision win over Andrew Frazer (Winnipeg) This bout was awarded the honor of being the "Fight of the night."

    2. Jeremy Rempel (Calgary) decision win over Steve Shultz (Winnipeg)

    3. Keith Crawford (Calgary) decision win over. Guiseppe Denatale (Winnipeg)

    4. Gord Anderson (Calgary) decision win over John Kelly (Winnipeg)

    5. Kim Chayko (Fort McMurray) TKO Win, 3rd round over Andrea Katz (Winnipeg)

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15th, 1997 @ 11:50 AM

First Ever IKF U. S. Cruiserweight Champion
Lee Redmond
Murdered in Las Vegas...

He was remembered as a soft spoken and humble champion towering 6'4" and weighing in at 191 lbs. Las Vegas based kickboxer Lee "Hollywood" Redmond was the first ever IKF Cruiserweight champion. Redmond (Charles Lee Redmond) defeated Jason King of Albq. New Mexico, USA by TKO at 1:39 of round one on March 27th, 1993 at Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco, CA USA to capture the first ever IKF International Rules Cruiserweight title. Three months later on June 19th, 1993 at Placer High School in Auburn CA, USA, Redmond was offered a shot at the IKF Full Contact Rules Heavyweight title but lost by TKO at 1:54 of the second round to up and coming IKF star Greg Kirkpatrick of Fair Oaks/Grass Valley, CA, USA.

Redmond later turned pro, retiring his IKF International Rules title and continued his fighting career fighting out of Las Vegas under the guidance of Gwen Wydermyre. Redmond was scheduled to fight in the spring of 1998 for the Intercontinental Super Heavyweight Pro title against Matt Skelton of the UK. The bout was scheduled to be in West Virginia in late April 1998. However, Redmonds pro career was not to be.

Redmond was the victim of a jealous stalker who became attracted to him through an acquaintance. Even though the girl knew he was a married man, she continued to call him at work, show up at his work and other public places until he had a restraining order filed on her. This didn't change anything since she still wanted his companionship. Although nothing ever occurred physically between the two, she went as far as making threats to him that she would harm him if he didn't leave his wife. Redmond had been married to wife Renee for 3 years and together, they had a daughter, Lexus. Late Sunday night, the girl caught up to Redmond while he was alone and shot him in the back. She then went back to her apartment and committed suicide. IKF Champion, Charles Lee Redmond was pronounced dead early Monday morning, October 13th at 5:20 AM, by the Las Vegas coroners office. Why such a senseless killing took place, we here at the IKF do not know. Additional details of the homicide were not made available by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police at press time. However we do know this. Kickboxing has lost one of the great gentlemen of the sport. Redmond, like many IKF Champions was truly a champion in, as well as out of the ring. Our best wishes go out to those close to him and this written notice is in hopes he will never be forgotten by fellow kickboxers. The funeral for him will be on Monday, October 20th. Rest in Peace Lee...

IKF Redding, California, USA

Win River Casino - July 24th, 1997 - Promoter: Dan Verdugo

Event Results

    Ryan Boeger (196, Auburn, CA, USA 1-0) defeated Chris Bell (215, Oakland, CA, USA 0-1) by TKO @ 1 :45 of first round.

    Dan Weatherford (145, Redding, CA, USA 1-0-1) defeated Thor Ring (146, Suisun, CA,USA 1-3) by Split Decision 28-29, 30-27, 30-27.

    Shannon Williams (154, Citrus Heights, CA, USA 1-0) defeated Bobby Barnes (154, Santa Rosa, CA, 1-1) by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

    Mike Marinoble (189, Roseville, CA, 2-0) defeated Jack Glueck (185, Citrus Heights, CA, USA, 0-1) by Unanimous Decision, 30-26, 30-25, 30-25.

    Billy Soksoda (122, Redding, CA, USA, 1-0) defeated Marcos Vega(119, Santa Rosa, CA, USA, 1-1) by Unanimous Decision, 30-25, 30-27, 29-27.

