The Best of the Best in the IKF for 1998

    • Pro Fighter of the Year
      • Chad Sawyer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    • AM Fighter of the Year
      • Heath "COWBOY" Harris, San Diego, California, USA

    • Mike Miles, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    • Dennis Alexio, Hawaii, USA & Dave Horvath, Winnipeg, Canada, (2 World Title bouts EA)

  • MOST ACTIVE IKF Fighter(s)
    • PRO
      • Dennis Alexio, Hawaii, USA and Dave Horvath, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.

      • Juan Escubar, Gilroy, California, USA.

    • Juan Escubar, Gilroy, California, USA (3-0)

      • PRO: Dennis Alexio, Hawaii, California, USA

      • AM: Juan Escubar, Gilroy, California, USA.

      • Matthew Robinson over Lou Cozzo at :35 seconds of round 1 when he hit his bare foot solid to Cozzo's jaw at K. O. Kickboxing Cesars Latin Palace's, San Francisco, California, USA Event on 2-16-97. VERY LUCKY for Cozzo, he was wearing a headgear.

      • Jeremy Jablonski on Bradley Parent at 1:20 of rd 3 at Mike Miles, Canada event, 6-14-97.

      • Randy Bussart over Doug Dickey at 1:43 of round 2. Bussart landed a clean turnback/spinning side kick to Dickey's FACE to end the bout and win the IKF California Pro full contact rules Super Welterweight Title in Redding, California, USA on 7-24-97.

      • Heath "COWBOY" Harris over Mike Dougherty at 1:26 of round 2. Harris landed a clean and solid right hand to KO Dougherty and win the IKF Amateur United States Intl. Rules Light Heavyweight Title in Redding, California, USA on 7-24-97.

      Ivan Silva
      over Dave Horvath at 1:44 of round 1. Silva hit Horvath with a devastating 1-2 punch combination that sent Horvath to the canvas & into convulsions. Silva won the IKF Pro World International Rules Welterweight Title at Gerardo Salman's TJ, Mexico event 12-15-97.

      • In both fighters very first bout, Matthew Robinson KO'ed Lou Cozzo at :35 seconds of round 1 when he hit his bare foot solid to Cozzo's jaw at K. O. Kickboxing Cesars Latin Palace's San Francisco, California, USA event on 2-16-97.

    • PRO
      • Chad Sawyer (15-0, 171 lbs, Calgary, Alberta Canada) won a unanimous decision over Maurice Travis (30-5, 170 lbs, Malibu, California, USA.) to win the PRO IKF Muay Thai Rules North American Light Heavyweight title, 48-46, 50-45, 48-46. The bout was at Table Mountain Casino in Fresno, California, USA and promoted by Eric Nolan & Abe Belardo on July 12th, 1997.

      • Jericho Lane (171 lbs, 5-5 of Redding, California, USA) defeated Shon Moore (165 lbs., 3-6-2 of Reno, Nevada, USA) at :35 of the 4th and final round. Lane retained his IKF California Super Middleweight full contact rules title. The bout was in Redding, California, USA on 7-24-97.

      • Eric Nolan & Abe Belardo of Bakersfield, California, USA.

      • Dan Stell, Fairfield, California, USA Marcos Rosalas, Cecil Peoples & Rick Mendiola, Bakersfield, California, USA

      • Steve Wenger, San Francisco, California, USA

THURSDAY, December 31st, 1998, AT 3:45 PM

Words of Wisdom From A Good Friend For The New Year:

"May your reflections on the year past give you strength for a new year ahead. It's a long and winding road we walk, filled with joy and pain, and yet the journey is one that if not taken would reflect in the lives of many!"
Best wishes, Your Friend Jim

MORE NEWS OF 12-31-98. . .

New "Thunderlegs"
Down Under...

IKF World Team Member Robert Wilesmith of Australia announced that his club will be holding the Grand Opening of their new facility on Saturday, the 9th of January, 1999 at 12 Noon. Their guests will include World & Australian Kickboxing Champions: GRANT BARKER, MARCUS MANGAN, GLEN BARAGRY, HOLLY FERNERLY & of course Australia's most famous Boxer & 3 Time World Champion, JEFF FENECH. All of the champions will be available to take pictures, autographs & will be doing demonstrations during the day. Also they will be there to answer any questions that you throw at them. The address to the new facility is

THUNDRELEGS KICKBOXING / BOXING CENTRE, 1st Floor, 143 145, Parramatta Road, Granville, 2142, NSW. Australia.

Mr. Wilesmith already has a major IKF Promotion planned for August, 1999 that will include 4 IKF World title bouts. To contact Mr. Wilesmith, call (61) 2-9632-1222, Fax: (61) 2-9681-7776 or e-mail by clicking HERE

THURSDAY, December 24th, 1998, AT 3:45 PM

Inspiration For The


In ANY IKF bout, when the warriors challenge is done,
Both let down their guards, and holster all their guns.
Each shall show respect, to their opponent across the way
Knowing that they gave their all, in the ring of battle today.
One is crowned the winner, of the battle they just fought.
But none shall be a loser, for both have walked the walk.
The winner shall be praised, as many have before,
The other only lost a battle, for their goal is to win the war.
Speak not of either hastily, for both warriors stood the test
Rather than watch from afar, and only wished they'd fight the best.
For no one is a champion, until their heart has felt defeat.
For a champion truly knows, such emotions that run so deep.
So real champions know the price, where victory and defeat may lie.
And real champions aren't afraid to hug or are they afraid to cry.
For they have met their challenge, and tears may flow from pride.
The emotions of a warrior, running strong and deep inside.
This battle is over, and their will be another day.
For no title is so valued, as the one that slips away.
In a title bout the winner wears the belt, with the IKF pride displayed.
While the other knows their quest of it, has only been delayed.
Both shall be remembered as winners, for facing their ultimate test.
The test of two courageous warriors, who battled to be the best.
So train for that battle, courageous ring warriors of the night.
Let those who judge you from afar, know you came to fight.
Whether you win or if you lose, is not your journeys end.
It's how you take your wins and loses, the message to others you send.
Remember IKF warrior, a win in the ring is good, but in life there's so much more.
Be respected outside that ring of battle, and now you've won life's war.

To all of those ring warriors who entered the ring whether you won or lost, YOU "Walked the Walk!"This ones for YOU, the Trainers who got you there, the Officials who watched over you and the Promoters and Sponsors that MADE IT ALL HAPPEN! Happy Holidays to you ALL. Sincerely, Steve Fossum, IKF World President, and PROUD MEMBER of the IKF WORLD TEAM! GO TEAM!

WEDNESDAY, December 23rd, 1998, AT 12:05 AM

IKF Champ Tsutsui
Vacates Titles
To Move To

IKF United States International Rules Champion George Tsutsui of Vallejo, CA, USA has made an it official, "I only want to fight Muay Thai bouts for the remainder of my career." said Tsutsui in a phone interview a few days ago. Since Tsutsui only wants to fight Muay Thai Rule bouts for the remainder of his fighting career, he has also decided himself that he will vacate the 2 IKF United States International Rules (Leg Kicks) Titles he currently holds.

As an Amateur Tsutsui had a shot at 3 IKF Titles. His first was back on March 27th, 1993 when he lost a close decision in San Francisco to Antonio Puente. On February 18th, 1995 he was fouled by his opponent Suji Yamaguchi when Yamaguchi accidently kicked him in the groin. That bout ended in a No Contest since it happened at only 6 seconds into the 2nd round. Finally on April 29th, 1995 he won the IKF Amateur International Rules United States Light Welterweight title which he won in a rematch against Yamaguchi of San Diego, CA, USA by Majority Decision, 49-45, 50-46 & 47-47. The bout was at Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA, USA.

As a Pro in 1996, Tsutsui won two more IKF Title belts. The first was when he defeated John Adams for the IKF United States Light Welterweight Title on February 17th, 1996 at Travis Air Force Base by unanimous decision, 70-61, 69-63 and 70-61 on the judges cards.

He won his second IKF Pro title, the IKF U. S. Welterweight Title on November 16th in Redding, CA against Miguel Reyes by a DEVASTATING Knockout at 1:03 of the 5th round of what had been a great fight up until that point. Tsutsui was never challenged to defend either of his pro IKF title he won.

He will now voluntarily vacate the 2 titles making them available for someone else as he makes his commitment to Muay Thai. Tsutsui is no stranger to Muay Thai having defeated Melchor Manor and Danny Steele by decisions and putting a spanking most recently on David Blocker at San Pablo Casino, CA, USA, Blocker had the nerve to cry to the athletic commission that the officials lost the bout for him. The IKF didn't sanction the event but we were there to watch it... David...You lost fare and square.

Now Tsutsui sets his eyes on an IKF Muay Thai World Title that he may get a shot at on several IKF events this spring. The only question is, What weight will he attempt the title at? The IKF Lightweight World title is vacant at 130.1- 135 lbs. Or he could re-match Danny Steele since Steele holds the IKF Junior Welterweight Muay Thai World title (135.1-140 lbs.). This would make Steele happy as well after losing a decision to Tsutsui in San Jose about a year or so ago. Next in line would be to challenge Khunpol who holds the IKF Welterweight Muay Thai World Title (140.1-147 lbs.). Or move up to challenge Kongnapa for the IKF Junior Middleweight Muay Thai World Title (147.1-154 lbs.)

All we know is that Tsutsui should fit into this mix of world class fighters fine whereever he gets his shot. Win or lose, he has proved himself in the ring before time and time again. It's just another day at the office for George, and like any true champion, the challenges only get harder from here. He's never turned away from any fight so we can assure you, whoever he fights, we can promise a true Muay Thai War...Is this sport GREAT or What!

MORE NEWS OF 12-22-98. . .

Endorses New Mouthguard!

Yesterday, the IKF publicized it's concern for leg kick fighters safety, now we move ahead to the safety of all fighters. The IKF is Officially Endorsing a New mouth piece produced here in the USA. We hope to see fighters worldwide using the new mouth piece since it is not just endorsed by the IKF but many fighting champions worldwide. It is called the Jaw-Joint Protector and here is the latest news on the new produce available through companies such as RINGSIDE INC. and other dealers.

WIPSS PRESS: As athletes continue to get bigger, stronger, and faster, internal head injuries and concussions are more frequently sidelining and even ending the careers of young athletes. A new mouthguard is being marketed to sports organizations and athletes around the world and it is called the Jaw-Joint Protector. The Protector not only protects the upper and lower teeth, but it repositions both jaw bones in a down and forward position and locks them comfortably in place. Upon impacts to the head this new defensive facial posture prevents the jaw bone from crashing into the base of the brain and other vital nerve groups inside the skull.

WIPSS Products, the developer and patent holder of the Jaw-Joint Protector has focused its ten year study on a part of the anatomy called the TMJ, which is also known as the jaw-joint assembly. Studies have shown that this is the most unprotected area of the body in sports and because of that it is responsible for the majority of internal head injuries. Most athletes suffer from some degree of jaw-joint disorder and because the injury is cumulative, performance and even the quality of life after their careers is affected."We have been traveling the world educating sports organizations and athletes on how internal head injuries are increasing in contact sports and what we can do to reduce them", says Joe Manzo, National and International Accounts Director of WIPSS. Just back from the international games in Malaysia and Argentina at the request of the International Amateur Boxing Association, WIPSS presented its studies on internal head injury patterns in sports and also demonstrated how the Jaw-Joint Protector can eliminate many of these needless injuries. There was great acceptance from the medical and safety committee and efforts are being made to advise its membership on the new technology.

The most recent stop was at the Educational Funding Companies trade show and seminar in San Francisco. Dojo owners from around the world viewed the Protector and where pleased to see that there was finally a mouthguard that provided protection against internal head injuries as well as the teeth. While in the Bay area, a Mecca for the combat arts, three champion superstars and their fighting camps where visited; Alex Gong and the Fairtex team, Cung Le and the Sansho team and Frank Shamrock, UFC World Champion. All three champions fitted the Protector and they also agreed that protection against internal head injuries was a priority in there teachings. They where anxious in testing it so they could feel the protection and other advantages that come along with the unique WIPSS design.

Muay Thai Kickboxer Alex Gong, President of Fairtex Muay Thai Training Camp and Fairtex Products says, "My fighters and I really like the Jaw-Joint Protector. You can really take a hit with it and not be affected as much, it seems like your wearing a brain pad and now we can breath through the mouth while clenching and fighting, it is a competitive advantage. We will incorporate the Protector in our catalog of top notch Muay Thai products, promoting safety and helping market this new technology throughout the world."

World San Shou Champion Cung Le and Owner / Chief Instructor of Cung Le Martial Arts Training Center says, "My team members adapted very quickly to the Protector, the breathing is great and when I take a hit with the Protector in, I can feel the impact being absorbed into the unit instead of sending the shock to my brain. It's also very comfortable. The Jaw-Joint Protector is a good safety product for our sport and all of my students. The breathing is enhanced so much while wearing the Protector that I am also going to recommend it for all of my Cardio Zone Kickboxing TM students to enhance their endurance and maximize their workouts."

UFC World Champion Frank Shamrock says, "I fitted myself in minutes and it's very comfortable. The breathing is great and when I wore it while doing my weight training, I felt stronger and saw my reps increase instantly. I do endorse the Jaw-Joint Protector and look forward to wearing it in my upcoming fights."

WIPSS is proud to announce that Fairtex Products in San Francisco, TC Media Inc. in Fremont CA. and RINGSIDE INC. will be distributing the Jaw-Joint Protector to competitors and practitioners of the Martial Arts around the world. The Protector is also endorsed by the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation, WBA, World Boxing Association, IFBA, International Female Boxing Association, National Dental Association, US Olympic Boxing Team, The Golden Gloves of America, IABA, International Amateur Boxing Association, CABA, Canadian Amateur Boxing Association, USA NKF National Karate Team, World Champion Tokey Hill, UFC Champ Maurice Smith, IBC Heavyweight Champ Mike Grant and many other sports organizations and professional athletes. If you or your organization is interested in reducing internal head injuries including concussions and knockouts while gaining the competitive advantage. Call WIPSS at 1-888-424-WIPSS - Contact: Joe Manzo- National Director or for their web site, click Jaw Joint Protector for the dealer or representative nearest you.

MONDAY, December 21st, 1998, AT 10:45 PM

Another "FIRST" For The Sport, Again.

OK... We may be rocking the boat a little here, but keep in mind that our intentions here are for the longevity and safety of kickboxers worldwide. This announcement is yet another First by the IKF towards a better future for the World of Kickboxing. After discussing the issue in question with IKF World Team Leaders and Leg Kick and Muay Thai experts Mike Miles of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Duke Roufus of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, the IKF is announcing a change of the round lengths on ALL IKF Sanctioned International Rules (Leg Kick) World Title Bouts. These bouts will now be 10 rounds instead of 12. WHY? Well no, it's not a major change, but it "WILL" make a difference. In fact, there was even discussion on cutting the leg kick titles to 5, 3 minute rounds, but Mr. Miles brought up a very important point about how such a drastic change would strongly effect a fighters strategy in a title bout. The main concern as we previously mentioned here is the fighters safety and longevity. For example, if one takes a moment to think about it, the PUNISHMENT from ANY bout with leg kicks "IS" the Leg Kicks. Leg kick fighters take "A LOT" more overall punishment on their entire body than a full contact fighter. Not saying one style of fighter is better or worse, tougher etc., just different. Fighters are able to fight more in Thailand for example because their bouts do not exceed 5 rounds in their Muay Thai Rules bouts. Sure, they include Knees and Elbows and are 3 minutes long, but the main punishment is from the leg kicks. Don't get us wrong, an Elbow or Knee to the face causes more damage than a foot or punch, but they also happen a lot less than the leg kicks. However, some time ago, some one thought it was a good idea to have 12 round leg kick bouts instead of the once 9 rounds. Well, the IKF wants to go back in time a bit. Here are the new Title Bout requirements for the IKF International Rules (Leg Kick) bouts. The amateur title bout round lengths will not change, only the Pro Title bouts.

Pro World Title Bouts: 10, 2 minute rounds, 1 Minute Rests.
Pro Intercontinental and Continental Title Bouts: 8, 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rests.
Pro National Title Bouts: 7, 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rests.
Pro Regional and State Title Bouts: 6, 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rests.

We welcome ANY comments in regards to this change and in fact we encourage them. Here's to the Future of Kickboxing...Cheers!

THURSDAY, December 18th, 1998, AT 12:40 AM

Results of Mattox's
IKF Illinois, USA...

IKF Promoter Mike Mattox made his promoting debut on Friday, December 11th, 1998 in Dixon, Illinois, USA. IKF Representative Dan Stell of Fairfield, CA, USA attended the event as Referee and IKF Representative along with assistant representative Craig Monyelle of Beloit Wisconsin, USA. Here are the bout results.

  1. Full Contact Rules
    Rick Boyler of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA
    defeated Andy Busch of Mulling, Illinois, USA by TKO in round 1. Referee Dan Stell stopped the bout.

  2. Full Contact Rules
    Bryan Helfrich of Dixon, Illinois, USA
    defeated David Froeber of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA by TKO in round 3. Froeber quit.

  3. International Rules
    Brett Heair of Mulling, Illinois, USA
    defeated Scott Martin of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27.

  4. Full Contact Rules
    Rachel Thomas, of Beloit, Wisconsin, USA
    defeated Natalie Friel of Dixon, Illinois, USA by TKO in round 1. Friel quit.

  5. Muay Thai Rules
    Chris Weitz of Dubuque, Iowa, USA
    defeated Travis Rivieria of N/A by TKO in round 3. Referee Dan Stell stopped the bout.

Great Job Mr. Mattox and welcome to the IKF World TEAM as an official IKF Kickboxing Promoter! Everyone is already looking forward to your next event!

MONDAY, December 14th, 1998, AT 2:00 PM


Official Results and Times from The KICKBOXING RING REPORT SITE...

Round 1

  1. Bernardo TKO over Filho 3rd round at 1min. 35sec.
  2. Aerts TKO over Satake 1st round at 2mn. 40 sec.
  3. Greco TKO over Hoost 2nd round at end of round.
  4. Hug TKO over Sefo 2 rd 2min. 28 sec.

Round 2 - Semi Finals

  1. Aerts TKO over Bernardo 1st round at 2 min. 53 sec.
  2. Hug 2-0 decision over Greco

Final Round

Aerts KO over Hug in round 1 at 1min. 10 sec.

K-1 Grand Prix Finals History

  • 1993 Branco Cikatic def. Ernesto Hoost
  • 1994 Peter Aerts def. Masaaki Satake
  • 1995 Peter Aerts def. Jerome Le Banner
  • 1996 Andy Hug def. Mike Barnardo
  • 1997 Ernesto Hoost def. Andy Hug
  • 1998 Peter Aerts def. Andy Hug

Click HERE for all the news and Results...The KICKBOXING RING REPORT!!

MORE NEWS OF 12-14-98. . .



IKF Canadian promoter Mike Miles presented his last fight card of the 1998 year - Malice at the Palace 2 - "Holiday Bash" on Sunday December 13th, 1998. The event was chocked full of excellent bouts and featured five title bouts in one evening as well as a women's submission bout. The event was attended by 800 people. "I was surprised our attendance did this well, having the event in a night club that is frequented by people in their early twenties. The event was so close to Christmas and secondly, a lot of our regular audience is in the midst of finals at the University, etc. I was happy with the crowd we had! " said promoter Mike Miles.

The Main Event was Canada's Trevor "T.N.T." Smandych, defending one of his North American Welterweight Muay Thai Title against American challenger David Morrow. This was a very good bout that ended on a somewhat sour note. During the bout Morrow possessed a bob and weave style, not a smart style to have when fighting under Muay Thai rules. This was to prove to be Morrow's undoing. Smandych, controlled the bout from the beginning to the end of the third round in this scheduled five round fight. Smandych used a more traditional upright Muay Thai stance and picked off Morrow's attacks, and answered with solid kicks, knees, and punches. Being bruised from his last bout in November (a KO win over a Thai), Smandych kept trying to land his high round kicks to finish the bout. In round two, a solid kick attack followed by a knee hurt Morrow. This was followed by a blistering punch attack that forced the referee to intervene and deliver a standing eight count to Morrow. In round three, Morrow weaved low right into a high round kick attempt by Smandych and took a high shin on the temple area which created a large gash. At the end of the third round Morrow's corner protested claiming that the blow was an intentional knee to the head (no knees to the head were allowed in this bout). During the attack in question, Smandych did not have a hold on Morrow's head and did not pull Morrow into the knee. The officials called the blow and accidental knee. The fight doctor examined the cut and called the bout. This particular bout was for a WKA title, not an IKF title and following WKA rules, if an accidental foul stops a bout after the second round, the fight will then go to the score cards. (This is somewhat the same in the IKF) Smandych was declared the winner having won the first round, then scoring a 10-8 round in the second, and then winning the third round again. Morrow lodged a protest but the officials followed the rulebook and Smandych was awarded the bout and retained his title. This was a very exciting bout.

The Semi-Main Event of the evening featured up and coming Canadian Sokhim "Machine" Or against American Joe Sarkissian for the IKF North American Welterweight Muay Thai Title. Sarkissian came out real fast in round one and Or walked through the attacks and answered back with an impressive array of punches followed by kicks. A third of the way into the round, Or walked through Sarkissian's attacks and answered with some punishing blows giving Sarkissian his first knockdown. Sarkissian quickly realized he had a war on his hands and he rushed in at the Or but Or counterpunched and forced Sarkissian back to the ropes. Or then delivered a beautiful left frontal knee to Sarkissian who went down and decided he had had enough of the bout and could not continue. Or won the title for his effort and also won the Best In Town Fighter Award.

Calgary, Alberta Canada's Jason Fenton squared off in the ring with California, USA's Scott Thorsen. This proved to be a very exciting bout with the momentum changing back and forth throughout the five rounds of Kickboxing rules (allowing leg kicks). Fenton proved to be the more effective kicker of the two while Thorsen relied heavily on his hands to try and win the bout. There were several knockdowns during this bout but all from taking out the opponent's legs. Neither athlete went down from blows to the head. Fenton's kicking prowess would be greeted by cheers from the audience every time he kicked but the majority of his kicks were bouncing off of forearms. Thorsen would force Fenton to the ropes and work the hands, but the majority of the punches would glance off of forearms as well. There would be surprises during the bout with Fenton suddenly tattooing Thorsen off of the ropes with his hands and Thorsen suddenly delivering jumping back kicks at Fenton from close range. The bout was close in the scoring department with Thorsen winning by a split decision for forcing the fight. Thorsen also won the trophy for "Best Out of Town Fighter".

IKF Intercontinental Welterweight Kickboxing Champion Trevor Desjarlais from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, stepped up a division and put his hat in the ring for the vacant IKF North American Superwelterweight Kickboxing Title. His opponent was California, USA's Jacob Salas. Salas started the fight using his height and reach advantage to that, his advantage. Long punches and kicks, followed by lateral movement and slipping had Desjarlais catching a lot of air with his blows. At the end of the first round surprisingly Salas was looking tired. In the second Salas took a few heavy body shots that obviously hurt him and the dance seemed to disappear from his legs. To compensate he started relying more on holding. In the third of the scheduled five rounds, Desjarlais turned on the pressure and started landing some brutal round kicks to the body which hurt Salas. They were followed with some exceptional body punches that finally forced Salas to quit and not continue. Desjarlais won the vacant IKF title by TKO.

The final title bout of the evening was for the vacant WKA Super Middleweight Muay Thai Title. The belt was contested for by Calgary's Gord Anderson and Steinbach's Sioudom Pathammavong. Anderson was under the weight limit but this did not matter. Eastern Canadian Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champion Pathammavong, could not deal with Anderson's variety of attacks and in the middle of the second round took a knee to the belly that put him to the canvas. Anderson walked away with the belt with a second round TKO.

The submission bout of the event featured two women in a grudge match with a big difference in weight. Calgary's Sheila Bradish weighed in at 135 lbs. and she squared off with Edmonton's Val Prente who tipped the scales at 190 lbs. Initially Prente started the bout in better position relying on her weight advantage. About a minute into the round Bradish turned the tide and worked from the guard position to the top position. Suddenly and quickly Bradish took hold of Prente's hand and made her tap out due to a very painful arm bar.

The undercard was rounded out with the following:

  1. Calgary's Yuki Tatsuno won an unanimous decision over Manitoba's Gilbert Mange in their Welterweight Kickboxing bout which was contested over 3 rounds.
  2. Calgary's Kerry Dell won an unanimous decision over Manitoba's Nick Penner in their 3 round non-title Cruiserweight Muay Thai bout. Penner was strong in the clinch but Dell kept the pressure on the outside forcing the win.
  3. Calgary's Jason Taylor came on a little too late (in the third round of the scheduled three), and lost a split decision to American Adam Garcia.

For more info on this event, contact Mr. Mike Miles at (403) 244-8424 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

FRIDAY, December 11th, 1998, AT 4:15 AM

Regan Wins By KO...
What's New...!!!

Jongsanan Wins IKF North American
While Spaid Defends IKF U.S.

Ramos Wins IKF California Title
While Freeman's Title is Questioned...

A day before the event at the press conference for the Regan vs Hagins bout, respectful and polite Eric Regan of Citrus Heights California, USA (16-0 with 10 KO's) smiled at the camera and just said he looks forward to getting in the ring again and be able to kick someone. "I just like to Kick" said Regan who also does a little boxing to keep busy as well. He finished his interview with only kind and respectful words for his opponent, Cecil Hagins of Albq. New Mexico, USA (18-6 with 14 KO's) . when it was Hagins turn to talk, the tide turned. Hagins said he was going to get inside and "POUND" Regan's ribs. When asked by the press if Regan's 6'4" frame of a 163 lb fighter worried him any, Hagins answered, "It's just more body to hit, and I came here to bang! He's never been hit by someone like me before!" With some other smack talkin one liners that were great for the pre fight build-up, Hagins convinced the press of his confidence to simply walk through Regan and surprise the hometown crowd. However those of us who know "Mr. Regan" have heard these words MANY TIMES before and once again as they say in the fight game, "Talk only goes so far!"

On Wednesday night, December 9th at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, CA, USA, IKF North American Champion Eric "The Hitman" Regan jabbed, smacked, cracked, battered, tattered, razzled and dazzled ( Gee, what other words can we use....There aren't enough...) punched, kicked and simply did a home town professional thrashing of Hagins. Regan walked through the standing room only crowd, coming straight up to Hagins in the ring and SLAMMIN his gloves to Hagins. Once in those ropes, as we have said before, Regan becomes A DIFFERENT PERSON! He is "IN THE ZONE!" He than aknowledged the hometown "SELLOUT" crowd of over a 1,000 as he danced around the ring. Heck, from the looks of it, one would have thought Dennis Alexio was in back in Sacramento again like last May. But no Alexio was needed on this night. Tonight it was "MASTER REGAN'S HOUSE!

From the moment of the opening bell, Regan put his foot SQUARE on Hagins chest, than in his face and back in his chest and again and again... Regan had thrown every kick in the book before Hagins was ready to answer back. When the bell ended round 1, Regan had thrown a total of 29 kicks in the 2 minute round to Hagins 11. He had jabbed Hagins so many times that even if Hagins wanted to get inside, Regan made him pay big. Once inside, Hagins POUNDED and Regan smiled...Heck, maybe Regan doesn't have any ribs to break...

As round 2 started, Regan introduced Hagins to his "OTHER" weapon... Regan's RIGHT HAND! with a lead jab followed by the right hand, Regan wouldn't just punch when he controlled Hagins, he followed every 2 punches with another kick and than 2-3 more punches. Than enter another weapon...The HOOK and DOWN WENT HAGINS! As he stood for his count, blood seemed to cover his face as he looked to his corner and shrugged his shoulders as if to saw "What can I do??" A look MANY Regan opponents give once they are in "REGAN'S OFFICE!" When round 2 was over, the damage was obvious. Regan had thrown 19 kicks to Hagins "2".