    Juan Escobar (148, Gilroy, CA, USA, 4-0) defeated Antonio Suarez (147, Newark, CA, USA 1-2) by TKO @ 1:22 of round 2.

    Billy Beach(129, Roseville, CA, USA 2-0) defeated Brad Russell (127, San Rafel, CA, USA 2-1) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

    Thuy Le (125, Santa Rosa, CA, USA, 1-1) defeated Amanda Hunter (133, Redding, CA, USA, 0-1) by unanimous decision, 30-25, 30-25, 30-25 - Full Contact Rules
    Bout 9 - TKO: Dominick Robles (167, Citrus Heights, CA, USA, 5-2) defeated Dave Holeman (165, Vacaville, CA, USA, 2-2) by split decision, 28-30, 29-28, 29-28.

  10. IKF United States Amateur Full Contact Rules Welterweight Title *Defense

    Gary Owens (145, San Jose, CA, USA, 3-1) defeated *Kimo Kekai (147, Roseville, CA, USA, 4-3) by KO at 1:23 of round 1.

  11. IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Super Welterweight California Title
    Randy "The Tazman" Bussart (153, Vacaville, CA, USA 16-1) defeated Doug Dickey (153, San Diego, CA, USA, 24-7) by KO @ 1:43 of round 2.

  12. IKF United States Amateur International Rules Light Heavyweight Title *Defense:
    Heath "Cowboy" Harris (178, San Diego, CA, USA, 9-2) defeated *Mike "Magicman" Dougherty (179, Loomis, CA, USA, 9-2) by KO at 1:26 of round 2.

  13. IKF California Amateur Full Contact Rules Super Middleweight Title *Defense
    * Jericho Lane (171, Redding, CA, USA, 5-5) defeated Shon Moore (165, Reno, NV, USA, 3-6-2) by TKO @ :35 of round 4.


  • IKF Representative & Scorekeeper, Steve Fossum
  • IKF Referee, Rick Mendiola
  • IKF Judges, Steve Wenger, Johnny Davis, Sal Santoro
  • Timekeeper, Mike Childers
  • Physician, Dr. Vieyra
  • Ring Announcer, Marc Soares

IKF Fresno, California, USA

Table Mountain Casino - July 12th, 1997 - Promoters: Abe Belardo & Eric Nolan


Table Mountain Casino event has top class bouts!
Steele, Sawyer, Murphy and Mua
Win IKF Titles

Past World Champion Kickboxer and now movie star Benny Urquidez sat ringside and watched a dynamic kickboxing event with hundreds of others at the Table Mountain Casino outside of Fresno, CA USA. Promoters Eric Nolan and Abe Belardo can once again, chalk up another successful event to their names. If the Casino was as pleased as we were, they are sure to be back. "Nolan and Belardo have a talent to put together quality fighters and bouts." said IKF President Steve Fossum. "A skill that takes experience like they have. Table Mountain should be very pleased with the organization of the event as well."

The event featured 7 bouts which included 4 of the 7 bouts being title bouts. Before the title bouts, were 2 undercards.

  1. Amateur International Rules
    Manuel Queseda, Wasco, California, 207, defeated Melvin Wells, of Los Angeles, California, 210, by unanimous decision scoring 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

  2. Amateur International Rules
    Juan Escubar, of Gilroy, California, 144, stopped Ray Islas, of Fresno, California, 148, at 1:17 of round 1 by TKO.

  3. VACANT IKF Amateur International Rules California Light Middleweight Title
    Yia Mua, of Fresno, California, 158, defeated Michael Gutierrez, of Richgrove, California, 155 at 1:59 of the first round.

  4. Pro Women's International Rules
    Dee Dufoe (Bakersfield, California, USA, 9-1-1 overall, 127) was making her pro debut and she overpowered the smaller Shirley Prescott (Winnipeg, MT, Canada, 11-1 overall, 118) to win a unanimous decision 39-37, 40-36 and 40-36.

  5. VACANT IKF Amateur International Rules United States Cruiserweight Title
    Boyd Murphy, (Bakersfield, California, USA, 17-5, 189) defeated Ray Rodriguez (Fresno, California, USA, 16-5-1, 200) by unanimous decision.

  6. VACANT IKF Pro Muay Thai North American Title
    This was the most exciting bout of the night as veteran fighters Maurice Travis 170 lbs. of Malibu, CA, USA with an overall record of 71-8 with 25 KO's took on Chad Sawyer, 171 lbs. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with an overall record of 83-4-1 with 49 KO's. When the smoke cleared from these two talented warriors doing battle, the judges had the Canadian, Sawyer ahead to win, 48-46, 50-45 and 48-46. Bouts like this one are the missed gems needed to promote kickboxing to a cable TV audience. It was a great match and much better than many shown today. A truly great example of 2 top class professional Muay Thai fighters showing their skill. Who knows, maybe a rematch will be in the works soon.

  7. VACANT IKF Pro World Welterweight Muay Thay Title
    The final bout was scheduled for 5, 3 minute rounds which featured veteran kickboxing champion Danny Steele, 145 lbs. of Honolulu Hawaii, USA via Van Nuys, CA, USA with an overall record of 63-8-2 with over half his wins coming by knockout. Steele's opponent was another veteran fighter from Canada. Dave Horvath weighed in too heavy but Steele, coming off a disappointing loss a month ago in a non title bout to IKF U.S. Champion George Tsutsui in San Jose, CA, USA wanted to bang. So Steele agreed to the bout despite his opponent weighing 8 lbs. more. Horvath, 153 lbs. of Winnipeg, MB, Canada, had an overall record of 25-4-2 with 11 KO's. Steele was a clearly different fighter this night though compared to his bout with Tsutsui a month earlier. Instead of a slow start, Steele learned his lesson and attacked quickly. Horvath extra weight showed strength as he responded with a strong resistance of counter attacks. However in round 1, referee Rick Mendiola made a mistake and pulled Steele away from Horvath to give him a standing 8 count. There were not suppose to be any 8 counts in the bout. After winning the first round 10-8 on all cards, Steele went to work quickly in the second round eventually stopping Horvath at 2:53 with a massive leg kick attack like he ended the Tsutsui fight with to win the IKF World Welterweight Muay Thai Title. Steele has already committed to the IKF that he will fight for both the Light Welterweight and Super Lightweight World titles on upcoming IKF events.

IKF Amateur U. S. Cruiserweight Champion Jason Williamson received his 2nd win by forfeit after his challenger Jamie Comstock backed out of the scheduled title bout the night before the event. Backouts like this hurt kickboxing and it was not Comstocks first time doing so. The IKF reacted suspending Comstock indefinitely until further review.

The event judges were Steve Wenger, Jerry Robina, John Forqura and Scott Milam. The event referee was Rick Mendiola. Timekeeper Ralph McKnight. Doctor Jerry Sydel, Ring Announcer Mike Hart. Nolan and Belardo don't have an official date set yet for their next event but hopefully they will be back with more explosive action at Table Mountain Casino.


  • #1 IKF George Tsutsui Defeats Danny Steele by Majority Decision.

  • #1 IKF Alex Khanbabian Defeats #1 IKF Ranked John Washington at 1:59 of round 2.

  • #1 IKF Eric Regan Defeats #3 IKF Ranked Russell Franklin by Unanimous decision.

  • #1 IKF Alex Gong Defeats Fernando Yguardo by Unanimous Decision.

  • #1 IKF Wayne Jones Defeats #2 IKF Ranked John Adams by KOat end of 5th round.

  • #1 IKF Greg Kirkpatrick Defeats Hank Doughton by Unanimous Decision.

  • #2 IKF Candice Moss Defeats Jenna Bertoncello by Unanimous Decision.

  • #1 IKF Jessica Nobles Defeats Rachael Deheras by Unanimous Decision.