When round 3 came, Hagins had no idea what to try next. Confused and obviously hurt, Hagins wasn't where he wanted to be. At the 1:45 mark, referee Dan Stell stepped in and called the bout off. He could of called it earlier but he wanted to give Hagins every chance he could so no one would question it. There was NO QUESTION about this stop. Before the stop, Regan had twice as many kicks as Hagins. No title was on the line in this fight since it was only scheduled for 6 rounds but it was clear to the IKF that Regan is clearly a WORLD TITLE Contender. We believe he doesn't need to wait any longer for his World Title shot. It will again depend on his trainer, Nasser Niavaroni. Niavaroni ( IKF Trainer of the year in 1996 ) has taken his time with Regan and made all the right moves. Together they are the "One-Two Punch" Kickboxing Needs. And hey...Whoever said full contact, above the waist rules was dead has NOT seen a fighter like Eric Regan perform. There's never a moment of silence in a Regan bout from the opening bell! If anyone plans to meet him in the ring, expect to have a full schedule from the opening bell on. Gee, where do you suppose he got that from.....Maybe a friend named Alexio....GREAT FIGHT ERIC!

OK, OK, yes there were other bouts as well. So lets get to them. For you Muay Thai fans, Niavaroni's card had the best for you as well. Strong handed, and strong headed, Fernando Calleros of Albq. New Mexico, USA (28-7 with 16 KO's) faced off against Jongsanan Fairtex of San Francisco's FAIRTEX camp (Over 200 bouts) for the IKF North American Welterweight Pro Muay Thai Title. Calleros came out active and strong in rounds 1 & 2 as Jongsanan started slow like many skilled Muay Thai fighters as Calleros won both rounds 1 & 2, 10-9 and 10-9 on all 3 judges cards. as round 3 unfolded though, Calleros begin to slow down. He threw less punches and kicks and as the last minute of the round unfolded (3 minute Muay Thai rounds) Jongsanan threw several strong ending flurries which won the judges over. Jongsanan won round 3, 10-9 on all the judges cards. In round 4, Jongsanan begin to take control. A strong kick to Calleros chest forced a delayed reaction out of him and he took a knee on his own forcing a standing 8 count by referee Jon D. Schorle II. (Schorle was the FIRST Ever, Officially Certified IKF Judge back in 1992) . As round 4 ended, Jongsanan was up by 1 point on 2 of the cards while one judge had them even only scoring round 4, 10-9 Jongsanan instead of 10-8. Although un-eventful as far as dominating combinations etc., round 5 proved to be the winner as Jongsanan just stayed busy and took the victory by unanimous decision, 48-46, 48-46 and 48-47. Jongsanan won the vacant IKF North American Welterweight Pro Muay Thai Title.

Back in May, IKF U.S. Amateur Light Welterweight Champion Brett "Lionking" Spaid of Roseville, CA, USA (10-1 with 6 KO's) faced off against a strong and fast Tawn Saephan of Roseville, CA, USA (4-3 with no KO's). It was a cross town grudge match that some thought wouldn't be much of a fight. But Saephan came to bang and Spaid found himself on the mat from a right hand out of nowhere late in the bout that cut his cheek bad. Spaid needing to reach down inside and pull out that Lionking Heart he has and add some Lionking Power before he finally stopped Saephan at 1:12 of the 5th and final round to retain his title. When the smoke cleared, yes Spaid won, but everyone remembered that this was a WAR! So what's the best thing for a promotion? Bring the WAR back to town!

It was a new Saephan this time as he came out with flashy kicks stronger and faster punches. This cross town rivalry was again, a WAR as promised! After 2, Saephan led on all 3 judges cards 20-18 but round 3 proved to be the turning point. Spaid once again found the Lion inside and it begin to roar. Not loud and not by domination, but enough to control his space. Spaid was finally putting his combinations together and turned the tide. At the end of 4 it was all tied up at 38 each. As round 5 unfolded, Spaid looked like a fighter wanting to go 7 more! His combinations were strong and fast as Saephan begin to slow down a bit. But Saephan kept in the game and both continued to go toe to toe. In the end, the judges gave it to Spaid. These 2 could fight ten more times and we could see Saephan winning half. These two were that evenly matched. Spaid retains his IKF Amateur Light Welterweight Title once again. This bout will be nominated with several others as IKF Amateur bout of the year.

We surly hope Saephan doesn't get discouraged after his 3rd loss in a row. Why? Well, he hasn't been fighting beginners fight fans. Spaid back in May, and a close majority decision loss to IKF Super Lightweight Amateur Champion Billy Beach (7-0 with 2 KO's) in Oregon on November 7th, of this year, 46-46, 48-46 and 48-47 and now again to Spaid. Saephan is a FAR better fighter than his record shows. (4-2) We hope to see him back soon, maybe against an opponent closer to his record... but were sure to eventually see another war... Maybe another shot at"THE LIONKING"! WOW did these two BANG!

In other amateur action, Armando Ramos of San Francisco, CA, USA -Fairtex- defeated IKF California Featherweight Amateur Champion, Vantha Chhim of Modesto, CA, USA (6-2) to win the IKF California Super Lightweight Amateur Title by unanimous decision. Ramos is still awaiting an official IKF Review Decision on his last bout with Shawn Yacoubian when the decision was questionable. The fight was in Oregon on November 7th for the IKF Super Lightweight Amateur West Coast Title. At the event Yacoubian was declaired the winner by unanimous decision. Judge Shawn Silva scored it 48-45. Judge Jason Elliot scored it 49-44 and judge/referee Dan Stell scored it 48-46. In question are the scoring of knockdowns in round 1 and the technique in which was scored by the judges. The "OFFICIAL" decision of this bout should be known before Christmas.

Controversy arose between fighters Darren Freeman of Susanville, CA, USA and Fairtex' Kazushi Nishida of San Francisco, CA, USA. It appeared that Freeman was told by matchmaker Niavaroni that he was fighting a 3 round leg kick bout. However, Nishida said they were told a 5 round Muay thai bout for a title. Hmmm. The IKF was going to scratch the bout rather than have either fighter fight a fight they weren't prepared for. In good sportsmanship, Fairtex' Alex Gong agreed to just go ahead with the bout as a leg kick bout but still 5 rounds. Freeman's corner agreed and the bout went the distance with Freeman winning a Split decision, 48-45, 47-46 and 46-47. However, the IKF is not quick to announce Freeman as the winner and title holder just yet. Nishida came prepared to fight with knees and to any Muay Thai fighter, if you take away the knees, you take away an important weapon. In question is some locker room discussion AFTER the bout where it was rumored that Freeman had previously said yes to a knee fight but changed his mind. In Freemens defense though, the IKF has yet to speak with Nishida's camp, Freeman or matchmaker and promoter Nasser Niavaroni. If this is true though, the bout will be ruled a "No Contest" and a re-match will be set. We'll let you know the results soon.

Rounding out the night were 8 FANTASTIC undercard bouts. Here they are in order of the event.

First time fighter Katie Ear from Fairtex, San Francisco, CA, USA was too light (108 lbs.) to meet up with Angela Rivera (2-1, 115 lbs.) of Phelan, CA, USA so they both did an exhibition. But WOW! What an exhibition! At the end, both girls had ROCKED with GREAT Muay Thai style fighting! Women Muay Thai? YES! Woman's Muay Thai. The IKF respected their match so much that both were officially ranked into the IKF Woman's Amateur Muay Thai Rankings.

Mike Marinoble (2-0, 1 KO) of Roseville, CA, USA has had the same problem as his 3 time IKF National Amateur Champion Dave Marinoble. It seems over the last year, every time a fight has been scheduled, his opponents have backed out. Some on the day of the event. So Mike said "YES" to promoter/matchmaker Nasser Niavaroni knowing NOTHING about undefeated Dewey Cooper (4-0, 3 KO's) of Las Vegas Nevada, USA. The IKF had only seen him fight once in Bakersfield but the fight didn't go long enough for anyone to see just how good Cooper was as he stopped a less experienced Rich Bowen (0-2) in the second round back on March 14th of this year. With dreadlocks like that of Shannon Briggs and a chiselled look like him as well, Cooper entered the ring at 191 lbs. Marinoble a bit shorter and a bit smaller at 189 knew he had a tough time at the office on this night. Some thought the more experienced Cooper would dispose of Marinoble quick but Marinoble had another weapon needed in the ring of battle..."HEART!" Marinoble stayed strong taking everything Cooper had. After a shaky round 1 where Marinoble was knocked down, Cooper couldn't put him down again. Marinoble fired back with all he had but Coopers strength and experience made the difference. Cooper combined a strong upper body attack followed by some strong and powerful kicks as he won a unanimous decision 30-26 on all 3 judges cards. Hopefully Mike will get a closer match the next time out, and as far as Cooper? Well Dewey, that IKF Amateur Cruiserweight Title is still vacant..... Great fight guys.

As baseball great and the nights celebrity guest MC/Ring Announcer Steve Sax (Las Angeles Dodgers, etc) looked at the announcer card, he hesitated with the name...Yes Steve... "Paul Bunyan..." at 6'4" tall and 196 lbs, Paul Bunyan of Bakersfield, CA, USA brought his AX to the fights to face off against Carter Williams of Modesto, CA, USA who stood an even 6' but weighed in at 215 lbs. On this night though, Bunyan would need his ax in the final round to make things even as Williams dominated round 1 and the judges were mixed on round 2. It took a Paul Bunyan knockdown of a tired and winded Williams in round 3 to keep it even as these two finished with a "Majority Draw" decision, 29-28, 28-28 and 28-28.

Under trainer Nasser Niavaroni, Jessica Ellis Nobles of Roseville, CA, USA is undefeated at 3-0 as a full contact fighter. But if her fight with Marlow McCray (2-2) of Melchor Manor's House of Thunder in San Diego CA, USA would have went 1 more round, she might have felt her first loss. Nobles DOMINATED rounds 1 and 2 with strong punches and kicks but very few leg kicks while for some reason, McCray also stayed away from leg kicking. But in round 3, McCray started blasting Nobles legs over and over. Nobles just wouldn't pick up her leg to block McCray's kicks. McCray finished round 3 with about 10-15 straight leg kicks to Nobles legs but Nobles stood firm. It's a good thing there wasn't a round 4 because obviously McCray found a weak spot in the otherwise SPOTLESS defense of Nobles we have seen in the past. Were not sure what made her want to do a leg kick fight but if she plans to do any again, she better start picking up that leg. Nobles is a GREAT Full Contact Rules fighter but those leg kicks are no fun and games. Nobles took the bout by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards with Nobles winning rounds 1 & 2 and McCray round 3.

They seem to always call Mr. Adam Rogers of Seaside, CA, USA the old man... Hmmm... Well, we saw nothing old about the 35 year old work horse on this night. Although Rogers (4-2 with 2 KO's) was told by the matchmaker he was fighting a full contact above the waist rules bout, his opponent, Eddie Salas of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA was told it was a leg kick bout. Rogers had no problem with that upon being informed of it in the ring. Off came the foot pads and he was ready for leg kicks. Rogers kept the pressure on Salas (4-2 with 4 KO's and 20 years old) despite Salas grabbing and holding his leg over and over again. Rogers went on to win by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Old at 35...? Come on...Adam is just starting to live!

Closing out the nights bouts we bring you the results of diet, nutrition, exercise, physical fitness training, weightlifting and on and on, enter the new IRON MAN at 156 lbs,

Domonic "The DOMINATOR" Robles!!!

When Robles first fought for the IKF and actually his first kickboxing bout ever, he was 172 lbs and won a split decision against a Jerico Lane in Redding CA, USA. In April of the same year, again in Redding, Robles faced Adam Ament and again, won a split decision weighing in at 175 lbs. A month later in Sacramento, CA, USA, Robles fought Lane again in a rematch this time winning by majority decision. He weighed in at 176 lbs. In November of 1996 it was back to Redding again and Robles faced Pete Garcia. Robles weighed in at 172 lbs and won again, by split decision. In July of 1997, Robles now 4-0 faced off against Dave Holeman. Robles, at a smaller 167 lbs won again by guess what... A SPLIT Decision. By now your thinking this story is about "MR. SPLIT DECISION, Dominick Robles..." Although it would make a good story, that's not where were going with this...

After a couple of fights away from the IKF and his first 2 loses, Robles was back on an IKF event with a 5-2 record. But here is where the story is going. Robles entered the ring Wednesday night at as lean and mean, ripped 156 lbs! Let him speak for the fitness benefits of kickboxing. Robles won't tell us how he did it, but if he wrote a book on it, it would probably be a best seller after Wednesday's performance in the ring. Why? Well, Robles was done with fighting beginners, Robles and trainer Nasser Niavaroni went for the top of the list on this night facing off against 2 time IKF Champion "MAGIC" Juan Escobar of Watsonville, CA, USA. Escobar entered the ring with a 8-1 record and 5 KO's. Escobar weighed in at 152 lbs but he could have been 253 lbs on this night andIronman Robles wouldn't have minded. From the opening bell, Robles shredded through Escobar's defense and stunned EVERYONE! Escobar was the one who was use to ripping through everyone not Mr. Split Decision Robles... Escobar had been ripping through everyone on his way to winning 2 IKF titles. The IKF West Coast Super Welterweight International Rules (Leg Kick) Title and the IKF International Rules United States Welterweight Title. Robles smashed Escobar's nose so much in round 1, the ringside physician had considered stopping it from all the blood, but a closer look assured it was a very bad bloody nose. Although Robles had trouble in the kicking department, he did manage to get his kicks in, in all three rounds. It wasn't until the final round that Robles let it all hang out. Escobar won the kick war each round, 8-6, 13-7 and 12-11 but Robles hand combinations were enough to do the damage and get the judges attention. Robles was VERY STRONG at this weight and if Escobar hadn't of been the great fighter he is, Robles looked like he could have put anyone away in the first round. However Escobar held on and never went down as he lasted the distance. In the end, Escobar suffered only his second loss. It was a non title bout so no titles were exchanged, but Robles has made it clear that he is now ready for his shot at an IKF title! He can go on to say he beat the 2 time Champion by guess what...... a UNANIMOUS DECISION, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Great job DOMINATOR! No, no, not in the fight, but in not having another split decision...just kidding. So Dominator! What's your secret...? We all need to lose a few pounds. It's time to let us all in on the DOMINATOR DIET! The best way to becoming a lean and mean DOMINATOR MACHINE!

Great job done by the Niavaroni/Sax Promotional Team once again and the Radisson for the great set-up. We all hope to be back in March so get ready everyone... Time to Pack the house again in Sacramento!

Event Judges: Susan Thomas Gitlan and Richard Flynn
Event Referees: Alternating at Judges: Jon D. Schorle II and Dan Stell
Physicians: Dr. Vanburean Lemons and Dr. Randy Martin.
Timekeeper: Stan Gordon.

MORE NEWS OF 12-11-98. . .

REVISED 12-10-98

Rick Roufus vs Stan Longinidis!

As if the Don "The Dragon" Wilson vs Dick "The Destroyer" Kimber title fight wasn't enough to force you to tune in April 10th, 1999, now we can confirm that Rick "The Jet" Roufus will meet Stan "The Man" Longinidis. Roufus will defend his IKF Pro IR Heavyweight Title. Apparently, talks with Dennis Alexio stalled even though it was rumored that Alexio was offered $150,000.00 for the match which would have been Alexio's biggest payday ever. Apparently Alexio said no due to terms of the event, NOT the money and NOT the opponent. It seems that Alexio didn't want to be a co-main event and well, who can blame him. We would think the reasons would be obvious.

The event is scheduled for Tsongas Arena in Lowell Massachusetts, USA and will be promoted by Revolution Productions. for more info, you can contact Rick Broider at Revolution Productions at 781-592-9063. Along with the 4 above, several other fighters are scheduled to meet on various events to determine who will fight for the Vacant IKF World Super Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Title. They include Kevin Rosier, Mike Labree, Anthony Elmore, Grant Barker, Dennis Lane, Derek Panza, Chris Ballard, Stewert Green, Jim Mullen and possibly others to be determined.

WEDNESDAY, December 9th, 1998, AT 12:30 AM

Mike Miles Ready For

IKF promoter Mike Miles will put a close to his "Dynamic" 1998 Kickboxing Promotion Schedule as he promotes his 6th IKF event of 1998 in Calgary, Alberta Canada Sunday night, December 13th. The event entitled, MALICE At The PALACE # 2 will feature 2 IKF Title bouts and an exciting undercard. Here are the title bouts;

Fighting for the IKF North American Amateur Super Welterweight International Rules Kickboxing Title will be Trevor Desjarlais (11-4-1) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada facing off againstJacob Salas, 12-2 with 8 KO's from Courtland, CA, USA. For the IKF North American Amateur Welterweight Muay Thai Rules Title, Sokhim Or, 6-1 with 4 KO's, of Calgary Alberta Canada will face off against Joe Sarkissian of Los Angeles, CA, USA. For more info on this event, contact Mr. Mike Miles at (403) 244-8424 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-98. . .

Mike Mattox
Ready for IKF Illinois

IKF Promoter Mike Mattox is all set to kick off his IKF debut event on Saturday night, December 12th. Although Mattox has promoted martial arts events before, this will be his first kickboxing event. Assisting Mattox will be IKF associate Rob Zbilski of Buffalo Grove Illinois. The event will be held at the Dixon VFW on Route 38 in Dixon Illinois, USA. IKF co-founder Dan Stell of Fairfield, CA, USA will be the event referee and co IKF representative with IKF associate Craig Monyelle of Beloit Wisconsin USA. For more info on the event, please contact Mr. Mike Mattox at (815) 288-4998 or you can Fax Mr. Mattox at (815) 562-9014.

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-98. . .

Moving On to Pro Ranks

With an undefeated amateur record of 12-0-2 with 5 knockouts, Roseville, California, USA's Dave Marinoble, 5'11", 166 lbs and 29 years old has made the official decision to turn Professional. Marinoble won 3 IKF United States titles in the Light Middle, Middle and Super Middleweight divisions. Marinoble simply got frustrated with no one left to fight as an amateur, and those who he was scheduled to fight, kept backing out all the time.

Marinoble announced his decision today at the Press Conference of the Regan vs Hagins IKF Intercontinental Title Bout to be held tonight at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, CA, USA. On the same card, Marinoble will corner for brother Mike Marinoble against Dewey Cooper of Las Vegas and Marinobles student Tawn Saephan when he faces champion Brett Spaid as Spaid defends his IKF U. S. Amateur Light Welterweight title. Marinoble will stay in the Middleweight Division and hopes to be more active worldwide. You can now find Marinoble in the IKF Pro World Full Contact Rules Middleweight Division by clicking HERE

TUESDAY, December 8th, 1998, AT 6:00 AM

Duke Roufus
Wins IKF World Title
While Kostuck Edges Sakasem...Again.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
IKF Promoter Duke Roufus packed the Eagles Club Ballroom in Milwaukee with an attendance of over 3,000. He then pleased the sellout crowd by winning the IKF Muay Thai Super Heavyweight World Title over Hirawa TeRangi of Auckland, New Zealand. It was a great end to a very successful year for Team Roufus and IKF Team Wisconsin. Roufus hosted 6 IKF sanctioned events in 1998 and has more than that planned for 1999. Team Roufus & Phetnoi Gym made it obvious that Milwaukee is the Heart of Muay Thai in the USA.

Roufus, modest as usual refused to take center stage as the main event vowing to give his own up and coming fighters the headline position. Roufus was fight number 5 on a night of 8 bouts. However it was clear that the majority of the crowd was there for "The Duke!"Roufus (219, 31-4-1 with 22 KO's) defeated TeRangi (219, 27-6 with 12 KO's) by unanimous decision 50-43 on all 3 judges cards. He knocked TeRangi down with a head kick in round 1 and forced another standing 8 on TeRangi in round 4. Roufus had commented before the bout that a past injury to his right hand forced him to ease up on throwing the big punch. It showed clearly that Roufus had no desire to knock TeRangi out, only get in some good skill work. TeRangi used the ropes cleverly to lean away from Roufus' attack nearly every time. Frustrated by TeRangi's defense, Roufus went over the ropes after him and both almost fell to the judges table several times. TeRangi had flew to Australia to train and spar with Robert Wilesmith's group several weeks before the fight since he had no sparring partners in New Zealand. WKA Cruiserweight World Champion Grant Barker of Australia came as TeRangi's cornerman since Wilesmith had prior commitments. Although elusive, TeRangi never seemed to press Roufus who wanted to fight more of a counter fight but was never given the opportunity. With strong kicks and a great left jab that woke TeRangi up several times, Roufus seemed to be doing all the attacking. TeRangi however kept the crowd alive as he smiled after many of Roufus' blows. When the fight was over, both fighters appeared they could go 5 more rounds. However at the end of round 5, Roufus had pulled a hamstring that he felt later in the night. It was a good bout for Roufus who hasn't fought for some time.

The Duke is now ready to take on any and all challengers in a defense. That is, if anyone is willing to pay him what he's worth which seems to be the problem in kickboxing today. Very few champions get paid their worth. Roufus was over looked in K-1 USA this last year. Who knows, maybe he will get another K-1 shot soon. Looking back on his career, he KOed Stan "The Man" Longinidis at the Foxwood Casino in Conn. USA, in the first round. Back on November 17th, 1995 he had a shot at Curtis Schuster's ISKA World Title at the La Nuit Des Champions II at the Palais Des Sports in Marseille, France. However he lost to Schuster by 5 round decision.

Schuster KOed Jean Claude Leuyer in this years K-1 USA but couldn't continue against Rick Roufus due to a knee injury giving Rick the win. Rick who currently holds the IKF International Rules Heavyweight World Title went on to represent USA in the K-1 Japan. Unfortinatly, he lost to Franscisco Filho of Brazil by leg kick KO, 15 seconds into the second round in the first round of the tournament. But lets just set the record straight. Whether talking about Duke or Rick, the ROUFUS name means WINNERS and CHAMPIONS!!

The Main Event was clearly the fight of the night featuring the long awaited rematch between the IKF Intercontinental Junior Welterweight Champion Richard Kostuck with 19 wins, 4 loses with 9 KO's of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA against 40 year old ledgend, Sakasem Kanthawong with *43 wins, 10 loses, 1 draw and 33 KO's of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA via Thailand. (*We believe this record should include a lot more bouts, but this was what Sakasem told us back in May of this year.) Kostuck won the title with a close victory over Sakasem back on May 30th, 98, winning by unanimous decision, 50-46, 50-46 & 48-47. However in their last meeting and clearly not this one either, Sakasem never looked 40 years old during either bout. Fighting like a fresh 20 year old he fought toe to toe with the younger Kostuck, 27. Both fighters went back and forth on exchanges of hands, kicks and knees. Every time Sakasem seemed to get Kostuck in trouble, Kostuck hung on tough and fought back strong. On all 3 judges cards, Kostuck won rounds 1, 3 & 5, 10-9 while they split round 2 in which 2 judges saw it for Kostuck, 1 for Sakasem. In round 4, all 3 judges scored it to Sakasem 10-9. In our opinion, it could have easily been a draw but if a winner had to be picked, Kostuck would get the nod as he stayed busier during 4 of the 5 rounds. When Sakasem fired strong, they were flurries that Kostuck answered back quickly to each time. As the judges saw it, round 4 was Sakasem's as Kostuck got himself into trouble early, getting dazed by one of Sakasem strong and fast hand combinations. Kostuck spent the entire 4th round eluding Sakasem and trying to regain composure until the bell ended the round. From the start of round 5, both came out firing but Kostuck had rested well on the break and always seemed to finish each of the heated exchanges between the two. Kostuck retained his title with a unanimous victory, 49-46, 48-47 and 49-46. However, let it be known that at 40 years old, Sakasem is STILL one of the BEST Muay Thai fighters in the world today. Could we see these two face off for a third match? Sakasem is not only a champion fighter in the ring but a respected individual out of the ring as well. Liked by MANY who have had the opportunity to meet him in person. Kostuck too is a great roll model for Muay Thai and the sport of kickboxing. Which makes everyone now believe more and more and say about this Kostuck guy, (who by the way is a full time grade school teacher).. That Hey...THIS KOSTUCK GUY IS FOR REAL!... As if there was any doubt ..... Great fight Rich!

The undercard featured some mis-matches but not to the fault of the matchmaker. Seems several "BOXERS" in Milwaukee challenged several of Roufus' Thai fighters claiming they could take them out with their boxing skills. Well boxers, let what happened in Milwaukee Wisconsin be a lesson to you...Roufus' Brad Fowler(4-0 with 4 KO's) took apart Harold Johnson ( 8-10 with 6 KO's) by first round KO. Than Roufus' Paul Svehlek ( 13-1 with 10 KO's) introduced several knee strikes to John Davis (58-5 in boxing) before knocking him out with a knee to the chest followed by a quick knee to the face at 42 seconds into round 1. Than as if that wasn't enough, seasoned boxer Donnie Pendleton with over 200 boxing matches to his credit lasted a whole 17 seconds into round 1 as IKF Pro World Junior Middleweight Muay Thai Champion Kongnapa (Over 180 Thai fights) landed 1 leg kick..."1" and that was it...Heck, his pre fight Muay Thai Dance was longer than the fight... Again... let this be a lesson to you boxers... Those legs and knees can hurt...

Keeping pace with USA Amateur boxing was an IKF Junior Division bout between 2, 8 year olds. Al Warren of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA out pointed Sam West of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for his first win.The IKF Junior Division bouts are 3, 1 minute rounds and fighters wear full protection. Headgear, shin pads along with of course, gloves, groin cups and mouth pieces. Check out the Junior Division by clicking HERE

Heavyweight Muay Thai fighter Mark Vinesbright of Indianapolis Indiana, USA entered the ring chiselled like a video game warrior fighter showing more muscle rips and curves than The Hulk. However, his 6-0 record was erased by Jason Johnson of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA as he lasted Vinesbright's strong round 1 attack. Vinesbright won round 1 on all 3 judges cards 10-9. However in round 2, Johnson pressed the fight scoring with several "STRONG" knees to Vinesbright's face and chest. His attack forced a standing 8 count to Vinesbright who seemed winded from the attack of Johnson. Johnson moved ahead on the score cards from the 8 count as he won round 2. Vinesbright lost his wind early in round 3 and eventually, referee Al Wickers made the right decision and stopped the bout at 1:11 of round 3. Johnson moved to 2-0 while Vinesbright dropped to 6-1.

Rounding out the bouts of the night, Roufus' Vin Bounnanong (8-2) lost a unanimous decision to Tom Carpenter (6-3) of Minneapolis Minnesota, 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28.

After the event, Roufus, as always, hosted an all expenses paid after hours party where we, again as always, get to know everyone on a more personable note. It was here that we got to know Grant Barker and Hirawa TeRangi a little better. We found out once again that there are NO STRANGERS to the IKF. Only friends we have never met. These two are "CLASS ACTS" and we are sure to continue working with them both as things come up for them with the IKF. It also seems that TeRangi will be hosting some IKF Kickboxing events next year in New Zealand as well as Robert Wilesmiths 1999 IKF events in Australia. We look forward to the visit and once again, seeing our new IKF World Team Members from the great land down under... For more info on upcoming Team Roufus Kickboxing events click HERE Or, contact Milwaukee Kickboxing & Fitness at (414) 319-1151.

MORE NEWS OF 12-8-98. . .

Regan Featured on
Niavaroni's Sacramento, CA, USA
IKF Event.

Wednesday night, December 9th at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, CA, USA, IKF promoter Nasser Niavaroni will host 3 great IKF Title Bouts and a strong undercard. The well known IKF North American Full Contact Rules Champion Eric Regan of Citrus Heights, California, USA will be fighting for the vacant IKF Intercontinental Pro Middleweight Title against Cecil Hagins of Albq. New Mexico. Also Jongsanong Fairtex of San Francisco CA, USA will meet Fernando Calleros of Albq. New Mexico, USA for the vacant IKF Pro Muay Thai Intercontinental Junior Middleweight Title. In an amateur title bout, IKF U.S. Light Welterweight Full Contact Rules Champion Brett Spaid of Roseville, California, USA will defend his title against local challenger, Tawn Saephan also of Roseville, California, USA in a local grudge match. There may also be 2 other title matches on this event. Watch for more news Tonight... Press conference is at 1:00 PM at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento today. The weigh-ins are 11:AM also at the hotel, Wednesday morning. Event doors open at 6:30, bouts start at 7:PM. Main event at 9:30 PM. For more info, contact Mr. Nasser Niavaroni at (916) 726-5425 or (916) 782-4757.

WEDNESDAY, December 3rd, 1998, AT 12:00 AM

Roufus & TeRangi
Ready For
IKF World Muay Thai Title Bout.

Jeff "Duke" Roufus of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and Hiriwa "Kiwi Destroyer" TeRangi of New Zealand are ready to meet in the ring at the Eagles Club Stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA for the vacant IKF World Super Heavyweight Muay Thai Title. Roufus, 30 wins 4 loses and 1 draw with 23 KO's has been extremely busy as the organizer of the event as well. TeRangi, 25 wins, 9 losses with 15 KO's trained in Australia with IKF associate Robert Wilesmith. However Wilesmith had other commitments and had to send top heavyweight fighter, Grant Barker , 41 wins,10 losses, 32 K/O's of Australia as TeRangi's cornerman.

The event will be on Friday night, December 4th and entitled, "Return To Glory". It will be the first bout for Roufus in over a year. RINGSIDE INC. will be the proud event sponsor supplying all the bout gloves and other equipment. RINGSIDE INC. Representative Joe Taylor will be in attendance. IKF President Steve Fossum will handle the promotion details to free up Roufus so he can concentrate on his bout. Fossum will also be the IKF Event Representative along with Joe Taylor from RINGSIDE INC. In addition to Roufus' bout, IKF PRO Intercontinental Jr. Welterweight Muay Thai Champion, Richard Kostuck of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (17-4 with 9 KO's) will defend his title in a re-match with Sakasem of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (43-8-1 with 33 KO's) For event ticket Info Contact Team Roufus & Phetnoi Gym at (414) 319-1151.

WEDNESDAY, December 2nd, 1998, AT 4:30 AM


So you want to know how things went in Europe over the weekend? Well lets just say... FANTASTIC... ! The IKF had planned to meet with another sanctioning organizarion to discuss co-sanctioning and the much needed in kickboxing, "Unification World Title Bouts". However, the other organization backed out of the meeting only a day or so prior, thinking the IKF would only USE them to promote the IKF organization. "It's really a shame" says IKF President Steve Fossum. "We had hoped to work together for the better of the sport. Instead we came away the sole winner out of it all. No, were not complaining. Why complain when you take out the competition if you could call it that?We're just shocked the other organization threw such a great opportunity away for them. We met with several top kickboxing people who will be working with the IKF in Europe, North America and abroad in 1999. Again, I just feel bad that the other organizations don't want to do Unification Title Bouts. It was a big win for the IKF and a Major Loss for the other organization and I don't even think they realize what they threw away. But they will soon enough. Oh well, know one can say we didn't at least try. But what a loss. A Very Major Loss!"

IKF Europe Representative Alby Bimpson of England has been promoting the IKF organization to a lot of top kickboxing people in the UK and abroad. Already, the IKF has over 30 promotions on the books for their 1999 Europe schedule, many of which have yet to be added to the IKF Upcoming Events page. That number will easily double if not triple by end of 1999. The IKF is predicting over 60 IKF Sanctioned Kickboxing events in Europe for 1999 and that's being conservative from the contacts they have made in Europe.

The IKF hopes to be working in various capacities in 1999 with such kickboxing names as John Blackledge, Steve Humphries, Stewert Green, Lisa Howard, Lisa Houghton, Richard Smith, Chris Ballard, Keith Nathan, Allan Crackin to go along with Bimpson, Chris Wright, Ronnie Green and Trevor Ambrose of England, Jan Cree of Scotland, Fernando Loio of Portugal, Thom Harinck of Holland, Gor Vardanian of Armenia. Not to mention their growth in Australia, Africa, South America and Asia. Keep watch of the IKF pages as the WORLD TEAM Continues to grow for the better of the sport. Keep this in thought...

"Great things can be accomplished for those who don't mind who gets the credit, and there is No "I" in TEAM."

Hang on tight IKF World Team! 1999 is already proving to be a DYNAMIC year for the IKF TEAM! Kickboxing is finally becoming organized WORLDWIDE! Not by individuals, but by a group of people who truly want to help the sport grow and improve. A group of people known as the IKF WORLD TEAM! Who will join next? Maybe you? The door is open and you're ALWAYS Welcome. We look forward to meeting more new friends for the IKF WORLD TEAM.

MORE NEWS OF 12-2-98. . .

World Champion
Johnny Davis

Kickboxing World Champion Johnny "Superfoot" Davis
has finally slowed down with his new business enough to send us an update for his kickboxing instruction page.
Click HERE to check it out.

FRIDAY, November 20th, 1998, AT 6:45 PM

Regional Divisions Announced

The IKF and Ringside Inc. are organizing the Official IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament. The National event will feature championship titles for fighters fighting in 2 different fighting styles. International (Leg Kick) rules and Full Contact (Above the Waist) Rules. Eight divisions will host Regional Championships and each winner in each weightclass will be invited to the US National Championship Tournament held in August, 1999. The IKF is still confirming promoters for tournaments in various divisions. If you are a promoter and wish to be a part of this first ever, TRUE National Kickboxing Championships, please e-mail the IKF. or contact the IKF World Headquarters at (916) 663-2467. IKF Promoters Duke Roufus and Rob Zbilski have already scheduled the date for their Central North Division Regional Tournament for April 17th. Here are the Regional Divisions and some of the promoters who have shown interest in promoting events in their regions.

  • Pacific North West Division:
    Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Northern California, Northern Nevada & Alaska.
    Possible Promoters: Tat Mau Wong, Nasser Niavaroni, Jack Gluck, Tim Stell & Billy Soksoda.

  • Pacific South West Division:
    Hawaii, Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico.
    Possible Promoters: Abe Belardo, Eric Nolan & Dennis Alexio (Hawaii)

  • Central North Division:
    North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan & Indiana.
    Possible Promoters: Duke Roufus, Rob Zbilski, Mick Doyle, Craig Monyelle, Ronnie Deleon & Mike Mattox.

  • Central Division:
    Colorado, Utah, Kansas & Missouri.
    Possible Promoters: TBA

  • Central South Division:
    Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi.
    Possible Promoters: Keith Cory & Mike Carlson.

  • South Eastern Division:
    Alabama, Florida, Georgia & South Carolina.
    Possible Promoters: Sean Whol, Caroline Mixon & Mike Carlson.

  • Eastern Central Division:
    Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware & Ohio.
    Possible Promoters: Jeff Mullen.

  • North Eastern Division:
    Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & Rhode Island.
    Possible Promoters: Vladimir Borodi & Rick Broider.

MORE NEWS OF 11-20-98. . .

More Big Names Added to
IKF Wilson - Kimber Event

Kevin Rosier vs Mike Labree? It seems confirmed that these two will fight for the vacant IKF World Super Heavyweight Full Contact Rules title on the Don "The Dragon" Wilson vs Dick "The Destroyer" Kimber event coming in April, 1999. All that may stop these two from meeting would be a loss in their preliminary bouts before the events. Rosier hopes to face Anthony Elmore sometime in January and LaBree's preliminary opponent has yet to be named. The winners of the paliminary bouts will meet on the Wilson-Kimber event in April 10th, 1999 in Massachuttes, USA. The PPV event also plans to feature Rick Roufus as well. There were plans to have Rick meet Dennis Alexio but this meeting doesn't seem likely. According to sources, Alexio wants more than the 6 figures he was offered him which would have been Alexio's biggest payday ever. It is possible, Roufus may face off against Stan Longinidis on the event instead. More details soon.

MORE NEWS OF 11-20-98. . .

Stepanov Pulls Out Against
Duke Roufus

It seems that Dimitri Stepanov of Minsk, Belarus has pulled a fast one on his opportunity to win an IKF World Title. Stepanov recently ask for 3 times his origional contracted fee to fight Jeff "Duke" Roufus for the IKF Super Heavyweight Muay Thai World Title on December 4th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. After asking for the higher fee, he then pulled out of the fight. From what we have been told, Stepanov had re-thought about his opponent and decided recently he wanted more money after an agreement was already made. Although the decision put a tangle in Roufus' quest for the IKF World Muay Thai Title, IKF President Steve Fossum says a new opponent may already be found. Currently, Fossum has been in contact with IKF Australian Representative, Robert Wilesmith and Wilesmith has offered Hiriwa TeRangi of New Zealand to be Duke's opponent if the figures work out. The IKF should have confrimation of this by Monday, November 23rd if not sooner. Keep watch for the details.

WEDNESDAY, November 18th, 1998, AT 9:30 PM

Mick Doyle's
IKF IOWA Results

By Brooks Mason

Sorry for the delay but here are the results of IKF Promoter Mick Doyle's IKF Mongoos Productions, Iowa event on November 7th at Harvey's Resort Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa, USA.

  1. David Brice vs Dan Rawlings
    Dan Rawlings having the superior record going in , proved experience counts with a unanimous decision over David Brice.
    Brice fought well but couldn't overcome the proven Dan Rawlings. Rawlings won a Unanimous Decision, scoring 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  2. Mark Ramet vs Scott Lewin
    The big boys took the ring in a first time bout for both men. Heavy hitting was afoot from the opening bell.
    Lewin's was able to sustain the pace better and scored a TKO at 1:43 of the second round.

  3. Greg Lombard vs Neal Fox
    Good leg kicks from the boys up north. Lots of action was packed into this short fight. Fox took the fight at 1:37 of the second round.

  4. Randy Bussart vs Peter Kaljevic
    The names were hard to pronounce but talking wasn't on their minds. As good a 5 round fight as I have seen in a while. Kaljevic simply couldn't figure out the Tazz Man from California. Coming from the New York stronghold of kickboxers it was surprising to see Kaljevic at the wrong end of a victory handshake but Bussart won the fight in all aspects. Superior kicking and hand combinations proved to much for Kaljevic and Bussart won by a Split Decision, 47-48, 49-46 & 50-45. I'd like to see these two fight again. Congrads to the boys in Vacaville. Youv'e got a killer. What about leg kicks? I see talent going to waste.

  5. Mathew Bentley (age 14) vs Robert Embree (age 11)
    Two very young fighters took the ring. Both were quite a bit older when the bell rang in the third and final round in a Muay Thai bout. The techniques were clean and snappy. Products of The Emerald Mongoose Thai Camp, I can't wait to see these boys in 5 years. Bentley won by decision.

  6. Joseph Nichols vs Jason Dent
    Coming into the fight with a 2 and 0 record Dent used his experience and put on a quality show. A good bout .
    The kind that brings the crowd back. Dent wins by TKO 1:27 in the second.

  7. Duane Ludwig vs Grigoriy Flitsanov
    A good bout by any standards. Once again the boys from New York put on a heck of a show but Ludwig took the nod with a split decision win, 28-29, 30-27 & 30-27.

  8. MAIN EVENT: IKF United States Light Middleweight Muay Thai Title
    Nathan Clements vs Steven Berkolayko: Once again the boys from New York took the field only this time we saw what we came to expect. An excellent first round. Berkolayko proved too much early in the second and scored a tooth rattling KO in 1:37 of the second round.

TUESDAY, November 17th, 1998, AT 5:30 PM

IKF Gladiators
In National Shootfighting

Members of Redwood City, CA, USA's Gladiators Training Academy will be participating in the upcoming National Shootfighting Championships on December 5th in Davenport, Iowa. Academy owner Engene Jackson will participate along with top IKF Ranked Amateur Muay Thai Fighter Doug Evans. Both were also a part of the recent Team USA's Full Contact Karate (San Shou Style Fighting) event that took place in Armenia on November 7th. Both Jackson and Evans won their bouts by KO in Armenia along with Gladiator team member Cary Nathan who won by decision. The Shootfighting Championship Event which is promoted by Monte Cox will feature a total of 48 of the best amateur fighters in the nation - 8 per each of the six weight divisions, qualified for the event through regional competition in Iowa, Texas, Ohio and Hawaii. For more info, you can contact the guys at Gladiators at (650) 361-9923 or check out the Extreme Challenge website by clicking HERE

MORE NEWS OF 11-17-98. . .

Where has
3 Time IKF US Champ
Dave Marinoble Been?
Where Else...

Someone asked the other day, "Where has IKF Champion Dave Marinoble been?" Well, to begin with, keep in mind that most fighters out there, do have things they do other than fighting such as jobs, hobbies etc. The last time we saw Marinoble fight was on Tat Mau Wong's event in San Francisco, CA, USA on May 9th, winning by TKO. He's also kept busy over the last 6 months at both his karate schools he operates with his brother and IKF fighter, Mike Marinoble. Mike was scheduled to fight Pete Garcia of Redding, CA on the last IKF Medford, Oregon USA event. However Garcia pulled out about a day before the event , reason unknown. Recently, Mike along with 3 other students under Dave's leadership were promoted to the rank of Black Belt. In Marinobles style, Black Belt is quite an accomplishment, unlike some of the quick course black belt schools we see a lot of today, so we say congratulations to both Dave and Mike. Knowing this alone would explain how busy Dave has been. However, for this man of endless energy ( a reason we nicknamed him "The Madman..." ) that just wasn't enough. Oh by the way, Dave's also married with 2 children which in itself takes time. Over the last year, Marinoble has been driving over 100 miles every week up to Reno, Nevada, USA to train with the United States JuJitsu Team. Last month, the team took a Silver medal at the JuJitsu World Championships which were held this year in Reno at the Reed Auditorium. This year, the event hosted 15 country teams from all over the world. Marinoble, fighting in the Light Heavyweight Division at 173 lbs. won 3 of his matches and lost 1 on points. Team England won the Gold and has been winning it quite a bit since the series began in 1984. Each team consists of 5 main first string members with 3 alternates. Marinoble was on Team USA's first team. So next time you wonder what happened to a fighter, just ask. We'll do what we can to let you know what they've been up to...

MORE NEWS OF 11-17-98. . .

IKF Illinois
& Pennsylvania Postponed

Due to unexpected circumstances, IKF Promoters, Phil DeRocco and Ronnie Deleon were forced to postpone their upcoming IKF events scheduled for November 20th and 21st. DeLeon's event planned for the 20th in Butler, Pennsylvania USA will be rescheduled due to a sickness in his family and DeRocco will reschedule his event which was planned to be held at Alton, Illinois to January, 1999 due to some unexpected problems with matchmaking. For more info, you can contact Mr. Ronnie Deleon at (618) 628-3907 or Mr. Phil DeRocco at (724) 282-1644

SUNDAY, November 15th, 1998, AT 2:55 AM


A Knockout Success!!!

On any given weekend around the world in nearly every country, gladiators of the ring fighting sports meet in the ring of battle in the toughest one on one sport in the World... Kickboxing! But lets just take the sport of Kickboxing one step further... Add in throws, sweeps and takedowns and you have San Shou. Or as they call in in Europe, Full Contact Karate under the leadership of the IFCKF (International Full Contact Karate Federation) But call it Full Contact Karate, Chinese Boxing, Draka or San Shou, it's all the same thing and it came from one origin... "San Shou". Sure, a fighters goal is to win and to win by domination if possible. But when the IKF and Team USA travelled to a small country below Russia known as Armenia to the town of Yeravan, we discovered something much more valuable than a victory by knockout. We discovered that no matter who wins or loses, there are no strangers to us in our sport. Only friends we have never met yet.

Many here in America had no idea the event even took place, and probably still wouldn't have known if we didn't report about it here on our web site. However, to the 6,500 plus spectators in the crowd on November 7th at Hamaleer Stadium in Yerevan Armenia, they'll be the first to tell you, you missed a great show! But the show was only a small part of what this country had to offer in friendship and hospitality towards all of us on Team USA. To truly understand how sincerely grateful we all were to the people of Armenia, let us start from the beginning.

We took off from Los Angeles Airport on Monday, November 2nd about 6:PM and after traveling through 8 different time zones and approximately 12 hours later we arrived in Moscow Russia. A quick run through customs and it was back on another plane to Armenia about 3 hours away. We arrived in Armenia a bit past midnight Armenia time and as Team USA stepped off the plane we were greeted by cameras and press reporters, interested in our arrival. Dressed in full matching USA uniforms top to bottom, the fighting team consisted of

Featherweight Dominic Viloria of North hollywood CA, USA. Welterweight David Solomon of Azusa, CA, USA. Middleweight Doug Evans of Redwood City, CA, USASuper Middleweight Cary Nathan also of Redwood City, CA, USA and Cruiserweight Eugene Jackson of East Palo Alto, CA, USA Along with the US Full Contact Karate Federation Associate Ken Arutyunyan of North Hollywood, CA USA who organized the team itself and myself, IKF President Steve Fossum. I went along to oversee the event for the IKF as well as be an assistant coach for Team USA. I was also asked to do some announcing during the event as well.Arutyunyan a native of Armenia put the team of 5 fighters together on very short time notice. Two of the fighters had never done San Shou style fighting ever before. Featherweight Dominic Viloria, 32 for example is an experienced Muay Thai fighter with a 26-3 record. However he had never done San Shou style fighting before with the throws and takedowns. At the last moment the team needed a Welterweight and Arutyunyan found David Solomon. However, Solomon, unknown to Arutyunyan, had never even been in a full contact bout before let alone Full Contact San Shou. Solomon, who holds a black belt did though have a lot of experience as a continuation fighter. At 18, Solomon was the youngest of the team and in for quite an experience.

The remaining 3 team members were the pride of Redwood Cities, Gladiator's Training Academy. As a full contact kickboxer, Cary Nathan had struggled before, posting a record of 3 wins and 4 loses. The last time we saw Nathan fight was against Jerico Lane of Redding, CA for the IKF California Super Welterweight title in Hayward, CA back on May 11th, 1996. A bout he lost by unanimous decision. However few people knew that Nathan had been active as a San Shou fighter over the years having fought quite a few bouts in San Shou Style events. At age 37, Nathan was appointed as the team captain. Nathan was still battling a severe cold but wouldn't miss the trip and experience for anything.

The last time we saw 25 year old IKF Fighter Doug Evans he was fighting for the IKF Amateur Muay Thai Rules United States Middleweight Title in San Francisco CA. It was a bout he was stopped in at 1:17 of the 4th round by Harry Vacarro of San Diego, CA, USA. Evans' record as a Muay Thai fighter is 10-2 with 8 KO's and although impressive, Evans best game is in the throwing and fighting style like that of San Shou which came in handy when doing NHB/Cage fighting bouts around the Western US & Hawaii.

Rounding out Team USA was a man high on life itself. With a name like Eugene Jackson, it just sounds like a name that's been around awhile. Ask anyone who travels within the circles of the exclusive west coast submission/NHB/cage fighting events and Jackson's name reads like a household name. This would be the first time I had ever heard of him let alone seen him perform. From a first glance, Jackson, owner of Gladiator's Training Academy in Redwood City, CA, looks like a Bear ready to Rumble. And don't get me wrong, he can "RUMBLE". However, more important is the story behind this strong man. Some may remember his name from the troubled streets of East Palo Alto CA. From those streets, Jackson, with the love and support of his wife and kids, rose up and grew into a strong leader among his peers. His passion for his family is just as strong as his passion for his training. He proved to be the gentle giant among us all with his respect and appreciation towards everyone. Jackson is not just a great fighter, he's a respected gentleman who never demands any respect but proved to everyone that he was always deserving of it. Armenia was an experience for all of us, but for the 32 year old Jackson, he was like a young child on vacation in awe, praise and appreciation of everything we were a part of. Lights, camera, action! Pictures, interviews and autographs! A world obviously much bigger than the streets of East Palo Alto California. Get use to the fan fare Mr. Jackson. Your life will truly have a lot more than the 15 minutes of fame we all are said to be blessed with in life. Even at 32, Jackson, in my opinion has a lot of fight in him proving his strength, speed and stamina in our workouts together at the IFCKF's gym in Armenia before the event. Little did we all know that inside him was a grizzle bear just waiting for it's moment to perform. But Evans and Nathan knew...They train with him daily at Gladiators.

Meeting us with the press at the Armenian Airport was the President of the IFCKF, Gor Vardanian and his protective security staff. Vardanian, like Jackson was soft spoken as well and it was obvious this man was a very powerful individual in Armenia. Probably what impressed Team USA the most was the gracious hospitality and true friendship Vardanian and his associates gave to us all. Although in another country, everyone there made us feel like we were at home. It seemed anytime we asked for anything, we always got the same response from our head bodyguard, "No Problem" which was always followed by action. Once we got our bags we were taken to a beautiful new customized van which proved to be our exclusive limo transportation vehicle during our stay. We were taken by escorted motorcade to the Dvin Hotel where we were given our rooms and a chance to rest a few hours before starting a busy week.

Over the next several days we were shown the town by Vardanian and his associates. Every day was filled with eating fancy meals, meeting more great people of Armenia, sight-seeing, shopping and of course daily training sessions at Vardanian's IFCKF's gym. As each day past, each of us as part of Team USA got to know each other a little more. Sparring and grappling with each other in training as well as sharing our past. It was a chance for all of us to relax without the pressures of our daily lives. Once again, as the saying goes, we were no longer strangers to each other, only friends who had never met. As time went on, the bond of Team USA was not a bond of fighters. Over time, we became more than a team, we had become brothers watching over each other in a far away land. But as all fighters know, the most important day was Fight Day, which came soon enough.

That day had finally come, November 7th, Fight Day, Armenia vs USA. It was just like out of the movie "The Best of the Best". The weigh-ins were held in an official capacity with all judges, referees, trainers, coaches and other officials present at the hotel. Within a couple of hours, everyone had made weight and now came the waiting...until fight time to go to the venue.

At about 1:30 PM, Armenian time (1:30 AM USA West Coast Time), we loaded up into our limo van and were escorted to the Beautiful and Dynamic Hamaleer Stadium. Once inside, our security team escorted us once again to the teams dressing room where they set up camp. Within a couple of hours it was opening ceremony time. With the stadium dark, a spotlight focused on a distant corner the announcer announced the entrance of Team USA and through the smoke of the smoke machine they appeared, one by one. Jackson took the lead followed by Viloria, Solomon, Nathan and Evans. This was their moment and they made the most of it as a team. The crowd of 6,500 plus stood to their feet giving a gracious and dynamic Armenian welcome. With their arms waving to the crowd, Team USA took the stadium by storm with their custom red white & blue team uniforms and hats designed by Team organizer Ken Arutyunyan. After Team USA came Team Armenia and then the other fighters of the night for the events other bouts which included Russia and Ukraine. Once the fighters surrounded the San Shou Style Ring (Platform floor with no ropes) there were several presentations, including the awarding of 4th degree black belt to IFCKF President Gor Vardanian from Chuck Norris' fighting style. When presentations were done, all the fighters returned to their dressing rooms to wait..and wait....and wait....

Team USA had to wait for 5 undercard bouts to take place which included a total of 42 rounds of fighting. When the other bouts were finally completed, once again, Team USA came out followed by Team Armenia. As each fighting pair were introduced, they met at center stage/ring, and as a show of sportsmanship and friendship, they exchanged gifts along with a handshake and hug for luck and prayers for a great match. When introductions were done, it was finally FIGHT TIME for Team Armenia vs Team USA.

First up for Team USA was Doug Evans. He weighed in at 72 3/4 Kilos or 160 lbs. His opponent, 23 year old Ohanian Karen of Armenia was highly favored with a record of 25 wins and only 1 loss with 12 knockouts. The first round started with Evans scoring big with leg kicks and throws. But the Armenian crowd lifted to their feet when Karen knocked Evans to the floor with a strong spinning back kick. It seemed to be the only strong kick Karen landed in round 1. Both fighters exchanged evenly with punches.

(At the end of each round, the scores are announced which was actually a great idea we thought for ANY type of ring fighting. Maybe we will begin this in kickboxing with the IKF.)

At the end of this round 1, the judges had Karen winning which was a big surprise to those of us scoring at ringside. However, let the fight go on. In round 2, Evans was committed to the throw and within a few seconds, Evans took Karen "AIRBORNE" and slammed him to the ring floor knocking the wind out of him. Karen tried to stand but his knees wobbled and he collapsed. Although there was a little bit of a question among the Armenian judges on how to score the knockout, the judges eventually awarded Evans with a knockout and a quick 2-0 TEAM USA lead. (1 point decision win, 2 points KO win)

Second up for Team USA featured highly rated Muay Thai fighter, Dominic Viloria who earlier weighed in at 57 Kilos or 125 1/2 lbs. His opponent was a VERY experienced fighter in this style of fighting. At 19, Miranian Varazdat of Armenia had a San Shou Style fighting record of 18 wins and only 2 loses. He weighed in at 59 Kilos or 130 lbs. All of us knew Viloria would be working the leg kicks early but what we didn't expect was Viloria being rushed to the edge of the ring where he turned his ankle on the ring edge, slipped and fell, hitting the back of his head on the corner of the ring knocking him dizzy. After looking into his eyes, Team USA cornermen, Evans and Jackson kept him down to avoid any serious head injury and Team USA forfeited a knockout loss to Team Armenia. The score now stood at an even 2-2. After reviewing this bout on Video, the video showed that Varazdat had hit Viloria with a solid forearm as he approached the edge of the ring, but it was not noticed by the referee.

Next up for Team USA was team captain Cary Nathan who weighed in at 75 kilos or 165 lbs. His opponent, a much younger 19 year old Israelian Gor of Armenia was no child in the ring with a fight record of 17 wins and only 2 loses. The biggest disadvantage to Nathan though would not be his cold that had drug him down in training all week, but Gor's height. Nathan stood 5'8". Gor towered above Nathan at 6'3". When the fight began, Nathan went to work in a methodical, work horse ethic, gutting out each and every takedown he knew while scoring with leg kicks and overhand rights. When the scores of round 1 were announced, it was a tie and the way Nathan's cold was effecting him, it was a mental victory in itself for him. In round 2, Nathan again went to work. Not just stand up fighting, he "Went to Work" sticking to a skilled game plan. Nathan again scored on the inside with throws and overhand rights. When round 2 came to an end, Nathan's cold proved to be quickly wearing him down physically. As the announcer announced the results, Nathan was announced as the winner of round 2 and again, it pushed him even stronger with his mental edge. However round 2 came with a price. Nathan broke his lead knuckle on his right hand and knew now he had to focus on his throwing skills. In rounds 3, Nathan's hand throbbed miserably and his focus begin to slip. At the end of the round, it was announced Gor had won and now each fighter had 1 round a piece and a tie round. Nathan was in pain, and the match was all tied up with 3 rounds to go. Things didn't look promising for Nathan and Team USA. Again, he dug in like a draft horse pulling a plow. Grinding out throws and strikes, and at the end of round 4, the judges announced another tie. Again, Nathan won a mental victory and he again let the tie score remind him that he was still in the bout, pain or no pain, fatigue or not, he can still win. At Gladiator's Training Academy where Nathan trains in Redwood City, they have a saying, "Your Weakness is my Strength, Your Fear is my Courage, Your Loss is my Gain." It was obvious Nathan was focusing on such a message on this night. Another strong methodical work ethic in round 5 and as the round ended, the announcer announced Nathan winning round 5. Team USA erupted with excitement, pumping Nathan up at ringside. However, Nathan knew there was still 1 round to go. With the way he was feeling, a knockout by Gor was not out of the question. A knockout and Armenia goes up 4-2. Nathan didn't have the strength due to his cold for a knockout himself. Also, his right hand had swelled even more in pain which left him with no power punch. A loss in this round and Team USA would not take a lead, ending up tied still. Nathan took the floor for round 6 shaking hands with his opponent to begin the round. As if he were to take the future and outcome of Team USA into his own hands, he dug in again, inch by inch, throw by throw, Nathan's mental edge worked on Gor, frustrating him over and over again. When the final bell rung, we all had no idea who would win the round and then came the announcement, "Winner, Cary Nathan, USA" and Team USA went wild. A 3-2 lead with 2 bouts left.