  • #1 IKF 3 Travis Johnson Defeats #4 IKF Ranked Jamie Comstock by KO at 22 seconds Round 3.

  • #3 IKF Danny Kelly Defeats Michael Reginer by Unanimous Decision.

  • #3 IKF Juan Escobar Defeats #1 IKF Ranked Kimo Kekai by KO at 1:12 of round 1.

  • #2 IKF Gail Webb Defeats #3 IKF Ranked Jamie Baron by Unanimous Decision.


Rumor has it that Past World Kickboxing Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson will fight again soon. It's heard that Wilson will fight either Alexio or Roufus in a full contact rules (above the waist kicks) match in New York later this year or early 1998. Keep in mind that although our sources are VERY credible, additional facts cannot be added at this time due to negotiations. Wilson is the only kickboxer to defeat Alexio, but it was in a leg kick match.


Dennis Alexio, (65-2, 60 KO's) of Molokai Hawaii, USA defeated Barrington Patterson (36-2, 32 KO's) of London England in Hawaii to win the vacant IKF World Heavyweight Title. The bout was stopped at the end of the 5th round when it was obvious that Patterson didn't wish to continue.

The win sets up a possible unification bout with Jerry Rhome who holds the K.I.C.K. World Heavyweight title or a possible bout with Rick Rufus. Rufus is soon to vacate his IKF World Cruiserweight title as he moves up to heavyweight. The Patterson bout was Alexio's last bout in Hawaii before moving back to the mainland and was viewed by a crowd of over 7,000 spectators.

IKF Bakersfield, California, USA

Strongbow Stadium - June 21st, 1997 - Promoter: Abe Belardo

Belardo & Nolan Shine As Co-Promoters!

IKF Promoters Eric Nolan and Abe Belardo hosted another great kickboxing event at the famous Strongbow Stadium in Bakersfield, CA, USA on June 21st. However, there was a great pre-event worry when five fighters pulled out within 24 hours of the event. Three fighters from Gilbert Garcia training camp in Hacienda Heights (Southern California) were booked to fight on the event but didn't show up. When attempts were made to contact them the day of the event, Garcia's wife answered the phone simply saying, "They are on the way there and should be there any moment." They never called to cancel, say they were going to be late, or anything. They just didn't show up. It's trainers like this that put a black eye on promoting kickboxing events. This rude action didn't only hurt the event, but the 3 other fighters who did show up to fight Garcia's fighters. Trainers, fighters and all officials need to always be professional and respectful to all involved in an event. If you can't make the show, at least call. On the other hand, a commitment is a commitment. Don't commit if you plan to pull out. Because of this, the event featured only 3 real bouts. However, the crowd went away excited due to 4 DYNAMIC EXHIBITIONS!

  1. In real bout action, Ky Gray, of South Pasadena, CA, 141, and trained by past world Kickboxing Champion Kathy Long defeated Tony Rizzo, of Bakersfield, 141, by unanimous decision 30-26, 30-25 and 30-25.

  2. Aaron Mendoza, of Santa Barbara, CA, 177, defeated Richard Arzave of San Francisco, CA, 177, by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

  3. Jason Saenz, of Bakersfield, CA, 147, defeated Gilbert Almaguer, of Bakersfield, CA, 146, by split decision, 28-29, 29-28 and 29-28.

  4. Scheduled for the main event was Bakersfield fighter Jason "Recon" Williamson.
    However Williamson had 3 opponents fall out within 3 weeks from the event including his last opponent, the night before. Williamson was awarded the IKF International Rules United States Cruiserweight title by Forfeit.
    Short on bouts, IKF President Steve Fossum suggested that Williamson and fellow kickboxing associate Toney "The Hammer" Hannon, (both trained by Eric Nolan) do a 3 round exhibition. It turned out to be a great addition to the night but not before a little blood was shed. Hannon retired in 1996 with a 17-0-3 record and 15 KO's and he held 7 different kickboxing titles. However, Hannon looked everything but retired as he excited the crowd with his speed and power reminding Williamson who the top dog in the ring was. After Williamson mistakenly caught Hannon off balance with a punch that slightly put Hannon down, Hannon jumped right back up as if it were a slip and quickly responded back and humbled Williamson putting him to the floor in a friendly flurry of hands and feet that forced Williamson's nose to bleed.
    • Although an exhibition, these 2 put on a "GREAT" show, exciting the crowd and put a bright star on what was afraid to be a glim event. The crowd roared for the HAMMER once again and made everyone realize what they are truly missing with his power, speed and technique.

Three other exhibitions made the night exciting as well including one that ended in a kick knockout to the head by Chris Stanford by accident over Richard Reiter and a fantastic 3 round Muay Thai exhibition by 2 exciting 8 year olds.

In attendance for the California state athletic commission was Rob Lynch and Dwayne Woodard. The event judges were John Forquara and 2 referees alternating bouts, Marcos Rosales & Cecil Peoples. The event timekeeper was Ralph McKnight. IKF President Steve Fossum was the guest MC/ring announcer. The event Physicians: were Dr. Robert Karnes and Dr. Pat Golden. Special guests included Kickboxing World Champions Kathy "THE PUNISHER" Long and Peter "SUGARFOOT" Cunningham. Nolan and Belardo's next event is planned for July 12th at Table Mountain Casino in Fresno, CA, USA. For more information, contact Mr. Nolan at (805) 833-3367.

IKF Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

June 14th, 1997 - Promoters: Mike Miles and co-promoter Lyle Cheney


However Jean Carrillo, Zuniga & Father Add Negative Memories...

Well known Muay Thai promoter and past World Kickboxing Champion Mike Miles of Canada teamed up with the IKF in his latest kickboxing card held on June 14th in Red Deer Canada, just outside Calgary. Miles has promoted over 120 events and this one like the rest was a class act.

"We were very pleased with Mr. Miles and his production staff." stated IKF President Steve Fossum. "Mr. Miles and his staff are true professional when it comes to promoting. Mike is a true class act and a leader in the sport of kickboxing as a past world champion, and current trainer and event promoter."

The event was a sell out featuring 12 exciting bouts with 3 title bouts. On the undercards, 4 were won by knockout. Those winners included Colleen McDermott who won by TKO at 1:43 of round 2, Jessie Miles who won by TKO at 1:13 of round 1, Vince Peters who won by TKO at 1:07 of round 2 and Jeremy Jablonski won by a devastating punch KO at 1:20 of round 3. The other 5 undercard winners by decisions were Paul Sukys, Bobby Swyryda, Dave Robinson, Alain Robidoux and Carl Wilson.

  1. IKF International Rules Western Canadian Super Middleweight Title
    Nick Ring of Calgary Canada defeated Shane Doerkson of Prince Albert Canada by unanimous decision, 40-36, 40-36 and 39-37.

  2. IKF North American Muay Thai Welterweight Title
    Jason Fenton of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 13-3, 145, defeated Donovan Smith, of Wichita, Kansas, USA, 17-6, 146, by split decision, 47-48, 48-47 and 48-47.

  3. IKF Canadian Muay Thai Welterweight Title
    Jason Jillian of Calgary Canada VS Dave Zuniga of Winnipeg Canada.
    Jillian won by unanimous decision, 48-47, 48-47 and 49-46 but Zuniga's father felt cheated prompting him to throw his sons trophy back into the ring at the referee. When IKF President Steve Fossum went to discuss the matter with Zuniga and his father he was greeted with extremely abusive language and threats by both. Seeing no logical end to the discussion, Mr. Fossum and one of the event judges informed Zuniga that he will be suspended from kickboxing and held from the IKF rankings until a final decision is made. Zuniga later apologized to event promoter Mike Miles and in writing to IKF President Steve Fossum. However the damage was already done and the IKF made it clear that unsportsmanlike conduct like Zuniga performed will not be tolerated in any way, ever in IKF kickboxing.