Team USA next had, 18 year old David Solomon who weighed in at 66 Kilos or 145 lbs. His opponent, was 21 year old Avakian Vache of Armenia Vache's didn't know Solomon had never been in a full contact fight before and with a Full Contact San Shou style bouts record of 33 wins and 6 loses, it looked bad for Solomon. Not many were giving much of a chance to the young and inexperienced Solomon once it was discovered he was not an experienced full contact fighter. Many said to expect a quick knockout. But also, no one knew the type of training we all shared with Solomon over the last week while at the gym in preparation for his match. Sometimes, the mind can endure what the body questions. As round 1 begin, Solomon's Team USA pride stood tall, not cowering down to Vache as expected by some. Solomon stood strong throughout round 1 despite being thrown several times and as expected by the throws of Vache's, the first round went to Armenia and a 1-0 score. It was clear Solomon was inexperienced in defending from throws but his corner crew helped him out tremendously. By the end of round 2, Solomon was still standing toe to toe with Vache taking everything Vache had to give him but also, Solomon was beginning to land some strong strikes as well. Still though, Vache wisely kept taking advantage of Solomon's inexperience in defending the throws and scored big on them. Round 2 went to Vache but in round 3, Solomon begin to get comfortable. He realized Vache wasn't hurting him at all with his punches and kicks and Solomon begin to fire back several strong combinations. As round 3 ended, Armenia went up 3-0, however the match to those on Team USA was not about winning anymore to the young Solomon. It was about Team USA Pride and Mental Strength and Solomon had a lot of it in the ring on this night. In round 4, Solomon scored big with hand and feet combinations but Vache still had the edge on throwing which gave him the round again. By round 5, Solomon's stamina looked like a fresh race horse as he danced and slipped Vache's attacks. Solomon scored on kicks and punches again and it was Vache who looked beaten and tired. However, the throws scored big for Vache once again and proved to win round 5 for him. Solomon came out fresh as ever in round 6, now comfortable in the ring, afraid of nothing Vache had for him while Vache was clearly tired and if the bout had 2 more rounds, there may have been a different winner. Solomon was now able to stop several of Vache's throwing attempts in round 6 and was even throwing Vache now. As the fight came to an end, Vache was announced the winner by decision and the Teams were all tied up again at 3-3. However, a personal victory was won when the round 6 winner was announced and it was Solomon. He not only survived Vache but he did what few non contact fighters get to do. Feel the "RUSH" of Full Contact Fighting. Great job David!

As the night came to an end, it was time for the big boys to take the stage.Eugene Jackson hit the scales earlier in the day at 87 & 3/4 Kilos or 193 lbs. Jackson's original opponent, Khachatrian Vahram pulled out the week of the fight for unknown reasons and was replaced by someone with quite a bit more experience than Jackson expected. Jackson, 6 wins and no loses with 6 KO's would instead face 26 year old Artavazd Harutunian of Armenia who topped out at 88 Kilos or 193 1/2 lbs. Jackson knew he had his work cut out for him in this match when it was discovered that Harutunian's fight record in San Shou Style fighting was 24 wins, 1 loss, 3 draws with 18 KO's. The stage was set for a war between the Big Bears!

As round 1 begin, Jackson waited patiently for Harutunian to make a move but he just circled Jackson. Wanting to get busy, Jackson lunged in a very quick and strong shuffle side kick to Harutunian just missing him short. Jackson again rushed Harutunian and he retreated off the platform. As they restarted, they begin to circle again, then suddenly, Jackson charged like a grizzly on attack, knocking Harutunian back with punches and eventually off the platform. Harutunian's body and head bounced on the floor and he quickly went into convulsions, shaking uncontrollably on the arena floor. Dozens rushed to his side working to free his mouth piece and get an airway in his mouth so he could breath. Four ringside doctors rushed in and took control trying to control Harutunian's convulsions and save him. One begin heart pumping on his chest while the others worked on the airway. As doctors worked frantically and the crowd stood silently in shock, all members of Team USA knelt on their knees at ringside and begin to pray for Harutunian not knowing what was happening and only fearing the worst. Finally the scare was over and Harutunian's eyes gained control and he spoke a bit as he tried to sit up. Doctor's kept him down and put him on a flatboard and lifted him to a stretcher and rushed him to the hospital. It turned out he was OK. After the fear for Harutunian had been calmed and everyone was assured he was going to be OK, the judges awarded Jackson the win and Team USA won the event 3-2. Yes, it was a win, but more important, Team USA would like to send out our prayers to Harutunian in hopes he is completely recovered from the fall. Victory is always good, but as Harutunian's opponent Eugene Jackson put it himself, "My concern is for Harutunian, not the win of a fight. I just hope he's OK and that he knows our prayers are with him."

When the night came to an end, Team USA was well respected by everyone and if not for the security wanting to get us all out of the arena, we might still be there signing autographs and getting pictures taken. Cary Nathan and Dominic Viloria got to experience the Armenian hospitals after the event. Nathan had his hand put into a cast and Viloria had to have his foot casted as it suffered a small break when he came off the ring edge. At the after event party, glasses were toasted many times to everyone and for the sport of Full Contact (San Shou Style) Karate in Armenia. As Team USA's toast put it once again to end a fantastic trip to a beautiful country,

"As we prepare to leave your country, we make a toast to those of you we call our new friends tonight. Whether in this room or those many individuals not here that we met while in Armenia. You were all strangers to us when we arrived, but an old saying has proven true once again, that You were never strangers to us, Only friends we have never met yet. Cheers to Armenia and we all thank you for your gracious hospitality to us all."

When asked if we would like to return in May of next year for another event we all said of course we would. Then we asked if we would still have the same people working with us and our Personal Armenian Bodyguard who always had the answer Team USA wanted to hear answered one more time for the road.........."No Problem" ......See you all in May for another fantastic event.

(*) Just a note... There was only "1" negative to a great trip; Special Thumbs DOWN to Aeroflot Airlines for CANCELLING our flight from Moscow to Los Angeles when we arrived in Moscow from Armenia on our way back home. And NO we didn't want to stay over "3" days, maybe another trip but on this one, we were all ready to come home. However special thanks to the agent in Moscow who worked to re-route us through New York and American Airlines so we could get home close to our scheduled time. Also, a thumbs down to Aeroflot for allowing smoking on an international flight. We all want to thank you for our headaches. A little hint here..."Smoke travels through the air...and we were in an ENCLOSED Cabin..." Althought the travel time back was 35 hours, at least we made it safely...Well, maybe not one of Doug's bags though... Did you get that bag Doug that American Airlines lost of yours? We hope so.... Next trip... BRITISH AIRWAYS ONLY and NO SMOKING PLEASE... Just answer us..."No Problem..."

THURSDAY, November 12th, 1998, AT 4:00 PM


By Billy Soksoda

Medford, Oregon played host to "The first kickboxing event in Oregon." IKF promoter Mr. Jack Glueck promoted his first show and it was quite successfull. In attendance according to Mr. Glueck was around 400 to 500 fans. Fighters were flown in from all over California and Oregon. This event was also the first to have the West Coast IKF Championship titles. With three championship bouts and 6 full contact, International Kickboxing, and Muay Thai bouts the event gave Oregon kickboxing fans a great aspect of the sport. Only one bout was cancelled because a North Valley Self Defense fighter from Redding, CA, Pete Garcia backed out two days prior to the event. His opponent Mike Marinoble however did showed up.

The first bout of the night was a Muay Thai bout between Joel Colarec (148 lbs, Fairtex, San Francisco, CA) and James Taylor (148 lbs, ACMA, Oregon). Taylor was a bit nervous and was quite wild with his punches while Colarec was landing good solid punches, kicks, and knees. Taylor was aggressive but left a lot of openings in which Colarec took advantaged of. Colarec landed heavy kicks and heavy hands to win the bout by a split decision.

Bout 2 was between Shawn Moore (165 lbs, North Valley Self Defense, Redding, CA) and Dion Pamento (166 lbs, Sacramento, CA) The fight looked more like a sparring match as both fighters were exchanging high kicks, spinning kicks, and so forth. However Pamento did land a solid front kick to Moore's face. Moore looked tired early in the bout, which showed in his attacks. He was not attacking as much and landing a lot less. Pamento had good hands and won by a split decision.

Bout 3 had two female fighters from California in an International Kickboxing rules bout. Esin Akpolat (118 lbs, Santa Rosa, Ca) fought Sarah Welborn (122 lbs, Fairtex, San Francisco, CA.) This bout looked good as Akpolat was landing some spinning backhands. It seems that Akpolat was only trying the spinning backhand while Wilborn was landing punches and hard kicks. Akpolat opened her mid section up and Wilborn took advantage with a solid hook to the midsection. Akpolat bent over and could not recover as referee Dan Stell gave her the eight count. Referee Dan Stell waved the bout off and Wilborn won by TKO at 1:48 of the first round.

Bout 4 had Marc Chandler (162 lbs, Santa Rosa, CA) and Dominck Robles (160, lbs, Sacramento CA) in a Full Contact ruled bout. Robles timed his punches very well landing them solid and precisely. Chandler seemed overmatched and was running from Robles. In the third round Robles hooked Chandler with a left that dropped Chandler and referee Dan Stell stopped the bout at 1:14 of the third round.

Bout 5 was an International Rules bout with Adam Rogers (162 lbs, from Seaside, CA) fighting Kogi Aramos (162 lbs, Oregon) This bout was quite entertaining as Rogers seem to have a lot more experience than the determine Aramos. Rogers was in control and stayed busy while Aramos was very busy jumping around. Aramos got tired and Rogers ended up winning the bout by unanimous decision.

In bout 6 Juan Escobar (150 lbs, Watsonville, CA) fought Jones Tom (151 lbs San Francisco, CA) for the first ever IKF West Coast Super Welterweight Championship. Tom looked tiresome as the young Escobar took control of the fight with great hands. Tom was knocked down early in the second round and then Escobar put the pressure on to land several unanswered shots. Referee Dan Stell saw that Tom was taking too much punishment from Escobar and stopped the bout at 1:21 of the second round of a scheduled five round bout. Escobar has a long and bright career ahead of him at only eighteen years old.

The Semi-Main event was for the IKF United States Light Welterweight Full Contact rules Championship. This was between Billy "The Kid" Beach (135 lbs, Sacramento, CA) and Ton Saephan (137 lbs, Roseville, CA) Great fight by both fighters as they were exchanging shot after shot in the first round. Beach came out after the first round and fought a very smart fight to win the IKF Full Contact Light Welterweight title by Majority decision.

The main event was between two rising amateur stars. The #1 IKF ranked Super Lightweight Shawn Yacoubian (135 lbs, Mark Parr House of Champions in Van Nuys, CA) took on Armondo Ramos (137 lbs, Fairtex, San Francisco, CA). The bout was even in the first round till Ramos went to kick and it appeared that he slipped. When referee Dan Stell called it a knocked down the whole place was in shocked. A few seconds later Ramos attempted a flying knee but got caught with a right hand and again, went to the canvas, but again the referee called it a knocked down. Ramos calmed down and with his lightening fast kicks started to keep Yacoubian to the outside. Yacoubian appeared to get mad that he couldn't get in and wasn't very busy the remainder of the fight. Ramos then went to work with the knees landing one after another. Yacoubian went to defend the knee by trying to block with his arms. Nevertheless Ramos got them in and was landing kicks and punches.

Yacoubian was not doing anything but folding his arm and defending the knees. Ramos fought beautiful Muay Thai and dominated the last four rounds. When the announcer announced that Yacoubian had won, everyone was quite surprised. Although the *decision of the last bout was in question by some, overall, it was a great event by first time IKF Promoter Jack Glueck. We all hope to see many more kickboxing events all over Oregon.

(*)According to IKF President Steve Fossum, this bout will be reviewed again from the video tape. Mr. Fossum was at another IKF event in Europe and has yet to see the bout.)

FULL Results:

    Joel Colarec defeated (148lbs.) James Taylor by split decision.

    Dion Pamento defeated (165lbs.) Shawn Moore by split decision.

    Sarah Welborn defeated (118lbs.) Esin Akpolat by TKO 1:48 of Rd. 1.

    Dominck Robles defeated (162lbs.) Marc Chandler by TKO 1:14 Rd. 3.

    Adam Rogers defeated (162lbs.) Kogi Aramos by Unanimous Decision.

  6. IKF West Coast Welterweight International Rules Title
    Juan Escobar defeated (151lbs.) Jones Tom by TKO 1:21 Rd. 2.

  7. IKF US Full Contact Light Welterweight Title
    (135lbs.) Billy Beach defeated (137lbs.) Ton Saephan by Majority decision.

  8. IKF West Coast Super Lightweight Muay Thai Title
    (135lbs.) Shawn Yacoubian defeated (137lbs.) Armondo Ramos by decision.

WEDNESDAY, November 11th, 1998, AT 10:00 PM

The DREAM Matches!
Wilson-Kimber, Roufus-Alexio
Rosier-LaBree, Le-Jackson!

So, who are these fighters? Surly you know most of them. Where does the IKF have plans for such a card...? First read about how Super Heavyweight Kevin Rosier has been past up by many. Then see whats coming in 1999. Click HERE..and find out more!.

TUESDAY, November 10th, 1998, AT 11:55 PM

Duke Roufus
IKF World Title!

Jeff "DUKE" Roufus is back in the fighting fast lane this December. Roufus, already a 3 time World Champion will enter the ring again on December 5th at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin to fight Dimitri Stepanov of Minsk, Belarus for the vacant IKF World Super Heavyweight Muay Thai title. The 28 year old Roufus, 30-4-1 with 23 KO's stands 6'1" and will weigh in at 220 lbs. Stepanov's record is currently being verified through official sources and once we have verified it, we will report it here. He too will weigh in at approximatly 220 as well. Roufus' most memorable bout was a first round Knock Out against Stan Longinidis of Melborne, Victoria, Australia. Since the event is promoted in Roufus' hometown, IKF President Steve Fossum and several other IKF associates will oversee all aspects of the promotion to assure fareness with all officials and event activities. Keep watch for more news of this event.

MORE NEWS OF 11-10-98. . .

Wilson vs Kimber Card
Could Feature

Rick Roufus & Alexio
As Well!

For the first time in 8 years, on March 27, 1999, Don "The Dragon" Wilson will enter the fighting ring for real against Dick "The Destroyer" Kimber for the vacant IKF World Cruiserweight Title. The promoters of the event, Revolution Productions are now stating that Dennis Alexio may face Rick Roufus on the card as well for either Alexio's IKF World Full Contact Rules title or the vacant IKF World Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Title. The event will be featured on pay-per-view as well. Concerns and questions though about the match-up centered around Alexio who apparently does not want to fight on the card as a semi-main event. His desires are valid since he has been fighting several times a year with his most recent bout being in Sacramento, CA, USA on May 1st of this year defending his IKF World Full Contact rules title. However, the fact is, is that this event was designed for Wilson first. Maybe Alexio won't headline, but he could have the biggest payday of his career if he says yes to the deal. On the other side of the ring, Roufus' desire to fight in K-1 USA in February may delay signing as well. Rick's brother Duke Roufus has also voiced interest to fight on the same K-1 card. Duke being the more skilled leg kicker of the 2 Roufus brothers is a 3 Time World Champion. He hopes to add number 4 around his waist December 5th when he fights for the vacantIKF World Muay Thai title in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA against Dimitri Stepanov of Minsk, Belarus. The Alexio vs Rick Roufus match-up is probably one of the last great heavyweight full contact rules (Above the waist) bouts everyone really "WANTS" to see. Oh sure, there are still many great Super Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Fighters out there, but no 2 are better matched than these 2 together in the ring. Roufus has wanted Alexio ever since Roufus was a Cruiserweight at only 185 lbs. After bulking up for K-1, Roufus knows that the time is right for these 2 great fighters to meet. The promoters will do everything possible to make this a reality. The money is there this time and all they need are the 2 signatures. Well keep everyone informed as we know more.

MORE NEWS OF 11-10-98. . .



IKF Promoter Mike Miles hosted his 13th Annual Battle of the Rocky Mountains and Prairies Championship Kickboxing Card and Martial Arts Tournament on the 7th of November, 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The event was an outstanding success with the evening fight card being completely sold out to 1,400 people. Several television channels as well as the local press attended to cover the exciting and entertaining bouts. The event featured 5 international bouts, 2 of which were under full Muay Thai Rules (which included knees AND Elbows) 2 of which were Modified Muay Thai Rules (with no elbows but knees) and the remaining bouts being International Rules (allowing kicks to the legs). The audience was treated to some very exceptional and memorable bouts.

The main event was for the IKF Intercontinental Light-welterweight Muay Thai Title. It featured Team Canada member and local athlete Trevor T.N.T. Smandych battling against Thailand's Wittaya Sripave. The Thai had 5 times the experience of the Canadian and in no way did this intimidate or deter Smandych from wanting to win the title. The athletes came out fairly quickly and without spending a full round probing and feeling each other out, started to deliver some brisk shots at each other. Wittaya possessed some good power and was fleet of hand and foot, which complimented the fact that Smandych possessed the same qualities. Wittaya would take some good punches and smile at Smandych. This woke the partisan Canadian audience up and worked them into a frenzy with a chant asking "the Canadian to wipe the smile off of the Thai's face". In reality, Wittaya was in no way being disrespectful but just attempting to play mind games with Smandych. In round two both athletes were receiving instructions to try and use their elbows and though both attempted (Smandych attempted a flying elbow), neither were successful. Throughout the first two rounds, Smandych kept delivering a left roundhouse kick toWittaya and in the third round he changed his strategy. After backing Wittaya up into his own corner, Wittaya lifted his chin and dropped his left hand to feign invincibility. This was a mistake because Smandych delivered a lightning fast right roundhouse kick to Wittaya head which landed with a resounding crack. Wittaya fell to the canvas. He attempted to sit up but fell onto his face. Wittaya was slow to get to his feet and by the count of 10, and not wanting to risk any danger to Wittaya's well being, referee Tim Yorke stopped the contest. Smandych won the IKF Intercontinental Light-welterweight Muay Thai Title by KO over Thailand's Wittaya Sripave.

The semi-main event featured Team Canada member Jason Fenton battling against Thailand's Parinya Iaard for the IKF Intercontinental Welterweight Muay Thai Title. The bout started off very slowly with both athletes probing each other's defenses with punches and kicks. This was to remain the pace for the majority of the bout. As each round progressed, more and more powerful shots were exchanged. Fenton was keen on trying to use his elbows, and though he only managed to deliver a few of them, it resulted in Iaard being cut in the hairline and no one finding out about it until after the bout. Iaard looked strong on the clinching and kneeing but Fenton proved his worth by countering with his own knee barrage to the body as well. Throughout the bout, Fenton appeared to be forcing the bout but both athletes looked like they had delivered a comparable amount of blows at each other. The decision was announced and Fenton took the bout by a majority decision. Several seasoned fight aficionados felt the fight was close but the edge should have went to Iaard. "I have promised to bring Parinya back to Canada for a rematch, even though he is happy with the outcome of the bout", said promoter Mike Miles.

Team Canada athlete Kerry Dell stepped into the ring against transplanted Greek national Valentinos Papalambros who now trains in England under World Champion Julian Howell. The bout was cautious from the start. Both athletes seemed to pick a shot in here and there and would hesitate to follow it up. Several times Dell would fire in a shot, connect and then step back and Papalambros would take the momentum and rush in delivering a few shots. The rounds were all very close and only in the 5th and final round was it clear who won a round. Papalambros delivered a beautiful left roundhouse kick to the body of Dell who went down but was up before the count was completed. The judges scored the bout, 48-46 for Dell, 48-47 for Papalambros, and 48-48. The bout was declared a draw. Dell looked very uninspired in this bout and not like the man who only 2 months earlier had knocked out the current IKF Professional Light-cruiserweight Champion Phil Petit in one round.

Team Canada's Vanessa Bellegarde stepped into the ring with England's Helen Wilson for an International Prestige International Rules Muay Thai match. In round one, Bellegarde rushed out and like a women possessed threw everything she had at Wilson. Wilson's coach at one point was about to throw the towel in when the tide turned and Wilson started coming back. In round two, Bellegarde was starting to look very weary and though she was dominating the round (the British coach again was ready at one point to throw the towel in), Wilson fought back with exceptional courage and desire. In the final round Wilson was looking tired and although she could only win the bout now by KO, she showed she is a fighter tooth and nail. Wilson proved she is a fighter through and through and she gained the respect and admiration of Bellegarde and the Canadian audience. Bellegarde won the bout by unanimous decision.

Javier Gomez stepped into the ring with England's Darren Fisher in a 3 round modified Muay Thai Rules bout. Both athletes were fast with the feet and fast with the punches (when they both decided to punch), and this made both very cautious on the inside. Both delivered impressive technique and though Gomez was delivering more fast and snappy style kicks, neither of the athletes were really dominating the other. This changed in the final round when Gomez pulled one of his Karate style kicks out of the hat and delivered a spinning back kick on Fisher dropping him to the canvas. The British coach threw in the towel. Gomez won by KO. Strangely enough in this Muay Thai rules bout, no knees were delivered in any of the exchanges.

In what was to be one of the best bouts of the evening, Calgary's Sokhim Or stepped into the ring for his 6th time against a seasoned amateur Jason Unger who has trained out of the USA's Fairtex Muay Thai Camp. Unger stepped into the ring with almost three times the experience of Or. The Calgarian came out like a man possessed, not wild, but very fast and methodical not allowing Unger to test his opponent's strengths and weaknesses. Strong punches followed by strong kicks confused and overwhelmed Unger from the get go. By the end of the first round Unger had been dropped twice. Or never had the chance to attempt a third knockdown as the bell rang. In the second round Or again came out fast mixing his shots up from the head to the body and the legs. Unger tried to deliver a left leg cut kick and Or stepped in and delivered a crushing straight left to Unger's head which resulted in the fight being stopped. Unger lost by 2nd round TKO and for his efforts, Or won the 1998 Roy Lilley Memorial Award. Jason Unger is a very fine athlete and this was only his 2nd bout after a 2 year lay off (he won his last bout by 2nd round TKO). A rematch between these 2 athletes under Muay Thai rules would probably result in what could possibly be "THE" amateur match of the year in Canada.

In a Submission rules contest Vancouver's Dennis Kang stepped into the ring with Winnipeg's Oleg Datsky. The bout started slowly but progressed to the floor. Kang for the first seven minutes of the bout seemed to be in control of the ring attempting to complete a choke on the Russian while on his back. He could not complete the move and suddenly at the seven minute mark Datsky took control and forced Kang onto his back. Datsky forced Kang to tap out from a very painful arm bar. Datsky was a far more experienced athlete (having been rated in the top ten in the world of Judo at one point) and the audience thoroughly enjoyed this bout.

The results of the remaining bouts were as follows:

  1. Jeremy Rempel (Calgary - National Kickboxing & Muay Thai) stopped Winnipeg's Dirk Creighton (Dragon Muay Thai) in the 2nd round.(Intl Rules)

  2. Trevor Desjarlais' (Red Deer - Cheney's Zen Karate/Kickboxing) stepped into the ring with Calgary's (Victory Tae Kwon-Do) David Herceg. Desjarlais' original opponent Winnipeg's Dave Zuniga (Sik Tai) backed out 3 days before due to an injury to the hand. Herceg took this bout on 2 days notice and to his credit proved he has good desire and possesses a granite chin. Desjarlais won by unanimously decision.

  3. Calgary's Gord Anderson (National Kickboxing & Muay Thai) defeated Prince Albert's Bradley Parent (Emerald Gym).(Full Contact rules)

  4. Winnipeg's Domingo Zuniga (Sik Tai) defeated Calgary's Yuki Tatsuno (National Kickboxing & Muay Thai) by unanimous decision.

  5. Ashley Odd (Sicamous, B.C.) defeated Prince Albert's Steven Crawford (Emerald Gym) by TKO in round 1. Odd slugged his way to a first round stoppage against the advice of his cornerman. "I wanted to get him to box and kick his way to a victory, because though Odd has not been in the ring in a very long time, he had more experience than Crawford. Odd did not listen to one thing I said", said Mike Miles

  6. Keith Crawford (National Kickboxing & Muay Thai) stopped boxing veteran Darcy Henderson (Sik Tai) in the 2nd round.

  7. Jason Taylor (National Kickboxing & Muay Thai) stopped Shane Doerkson (Emerald Gym) by KO in round 3.

  8. Larry Sharpe (Sik Tai) won a decision over Dave Robson (Red Deer - Seven Stars Praying Mantis)

SUNDAY, November 1st , 1998, AT 3:15 PM


The IKF will sanction their first event in Armenia this coming Saturday night, November 7th. The event will be a Full Contact Karate/San Shou event held at Hamaleer Stadium in Yerevan Armenia. IKF President Steve Fossum will attend as the IKF Event Representative along with the trainers and 5 team members. They will leave for Armenia Monday, November 2nd and return late Monday, November 9th. The event will feature the team from USA vs a team from Armenia. USA Full Contact Karate Federation Associate Ken Arutyunyan of North Hollywood, CA, USA organized the USA team of 5 fighters. Here is the line-up.

MORE NEWS OF 11-1-98. . .

IKF Promoters Ready
For Saturday, November 7th Events.

Four IKF Promoters have events scheduled for this Saturday, November 7th. As the end of 1998 closes in, these IKF Promoters and others are completing a very successful year with their Promotional Teams, Fighters and as a big part of the IKF WORLD TEAM. Here is the rundown of each of the events;

Mike Miles
Ready For IKF Calgary, Canada

IKF promoter Mike Miles prepares to close out a fantastic 1998 as he promotes his 5th IKF event of 1998 in Calgary, Alberta Canada Saturday. The event entitled, "The Battle" will feature 2 IKF Title bouts which include the following.

Fighting for the IKF Amateur Intercontinental Light Welterweight Muay Thai Rules Title Bout will be IKF Amateur North American Full Contact Rules Champion Trevor Smandych (10-4-1) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada vs Wittaya Sripave (Over 50 bouts) of Koh Samui Thailand.

The second title bout will be for the IKF Amateur Intercontinental Welterweight Muay Thai Rules Title Bout between IKF Amateur North American Muay Thai Champion Jason Fenton (15-3 with 10 KOs) of Calgary, Alberta Canada vs Parinya Iapard (Over 50 bouts) of Koh Samui Thailand. For more info on this event, contact Mr. Mike Miles at (403) 244-8424 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 11-1-98. . .

Mick Doyle
Ready For IKF Iowa, USA

IKF promoter Mick Doyle prepares as well to close out a fantastic 1998 as he promotes his 3rd IKF event of 1998 at Harveys Resort Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa, USA Saturday. The event will feature 1 IKF Title bout when IKF number 1 ranked Light Middleweight contender Steven Berkolayko of Brooklyn, New York takes on number 2 ranked Nathan Clemens of Mertle Beach, South Carolina for the IKF United States Amateur, Muay Thai Rules Light Middleweight Title. IKF Representative Brooks Mason will be the official IKF Representative for the event. For more info on this event, contact Mr. Mick Doyle at (402) 498-9592 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 11-1-98. . .

Shorne Moorcroft
Ready For IKF South Africa

IKF promoter Shorne Moorcroft prepares to promote his first IKF Event with IKF Associate Roleen Coetser in Johannesburg, South Africa, this Saturday, November 7th. The event is an introduction of the IKF Organization to Kickboxers, Trainers and Schools in South Africa and markes the beginning of IKF South Africa. IKF Associate Roleen Coetser will host a meeting introducing those attending to the IKF Organization after which promoter Shorne Moorcroft will hold an IKF Open Amateur Invitation Tournament among those attending. This event will be followed soon by the first IKF World title bout hosted by South Africa. For more info on this event, contact IKF Associate and the official IKF Representative for this event, Roleen Coetser +27 11 378-7042, FAX: +27 11 378-8042 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 11-1-98. . .