A black eye was put on trainer Jean Carrillo (Owner of Deluxe USA - Kickbox Gear.com) of the Carrillo Boxing Center in Irvine CA when he and his fighter Nicolas Read left Canada back to Irvine, CA before their scheduled bout with Trevor Desjarlais for the IKF Intercontinental Welterweight Title. Upon arriving in Calgary the night before the fight, Carrillo bragged about Read having 4 pro bouts. When event promoter Mike Miles and IKF President Steve Fossum heard this, they acted accordingly and reminded Carrillo that they were booked for an AMATEUR Title fight, not a pro. In addition, Carrillo had told the IKF and Mike Miles through faxes and e-mail in the previous weeks before the event that Read was an Amateur. However, Carrillo stuck to his word about Read having 4 PRO BOUTS.

Mr. Fossum informed Carrillo that he and Mr. Miles will investigate his past bouts with the WKA's Mr. Paul Ingram of England and see if he has ever fought as a pro. If so, Carrillo would be held responsible for reimbursing Mr. Miles for the fees to bring Read and Carrillo to Canada. These fees included air flight, hotel and meal expenses which totaled over $1,000.00.

During the night, Mr. Miles contacted the WKA requesting Reads background. The next morning at approximately 10 AM, Fossum went to Carrillo and Read to inform them that they discovered that Read has never been listed as a pro fighter and that the fight would go on. However, Carrillo and Read had left the hotel and spent the cash Mr. Miles gave them for food on a cab back to Calgary and rescheduled their flight back to California and the question still remains, Why did Carrillo leave?

The week after the event, Mr. Fossum contacted Carrillo at his gym requesting an explanation. Carrillo suddenly tried to change his story stating that Mr. Miles and Mr. Fossum accused Read of being pro and that he never said Read was. However, in addition to the conversation was IKF associate representative Steve Wenger who also clearly heard Carrillo bragging that Read had 4 pro bouts. "There was no question about it" stated Wenger. "Carrillo informed us that Read had 4 pro bouts. Miles and Fossum didn't even bring it up. Carrillo did because he wanted to brag about his fighter."

Mr. Fossum gave Carrillo a week to pay back Mr. Miles expenses for but Carrillo refused. Because of this, the IKF will be taking legal action against Carrillo for the loses promoter Mike Miles occurred through expenses for Read and Carrillo. In addition, the IKF will rule soon whether to fine Carrillo. There is also a question of criminal action since Carrillo took $100.00 cash from promoter Mike Miles after the conversation over Reads status for food money.

"Mr. Miles is a man of his word and since he promised them food money, he gave it to them.". stated IKF President Steve Fossum. "I believe Read is the innocent one here. Read(being French) doesn't speak English and I don't think Carrillo told him the entire story. Our interpature wasn't going to be available until the morning of the fights. However Carrillo took him and left before we could speak with him."

Since Read left the country, the IKF awarded the title to Desjarlais by forfeit. Co promoting the event with Mr. Miles was Lyle Cheney of Red Deer. The event judges were Gary Bergeron, Peter Helfrich, Tony Hobbs, Steve Wenger and Mike Zientek. The referees were Tony Hobbs, Nathan Sarsons and Tim Yorke. Event Physicians was Dr. Surgenor. The ring announcer was Larry Leach. The timekeeper was Steve Schiefler. Mr. Miles is planning another event for August. For more info, contact Mr. Miles at (403) 244-8424.

IKF San Francisco, California, USA

Caesar's Latin Palace- February 16th, 1997 - Promoters: Johnny Davis and Sam Montgomery



Promoters and past World Kickboxing Champions Johnny Davis and Sam Montgomery promoted another sell out K. O. Kickboxing event at the Cesar's Latin Palace in San Francisco, CA, USA on February 16th, 1997. The IKF sanctioned the event that featured 10 bouts with 6 ending by knockout. Here are the event results;

    Raul Hernandez, from San Jose, CA, 146 defeated Anthony Reyes, of Santa Rosa, CA, 152, by TKO at :45 seconds of round 1.