Jack Glueck
Ready For IKF Oregon, USA

IKF promoter Jack Glueck prepares to promote his first IKF Event and the first kickboxing in Oregon USA. The event entitled "Championship Kickboxing Invades the Armory" will be held at the Medford Armory in Medford, Oregon, USA. Mr. Glueck isn't planning a small event either. His first event will feature 3 IKF Title Bouts. Number 1 ranked Super Lightweight Billy Beach (6-0 with 2 KOs) of Citrus Heights, California, USA will meet number 2 ranked Tawn Saephan (3-1, no KOs) of Roseville, California, USA for the IKF Amateur United States Super Lightweight Full Contact Rules Title.

Number 1 ranked Super Lightweight Shawn Yacoubian (3-2 with 3 KOs) of Van Nuys California, USA, will face non IKF ranked fighter Armando Ramos for the IKF Amateur West Coast USA Super Lightweight Muay Thai Rules Title.

Number 1 ranked Light Welterweight Jones Tom (7-6 with 4 KOs) of Vacaville, California USA will be moving up in weight to meet number 2 ranked Juan Escobar (7-1 with 4 KOs) of San Jose, California, USA for the IKF Amateur West Coast USA Super Welterweight Full Contact Rules Title. IKF Co-Founder and Head of Officials Dan Stell will be the official IKF event Representative. For more info on this event, contact Mr. Jack Gluck at: (541) 773-9589.

MORE NEWS OF 11-1-98. . .

Grand Prix Results

OK, yes these results are late but here they are.

TUESDAY, October 27th, 1998, AT 1:00 PM

Wilson Comeback Bout vs Kimber
Alexio & Roufus "MIGHT" be Part of it as Well.

Many of you have e-mailed the IKF asking if the IKF is still confirmed to sanction the comeback bout of Don "The Dragon" Wilson against Dick "The Destroyer" Kimber. Apparently there was a rumor going around that another sanctioning organization was going to sanction Mr. Wilson's comeback bout in April instead. The IKF would like to confirm that this is only a rumor. The IKF will be the "ONLY" sanctioning organization for the event scheduled for March 27th, 1999 at the Tsongas Arena, in Lowell Massachusetts, USA . It will "NOT" be co-sanctioned with any other organization either. The IKF would also like to add that there is talk of the long awaited Rick Roufus vs Dennis Alexio match-up on this event as well. Both Roufus and Alexio hold IKF Pro World titles. If the two agree to terms, the next decision will be what rules the bout will be fought under.International Rules which Roufus seems to like most and holds his World Title in or Full Contact Rules where Alexio holds his World Title. It seems both will be weighing in the 210 to 220 pound range. Other "Possible" fighters on the card include IKF Pro North American Full Contact Rules Champion Eric Regan and San Shou & Draka sesation Cung Le. For more event information you can contact Mr. Rick Broider of Revolution Productions at (781) 592-9063 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MONDAY, October 26th, 1998, AT 1:00 PM

Wins IKF World Title

Duke Roufus and IKF Team Milwaukee held another outstanding event at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA this past Saturday night. The event featured 2 IKF title bouts with 1 for an IKF World Title. Muay Thai sensation, Kongnapa of Thailand, now training with Duke Roufus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA defeated Ryan Jones of Winnipage, Manitoba, Canada by KO in the first round of their scheduled 5 round World Muay Thai bout to win the IKF Pro World Junior Middleweight Muay Thai Rules Title. Kongnapa KOed Jones with a strong hook punch that left Jones motionless on the canvas. Phil Petit of Winnipage, Manitoba, Canada defeated Kevin McMullen of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA to win the IKF Pro North American Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai Rules Title. For more info, you can contact Mr. Duke Roufus at Milwaukee Kickboxing at (414) 319-1151

MORE NEWS OF 10-26-98. . .

National Amateur Tournament

Here are the Official Regions for the 1999 IKF / RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament. Each region will hold several events to determine who will represent each weight division in each of the 2 fighting rule divisions of International Rules (Leg Kick) and Full Contact Rules (Above the waist) Muay Thai will not be a division for the 1999 tournament but maybe for 2000

To participate in any of the regional tournaments, each fighter will pay a $35.00 registration fee. $20 will go to each promoter to help cover event expenses and $15 to the IKF for official fighter registration. The IKF is still accepting promoter applications for several regions. The National amateur Championship Tournament location has yet to be determined. The IKF and RINGSIDE are currently reviewing various venue ideas. Any imput to the National Tournament will be appreciated. For information on registration, promoters etc, please e-mail the IKF by clicking HERE or phone the World Headquarters at (916) 663-2467.

TUESDAY, October 20th, 1998, AT 12:10 PM

Ready For IKF Wisconsin, USA

IKF Promoter, Duke Roufus has another exciting IKF event planned for Milwaukee Wisconsin USA this Saturday, October 24th at the Famous Eagles Club. The Milwaukee event will feature several IKF Title Bouts including IKF PRO World Muay Thai Junior Middleweight Title Bout with Kongnapa taking on Ryan Jones. Other title bouts will include, IKF PRO North American Muay Thai Lt. Cruiserweight Title Bout with Kevin McMullen vs Phil Petit and IKF Amateur Midwest USA Super Middleweight Muay Thai Title Bout with Ryan Klagmann vs Brian Campbell. For more info, you can contact Mr. Duke Roufus at Milwaukee Kickboxing at (414) 319-1151

MONDAY, October 19th, 1998, AT 3:00 PM

Another High Profile Fighter
Comes On Board
With The IKF In England

Alby Bimpson IKF England
IKF England has great pleasure in welcoming CHERYL ROBERTSON, former WIBF Bantomweight World Boxing Champion. Cheryl lost her WIBF World Boxing title to America's Eva Jones-Young in Atlanta City New Jersey in March 1998, but now under new management she looks forward to reclaiming this title. Cheryl is also a High Profile Kickboxer, holding a number of titles. "LOOK OUT KIM MESSER - Cheryl has made it clear that she wants a rematch, but this time for the IKF World Title! Alby Bimpson who Trains and Manages IKF Pro World Muay Thai Champion Chris Wright is now the new Manager and Trainer of Cheryl. Please contact IKF for further details - More to follow.

SUNDAY, October 18th, 1998, AT 6:00 PM

DRAKA & San Shou Sensation
Cung Le Wins By KO!

The IKF would like to congratulate top IKF San Shou Martial Arts Fighter and DRAKA Sensation, Cung Le of San Jose, CA, USA on his recent victory over Dan Garrett of Pasadena, Maryland, USA. The bout was held in San Jose and promoted by Scott Coker on Saturday night, October 10th. Le was in control of the entire bout with exciting throws and takedowns, showing great kickboxing skills as well as landing several devastating legs kicks and punches on Garrett. Le knocked Garrett out at :20 seconds of the third round. Cung Le is making the fighting style of San Shou a worldwide favorite from his exciting DRAKA performances where he has yet to lose.

To assure true San Shou credibility, IKF Cofounder and head of IKF World Officials Dan Stell of Fairfield, CA, USA was the official San Shou bout referee. Stell is also a top DRAKA official with Marcos Rosalas of Bakersfield, CA, USA. IKF San Shou President Tat-Mau Wong of San Francisco, CA, USA (Also a past San Shou Champion) assured the TV commentary would be accurate to the San Shou rules as he handled the TV fight color commentary. The event will later air on ESPN 2. We look forward to Le's next bout which will probably be on the next DRAKA event. The date of that show has yet to be announced. Martial art celebrities at the event included, Ernie Reyes Jr. & Ernie Reyes Sr. Past World Kickboxing Champions, Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham were also present. To contact Cung Le, click HERE!

There is a possibility Cung Le may fight an IKF San Shou Title Bout on the undercard of the IKF Sanctioned Don Wilson comeback bout on March 27th, 1999. Wilson is confirmed to face Dick Kimber of Lynn, Massachusetts, USA (48-2 with 46 KO's) for the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Cruiserweight World Title. The bout will air "LIVE" on PPV cable TV. For details about the Kimber-Wilson bout, click HERE!.

MONDAY, October 5th, 1998, AT 3:00 PM

Quarterfinal Matches

Next K-1, Quarterfinals, December the 12th, 1998, at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

  1. Ernesto Hoost vs Sam Greco

  2. Andy Hug vs Ray Sefo
  3. Peter Aerts vs Masaaki Satake

  4. Francisco Filho vs Mike Bernardo

SUNDAY, October 4th, 1998, AT 10:00 AM


A special IKF Thank You to IKF web fan, Mr. Steve Kalakoda, manager/trainer of Mike Bernardo. Mr. Kalakoda sent the IKF the recent K-1 results for all of you to see. Here they are;

  1. Peter Aerts (Holland) KO 1:55 of 2nd round Sinisa Andrijasevic (Croatia)

  2. Ray Sefo (New Zealand) won on points against Stefan Leko (Germany)

  3. Sam Greco (Australia) won on points Matt Skelton (United Kingdom)

  4. Franscisco Filho ( Brazil) KO :15 into 2nd round Rick Roufus (USA, leg injury)

  5. Andy Hug (Switzerland) KO 2:07 of 2nd round Mark Russell (United Kingdom)

  6. Mike Bernardo (South Africa) won on points Maurice Smith (USA)

  7. Ernesto Hoost (Holland) won at 3:00 4th round Tosca Petrides (Aus) retired by corner

  8. Masaaki Satake (Japan) won on points Glaube Feitosa (Brazil)

If you get a chance, thank Mr. Kalakoda for the update by clicking HERE and we are sure if you want more details, he can help you.

SATURDAY, October 3rd, 1998, AT 1:30 PM

It's BACK...
IKF San Shou Page...

Click HERE

MORE NEWS OF 10-3-98. . .


Revised: 10-5-98

According to sources, there has been some great progress for amateur Muay Thai to be accepted into the Olympics. With Olympic judo, wrestling, boxing and Tae Kwon-do already in, watch out everyone as Muay Thai has made great strides to be involved. However, there is still a lot of work to do. Whether it will be an exhibition sport in 2000 is now doubtful since there is still a lot of work organizing the sport worldwide. The IOC is still looking at the sport and feeling very positive about it all but the most important piece of this puzzle is whether the political infighting among several Muay Thai organizations in Thailand can be resolved.

It seems that the IOC wants the Thailand organizations to come together and work as a team, but those knowing the organizations know that this will be a difficult task to become a reality. For example, WHO will decide the actual terms of the sport in regards to rules, representatives, officials etc. in the actual Olympic games?

Although the IKF is willing to work side by side with whoever the organization is that will head up the sport worldwide, now the IKF may not be allowed to organize it under the title IKF. Apparently the IOC is looking for a non-profit organization to organize the teams. However, the known organizations that are non-profit have no strong following or actual amateur rankings, especially here in the USA where as the IKF does.

Still, the IKF may assist in some way to form a non-profit organization for the betterment of the sport that will not be associated directly with the IKF. If so, the IKF will offer their rankings, fighter info, contacts etc. to such an organization for free. Members of the committee will include those in the IKF and other organizations already firmly established in the Muay Thai community such as, Mike Miles, Canada, Alby Bimpson, England & Duke Roufus, & Mick Doyle USA among others. This is a big job and a major step for Muay Thai and even Kickboxing so don't expect results overnight. We'll keep you updated as things happen. Muay Thai is a national sport in Thailand, which made it possible to become eligible for an Olympic sport, unlike leg kick or Full Contact Rules Kickboxing.

FRIDAY, October 2nd, 1998, AT 2:00 PM

Cung Le
News & Website

Click HERE to read all about it...

THURSDAY, October 1st, 1998, AT 10:30 PM

IKF Will Sanction
Wilson's Comeback Bout

It's a confirmed done deal. Don "The Dragon" Wilson "WILL fight for REAL! Rick Broider Revolution Productions Inc. and other members of their Promotional Company have chosen to join forces with the IKF in Promoting several MAJOR televised kickboxing events for 1999. Their plan is to bring about global standardization of rules via major marketing power, corporate longevity planning and by allocating the proper marketing resources to ensure the complete success and longevity of Kickboxing in the Mainstream Market. Wilson has signed the dotted line and accepted a deposit to fight Dick "The Destroyer" Kimber as the Main Event on the show scheduled for March 27th, 1999 at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell Massachusetts, USA. The event will be a Televised PPV event. This event will be broadcasted not just Domestically but Internationally on Pay Per View, with possible post fight broadcasts on HBO, USA, or TNT. Revolution Productions is also assembling a very exciting undercard where there will be possible 2 more World Titles on the line and at least two IKF US titles. For more info, you can contact Mr. Rick Broider of Revolution Productions at 781-592-9063 or e-mail by clicking HERE

BIG NEWS OF 10-1-98. . .

IKF ITEMS - Coming Soon......

Apparel Line..

Usually, IKF clothes such as Sweats, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hats, Jackets etc. were special order through the IKF Headquarters. Not for long. Soon several choices of IKF apparel will be available at several major clothing outlets. The IKF line will be out soon so get ready to GO EXTREME in the new IKF look!


More details on this will be coming soon but to answer all those questions and requests of kickboxing fans that have been great fans of our website, YES, The IKF "IS" putting out a magazine that will focus EXCLUSIVELY on KICKBOXING News WORLDWIDE! It is IKF RINGSIDE! We will keep you posted on it's development and hey... the wait won't be very long....

Kickboxing Equipment..

Need some GREAT Kickboxing Equipment? Well here it comes! Joe Taylor of RINGSIDE INC. has, as many of you already know, teamed up with the IKF to design some great kickboxing equipment endorsed by the IKF. The equipment and other kickboxing items will be featured in their upcoming Spring 1999 catalog. Several IKF Champions have been photographed to be featured demonstrating the equipment.IKF Appareal and instructional videos will also be available through RINGSIDE INC.

National Amateur Tournament.

Hey Promoters, Trainers and Amateur kickboxers! Here comes the 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament. The IKF is now finalizing the "8" National Divisions that will meet at the end of summer, 1999 in the MidWest USA to compete for the HONEST, IKF US National Championship Title in their weight Division! If you are a promoter that is interested in hosting a regional tournament event, please contact the IKF via e-mail by clicking HERE. The IKF is currently determining the promoters who will be involved. The championship weekend will be a 3 day event and the Sunday IKF Championship Bouts will be televised Live Nationally on Network TV. Trainers and fighters, get ready. It's time to determine the TRUE National Amateur Kickboxing Champions!

WEDNESDAY, September 30th, 1998, AT 12:50 PM

IKF Europe Wants The FACTS Known.
We have chosen to place this on our opinions page. For obvious reasons, you'll see why...
Click HERE to go to the IKF Opinion Page!

SATURDAY, September 26th, 1998, AT 10:00 PM


Danny STEELE Breaks Opponents Leg
& Cung LE Wins By Head Kick KO!


FRIDAY, September 18th, 1998, AT 1:30 AM


IKF Promoter Craig Monyelle completed a large IKF event in Beloit Wisconsin on Sunday night September 6th. The event featured 11 undercard bouts and 1 IKF Title bout. The title was for the IKF Midwest Title bout which saw Light Heavyweights Danny Russ (175, 10-1/4) defeat Roy Jones (175, 16-4-1/4) by majority decision, 39-37, 38-38 and 38-37. Here are the other bout results;

  1. Tommy Gusias (Buffalo Grove IL.) defeated Scott Macon (Beloit WS) by KO.

  2. Russell Ford (Chicago, IL) defeated Matt Simon (Dixon IL) by unanimous decision.

  3. Rick Whiteneck (Belvidere IL) defeated Joe Bulkis (Robbins IL) by TKO.

  4. Tim Mazurkeiwicz (Freeport IL) defeated Bryce Frank (Rockford IL) by unanimous decision.

  5. Tamira Stewert (Buffalo Grove IL) defeated Amanda Thomas (Dixon IL) by unanimous decision.

  6. Chris Roney (Chicago IL) defeated John Ransom (Clinton WI) by unanimous decision.

  7. Jason Johnson (Milwaukee WS) defeated Jack Lagrange (Dubuque IA) by split decision.

  8. Chris Weitz (Dubuque IA) defeated Louis Tobar (Chicago IL) by TKO.

  9. Dan Lamping (Indianapolis IN) defeated Mitch Adams (Dubuque IA) by TKO.

  10. Derick Yuen (Milwaukee WS) defeated Don Mundt (Dubuque IA) by TKO.

  11. Jon Schurtz (Peoria IL) defeated Nick Hyde (Indianapolis IN) by TKO. IKF

Mr. Monyelle's next event will be in January 1999 in Peoria, Illinois, USA. For more info, you can contact Mr. Monyelle at (608) 362-0404

MORE NEWS OF 9-18-98. . .


Promoter Bruce Marshall has closed the books on a very successful event in Massachusetts this last weekend. According to IKF event Representative Frank Thiboutot, he was particularly impressed with the quality of the Muay Thai fighters. Fighters such as Pro welterweight Steve Milles who won a decision over Peter Keltecich and Amateur fighters such as the Borodine brothers of Brooklyn, NY, (originally from the Ukraine). Steve Borodine stopping Keith Walsh with a knee to the chin at :43 seconds into round 1 while brother Greg won a unanimous decision over Steve Sorjano.

Welterweight John Hunt, was stopped by Andrew Brown at 2:00 of round 2 of the scheduled 5, 3 minute round bout. The best Full Contact bout was between Pro Middleweights Gary Bonnenfant and Bobby Francis. Both were polished fighters showing goods skills especially Bonnenfant whose hands were better which ended up stopping Francis at 1:44 of round 3 of the scheduled 5 round bout.

There were several demos which included Boston Tae Kwon Do. Here are the outcomes of the remaining bouts;

  1. Franklin Gomez won by unanimous decision over Ed Doherty. (Amateur)

  2. Tony Maestro stopped Richard Sanon by KO at 1:48 of round 1. (Amateur)

  3. Zubia Laliwala defeated Harut Arutyunyan when Arutyunyan injured his knee at the end of round 1. (Amateur)

  4. Brayher Martinez won by by unanimous decision over Tyre Wilson. (Amateur)

  5. Scott Weyant stopped Pat Flaherty at 1:15 of round 1. (Amateur)

  6. Ruben Colon won by unanimous decision over Jason Bonacorsi. (Pro)

  7. Steve Mills defeated Peter Keltevich by decision. (Pro)

For more info you can contact Bruce Marshall at 978-465-5538

TUESDAY, September 16th, 1998, AT 3:30 AM


Promoter Fernando Loio Is Part of Another Great Step Forward for the IKF!

IKF Europe: It gives the IKF WORLD TEAM great pleasure, to welcome IKF Promoter Fernando Loio to the IKF WORLD TEAM as our new IKF Representative for Portugal. IKF Europe Representatives Alby Bimpson and Jacqui Thompson were treated with wonderful hospitality, and look forward to working with Mr. Loio and his IKF TEAM in the future on more IKF Events. "We can only see the IKF and Kickboxing getting stronger in Portugal with people such as Mr. Loio and his wife, Amelia that believe and are committed to fair play." Says IKF Representative Alby Bimpson.

The event, which was part of a town festival of the town Viseu, turned out to be the main attraction. 3000+ spectators attended, and the Director of Entertainment commented it was the biggest attendance for 50 years which was also reported in the National Newspaper. The two attending Government officials congratulated and commended the show. The show was televised as well. "The hospitality was excellent." said Alby Bimpson. "I would have no hesitation in sending fighters to Portugal through Fernando Loio." Loio plans to do 6 IKF Kickboxing events a year which will make him a major force in the European Kickboxing scene.

Portugal Amateur Fighter Celso Costa of Viseu Portugal became the first ever IKF Portugal Champion winning the IKF European Featherweight Full Contact Title with a unanimous decision win over Jamie Chedotal of Liverpool, England. (49-46, 50-46, 50-48) Costa fought a good technical fight using his height to his advantage. He was several inches taller than the shorter Chedotal. Chedotal was put down in the 3rd round by an excellent spinning thrust kick by Costa which certainly delighted the crowd. Chedotal did not give up trying up to the final bell. Both fighters showed a high degree of fitness in completing the 5 rounds with no problems. The spectators showed great enthusiasm and respect to both fighters. Chedotal came away with a handful of presents, and a sore hand from shaking so many delighted fans hands after the event. Great respect was shown by both fighters of which the crowd recognized and applauded. Costa is a good European Amateur champion for the IKF for his technique, standard of fitness and respect for his opponent. Congratulations Mr. Costa and Congratulations Mr. Loio and his IKF for establishing a firm hold on IKF Kickboxing in Portugal. You are a welcome member of the official IKF WORLD TEAM!

Here are the Fight Results;

  1. Ricardo Caselobra defeated Helder Marques

  2. CHANGE, 9/22/98: Franscisco Ferreira and Fernando Loureiro fought to a Majority Draw, 28-29, 29-29 & 29-29. A re-match is in the works for these two.

  3. Carlos Almeida defeated Hugo Augusto by Split Decision, 29-28, 30-28 & 28-30.

  4. Miguel Almeida defeated Julio Pinto by Unanimous Decision 30-27 all 3 judges.

  5. Augusto Gomes defeated Mario Vicente when Vicente quit after the 3rd round in a scheduled 5 round bout. Gomes was leading on all the cards, 29-28, 30-27 & 30-28.

  6. IKF EUROPEAN AMATEUR FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE: Celso Costa of Viseu Portugal defeated Jamie Chedotal of Liverpool, England

  7. Andre Ferraz defeated Filipe Lopes by forfeit since Lopes failed to show up.

  8. Cesar Goncales of Lisboa Portugal defeated Helder Tarceues of Viseu Portugal in a Tae Kwon Do Freestyle fight. ( Unsanctioned by the IKF )

  9. Pro Kickboxer Jose Peres (40-33-7/5 of Lisboa Portugal) also did a Full Contact Rules Exhibition demo/bout with David Ferreira(20-12-8/3 of Jiseu Portugal).

All Fighters will be entered into the IKF EUROPEAN Amateur Rankings once the IKF has received the full event report from the IKF Europe office.

MORE NEWS OF 9-16-98. . .


In The World Of Muay Thai!

OK, so you want to see some GREAT MUAY THAI? Want to see it all in a sold out stadium, in the USA? Well, we've said it before and we will say it again, "The Winning Road of USA Muay Thai Travels through Milwaukee Wisconsin..." Yes... Wisconsin! IKF Promoter Duke Roufus continues his dedication to make the world of Muay Thai a legit style here in the US. With so many promoters only booking fighters they know their fighters can beat, Roufus continues to bring in top talent from around the globe to face his Muay Thai boys and the results have been some of the greatest fights ever seen. So great that the IKF has plans to kick off their TV programing on one of Roufus' IKF events. Milwaukee not only has the great talent for such an inagrual event but a great venue in the famous "Eagles Club Stadium" and some of the greatest fans in the sport. They don't just root for the hometown boys in Milwaukee, they root for a great fight, no matter where their from! This last weekends event was no different and hey, not all of Roufus' fighters win either...Only "THE BEST" Fighter wins in Milwaukee, and if there's a question, ask the Milwaukee fans. They KNOW their Muay Thai!

The event featured 7 great Muay Thai bouts as IKF Team USA took on IKF Team Thailand. In addition, Roufus brought in a fighter from Canada to fight along with other US fighters as well. Surly the crowd pleaser though and hometown favorite was Khunpon from Thailand who is now a regular trainer and fighter out of Roufus' Milwaukee Kickboxing & Fitness gym. Khunpon faced Mark Borgoeis (20-4 with 17 KO's) of Canada as a defense of Khunpon's IKF World Muay Thai Title. Khunpon made "QUICK" work of Borgoeis as he has done to every opponent while defending his IKF World Muay Thai Title. After knocking down Borgoeis in round 1, Khunpon came out in round 2 on a mission. Scoring with leg kick after leg kick followed by strong hand combinations, Borgoeis finally took one too many leg kicks and limped back with his hand in the air as he told referee Al Wichgers his legs couldn't take any more. The bout was officially stopped at 1:56 of the scheduled 3 minute round 2. "He kicks hard" said Borgoeis after the bout which was no surprise to the IKF. We've seen this guy kick before! Khunpon is next scheduled to face Marcus Mangan of Sydney Australia for another title defense in Milwaukee on December 4th.

Jim "The Hitman" Heberer of Milwaukee Wisconsin USA won the IKF United States Amateur Muay Thai Heavyweight Title when Omaha Nebraska USA's Steve Bass' corner threw in the towel at the end of the 4th round. The bout was faced paced from the start. Round 1 stayed close with Heberer getting the judges edge 10-9 on all 3 cards. As round 2 begin, Bass entered the ring with a large gash on his left shin. The round was a dynamite round for Heberer though as he landed blow after blow to Bass. Bass came back strong though vowing not to give in so easily but once again, Heberer took the edge on all 3 cards 10-9. As round 3 started, Bass begin to have breathing problems from his asthma. The loss of breath took its tole as Heberer won a strong round 3 as well. By round 4 Bass' air was short and he was having problems breathing and took a strong knee to the face midway through the round which proved it was time to stop. A very smart decision was made by Bass' corner. Heberer will next face Giusseppe Denatale on October 24th in Milwaukee. Despite his asthma problems which Bass hopes to control by relaxing more in the ring, he is a STRONG Heavyweight with great fighting skill. A true ring warrior and we are confident from the talent he has shown the IKF in his last 2 bouts, "BASS WILL BE BACK!"

Another great Muay Thai bout during the night was between Hadai (45-15-3) of Thailand against Paul Svehlek (12-0 with 9 KO's) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Back and forth these two warriors went at each other often teasing and prodding each other with hand and facial jesters during their 5 round bout. These two were clearly crowd pleasers going toe to toe. Hadai seemed to frustrate Svehlek a lot with his relaxed, "Bring it on" attitude. At bouts end, the scorecards read Svehlek ahead by a split decision, 47-48, 48-47 & 47-48 but the crowd and the IKF questioned the decision at ringside. After an official review of the event by video tape, the decision was reversed as an error on the scorecards was found and Hadai of Thailand was given the decision win. Great fight guys! Now That was Muay Thai!!!

Milwaukee favorite and IKF Champion Richard Kostuck (17-3, 9 KO's) also faced one of the dynamic Thai fighters in a non title bout as he went toe to toe with Songkla Yibosv (75-25-3) of Thailand. Kostuck dominated round 1 as he stocked Yibosv around the ring and won on all 3 judges cards. However, round 2 opened up with Yibosv fighting back strong and he eventually caught Kostuck with an overhand right that split Kostuck's eye lid and doctor Dave Nieman stopped the bout at 2:11 of round 2 giving Yibosv the win. Kostuck is next scheduled to re-match Sakasem on Roufus' October 24th card in Milwaukee.

Rounding out the card, IKF Submission fighters Adrian Serrano of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA and David Menne of Minneapolis Minnesota, USA excited the crowd with a great submission bout that went the entire 10 minute distance. At times end the judges had Serrano ahead 4-1, 3-2 and 3-2. Great work gentlemen. Back to Muay Thai, Tieng Phetviaxy (1-0) of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA scored an amateur bout unanimous decision over David Brice (3-0) of Omaha Nebraska, USA, 30-28, 30-27 and 30-27. Kharm Phetviaxy (1-0) of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA stopped Jayson Wesley (0-0) of Louiville Kentucky, USA after knocking Wesley down 3 times in the first round. Wesley took the bout on one days notice. Referee Al Wichgers stopped the bout after the third knockdown at 1:45 of the first round. Wesley's corner "SHOULD" have thrown in the towel earlier on this one as Phetviaxy dominated from the opening simply punishing Wesley with blow after blow. Wesley seemed like he didn't even want to defend himself.

The IKF congratulates Mr. Roufus and his IKF Milwaukee TEAM on yet another successful event! It seems the IKF Milwaukee TEAM just keeps getting better and better! Their next 2 events are already planned for October 24th when Kevin "The Fighting Irish" McMullen takes on Phil "Le Grande" Petit for the IKF North American Superlight Heavyweight Muay Thai Title and Kongnapa of Thailand faces Ryan Jones for the IKF World Junior Middleweight Muay Thai Title. December 4th is Roufus' "Return to Glory Event". The event will feature Duke's return to the ring when he faces South Pacific Champion, Hirawa Te Ringi of Auckland New Zealand. Roufus himself is a 3 time World Champion. In addition as previously mentioned, Khunpon of Milwaukee via Thailand will defend his IKF World Title against Marcus Mangan of Sydney Australia. If you want to see TRUE MUAY THAI in the USA, come visit Milwaukee... Have a beer and some famous cheese bread while your there. You'll want to come back for more........MUAY THAI!!! ...OK... some cheese bread too...