    Matthew Robinson, of San Francisco, CA, 154 won by TKO at :35 seconds of round 1 over Lou Cozzo from South San Francisco, CA, 149. Cozzo appeared to fight like a karate fighter and not a trained kickboxer for the first time by the way he held his hands. He paid for it taking a barefoot to the side of his face which was one of the most *devastating knockouts we have EVER seen! Good thing he had a headgear on.
    • (*) Special Note, Can you believe that Cozzo actually SUED the Promoters on this event blaming THEM for his injury?! Beginners like Cozzo are who put bad marks on our great sport! We can add that the attorney who handled this case was nothing but an ambulance chaser and money hungry! How DARE he and Cozzo team up against the Promoters of all people. This lawsuit eventually marked the end of the KO Kickboxing Promotions. Thanks a million Mr. Cozzo! We hope the money you received for YOUR MISTAKES IN THE RING was worth this great sport losing 2 GREAT PROMOTERS!

    IKF fighter of the year Dave Marinoble featured his student and brother, as he made an impressive debut winning by TKO. Mike Marinoble, of Roseville, CA, 189, defeated Juan Caballero, from Livingston, CA, 188, in a FC bout by TKO at 1:22 of the second round. IKF president Steve Fossum gave Mike the ring name "Machine Gun" after the bout and stated they will have a great time promoting and featuring him in future IKF events like they have his brother Dave Marinoble. Dave holds 3 different IKF United States Amateur Titles and plans to turn pro very soon.

    Gail Webb, of San Jose, CA, 124, defeated Andrea Long, of Santa Rosa, CA, 128, by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27.

    Christopher Anderson of San Francisco, CA, 174, defeated Daniel Ghousi from East Paloalto, CA, 173, by TKO at 1:51 Of Round 3.
    • Ghousi was deducted 1 point in the final round for hanging on the ropes. Referee Dan Stell stopped the bout because Ghousi was so tired, he kept hanging on the ropes which was the right call. If your tired, you can't defend yourself, and if you can't defend yourself, your done. Good Call Mr. Stell!

    Dave Holeman of Vacaville, CA, 160, defeated Matt Tregoning,, of Roseville, CA, 158, by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26 and 30-26.

    Juan Escubar, 144 lbs. of Gilroy, CA, won by unanimous decision over Edward Sterling, 139 lbs. of Hayward, CA scoring 30-27, 29-27 and 29 27.

    Seibo Shen of San Mateo CA, 131, defeated Scott Harrison of Vacaville, CA, 127, by split decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 28-29.

    Mike Simons of Modesto CA, 175, defeated Ehren Macdonald from San Bruno CA, 178, by TKO at 1:45 of round 2.

    The final bout of the evening featured Willie Campbell, 166 lbs of San Francisco CA who won by TKO at 1:25 of round 2 against Jim Jones, 173 lbs of San Francisco CA. Jones was hurt badly and went to his trainer and asked him to stop it but his trainer refused to. A few moments later the bout was stopped when Jones took a low blow, but this DID NOT effect the fight. This fight was over before the low blow ever came and Jones had admitted he didn't want to continue before the low blow. Campbell was not penalized by the referee, the California State Athletic Commission or the IKF who all saw that Jones was done before the blow was ever landed.

The event judges were Steve Wenger, Susan Thomas with the two referees Dan Stell & Tony Thompson alternated as judges. The kick judges were Ron Daniel and Erica Stell. Event Physicians were Dr. Paul Wallace & Dr. John Stahler. The California State Athletic Commission representatives were Rob Lynch & Bobby Ponzio. the IKF Representative & scorekeeper was Steve Fossum. Timekeeper was Marleen Swallow and Anthony Marks was the Ring Announcer.