MORE NEWS OF 9-16-98. . .


Abe Belardo Hosts Another Packed House In Bakersfield!

IKF Veteran Promoter Abe Belardo has succeed again as he packed the house at the famous Strongbow Stadium in Bakersfield California USA. Belardo is one of the first and most successful IKF promoters and he continued his success this last Saturday night. The much anticipated main event featuring the IKF U. S Amateur International Rules Featherweight Title Defense of Delano's Jesus Andrade against challenger Billy Olsen of Santa Rosa never took place as Olsen pulled out of the bout the day before the event.

However, Bakersfields own Manual Quezada (218 lbs) didn't disappoint the hometown crowd as he stopped Modesto California's Carter Williams (209 lbs) by TKO to win the IKF California Amateur International Rules Super Heavyweight Title. However it's too bad that Quezada's fans smeared a black mark on his performance by throwing beer cups into the ring. If it happens again, we'd like to see those individuals who can't control themselves during an event hauled away and locked up. These type of fans spoil it for everyone.

Hawk Chhim (125 lbs) of Modesto, CA, won his IKF United States Featherweight title by forfeit when his opponent refused to fight the day of the event while his brother Vantha Chhim (128 lbs) defeated Reddings Billy Soksoda (121 lbs) by majority decision to win the IKF California Amateur Featherweight Muay Thai Title.

HOWEVER, Vantha Chhim's and Soksoda's weight spread was far beyond the maximum 4 pound spread in their weight class. Soksoda weighed in light for the Featherweight Title (124.1-128) at 121 lbs which means technically, Soksoda would have lost the title by forfeit before the bout even took place since Vantha weighed within the limits of the division at 128 lbs. Vantha was a last minute replacement as an opponent for Soksoda and Soksoda was told he weighed in at 125 lbs. It was not until after the event that Soksoda realized he was outweighed by 7 lbs. The bout though took place under the guidence of the State Commission despite the weight spread though. Now, after this discovery, the bout is under official review by the State Athletic Commission and the IKF which well determine why the bout went on with such a weight spread in the first place.

In other bouts,

  1. Rick Hernandez defeated Chan Pen by KO at 1:51 of round 3.

  2. Jose Landin defeated Danny Mocello by unanimous decision, 28-27, 28-27 & 29-26.

  3. Robert Preciado defeated Erin Berthold by disqualification as Berthold fouled with knees to the head and elbows.

  4. Lindsi Thompson defeated Angie Fields by TKO round 2.

  5. Rick Aivarado defeated Derik Soto by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 & 29-28.

  6. Mike Morello defeated Henery Cho by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27 & 29-27.

  7. Yia Mau defeated Gary Wheeler by split decision 30-27, 28-29 & 27-29.

Belardo's next event has yet to be planned but keep track of the IKF Upcoming Events page and it will appear soon.

Special thanks to Kathy Chilimidos of the California State Athletic Commission and Abe Belardo for assisting with these results.

FRIDAY, September 11th, 1998, AT 1:00 AM

Marshall Ready For
IKF New England, USA

Bruce Marshall & Frank Thiboutot have recently applied to become IKF promoters but the outcome of their upcoming event will decide their acceptance. Marshall's event is scheduled for this Saturday night, September 12th in New England. However due to the late notice on sanctioning confrimation, bout details were not available at press time. Along with managing fighters, Mr. Thiboutot is the founder of a great Cardio Kickboxing Video. Check it out by clicking HERE.

TUESDAY, September 8th, 1998, AT 10:00 PM

Abe Belardo Ready For
IKF California, USA

IKF Promoter Abe Belardo of Bakersfield, CA, USA will host another exciting IKF Kickboxing event on September 12th at the famous Strongbow Stadium in Bakersfield, CA. The event will feature several IKF Amateur Title Bouts. Bakersfields Boyd Murphy will defend his IKF U. S Amateur IR Heavyweight Title against Paul Bunyon. Jesus Andrade of Delano CA will defend his IKF U. S Amateur IR Featherweight Title against Billy Olsen. Manual Quezada will meet Carter Williams for the vacant IKF California Amateur IR Heavyweight Title Bout and Phongmong will face Hawk Chhim for the vacant IKF California Amateur MT Bantamweight Title. For more info, you can contact Mr. Abe Belardo at (805) 834-5871

MORE NEWS OF 9-8-98. . .

Fernando Loio Ready
For IKF Portugal

IKF Promoter Fernando Loio of Portugal will host the first IKF Portugal event on September 12th at Feira de S.Mateus-Viseu, Portugal. The event will feature 1 IKF Title bout as Jamie Chedotal of England meets Celso Costa of Portugal for the vacant IKF Amateur Featherweight Full Contact Rules European National Title. The event will feature 7 other exciting bouts as well. Since IKF President Steve Fossum will be in Milwaukee Wisconsin for Duke Roufus' IKF World Title Event, IKF England Representatives Alby Bimpson and Jacqui Thompson will be the IKF Representatives at the event. For more info you can contact Mr. Loio by fax at: 032-440316 or e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 9-8-98. . .

Roufus Ready
For IKF Wisconsin, USA

IKF Promoter, Duke Roufus' has another exciting event planned for Milwaukee Wisconsin this Saturday, September 12th. The Milwaukee event will feature THAILAND vs USA featuring IKF Muay Thai Heavyweight Title Bout featuring Jim Heberer vs Steve Bass PLUS...Milwaukee sinsation Richard Kostuck vs Songkla of Thailand, Paul "M-16" Svehlek vs Hadyiai also of Thailand, Khunpol vs Mark Borgoeis of Canada. PLUS: IKF Submission Title Bout featuring Adrian Serrano vs David Menne. for more info, you can contact Mr. Duke Roufus at (414) 319-1151

MONDAY, August 31st, 1998, AT 11:50 PM

Monyelle Ready
For IKF Wisconsin, USA

IKF Promoter Craig Monyelle is gearing up for his IKF Beloit Wisconsin event. Monyelle has his event planned for Saturday night, September 6th at the Telfer Park Pavilion on Cranston Road in Beloit Wisconsin.Monyelle's Fight Night 98 II will feature the IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight Midwest U.S. Full Contact Rules Title with Danny Russ taking on Roy Jones. The event will feature 14 other bouts including Muay Thai, Full Contact & Women Fights. Doors open at 5:30, Fights start at 6:30. For more info, you can contact Mr. Monyelle at Thunder & Lightening Stateline Kickboxing, (608) 362-0404.

THURSDAY, August 27th, 1998, AT 6:00 PM


IKF Europe/England is growing Strong and Fast and now is the time to get involved. Dozens of clubs, fighters, trainers and promoters have already followed the wave across Europe and joined the IKF organization. Wonder why? Well everyone, clubs, trainers, fighters and promoters, now is the time to join forces with the fastest growing, genuine kickboxing organization in the world today, the IKF! IKF England head man Alby Bimpson has asked anyone interested in England and Europe as well to contact him by phone or e-mail personally to see why he has become a strong IKF supporter. We look forward to hearing from those of you who are truly interested in making the sport of KICKBOXING more organized and legit worldwide through the team effort of yourself and the IKF. You can contact Mr. Alby Bimpson at Merseyside Kickboxing at +44 1942 723858 or e-mail Mr. Bimpson by clicking e-mail

MORE NEWS OF 8-27-98. . .


MALICE AT THE PALACE: Sunday, August 23rd, 1998: Calgary was host to one of its most exciting fight events in recent memory. Calgary's hottest night club 'The Palace' and promoter Mike Miles co-hosted their first ever fight card together called, "Malice at the Palace". Twelve hundred people packed into the sold out venue to witness what was to be one of the most entertaining and anticipated events in recent memory. Reporters, cameramen and photographers from all facets of the media (newspapers, television and radio) as well as local celebrities including former Calgary Flames hockey legend Lanny Mcdonald attended and immensely enjoyed the event.

IKFNorth American Flyweight Kickboxing Title: The first of the two semi main events featured Canada's Vanessa Bellegarde battling American Mercedes "Chiquita Lovely" Medina for the IKF North American Flyweight Kickboxing Title. This was a fight that any promoter would have had loved to have as a main event. It was a war and to quote one of the local sports reporting media, "I have seen around 300 boxing fights this year, and the heart, spirit and action in this bout left all these other professional bouts pale by comparison!" As Bellegarde entered the ring to her fight music, Medina was in the ring dancing and taunting the Canadian. Before the bout started, both athletes were in the ring dancing and looking at each other while the audience broke into a frenzy. In the first round Medina threw caution to the wind and rushed in delivering good boxing combinations surprising and forcing Bellegarde into a retreat. Bellegarde quickly got her bearings and started working a very effective front ball kick and cut kick. Though Medina took the first round, the blueprint for the fight had been set in this round. In the second round Medina resorted to what would be her fight plan (whether intentional or not) of starting the round with a strong 15 second boxing flurry to try and knock the Canadian out and then run around the ring until the end of the round (looking tired) where she would deliver another hand flurry at the close of the round. Bellegarde's front ball kick scored effectively and seemed to take the steam out of Medina. Though Bellegarde was not scoring as often as the American with her punches, her kicks were very effective. In the third round a fast right gave Bellegarde a bleeding nose but even so, the tide had turned in favor of Bellegarde with her landing more punches and kicks while forcing the action in the bout. Bellegarde landed a perfect side kick flush on the face of Medina during this round and the audience screamed its approval. The final two rounds had Bellegarde forcing the action and landing more blows than the American girl. In the fifth round a beautiful front ball kick from Bellegarde bloodied Medina's mouth. The fight ended unanimously in favor of the Canadian girl winning the IKF North American Flyweight Kickboxing Title. (As a note of interest, Bellegarde has now signed a six Muay Thai fight deal for Bangkok to be fulfilled over the next eight months in Rangsit stadium! The event features twelve of the best women's featherweights from around the world including Korea, Russia, England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, France, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) competing to be the women's Muay Thai Queen of the ring.

IKFNorth American Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai Title: The other semi main event of the evening featured Calgary's Kerry Dell stepping into the ring against the talented, extremely tough and dangerous Phil Petit (also of Canada) for the IKF North American Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai Title. This bout has been in the works for the last few years and many fight pundits were wondering if the bout would ever get off of the ground. Dell was perceived in the media as the underdog in this bout due to the age difference of both athletes. As the bout started, it was obvious both athletes were very experienced with the strong and quick probing shots each athlete gave each other. Around a minute into the first round Petit was careless with an attack and Dell landed one of patented right hands which shook Petit. Sensing a possible quick finish, Dell pounced into action and though he could not finish his foe, it ended with a standing eight count for Petit. As the bout continued, Petit was still trying to shake the cobwebs when Dell landed another beautiful right which had a delayed effect. Almost in slow motion, Petit stood straight up after the punch and then crumbled to the canvas. By the count of six, Petit had sluggishly made it to his feet and by the end of the count, he was still extremely wobbly on his legs. The referee stopped the bout (at one minute and thirty eight seconds into the round) and though Petit wanted to protest the stoppage, it was clear that the correct decision had been made by the referee. The need for safety of the athlete outweighed the risk of further permanent damage to Petit had the bout went any further. Dell won his first title belt in over two years. Congratulations to the IKF North American Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai Champion Kerry Dell.

The Main Event featured a title sanctioned by theWKA since the desired IKF title in the division was already held by Canadian Jason Fenton. The title up for grabs was the WKA North American Welterweight Muay Thai Title. One of Calgary's most popular fighting athletes Trevor "T.N.T." Smandych (Stablemate of Fenton) battling against American David "Burrito" Rodriguez. Smandych, who has won a world title as a lightweight has stepped up in weight (in this case two divisions) to compensate for the fact that he is young and still growing in weight and stature. This fight was a full Muay Thai rules bout which allowed the use of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows (though the elbows were padded). When Smandych entered the venue and headed to the ring, the music and the atmosphere drove the audience into a frenzy chanting "T.N.T., T.N.T. ...", so loud to the point even the announcer could not be understood over the venue's PA system! American Rodriguez was larger in stature and height than the Canadian athlete but Smandych has taken on the reputation of being somewhat of a 'giant killer' as of late, having been defeating athletes who all weighed more and were considerably taller. However, the stature difference only seemed to invigorate the crowd in support of Smandych. As the bell sounded, both athletes approached each other and started exchanging cut kicks simultaneously. This lasted shortly, as the American was starting to wince from the hard cut kicks of the Canadian. They started taking their toll on the legs and fighting spirit of Rodriguez. The American then resorted to throwing strong punch combinations which had the Canadian shelling up against and as a result, few of the American's punches made their way through to their intended target. Rodriguez mistakenly felt he had the upper hand in the punching skills when Smandych decided to start answering with strong left lead hand combinations. The Canadian started using his left hand from every angle, jabs, to hooks to uppercuts, answering the onslaught and scoring effectively. Towards the end of the round, Smandych stepped in and was in mid flight with a spinning back elbow when the bell rang. Smandych stopped his elbow short of the mark and calmly strode back to his corner. The second round had Smandych put his attack into second gear and he attacked the American with an onslaught of heavy cut kicks that hurt the American. The American started dropping his hands to try and absorb the low kicks and Smandych clued in on this and delivered a high roundhouse kick catching the American on the chin and dropped him to the canvas. With exceptional speed, Smandych followed with 2 roundhouse kicks as the American was going down. The second kick hit the American as he was down, and though it struck Rodriguez's forearms, the Canadian was not given a warning for hitting his opponent while he was down. The American took a standing eight and as the fight resumed, Smandych pounced on his foe and landed a left hook dropping the American to the canvas for a second time. A second eight count was given and the bout continued. Smandych moved in quickly again as the action continued and landed a right hook dropping the American and finishing the bout (with a three knockdown rule in effect). Smandych walked away with the win and the WKA North American Welterweight Muay Thai Title.

SUBMISSION BOUT: In a much anticipated grappling bout, Calgary's Dave Sweet stepped into the ring with fellow Canadian Joe Doerkson. Sweet has been winning every grappling tournament he has entered in Canada and is a man of great talent and potential. Doerkson is no slouch having won a major event in Toronto recently as well as having traveled back and forth to compete on the tough circuit in Brazil. Sweet, a very strong and intellectual athlete ended this match thirty eight seconds into the scheduled eight minute time limit. Doerkson appeared for a moment to have the upper hand, taking Sweet to the ground under him. Sweet countered by grabbing Doerkson's leg and quickly applied an ankle stretch. Doerkson had no way out of the ankle lock and after a few very painful seconds had to submit to Sweet.

There were international prestige bouts (Canada against the USA) on the undercard. -

  1. Super Middleweight
    Jeremy Rempel (Canada) won a very close split decision in a full Muay Thai rules bout against American John York. The bout was extremely close and the decision could have went either way.

  2. Cruiserweight
    Greg Davis (USA) won an unanimous decision over Canadian Dave Robson in a three round Kickboxing match (allowing leg kicks).

  3. Welterweight
    Sokhim Or (Canada) defeated Super Welterweight Ronnie Overcast (USA) in a modified Muay Thai rules bout.

  4. Middleweight
    Lara Young (Canada) pounded out a unanimous decision over American Desiree Rodriguez in a Kickboxing match (allowing leg kicks). The American's coach almost threw the towel in during the second round but Rodriguez was saved from the Canadian's onslaught by the bell.

  5. Trevor Desjarlais (Canada) won a decision over American Duane Ludwig (USA) in a very close Kickboxing bout in the Super Welterweight division. The Canadian forced the bout but the American fought a very smart and technical bout. Many thought the American should have won the bout, but the judges thought differently. Ludwig has a great future in Muay Thai! Promoters look out for this kid as he is very good!

  6. Super Heavyweight
    Keith Crawford was very disappointed as he was scheduled to meet American Steven Fierro in a Kickboxing bout. Fierro broke his hand the week earlier at work.

  7. The opening bout of the event had Calgary's Javier Gomez stepping into the ring with the heavier Gilbert Mange. Gomez won this bout by a unanimous decision.

For more info on IKF Canada, you can contact IKF Canada RepresentativeMr. Miles at (403) 244-8424 or e-mail him by clicking HERE

FRIDAY, August 21st, 1998, AT 11:00 PM

PHONE (916) 263-2195 FAX (916) 263-2197
PHONE (310) 641-8668 FAX (310) 641-8516
Pete Wilson, Governor - August 21, 2022

The California State Athletic Commission is in the process of locating some 3,500 professional boxers who fought in California between the years of 1981 through 1996. These boxers contributed to the Professional Boxers' Pension Plan and, as a result of revising the Pension Plan statutes in 1996, are entitled to a refund plus interest.

We ask for your assistance in spreading the word to all professional boxers that they may be entitled to a refund of contributions made to the Professional Boxers' Pension Plan between 1981 and 1996. This may include boxers from Mexico and other foreign countries that fall within the above stated criteria.

For a boxer to inquire if he/she has a refund due, they must contact the Sacramento Commission office by telephone at (916) 263-2195, by facsimile at (916) 263-2197 or through regular mail before January 1, 1999. All written inquiries must include the boxers' full name, date of birth, fight weight, ring name, last fight date in California, social security number (if a U.S. citizen) and current address and phone number. Written correspondence can be mailed to the following address:

California State Athletic Commission Pension Plan Refunds
1424 Howe Avenue, Suite 33 Sacramento, California 95825

By law, refunds not claimed by their rightful owners before January 1, 2022 will be placed back into the main Pension fund and distributed to vested boxers. We thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. RL:CLC

THURSDAY, August 20th, 1998, AT 5:00 PM


Alby Bimpson's
IKF ENGLAND ................

IKF Promoter Alby Bimpson is making BIG WAVES in European Kickboxing. Bimpson, a top promoter in the area has broke ground with the forming of IKF EUROPE. Bimpson promoted the first ever IKF World Title Event and it seems everything was in full focus from the look of the outcome. With a "STANDING ROOM ONLY" crowd, Alby Bimpson, Jacqui Thompson and their event promotional "TEAM" hosted a FANTASTIC event that is only a taste of things to come in Europe for the IKF."We couldn't be happier with our inaugural events with Alby and Jan" says IKF President Steve Fossum."We waited a long time to bring the IKF to Europe and the wait was surly worth it all. Alby, Jacqui and Jan are now a dynamic part of the IKF TEAM!"

The event was held on Sunday night, August 16th, at the St. Helens Town Hall, in St. Helenes, Merseyside, England. IKF President Steve Fossum was the IKF event Representative and IKF Muay Thai Representative Duke Roufus of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA was one of the event judges. Here are the full results in detail...

  1. Full Contact Rules: Philip McGilvary (62K of Scotland) defeated Paul Reynolds (63K of Liverpool, England) by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 & 30-27. McGilvary improves to 7 wins, 3 loses with 1 draw.

  2. International Rules: For the IKF Northwest Area England Light Middleweight Title. Paul Wright (69K of Haydock England) defeated Robbie Weedall (70K of Upholland England) by TKO with a strong kick to Weedall's stomach at the 16 second mark of the 3rd round. Wright improves to 5 wins with 2 loses and 5 KO's.

  3. Muay Thai Rules It was "Champion vs Champion" as Chris Wright of Merseyside England, who holds several titles, took on Duncan Arlie James of Glasgow Scotland who also holds several titles, for the vacant IKF Muay Thai Rules Pro World Cruiserweight Title. Making the match-up even more exciting was the fact that James had just recently won the ISKA World Cruiserweight Muay Thai title. This fact proved that James would be a good match-up for Wright who somehow has been an unknown Worldwide in the sport despite his "MANY" accomplishments. However, after his performance in this bout, Wright should have no problem getting attention. Wright set a fast pace from the opening bell, scoring head kicks as well as leg kicks and hand combinations to James early. Wright took round 1 with ease on all 3 of the judges cards. In round 2, Wright again started fast. Quickly knocking James down with a head kick, than again with a strong and solid uppercut to James' chin. Finally, Wright landed a dynamic head kick that sent James to the canvas for the final time at 2:04 of round 2 (Muay Thai Rules, 3 minute rounds) Although a great fighter, James never seemed to get on track. Wright's fast pace seemed to throw James off and ended up being the winning edge. With hands in the air, Chris Wright became the newest IKF PRO WORLD CHAMPION, claiming the vacant IKF Pro World Muay Thai Cruiserweight Title. Wright made it clear after the bout that he is ready and willing to take on any challengers, anywhere, anytime and we at the IKF agree. This guy can FIGHT! We here at the IKF NEED to ask, "WHY isn't this fighter known Worldwide?????" Wright has the Muay Thai skill along with devastating head kicks like a top full contact fighter. He is also a champion out of the ring as well, a true gentleman showing respect to everyone. If England is looking for a spokesperson for kickboxing, Wright is their man! Wright improves to 14 wins with 3 loses and 7 wins by KO. James drops to 15 wins, 7 loses, 1 draw with 5 wins by KO.

    Wright, trained by Alby Bimpson of Merseyside Kickboxing in England, also had some training from 7 time World Kickboxing Champion Ronnie Green. Green himself is truly a "CLASS ACT". He was at a post event dinner hosted by Bimpson and team and shared his own thoughts about the growth of the IKF in Europe. Green held an impressive record while competing of 73 wins, 3 loses and 3 draws with 42 knockouts, 21 coming by kicks. A question of the IKF is once again, like Chris Wright... How come fighters like Green didn't receive more exposure during their careers. Green, now 39 lives in Manchester England. In total, Green won 7 World titles from 3 different organizations. However, to many in North America for example, Green went through his outstanding career virtually un-noticed. The IKF plans to change that as Green focuses on being a top seminar trainer. The IKF has plans to put Green on our recommended Seminar Trainers list. His skill as a trainer is just as impressive as his ability as a fighter. Green and Bimpson definatly gave Wright, "The RIGHT Stuff" and a Knockout fighting style that will take Chris Wright a long way. Again.... WOW! Why hasn't Chris Wright become known through other organizations??? And Mr. Ronnie Green.....Boy... have they missed the boat on promoting these guys or what?!

  4. Scheduled to fight next was Tony Bassnett of Merseyside England with an overall record of 16 wins, 4 loses and 8 wins by KO (AM: 12-3/6, PRO: 4-1/2) for an IKF Title but his opponent backed out of the bout the night of the weigh-ins. Or better put, he didn't even show up! Shane Mills didn't even have the professional courtesy to call promoter Alby Bimpson and let him know he didn't want to fight. This kind of thing can only do the sport harm. Next time Mills wants to persue his kickboxing career, this incident will be remembered and come back to hurt him. There is nothing worse to ANY event promoter than a fighter who backs out at the last minute.

  5. International Rules: This bout was for the IKF Northwest Area England Light Heavyweight Title. David Wilson, of St Helens, England entered the ring at 80 kilos and standing 6'2" tall. But when one glanced across the ring to Wilson's opponent, Warren Steele from Wallasey England, it looked like Warren was wearing his last name. Hard as "STEEL" and an upper body like a tank, Steele looked like a giant. But, the weight must have all been in his upper body because Steele only weighed in at 78 kilos although he looked 90+. However, with Steele standing 5'11" tall, Wilson had a height advantage. If you were a betting man though in the stands, Steele would have been your pick from the initial visual. But Wilson had other plans. Wilson, who looked like a baby face compared to Steele kept his cool from the beginning, snapping jab after jab cleanly on Steele's nose. After awhile, you could see the confidence grow in Wilson's face as he realized he could land the jab any time he wanted. In fact, Wilson appeared to smile from time to time as he scored repeadly and in simple words, he "WORKED" Steele over and over again.. Wilson won every round from all the judges and than added the final blow when he finished Steele off at 1:05 of round 4. Although the Wright vs James bout was exciting, this was a pounding of extremes! This would have won bout of the night if there was a trophy to grab for it. Wilson not only won the IKF Title, but he also earned a nickname from IKF President Steve Fossum. David "THE WORKS" Wilson from his ability to continually "WORK" the jab and other combinations with fast and powerful flurrys. They say the fans remember the last bout the most and if this was any indication, promoter Alby Bimpson may need a bigger venue for his next show...And ya know what.... He just may have already planned to do that. But regardless, there is no question "IF" there will be more IKF Kickboxing in Europe... The only question left now is "WHEN"..... Keep watch. Bimpson and his team are trying to organize a November event already... Hope to see you there. For more info on IKF England, you can contact Mr. Alby Bimpson at Merseyside Kickboxing at +44 1942 723858 or e-mail Mr. Alby Bimpson by clicking e-mail

MORE NEWS OF 8-19-98. . .

Jan Cree's
IKF Scotland

When Bimpson knew he was going to promote and sanction with the IKF, he quickly took charge of the opportunities awaiting and brought on Promoter Jan Cree of Scotland who promoted the first IKF Scotland event on July 31st in which Bimpson served as the IKF Representative.

Cree promoted a dynamic event at the Burnbank Masonic Club in Hamilton, Scotland. The all amateur event featured 2 IKF Scotish Titles, 1 womans match, 1 IKF Junior Division match, 2 exhibition/demonstration matches along with 3 other undercard bouts..



IKFFull Contact Rules Scotish Amateur Light Heavyweight Title
Willie Robbie (75K) defeated Paul Hendry (78K) by unanimous decision.

IKFFull Contact Rules Scotish Amateur Light Welterweight Title
Phillip McGilvary (65K) defeated John Robertson (65K) by decision.


  1. Full Contact Rules - Junior Division
    Darren McLean (45K) defeats Greg Docherty (41K) by unanimous decision.

  2. Full Contact Rules
    Jacqueline Mills (54K) defeated Heather Robertson (58K) by TKO in the 3rd round.

  3. Full Contact Rules
    Seth Gill (64K) defeated Stephen McLaughlin by decision.

  4. International Rules
    Greg Docherty Sr. (104K) defeated Evan Sloane (100K) by Knockout.

  5. Full Contact Rules
    John Rogers (74K) defeated Richard Sockell (72K) by TKO round 1.

For more info on IKF England, you can contact Mr. Alby Bimpson at Merseyside Kickboxing at +44 1942 723858 or e-mail Mr. Alby Bimpson by clicking e-mail You can also contact Mr. Cree at: Tel/Fax: =44 1698 342539.

MORE NEWS OF 8-20-98. . .



It is clearly obvious now that the IKF has formed ANOTHER IMPORTANT part of the IKF TEAM through Alby Bimpson & associates.IKF EUROPE is here to stay with a great future in store! Mr. Bimpson made it happen and many in the European kickboxing scene stand to benefit greatly from it. He also hosted a post event dinner where several notables of the European kickboxing scene attended. From the reaction of those at the dinner, they too are looking forward to the IKF presence in Europe. Clearly, the organization of the sport, press exposure and leadership the IKF can offer is greatly welcome. Coming soon will be a separate amateur rankings for Europe as well. With the IKF EUROPE team now strongly on its way, the IKF will continue to do what all the fighters, trainers and promoters ask of them...

"Promote the sport we all love... The GREAT sport of KICKBOXING!"

For even more info, you can contact the IKF England Representative and event promoter, Mr. Bimpson at Merseyside Kickboxing at +44 1942 723858 or e-mail him by clicking e-mail

WEDNESDAY, August 19th, 1998, AT 11:00 PM

Barnard & Lee
Win Georgia State Titles at
IKF Georgia ,USA

In front of a standing room only crowd at the Warren Road Community Center, the 1998 Hot Summer Fights kickboxing event was held on Saturday, August 15, 1998. The event was co-sanctioned by the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation and the PKC, Professional Karate Commission. It was promoted by JM Promotions in association with the Mike Carlson's, Augusta Martial Arts Academy. Here are the results below.

Title Bouts;

PKC Georgia State USA Light Welterweight Title: J.R. Barnard defeated Troy Widener by unanimous decision.

PKC Georgia State USA Welterweight Title: Scott Lee defeated Nathan Brown by TKO in the 3rd round.

Undercard Bouts;

  1. Light Middleweight: Ben Pohlmann defeated Shannon Henson by unanimous decision.
  2. Middleweight: Joachim Eitenmiller defeated Matt Preusser by unanimous decision.
  3. Light Middleweight: Lee Branham defeated Rustam Bikulov by split decision.
  4. Cruiserweight:Mark Jenkins wins by walkover
  5. Light Heavyweight: Julian Turnipseed defeated Curtis Brown by unanimous decision.
  6. Super Heavyweight: Tice Stephens defeated Sylvester James by majority decision.
  7. Cruiserweight: Scott Usry defeated Thomas Perkins by unanimous decision.
  8. Heavyweight: Don Rosado wins by walkover.
  9. Middleweight: Mark Brennan defeated Gary Williamson by TKO in the 2nd round.
  10. Welterweight: Joseph Miles and Michael James fought to a draw.
  11. In the Women's Middleweight division, Rebecca Preacher defeated Carol Bentley by TKO in the 2nd round.
  12. Cruiserweight: Jeremy Diemer defeated Houston Grant by unanimous decision.

For more info, contact Mr. Mike Carlson or Mrs. Elizabeth Carlson at the Augusta Martial Arts Academy (706) 855-5269 or e-mail them by clicking HERE.

THURSDAY, August 13th, 1998, AT 6:00 PM

Alby Bimpson Ready

IKF England kickboxing promoter Alby Bimpson is ready for his big IKF World Title Event on August 16th at the St Helens Town Hall, St Helenes Merseyside, England. IKF President Steve Fossum and IKF Muay Thai Representative Duke Roufus Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA will depart for England Friday, August 14th and return Tuesday, August 18th. Bimpson's event will feature the IKF Pro World Cruiserweight Muay Thai Rules Title with England's Chris Wright against Scotlands Duncan Arlic James. The event will also feature 4 other IKF titles. 1 IKF British title, an IKF Intercontinental title and 2 IKF local titles. For more info, you can contact Mr. Bimpson at Merseyside Kickboxing at +44 1942 723858 or e-mail him by clicking e-mail

FRIDAY, August 7th, 1998, AT 10:30 PM

IKF Champ
Wins K-1.....
As Schuster Is Forced To Bow Out

With a PACKED HOUSE of approximately 4,200 kickboxing fans at the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, USA, The first ever K-1 USA was everything the paying audience wanted. Well...that is... until the final championship tournament bout. When the time came to put the 2 undefeated fighters together, Curt Schuster and Rick Roufus, Schuster honorably bowed out due to a knee injury and Roufus won the first ever K-1 USA title by "Walkover", without throwing 1 punch or 1 kick. Schuster had just went through a round and a half war with Jean-Claude Leuyer before knocking out Leuyer in the middle of the second round. Schuster hurt his leg in the bout and when called to the ring to meet Roufus, Schuster didn't even have his gloves on. This would have been a great fight! It's too bad for both fighters that it had to end this way. Bad of course for Schuster but we're sure a seasoned warrior like Roufus isn't proud of taking this kind of a win as well. However, that's K-1 , and the fact is, IKF World Heavyweight Champion Rick "The Jet" Roufus is $70,000.00 richer and now the K-1 Champion as well. Hey, here's an idea... You've all heard of that guy "Duke Roufus...?" You know, the guy who "KNOCKED Stan Longinidis OUT COLD" in round 1 awhile back? Who knows what the future holds... Roufus vs Roufus...? Do brothers still fight like when they were kids...? Would they? In the mean time, Rick is on his way to the K-1 Grand Prix in Osaka Japan, November 27th! Oh.. and because of his showing and the way he was forced to bow out, Curt Schuster will be there too... Maybe they will meet afterall.. Good Luck Guys!

As far as the K-1 Super Bouts...

Well, in the first K-1 Super Bout, we here at the IKF don't want to say "We told you so"... but OK... "We told you so!" Andy Hug 6', 220 lbs. and anked #3 in IKF International Rules & #1 in IKF Muay Thai Rules with 23 wins, 7 loses, 1 draw and 19 KO's faced Full Contact Rules fighter, Mike Lebree. At 37 years old, Labree's stats were 6', 220 lbs, and ranked #2 in IKF Full Contact Rules with 45 wins, 1 lose and 39 KO's, sound IMPRESSIVE? YA!... Full Contact Rules. "ABOVE THE WAIST" This was LaBree's FIRST EVER Leg kick bout. The result? Well... Kinda like this... Hug kicks to Labree's leg.. "OUCH!", Labree falls down... Hug does it again..."OUCH!"... Bout over... in ROUND "1"... OK...maybe not that simple, but pretty close. Where was DRAKA Champion JIM MULLEN when we all wanted a good fight here????? Didn't we suggest him???

In the 2nd K-1 Super Bout, favored K-1 fighter Maurice Smith at 6'2, 218 lbs., who "WAS" ranked #1 in the IKF International Rules & #5 in IKF Muay Thai Rules with 58 wins, 5 loses, 3 draws and 44 KO's had just fought to a 10 round majority draw againstJean-Claude Leuyer at the DRAKA event in May. Although he was scheduled to fight Peter Aerts, Aerts suffered a severe shin injury during his bout with Francisco Filho on the July 18th K-1 Dreams in Nagoya, Japan. K-1 promoters filled the gap quickly though with, Ernesto Hoost. Smith knew his task wasn't any easier facing Hoost, who all of us know, is at the top of his game, and considered by many as one of the top heavyweights in the game. The two met once before in the inaugural K-1 heavyweight tournament on April 30, 2022 in Tokyo, when Hoost won via a dramatic roundhouse kick to Smith head in the semi-final round of the tournament. Hoost advanced to the championship round, but was knocked out by Dojo Chakuriki's Branco Cikatic. So what happened in this meeting? Well this bout would be different. Sort of... This bout had no knockouts but Hoost still came away the winner with a unanimous decision, 50-47, 49-46 & 50-45, knocking Smith out of the IKF number 1 spot for Super Heavyweights.

Individual Results In The Eight-Man Grand Prix Elimination Tournament

Rick Roufus
2 Wins-(3). 0 loses. KOed Fernandez round 2 & KOed Jerome Turcan round 1. Won tournament by walkover when Schuster bowed out due to injury before the bout started. Roufus will not be given a win for this bout and Schuster will not be given a loss.

Curtis Schuster
2 wins. 0 loses (1) Defeated Kucharzewski KO round 2 & defeated Leuyer by KO round 2. Lost the tournament when he bowed out due to injury before the final championship bout started to Roufus. Roufus will not be given a win for this bout and Schuster will not be given a loss.

Jean Claude Leuyer
1 Win, 1 loss. Defeated Jean Riviere by leg kick KO and then lost by KO to Curtis Schuster.

Pedro Fernandez
0 wins, 1 loss. Lost to Rick Roufus by KO round 2. What a way to be introduced to the PROS! Here's another result the IKF told you would happen... This was Fernandez's FIRST pro bout and even though he put up a good fight, the outcome was expected. Don't worry though... He "WILL" make some noise. Just let him get more established as a pro and watch out!

Tomacz Kucharzewski
0 wins 1 loss. Lost to Schuster KO round 2.

Jean Riviere
0 wins 1 loss. Lost opening bout to Jean Claude Leuyer by leg kick KO.

Jerome Turcan
1 win, 1 loss. Defeated Espedito Da Silva by decision and lost by KO to Roufus, round 1.

Espedito Da Silva
0 wins 1 loss, lost by unanimous decision to Jerome Turcan.

The IKF would like to say GREAT JOB to all the fighters, trainers and people behind the scenes that made this first ever K-1 USA happen! We would also like to say FANTASTIC job to K-1 Creator Kazuyoshi Ishii and K-1 USA Promoter Art Davie for a dynamic event. Kickboxing needs more promoters like you to help the sport we all love grow to it's greatest potential. We hope you were all rewarded greatly for your efforts! You deserve it for your work and those of us who have ever promoted, from small amateure events to the big ones, know that promoting at any level is no easy task. Congratulations on your SUCCESS!

Special Thanks to IKF Co-Founder, and kickboxing Champion, Dan Stell who assisted with facts and scores for this article.

TUESDAY, July 28th, 1998, AT 2:30 PM

IKF Promoters Gearing Up for Big Events!

Jan Cree Set
For IKF Scotland Event

IKF Scotland kickboxing promoter Jan Cree is gearing up for his IKF event this weekend, July 31st. The all amateur event will be at the Burnbank Masonic Club in Hamilton, Scotland. For more info, you can contact Mr. Cree at: Tel/Fax: =44 1698 342539 or the IKF Associate Representative for his event, Mr. Alby Bimpson at Merseyside Kickboxing at +44 1942 723858 or e-mail Mr. Alby Bimpson by clicking e-mail

MORE NEWS OF 7-28-98. . .

Duke Roufus Set
For IKF Milwaukee USA

IKF Muay Thai kickboxing promoter Duke Roufus is gearing up for his event this weekend, August 1st at the Eagles Club Stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The event will be an all amateur event featuring 8 Muay Thai Bouts and 1 submission bout. The submission bout will featuring Adrian Serrano of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA against Tim Wills of Danville, Illinois, USA. Roufus is mainly gearing up for his big September 12th event that will feature all full blown Pro IKF Muay Thai bouts. (Knees AND Elbows) It will be Thailand vs USA. For more info, you can contact Mr. Roufus at (404) 319-1151

MORE NEWS OF 7-28-98. . .

Mike Miles Set
For IKF Canada

IKF Canada kickboxing promoter Mike Miles is gearing up for his big event in August. Miles has his event, "Malice At The Palace" scheduled for August 23rd, 1998 at Tha Palace, the cities hotest night club in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Three IKF North American titles will be featured on the event which include, the IKF North American Cruiserweight Muay Thai Title with Kerry Dell (13 Wins, 4 Losses, 2 Draws of Calgary, Alberta Canada) facing Phil Petit (19 Wins, 3 Losses of Winnipeg, Canada) IKF North American Light Welterweight Muay Thai Title featuring IKF Full Contact Rules North American Welterweight Champion Trevor Smandych ( 10 Wins, 4 Losses, 1 Draw of Calgary, Alberta Canada) against David Rodriguez ( 4 Wins, 0 Losses of San Diego, CA, USA) and the IKF North American Womens Featherweight International Rules Title with Vanessa Bellegarde ( 9 Wins, 3 Losses, 1 Draw of Calgary, Alberta Canada) facing Mercedes Medina ( 11 Wins, 0 Losses of Los Angeles, CA, USA). at the city's hottest night club. The event starts at 8:15 PM. Ticket prices are $22.00. For more info, you can contact Mr. Miles at (403) 244-8424 or e-mail him by clicking HERE

THURSDAY, July 23rd, 1998, AT 3:30 PM

A Fan Who Wants Some Answers!!!

The IKF was recently sent an e-mail from a kickboxing fan and we thought the content might interest some of you. You'll find it on our Opinion Page by clicking HERE

WEDNESDAY, July 22nd, 1998, AT 4:00 PM

Jim Mullen's

Yes, you heard correctly, and we would like to see Mullens in K-1 instead of some in the line-up! IKF number 1 Ranked Heavyweight, Jim "JIMBO" Mullen wants us to make a public request. He is ready and willing to fight anyone, anywhere at anytime! Any takers? Check out what Mullens is hungry for and his desire to fight in the Las Vegas USA K-1 by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 7-22-98. . .


Check out our new IKF CORNER TALK! Master Sensei, Kickboxing & Muay Thai Trainer Brooks Mason offers his PERSONAL advice to all who ask. Mr. Mason has trained many champions over the years. Read more about him by clicking...


WEDNESDAY, July 15th, 1998, AT 3:00 PM

Mexico Kickboxing?
Not so Good After all...

IKF associate Doug Dickey has something to say about the latest kickboxing promoter in Mexico, Johnny Zarate. As if ol' Gerald Salmon (The last troubled kickboxing promoter in Mexico) wasn't enough, this guy makes Salmon look like a saint. Since it wasn't nice, it was placed on the opinion page but since we thought it was important, we put a press clip here. Check out Mr. Dickey's article by clicking HERE and you'll see why the IKF past on sanctioning the event for the better of the sport and the fighters involved. We just wished everyone else would have listened and followed our hunch...

MORE NEWS OF 7-15-98. . .

Where Did
All The Champions GO?

If you've been with the IKF awhile, you may remember some of the first title holders. Than again, maybe someone you know is claiming to be a past IKF Champion and your not sure about it. Or did you ever wonder how a certain fighter won their title? Well, the IKF is working on a new page link entitled, CHAMPIONS OF THE IKF. (Click it to check it out) If your big on needing to know the scoop and history of past title bouts and champions, this page is for you. Please let us know your thoughts. We'd like to know if all the work were putting into it will be worth it for our readers. Hope to hear from you soon.

SATURDAY, July 12th, 1998, AT 4:00 PM

IKF - Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA

Harveys Casino, Council Bluffs, Iowa USA - July 10th, 1998 - Promoter: Mick Doyle

Stephens Injures Foot -
Podany Wins World IKF Muay Thai Title.

IKF Promoter Mick Doyle of Omaha, Nebraska, USA hosted an "OUTSTANDING" event at the beautiful Harvey's Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa, USA this last Friday night, July 10th. Nine bouts and 1 exhibition bout featured Muay Thai and International Rules. The Main event featured 2 current IKF United States Champions. IKF US Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai Champion, Kwame Stephens (22-2 with 19 KO's) of Carbondale Illinois, USA, made the trip to Iowa to face IKF US Cruiserweight Muay Thai Champion,Kurt Podany (13-0 with 10 KO's) of Omaha, Nebraska, USA. The bout was suppose to feature top action from both champions but it appeared as if Podany was the only fighter going on the offensive the entire night. A failure to commit offensively saw Stephens behind on all 3 judges cards after 3 rounds. In the 4th round, the top of Stephens foot connected with Podany's knee as he executed a check block. The connection blasted Stephens foot and as swelling begin in the ring, ring physician Dr. Sheppard directed referee Fred Fitzgerald to stop the bout at the 1:41 mark of the 4th round. Stephens was virtually inactive the entire fight, consistently waiting to counter Podany. However Podany's speed and technique made Stephens desires completely ineffective. Due to the way the bout ended though, there is talk of a possible re-match between the two. If Stephens fights the way he fought when he won his IKF US title, it's sure to be a much better bout with the winner, a coin toss in the air.

The semi main event was for the vacant IKFSuper Heavyweight title. Moti Horenstein of Spring Valley New York, USA won the IKF United States Super Heavyweight Muay Thai Title when he knocked out Steve Bass of Omaha, Nebraska, USA at 36 seconds into the 2nd round. Horenstein is well known for fighting all over the world in many different fighting styles

Of the other bouts on the event, here are the quick results;

Oleg Iamtsoun of Brooklyn New York, USA won by DEVASTATING KO over Willie Stewert of Omaha Nebraska, USA at :17 seconds into the opening round. The overhand right broke Stewert's jaw and he was forced into surgery Saturday morning. Our best wishes go out to you Willie.

In a great bout by both fighters, Steven Berkoluyko of Brooklyn, New York, USA defeated Tom Carpenter of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 29-28.

Bout 3 saw Tony Barton of Omaha Nebraska, USA stay undefeated at 6-0 as he defeated Nil Borg of Brooklyn, New York, USA by TKO at 1:49 of the first round.

In bout 4, Gavin VanVlack of New York, USA defeated Jonathan Eyman of Omaha Nebraska by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

Bout 5 had David Brice of Omaha Nebraska, USA defeat Boris Bondarenko of Brooklyn, New York, USA by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 & 29-28.

In bout 6, Rob Wiley of Omaha Nebraska, USA took a split decision win over Sean Hinds of New York, USA, 29-28, 28-29 & 29-28.

Bout 7 featured pro veteran James Cook of Minnapolis, Minnesota, USA in an exciting bout with Steve Miles of New York, USA. The bout was exciting enough to be a title bout but it was only a 5 round featured undercard. Cook won the battle in a unanimous decision, 49-46, 50-45 & 49-46.

Featured as a celebrity judge was the trainer who took World Champion and now movie star Don "The Dragon" Wilson's to fame and World title glory, Brooks Mason. Mason currently living in Omaha Nebraska will be doing some instructional videos with the IKF to be featured and marketed through Ringside Inc. Mason is also planning on instructing seminars as part of the already talented IKF seminar team. Famous Muay Thai referee Kuhn Fred Fitzgerald was also featured at the event as one of several fantastic referees under his direction. Fitzgerald is also assisting the IKF Muay Thai division in upgrading the rules & regulations of IKF Muay Thai with IKF Muay Thai coordinator Duke Roufus, promoter, trainer & fighter Mick Doyle and IKF President Steve Fossum.

The event was sponsored by RINGSIDE INC. as all IKF events are. In attendance at ringside with IKF President Steve Fossum were Ringside's marketing director Joe Taylor and Ringside Inc. Creative Director Doug Ward. The Ringside guys brought up tons of Ringside shirts and products to give to the fighters on the event as well as many of the fans. After the event, Taylor, Ward, Fossum, Duke Roufus and Brooks Mason spent until the "LATE" hours of the morning discussing the future of the IKF- RINGSIDE INC. connection. From what we know, the national amateur tournament, product endorsements, training videos, seminars and event sponsorship are just a few of the things Ringside and the IKF will be offering to make the sport of kickboxing even better. What a GREAT CONNECTION guys!

For more info on this Iowa event or future Iowa events, please contact Mr. Mick Doyle at (402) 498-9592. Doyle and Fossum are planning to work with other Harvey's Casino's in other parts of the United States as well promoting Muay Thai events. Doyle and Fossum have already discussed a tentative event in Tahoe, Nevada USA possibly later this year.

Event Results

  1. IKF KO 17 Seconds Round 1
    Oleg Iamtsoun of Brooklyn New York, USA over Willie Stewert of Omaha Nebraska, USA. The overhand right broke Stewert's jaw and he was forced into surgery the next morning.

  2. IKF Unanimous Decision
    Steven Berkoluyko of Brooklyn, New York, USA overTom Carpenter of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 29-28, 29-28 & 29-28.

  3. IKF TKO 1:49 Round 1
    Tony Barton of Omaha Nebraska, USA over Nil Borg of Brooklyn, New York, USA.

  4. IKF Unanimous Decision
    Gavin VanVlack of New York, USA over Jonathan Eyman of Omaha Nebraska. 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

  5. IKFUnanimous Decision
    David Brice of Omaha Nebraska, USA over Boris Bondarenko of Brooklyn, New York, USA. 29-28, 30-27 & 29-28.

  6. IKF Split Decision
    Rob Wiley of Omaha Nebraska, USA over Sean Hinds of New York, USA. 29-28, 28-29 & 29-28.

  7. PRO IKF Unanimous Decision
    James Cook of Minnapolis, Minnesota, USA over Steve Miles of New York, USA. 49-46, 50-45 & 49-46.

  8. For the Vacant IKF Muay Thai Rules United States Super Heavyweight Title Title.
    KO :36 Seconds Round 2
    Moti Horenstein of Spring Valley New York, USA over Steve Bass of Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

  9. For the Vacant IKF Pro Muay Thai Rules World Light Cruiserweight Title.
    Doctor Stops Bout Due To Injury - Round 4
    Kurt Podany (15-0 with 10 KO's) of Omaha, Nebraska, USA. over Kwame Stephens (22-3 with 19 KO's) of Carbondale Illinois, USA at 1:41 of round 4. Stephens smashed the top of his foot on Podany's knee as Podany blocked while stephens was attempting a kick. Stephens foot swelled and the ring doctor stopped the bout. (Podany was ahead on all the judges cards 30-27 at the time)


MORE NEWS OF 7-12-98. . .

IKF #1

The IKF is fast becoming the trademark organization for true Muay Thai in North America. So far in 1998, the IKF has sanctioned more Muay Thai events in North America than any other organization. The IKF discovered that the foundation of True Muay Thai needed organization especially in the USA. After listening to the requests of hundreds of trainers and fighters. The IKF has not only been listening, but making a lot of great changes in working to bring the TRUE MUAY THAI style out of Thailand and to the rest of the World. To add to their organization efforts, the IKF has now changed its Muay Thai Weight classes to equal those used in Thailand. IKF Muay Thai director Duke Roufus and IKF President Steve Fossum are also working with RINGSIDE Products Company to enhance their Muay Thai training equipment. Also working with the IKF Muay Thai Division is well known Muay Thai Referee, Fred Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is known worldwide as one of the best Muay Thai referees in the world. Famous trainer Brooks Mason has also come on board to assist the IKF/RINGSIDE connection in producing an instructional video to be marketed through RINGSIDE INC.. Mason himself has fought in several hundred ring bouts under Muay Thai rules, boxing, bare knuckle and regular kickboxing. He started training Don "The Dragon" Wilson at age 17, before Wilson was known as The Dragon . Although Wilson didn't specialize in Muay Thai, Mason's leadership as a top trainer is without question. He trained Wilson to over 50 wins with over 40 KO's. Wilson is also the only kickboxer to win ten world titles in three weight divisions (light heavyweight, super light heavyweight and cruiserweight). He was the fighting Champion of five different sactioning organizations (WKA, STAR, KICK, ISKA, and the PKO). During his career, he defeated 11 World Champions and 15 National Champions on 4 continents. "MANY" more changes to the IKF Muay Thai Division are coming soon. Keep watch.

Don't get the IKF wrong though. They are still the leader in Sanctioning Full Contact Rules and International Rules (leg kick) bouts in North America and one of the top 3 in the world continuing to keep the 3 main fighting divisions organized and running strong. The IKF is confident that their passion for the sport and the ability to open up, listen and give the fighters, trainers and promoters want they want in the sport will soon make them the leading organization worldwide. With the IKF making such great efforts to improve Muay Thai outside of Thailand many well known Muay Thai people are getting involved with the IKF "TEAM". Are you next?

MORE NEWS OF 7-12-98. . .

IKF World Muay Thai Champions
Khunpol & Kongnapa Win!

In a quiet performance, IKF World Muay Thai Champion Khunpol who is currently training at Milwaukee Kickboxing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, did only what he needed to do to defeat Fernando Calleros of Albquerque New Mexico, USA in Las Vegas Nevada, Friday night July 3rd. Currently training with Duke Roufus, Khunpol simply worked his basic techniques since there was no title at stake to clearly outpoint Calleros in every round on the judges cards to win a unanimous decision. Fellow stablemate Kongnapa also training at Milwaukee Kickboxing with Duke Roufus made quick work of Brian Lee of Springfield Missouri, USA, knocking him out in the first round.

WEDNESDAY, July 1st, 1998, AT 10: PM

IKF World Champion
Rick Roufus
Looking Past K-1 - USA

(Special via RINGREPORT) Vowing "no more 'above-the-waist' fights", IKF Pro World Heavyweight Champion Rick'The Jet' Roufus has landed in Southern California to train for the August 7th K-1 USA heavyweight tournament at The Mirage in Las Vegas. The Los Angeles area has long been the 'capital of the low kick' on the U.S. kickboxing scene, and there Roufus has found top flight trainers and no shortage of sparring partners. He is spending most of his time banging with noted trainer David Krapes, who recently opened the Sherman Oaks World Martial Arts Center in the San Fernando Valley, and is also sharpening skills with past IKF Pro Muay Thai World Champion, Saeksan Janjira at the Muay Thai Janjira gym in nearby South Gate. Roufus, who is looking very strong at 218 lbs., wants a shot at the big prize, which is the K-1 Grand Prix Finals in Tokyo later this year. To get there, however, he must fight through the eight-man USA Grand Prix just to earn a slot in the semi-final round on September 27th in Osaka, Japan. More on Roufus and his training over the weeks leading up to the event. Krapes' Sherman Oaks gym can be reached at (818) 788-2321.

MONDAY, June 29th, 1998, AT 10:10 AM

New Division For The IKF

It's official! The IKF has now established a new fighting division for the younger kickboxers! The IKF in association with RINGSIDE INC. have established the new IKF Junior Amateur Kickboxing Division for young kickboxers, ages 8 to 15. The Junior Division was established to better prepare amateur kickboxers for their future in kickboxing. Traditionally, kickboxers in the United States were only fighters above the age of 16, however, the IKF and RINGSIDE INC. would like to make kickboxing another option for the many martial arts students out there. For those who either don't want to do just traditional boxing, or, are frustrated with the typical "Karate Non/Light Contact Point Fighting" tournaments. IKF Junior Kickboxing is for young kickboxers who want to truly test and improve their ring skills. The IKF and RINGSIDE INC. plan to organize a National Tournament like RINGSIDE INC. has done with boxing (National Silver Gloves Tournament) but for kickboxing. A National tournament for ages 16 and up is also planned. To see the new IKF Junior Amateur Kickboxing Page, Click HERE

WEDNESDAY, June 17th, 1998, AT 9:00 PM

Duke Roufus Plans
Big Muay Thai Event!

Milwaukee Kickboxing & Fitness in association with the Phetnoi Thai Boxing Gym of Thailand have confirmed the IKF USA vs Thailand event planned for September 12th. IKF Promoter Duke Roufus has confirmed that the event will be all Pro Muay Thai bouts with all bouts including Knees AND ELBOWS! Mr. Phetnoi himself and his wife will come from Thailand to be special guests at the event. Here is the line-up.

Southern Thailand champion Hadjyai vs Paul "M-16" Suehlek, 1998 Featherweight Mitsubishi Tournament Champion Songkla vs IKF Intercontinental Champion Richard Kostuck, Thailand stadium champion and IKF World Champion Khunpol vs Jose Ramirez, Thailand Stadium champion Kongnapa vs Mick Doyle, Sakasam vs Anthony Mora.

A non Thailand vs USA bout will feature a re-match between "BAD" Brad Fowler and Jack LaGrange for the IKF Amateur Cruiserweight Title. The event will also feature Adrian Sorano against David Menne in Submission Fighting. for more info on this event, please contact Mr. Duke Roufus at (414) 319-1151.

MONDAY, June 15th, 1998, AT 3:00 PM

"The Flame" Burns Out!
Robinson Wins By Forfeit!

It seems that Herald "The Flame" Givens is nothing more than a spark after no showing for his scheduled IKF Pro U.S. title bout with Jason "Quiet Riot" Robinson. Givens who was already an underdog was obviously scared of Robinson since he couldn't even bring himself to call promoters Paul and Avid Gakhal to let them know he wouldn't be showing up. Givens who has fought on several Chicago kickboxing events was given an opportunity to fight for a Legit title in his bout with Robinson. Since Givens no-showed, Robinson wins the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Cruiserweight title automatically by forfeit. Previously, Chicago fighters have only been offered local titles by local promoters. However, this time, it was a true title from a worldwide organization, the IKF. IKF Representative Duke Roufus said although the crowd was small, the Gakhal brothers now have more of an idea what they want to do with future promotions. "Every promoter has to start somewhere" says IKF President Steve Fossum. "Chicago kickboxing has been ruled by what appears to be one person in the past but the IKF brings legitimate titles to any event. Not just local titles." The IKF is willing to take the competition head on, especially after this event. Chicago kickboxing has a lot of room to grow and things will be changing in Chicago for the better. Fighters who fight on an IKF sanctioned event will be ranked in the IKF rankings and get worldwide exposure.

A good example is Muay Thai kickboxer Kwame Stephens of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Stephens had been dealing with other organizations and promoters for years until becoming involved with the IKF. Previously an unknown in the sport, Stephens now holds the IKF Pro Muay Thai Light Cruiserweight Title and is scheduled to fight for the IKF World Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai Title on July 10th. "The IKF has opened doors and opportunities like no other organization ever did." says Stephens this last month at an IKF event in Wisconsin.

The Chicago event also featured some woman's exhibition bouts as well as some VERY exciting IKF Submission bouts. The Gakhal brothers plan to promote an even larger event sometime in August or September. "The Gakhal's are clearly here to stay as IKF Chicago promoters" says Fossum. "Fighters can either fight on an IKF sanctioned event or for an unknown organization and their promoters. The bottom line though is that those who fight on an IKF sanctioned event have a future bigger than Chicago and no other promoter in the Chicago area is offering that."