IKF Bakersfield, California, USA

Strongbow Stadium - January, 25th, 1997 - Promoters: Eric Nolan and Abe Belardo

Event Results

    Ky Gray from Pasadena, CA, USA (141 lbs.) vs George Fetich Fresno, CA, USA (144 lbs.).
    WINNER: Gray by Unanimous decision, 30-28, 30-27, 30-27.

    Candice Moss from Bakersfield, CA, USA (126 lbs.) vs Joanne Mancillas from Fresno, CA, USA (126 lbs.)
    WINNER: Moss by TKO at 1:41 of second round.

    Jamie Tsutsui from Vallejo, CA, USA (136 lbs.) vs Andrew Chang from Pasadena, CA, USA (132 lbs.).
    WINNER: Tsutsui won by TKO at 1:21 of third round.


    IKF:Mitch Milat from North Hollywood, CA, USA, (148 lbs.) vs Jay Garcia from Simi Valley, CA, USA, (145 lbs.).
    WINNER: Milat by Unanimous Decision, 30-28, 30-27, 30-27.


    Mike Limke from Arroya Grande, CA, USA (187 lbs.) vs Jason Williamson from Bakersfield, CA, USA (195 lbs.)
    RESULT: This fight ended in a "No Contest" when Williamson kicked Limke's leg and Limke fell to the ring floor and broke his arm only 14 seconds into the bout. Since there were no "SCORED" rounds to refer back to and the break was not caused by a direct blow, this bout was ruled a NO CONTEST. However, the California State Athletic Commission ruled it a TECHNICAL DRAW.


    Champion Chuck Lidell from Arroya Grande, CA, USA (223 lbs.) vs Scott Harmon from Simi Valley, CA, USA (225 lbs.).
    WINNER: Harmon stopped Lidell at the end of the second round due to the fact that Harmon split open Lidell's chin with a hatchet kick. Lidell's trainer decided to stop the bout when he discovered in addition that Lidell also injured his shin badly.


  • Judge: Scott Milam
  • Referees & Judges: Marcos Rosales and Cecil Peoples (Alternating as referees)
  • Time Keeper: Ralph McKnight
  • Ring Announcer: Mike Hart
  • Physicians: Dr. Alex Sinclair and Dr. Tony Hicks
  • IKF Representative and Scorekeeper: Steve Fossum
  • California State Athletic Commission: Dean Lohuis and Dwayne Woodard

JANUARY 8th, 1997


From an Outside News Source

When Kickboxing World Champions Johnny "Superfoot" Davis and Sam Montgomery were winning world titles, neither had plans of becoming a promoter of the sport. However, with the assistance of Steve Fossum and the IKF, Davis and Montgomery formed the promotional organization known today as K. O. Kick Boxing.

After researching all the different sanctioning organizations available to promoters and fighters today, Davis and Montgomery went with the IKF,. Although there are larger organizations out there, no organization has the organization, personal hands on assistance and potential that the IKF, does. For example, the IKF, is the only organization that has a monthly newsletter (more like a small magazine with about 26 pages ) that officially ranks BOTH AMATEUR and PRO fighters that have fought on an IKF, event. Also listed are the trainers and contact numbers giving trainers recognition as well and making fighters a lot easier to find for event matchmakers. Each fighter is listed with their record, height, age and weight.

The IKF, is also the only organization that lists legitimate Amateur title holders instead of how some organizations have several amateurs holding the same title. Pro titles of course are listed as well and include such title holders as Juan Torres, Rick Rufus, Francis Farley, George Tsutsui, Ramona Gatto and Saeksan Saengchan just to name a few. In addition, the newsletter has feature articles on events, fighter profiles and yearly awards for best fighters, trainers, promoters etc. The newsletter also lists IKF, promoters, schools and officials giving them the recognition they deserve as well.

Another strong point of the IKF, is their custom title belts. The large multi color brass medallion makes a dynamic center piece to all IKF, title belts. K. O. Kick Boxing and the IKF, have worked together on 4 different events now and K. O. Kick Boxing is looking for other promoters to use their name as well.



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