MONDAY, June 15th, 1998, AT 1:20 AM

IKF Canada
Desjarlais Defends Title

SUPERFIGHTS # 4: June 13th, 1998. IKF Promoters Mike Miles and Lyle Cheney hosted their annual Kickboxing event in the city of Red Deer, Canada dubbed Superfights # 4. The event's card featured eight bouts, half of which involved international athletes against Canadian athletes. All the bouts were of high quality which left over four hundred spectators impressed and happy with the event. The main event featured Canada's Trevor Desjarlais, defending his IKF Intercontinental Welterweight Kickboxing Title against England's Brian Taylor. Taylor, the taller of the two, provided excellent defensive footwork which at times seemed to frustrate the Canadian Desjarlais. Taylor's downfall though was the fact that he countered very sporadically. Against a strong combination fighter like Desjarlais, this was to prove to be Taylor's downfall. Half way into the third round, a left roundhouse kick by Desjarlais to the neck of Taylor wobbled the English fighter, and Desjarlais who is an excellent finisher, smelled blood and was all over Taylor with excellent punches. Taylor was in serious trouble and his corner threw in the towel and Desjarlais successfully defended his IKF Title with a third round TKO over the British fighter. ( Mike Miles )

MONDAY, June 8th, 1998, AT 4:00 PM

IKF Bakersfield, California, USA

Strongbow Stadium, Bakersfield, CA, USA - June 6th, 1998 - Promoter: Abe Belardo

Bakersfield, CA, USA

IKF Promoter Abe Belardo held another action packed event this last weekend at the famous Strongbow Stadium in Bakersfield, California, USA. Although the event only featured 3 actual adult bouts, the event was history making for the IKF as they kicked off the first ever IKF sanctioned Junior Division bout with 2 fighters under 16 years old. The bout featured 10 year old Sam Soksoda of Soksoda Muay Thai in Redding, CA, USA who defeated 8 year old Christopher Soriano of Bakersfield, CA, USA by split decision. The win was a controversial one due to a standing 8 count that was given to Soriano. Many thought it was a slip but the bout referee ruled it a knockdown. The knockdown proved to be the difference as Soksoda won the split decision, 29-26, 27-28 & 29-28. The IKF will be scheduling more Junior Division bouts soon on the way to the IKF RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament. The Junior Division will be run just like USA Amateur Boxing and from the sound of the crowd this last weekend, the Junior Division is sure to be a MAJOR crowd pleaser. Watch for more info on this new division soon.

The Main Event of the night was the IKF heavyweight title defense of Manual Quezada. Quezada was defending his IKF Amateur Heavyweight International Rules Title against Boyd Murphy. The bout went the 5 round distance with both fighters showing a lot of heart and power. In the end though, Murphy proved to be in better shape and more stronger as he clearly took the title from the Champion, Quezada in a unanimous decision win, 48-47, 49-45 & 46-45.

The semi main featured a bout for the vacant IKF Muay Thai Rules Light Welterweight Amateur title in which Le Hua defeated last second fill in, Josh Rogers of Soksoda Muay Thai in Redding, CA, USA by unanimous decision, 39-27, 40-36 & 40-36.

The one non title undercard featured 2 fighters that had little ring experience but looked like they were seasoned veterans. Mike Morello of Santa Barbara, CA, USA was ahead of Majid Raees of Silmar on all the judges cards until Raees landed a PERFECT, Benny The Jet Style spinning rear kick into Morello's ribs at :43 seconds of the final round. The kick doubled Morello over with a loud yell and after a few steps, he dropped down and out. It was a perfect kick that took what looked like a sure victory from Morello. Raees had several flashy kicks throughout the bout as well. This was a GREAT BOUT by BOTH fighters and due to the way this one ended, we are sure these two will meet again soon.

John Washington and IKF U.S. Champion, Jesus Andrede did a short partial round exhibition to fill some time but it was clear that "The HAMMER" stole the exhibition show. IKF Undefeated North American Super Middleweight Champion Toney "The Hammer" Hannon of Bakersfield, CA, USA and IKF Co-Founder and past kickboxing Champion, Dannie "BAM BAM" Stell of Fairfield, CA, USA both thrilled the crowd with their great technical skill, speed and flash in an action packed 3 round exhibition. It was obvious, "The Hammer" is still a great hometown favorite!

The event was fully sponsored by the IKF/ RINGSIDE connection once again as RINGSIDE provided their New Pro Style Fight Gloves for the event.Thanks again RINGSIDE!

Event Results

  1. IKF Junior Amateur Division, Split Decision:
    Sam Soksoda, (Age 10, 62 lbs.) Redding, CA, USA over Christopher Soriano, (Age 8, 57 lbs.) Bakersfield, CA, USA. 27-28, 29-28, 29-26 International Rules

  2. Spin Side Kick KO @ :43 of ROUND 3:
    Majid Raees, Sylmar, CA, USA over Mike Morello, Santa Barbara. CA, USA. International Rules

    John Washington, Bakersfield, CA, USA & Jesus Andrade, Delano, CA, USA. International Rules

  4. For the Vacant IKF Muay Thai Rules CA Amateur Lt. Welterweight Title.

    Le Hua, Silmar, CA, USA over Josh Rogers "Muaynoi", Redding, CA, USA. 39-37, 40-36, 40-36. Muay Thai Rules

    Toney Hannon, Bakersfield, CA, USA & Danny Stell, Fairfield, CA, USA. Full Contact Rules

  6. Defense of the IKF Intl. Rules United States Amateur Heavyweight Title.UNANIMOUS DECISION: Challenger Boyd Murphy, Bakersfield, CA, USA defeats champion, Manuel Quezada, CA, USA. 48-47, 49-45, 46-45.International Rules


THURSDAY, June 5th, 1998, AT 3:00 AM

IKF Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Eagles Club, May 30th, 1998 - Promoter: Duke Roufus

IKF Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

"The Road To Muay Thai America Leads through MILWAUKEE!!"

Yes thats TRUE! The crowd over 1,200 at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA witnessed some of the greatest Muay Thai bouts of the year as IKF Promoter Duke Roufus hosted another dynamic Muay Thai Event on Saturday, May 30th. Here are the results:

  1. The first bout of the night was a submission bout which saw David Menne of Minnesota, USA defeat Henery Matamoros of Wisconsin, USA in a 10 minute match by Unanimous Decision.
  2. In bout 2, Khunpol of Wisconsin, USA via Thailand, KOed Kong Napa of Thailand at 1:21 of the 3rd round with a right elbow to the jaw to retain his IKF World Welterweight Muay Thai title.
  3. In bout 3, Brian Fowler of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA defeated Dan Lamping of Indianapolis Indiana, USA by Split decision, 28-26, 30-29 & 28-29.
  4. In bout 4, Paul "M-16" Svehlek of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA continued his quest for an IKF title shot upping his record to 12-0 with 9 KO's with a unanimous decision win over Dan Rawlings of Euclid, Ohio, USA, 48-46, 49-46 & 50-45.
  5. In bout 5, Brad Fowler of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA defeated Jack LaGrange of Dubuque, Iowa, USA by unanimous decision, 29-24, 29-24 & 29-24. LaGrange lost a total of 3 points per card due to illigal blows.

The Main event was probably the best IKF Muay Thai bout since Canada's Chad Sawyer and USA's Maurice Travis fought in Fresno, CA, USA last year to win the IKF bout of the year. Bout 6 featured well known Muay Thai fighter Sakasem of Fairtex past against Richard Kostuck of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA for the vacant IKF Pro Intercontinental Muay Thai title. Kostuck won the bout by unanimous decision, 50-46, 50-46 & 48-47 and although the scores may not indicate it, this was a GREAT BOUT!!! For more event info, contact IKF Promoter, Duke Roufus at Milwaukee Kickboxing at (414) 319-1151.

Event Results

  1. SHOOTFIGHTING - Unanimous Decision, 1 - 10 minute round: David Menne of Minnesota, USA defeated Henery Matamoros of Wisconsin, USA.

  2. Defense of the IKF PRO World Muay Thai Welterweight Title. KO 1:21 OF ROUND 3

  3. Khunpon of Wisconsin, USA via Thailand, over Kongnapa of Thailand. Right elbow to the jaw.Muay Thai Rules

  4. Amateur - SPLIT DECISION: Brian Fowler of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA over Dan Lamping of Indianapolis Indiana, USA by Split decision, 28-26, 30-29 & 28-29.Muay Thai Rules

  5. Pro - UNANIMOUS DECISION: Paul "M-16" Svehlek of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA over Dan Rawlings of Euclid, Ohio, USA, 48-46, 49-46 & 50-45. Muay Thai Rules

  6. Amateur - UNANIMOUS DECISION: Brad Fowler of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA over Jack LaGrange of Dubuque, Iowa, USA. 29-24, 29-24 & 29-24. Muay Thai Rules

  7. For the Vacant IKF PRO Intercontinental Muay Thai Light Welterweight Title. UNANIMOUS DECISION:Richard Kostuck of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA over Sakasem, Indianapolis, Indiana, via Thailand. 50-46, 50-46 & 48-47


MORE NEWS OF 7-12-98. . .

IKF Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Daisy Theater, May 29th, 1998 - Promoter: Jeff Mullen

IKF Memphis, Tennessee, USA

IKF Promoter Mr. Mullen hosted IKF Tennessee, kickshoot '98 at the Daisy Theater in Memphis, TN. on Friday night, May 29th. Here are the quick results.

Event Results

    Darrell Rudd of Mid South Kickboxing defeated Donnell Peavy (trad. ma academy) by TKO @ 1:11 of Round 1.

    Derrick Jones of Clarksdale Tae kwon Do over Montez Logan (Covington kb) by unanimous decision.

    Danny Levy of Covington, Tennessee defeated Justin Russell (MSK) by unanimous decision.

    Miguel Pilgram of Mid South Kickboxing defeated Chris Thompson (Clarksdale Tae Kwon Do) by unanimous decision.

    Donnie Cook of Mid South Kickboxing defeated Nghia Trong (Black Dragons) by TKO Between rounds 2 & 3.

    Steve Hall of Clarksdale Tae Kwon Do defeated Robert Gooch (Black Dragons) by unanimous decision.

    Donnell Logan of Cvington Tae kwon Do defeated Shane Chappley (Black Dragons) by unanimous decision.

    David Roberts (Mphs Gracie Training Assoc) defeated Devin Reynolds (Trad M.A. Academy) armbar submission at 4:59 of round 1.

For more info, contact IKF Promoter Mr. Mullen at (901) 757-0985.

SUNDAY, May 10th, 1998, AT 4:00 PM

IKF San Francisco, California USA

University of San Francisco, May 9th, 1998 - Promoter: Tat-Mau Wong

IKF San Francisco!
A DYNAMIC Success!

For those of you looking for the QUICK story, here are the short results from the IKF San Francisco, CA, USA Event. This event featured 11 bouts and 22 GREAT Warriors. Some fought for their first time and did very well, while others continued their climb to the ultimate of all kickboxers which is to someday wear an IKF World Title Belt! As we like to say on ALL IKF kickboxing events, there were no losers on this night. Just 22 fighters with the strength and courage enough to get in the ring and "Walk the Walk" rather than talk about it from the bleacher seats. These are true warriors and all are champions on this night, both men and women!

This event was the first of many that will include a relationship with RINGSIDE INC. of Lenexa, Kansas, USA and the IKF. RINGSIDE provided all the fight gloves for the fights and EVERYONE was VERY PLEASED with them. We here at the IKF are looking forward to a long relationship with the IKF-RINGSIDE Connection. The IKF & RINGSIDE will work together promoting the sport of Kickboxing on IKF sanctioned events as well as having IKF Trainers, Champions and other fighters help design new and improved RINGSIDE Kickboxing equipment that will be officially endorsed by the IKF . Look for more and more news of this soon, but for now.... Here are the San Francisco results;

Event Results

    Phongmong Sit-Boonkerd of Redding, California, USA defeated Thaddeus Mercado of San Jose, California, USA by Majority decision, 28-28, 29-28 & 29-28.

    Gastova Caldaron of Santa Rosa, California, USA defeated Aaron Judd of Roseville, California, USA by TKO at 1:42 of round 3.

    Thuy Le of Santa Rosa, California, USA defeated Suzanne Strickland of Granite Bay, CA, USA by Split Decision, 29-28, 28-29 & 29-28.

    Hawk Chhim of Modesto, California, USA fought to a Majority Draw with David Lau of San Francisco, California, USA.
    Two judges scored the bout 28-28 while one scored it 29-28 Lau.
    Chhim lost 1 point on all 3 judges cards in round 2 for a second groin kick to Lau.

    Darren Freeman of Susanville, California, USA defeated Adam Rodgers of Monterey, California, USA by Unanimous Decision, 29-27, 29-27 & 29-28.

    Brian Gamble of Susanville, California, USA defeated Robb Plada of Oakland, California, USA by Knockout at :26 seconds of round 2.

    Dave Marinoble of Roseville, California, USA defeated Chan Pen of Modesto, California, USA by TKO at 1:41 of round 1.

    Gerado Sanchez of Santa Rosa, California, USA did not show up at the weigh-ins for his bout against Andy Graham of San Francisco, California, USA so Graham won by forfeit.
    Details of this no show are being confirmed soon by Sanchez's trainer.


    Jaime Baron, of Cool, California, USA, defeated Angie Fields of Modesto, California, USA, by TKO at 1:37 of round 1.


    Juan Escubar of Gilroy, California, USA, defeated Adam Garcia of San Diego, California, USA, by Unanimous Decision, 48-47, 49-46 & 49-46.


    Yia Mua of Fresno, California, USA, defeated Randy Tsutsui of Vallejo, CA, USA, by TKO at 1:07 of round 2.


    Middleweight Title: Harry Vacarro of San Diego, California, USA, defeated Doug Evans of Redwood City, California, USA, by TKO at 1:17 of round 4.

1998 Hand Injury Forces
The Duke
Out of Greco Bout
May END career for good!

A re-injury to 3 time World Champion, Jeff "DUKE" Roufus' right hand has forced him to cancel his bout with Sam Greco in Australia. Word is that this time the injury may be career ending. We will keep everyone up to date with the news on the Duke! On the brighter side, rather than worry about the injury, Roufus has used that positive outlook motivational training taught to him by his martial arts father and decided to confirm a date for his next IKF Milwaukee event as May 30th. Featured fighters will include Khunpol from Thailand who is now in America training with the Duke at his Milwaukee Kickboxing & Fitness Club. Top ranked Muay Thai Light Cruiserweight Kevin "The Fighting Irish" McMullen of Milwaukee Wisconsin will return to the ring as well. For more info, contact Mr. Duke Roufus at Milwaukee Kickboxing at (414) 319-1151.

WEDNESDAY, May 6th, 1998, AT 7:00 AM

Promoter Mike Miles


IKF Alberta Canada Press: IKF Promoter Mike Miles of Canada held another fantastic kickboxing event Saturday night, May 2nd in Calgary Alberta Canada. Miles continued in his tradition of hosting an annual Martial Arts tournament and Kickboxing card in which all profits went to a children's charity. This year's event had all profits go towards the Canadian Liver Foundation and its children's programs. Attendance was nearly a sell out with over 800 people and very few empty seats.

The event had no Muay Thai bouts but nonetheless, it had excellent fights under the International Rules and Full Contact Rules. A week leading into the event, a school in Manitoba that had promised 4 fighters, pulled out leaving promoter Miles scrambling to fill the remainder of the card with quality bouts. 17 bouts and 1 exhibition took place on the event and all were first class match-ups.

The MAIN EVENT featured Canada's Trevor Smandych of Calgary Alberta Canada in his first Full Contact Rules bout against Rey Amaya of Texas USA, for the IKF North American Welterweight Full Contact Rules Title. Making this bout more of a challenge for the Canadian, Smandych was stepping up 2 complete weight divisions (Smandych regularly fights as a lightweight at 132 lbs.). At the weigh in, Smandych was under the bottom end of the Welterweight division by 4 pounds (138 lbs.) while Amaya was at the top end of the division (146 lbs.), a full 8 pounds heavier than Smandych. Although Smandych was out of the weight requirements, Amaya agreed to the match if Smandych was willing to give up the weight, which he did. Since the title was vacant, the IKF accepted upon the fighters desire to continue with it. The bout was action packed from start to finish. Rounds one and two had Smandych take the lead with cleaner and crisper shots than the American. Round three was a great round for Smandych but also a very controversial one. Smandych landed a roundhouse kick to Amaya's head which put him down like a ton of bricks. Demonstrating his toughness, Amaya was up and at the count of eight and when the fight continued, Smandych was all over Amaya dropping him with a stinging left hook (Amaya didn't remember the blow and/or the resulting knockdown). This was where the controversy begins. The referee gave Amaya a very slow standing eight and then spent time making sure he was coherent. After confirming Amaya was all right, The referee walked Amaya over to the doctor to see if he would allow the fight to continue. After the doctor allowed the bout to continue, Amaya was slowly walked over to his corner to have his mouthguard washed. Well over two minutes had taken place allowing Amaya to regain himself. This took the opportunity away from Smandych to attempt a third knockdown in the fight and thus win by TKO. In rounds four and five, Amaya came out and pressured Smandych to the ropes forcing the fight on the inside. The final two rounds were Amaya. At the end of the fight, a split decision was awarded to Smandych and he became the recipient of the IKF North American Welterweight Full Contact Title. The IKF headquarters is awaiting video of this bout to review what happened during the knockdowns and why such a long break was given to Amaya.

Canada's Nick Ring stepped into the ring with the shorter but stronger muscled Jace Jeanes from Texas USA in a Full Contact Rules match. Jeanes came out swiftly cornering Ring and trying to land a heavy punch. Ring shelled and responded quickly with a three punch combination which sent Jeanes flying backwards and onto the canvas in grief.Jeanes had fractured his foot while fighting and the bout could not continue so Ring won the fight by first round TKO. A rematch is slated for the future.

  1. Canada's Jason Fenton won by decision over American Rudy Vasquez in a Full Contact Rules match.

  2. In a Super Heavyweight International Rules bout, Canadian Keith Crawford won by 1st round TKO over Colorado, USA's Mike Jamenez.

  3. As a show of unity of martial arts organizations, Promoter Mike Miles also had the WKA involved as a sanctioning organization with the IKF on this event. B.C.'s Adam Hay defeated fellow B.C. athlete Dave Rannala for the WKA Western Canadian Cruiserweight Full Contact Title.

  4. Alberta's Trevor Desjarlais won by TKO in round 1 over B.C.'s Mark Woolnaugh

  5. Manitoba's Sik Tai gym sent 4 athletes to compete on the card. As mentioned earlier another gym from Manitoba had pulled out the week earlier and the substitutes from Sik Tai, did very well considering they all took the bouts on a week's notice. "These guys really help save the show and I owe them," said promoter Mike Miles.

  6. Calgary's Kerry Dell won by 3rd round TKO over Sik Tai's Larry Sharpe.

  7. Gord Anderson (Calgary) won by 3rd round TKO over Domingo Zuniga (Sik Tai).

  8. Sokhim Or won by split decision over Dave Zuniga.

  9. Calgary's Ricki Hagel won by decision over Sik Tai's Melody Sinclair.

  10. Calgary's Cayne Madoche stopped Saskatchewan, Mike McNab in the second round.

  11. Calgary's Lara Young defeated Saskatchewan's Larissa Link.

  12. Calgary's Erwin Schonfeldt won by TKO in round 3 over B.C.'s Ryan Coulter.

  13. Calgary's Jeremy Rempel took the nod over Saskatchewan's Shane Doerkson.

  14. Calgary's Bobby Swyryda battled with journeyman athlete Bradley Parent from Saskatchewan. In the first round and again in the second, Parent was accidently kicked in the groin and could not continue. The bout was called a draw.

  15. Calgary's Javier Gomez won by decision over Luke Spicer from Red Deer.

  16. Red Deer's Dave Robson stopped Calgarian Garth McCrady in round 2.

  17. Calgary's Vanessa Bellegarde was slated to battle with East Coast American Christina Rondeau. However the Rondeau broke her hand in a bout, leading into this match. Bellegarde stepped in the ring with Janne Lamontagne for an exhibition bout.

TUESDAY, May 5th, 1998, AT 1:00 PM


The IKF and RINGSIDE INC. of Lenexa, Kansas, USA have begin working on a deal that will bring the sport of Kickboxing to yet another great level. RINGSIDE marketing chief, Joe Taylor and IKF President Steve Fossum have discussed some big plans for the sport starting this weekend at Master Tat Mau Wong's Mega Amateur Kickboxing Event at the University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA. RINGSIDE will be supplying RINGSIDE PROFESSIONAL FIGHT GLOVES for the event which has always been the largest amateur event on the West Coast. A crowd of 3,000 plus is expected to witness 5 IKF Title bouts and 8 undercard matches. The IKF-RINGSIDE connection will include organization of an IKF-RINGSIDE National Championship Kickboxing Tournament. RINGSIDE currently holds such a tournament for boxing that features the best amateur boxers in the United States.

Other plans for the IKF-RINGSIDE connection include some re-designing of various RINGSIDE equipment for kickboxing in which the IKF plans to offer the assistance of several IKF Champions and Trainers to help in the new designs. This way, RINGSIDE will be able to design equipment that Kickboxers want which can very greatly from boxers. In addition, more ideas associated with theIKF-RINGSIDE connection include Kickboxing equipment, workout clothes and the most important thing of all, special discounts to IKF associated trainers, fighters and associates of RINGSIDE INC. equipment.

This proves to be yet another way the IKF is striving to help the sport of Kickboxing as well as help out the most important people of the sport, the Fighters, Trainers and Promoters that together will help the sport of kickboxing grow to greater levels. Expect to see the RINGSIDE name at A LOT of IKF events if this all goes as planned. From fight gloves, corner dressings, fighter apparel, ring canvas' and even rings, RINGSIDE has a lot to offer to the sport of KICKBOXING. As a leader in Boxing, the IKF-RINGSIDE connection will help make RINGSIDE the leader in Kickboxing as well. Keep watch for what all unfolds on this great merger for the better of the sport of Kickboxing.

SATURDAY, May 2nd, 1998, AT 10:30 AM

IKF Sacramento, California USA

Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, May 1st, 1998 - Promoters: Nasser Niavaroni & Steve Sax

IKF Sacramento, CA, USA
A KnockOut Success!!!

Alexio & Spaid Defend Titles
Regan Adds ANOTHER!

Uppercut Promotions of Sacramento CA, USA put on an exciting IKF Event in Sacramento, CA, USA last night and the event was a Knockout success from start to finish. With over 3,500 people in attendance, the crowd witnessed 9 EXPLOSIVE bouts that were co-sanctioned with the IKF and the ISKA. Promoter Nasser Niavaroni was so pleased with the outcome that he is already planning the next Sacramento Kickboxing event for sometime in August.

In a show of unity for the sport of kickboxing rather than a rivalry between sanctioning organizations, IKF President Steve Fossum and ISKA West Coast representative Scott Coker and ISKA President Mike Sawyer decided to do a FIRST for the sport of kickboxing. Have ONE individual represent "2" different major sanctioning organizations on a World Title event. IKF President Steve Fossum was appointed the position which has never been done for the sport of kickboxing ever before. Fossum represented both the IKF and the ISKA organizations at the event which saw IKF & ISKA Champions Brett Spaid and Dennis Alexio retain their titles while Eric Regan won a new Pro title. The event was filmed for future release on ESPN 2's Strike Force Kickboxing program. However, the Alexio vs Roger bout is still under negotiation as far as rights to the video between ISKA, Alexio and Roger. Which brings us to the Main Event bout.

BOUT 9 - IKF PRO World Title
IKF and Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Champion Dennis Alexio (Right) faced Achille Roger of Dijon France in the evenings main event which didn't begin until close to midnight. It was a defense of Alexio's Heavyweight Titles. Alexio weighed in at 218 lbs. while Roger hit the scales at 220 lbs. The ring entrance of Alexio was, as always, an impressive show in itself, and as always before, Alexio came out to the music of the band Europe with the famous song, "The Final Countdown". Belt after belt passed by the standing ovation crowd at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium as Sacramento welcomed PRO Kickboxing back to the city after nearly 7 long years without it.

Although there have been Amateur events in the area, this was the first Pro Kickboxing event in Sacramento since Alexio knocked out Larry Curton at the Arco Arena back in 1991. Grass skirt, Golden Hawaiian tan and the ever so noticeable focused look of his ringname, "The Terminator", Alexio tonight was the hometown boy of nearby Vacaville, CA but more remembered by Sacramento. He has held the World Title since the 80's and has yet to ever meet anyone to give him much of a challenge in the Full Contact Rules category. The ONLY time Alexio has faced even a question of a challenge has been when he accepted bouts in the division he DOESN'T fight in, International Rules. (Kicks allowed to the legs) When others say stupid things such as "But He Won't fight with the big guys and do Leg Kicks"

We here at the IKF have this to say, "Hey, we don't see any of them wanting to fight him above the waist full contact rules either!!! And rightly so! The fact is, is that all the so called BIG GUYS are truly good at what they do. But you don't hear Alexio asking them to fight in a division that they don't do. So why do people want to see Alexio vs someone like Maurice Smith? Well, although Maurice has earned a great name for himself, Maurice does leg kicks. Maurice doesn't do above the waist rules. Dennis does! "GET IT?!" Michael Jordan Does Basketball, John Elway does Football. How do you put these two on the same playing court? You don't! Getting the picture? Although it's all kickboxing, International Rules and Full Contact Rules are two Very different styles of fighting.

Now you ALL need to admit openly, Alexio is clearly "THE BEST" Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Fighter out there right now and unless someone else proves this different, he will remain, "The Undisputed, Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Champion of the World!" And to add one final note about the contraversey...To answer those leg kick critics... Michael Jordan tried baseball, but he went back to what he is BEST at, BASKETBALL. Alexio tried International Rules, but he went back to what he is BEST at, Above the waist Full Contact Rules! Not necessarily because he wasn't good at International Rules, he just didn't like them. So he does what he does BEST! Full Contact Rules.

Alexio has been extremely busy over the last several years. Defending his World titles as many as 4 times a year since last fighting in Sacramento. Now living in Hawaii, Alexio made the trip over to the newly renovated Memorial Auditorium because of his ties with Promoter Nasser Niavaroni and his memories of the Memorial from fights long ago. He makes great money fighting in Hawaii, he's a hero over there, but he is also loved by his loyal followers in Sacramento.

Alexio entered the ring tonight 39 years old. Many thought he would look like he was old, slow, sluggish and losing speed. Like any championship fight, there were critics there of course. There were those that wanted to say he's lost it all. He's past his prime. But those critics who do nothing but criticize those who are in the arena doing great things, those critics who know neither victory nor defeat, those poor and timid soals walked away disappointed on this night. Their mouths were kicked shut as Alexio out kicked, out punched and out maneuvered Roger, who is 8 years younger than him over and over through the entire bout. Alexio was the aggressor. He took the fight to Roger who never seemed to press Alexio much at all. Sure, there were a few shots Roger threw that brought the crowd to their feet. But shots on Alexio such as these have the same effect as years ago, they only make him fight harder. Alexio has trouble getting motivated until his opponent shows him something. Otherwise he's board. But press him and the tempo of the bout suddenly changes. So was the case with Roger who tried, but quickly paid for it each time. Roger put up a truly gallant effort and fought strong and hard, but he was simply outmatched by Alexio. Roger was no walk over opponent either. A true champion fighter with an impressive record of 52 wins, 4 loses, 1 draw and 30 knockouts, Roger's lost every round on every judges scorecard. The only sign of injury to Alexio came from a head butt in the 2nd round which caused a cut just outside his right eye. But Alexio didn't need to worry with one of the best cutmen in the business in his corner, Will Edgington. Edgington has stitched up the best, including 3 time World Boxing Champion Tony "The Tiger" Lopez, who was a special guest at ringside with IKF President Steve Fossum to watch the nights action. Edgington closed up Alexio's cut so well within the 1 minute round break that you could hardly see it when the next round started. Knowing he didn't want to have the bout stopped due to something like a cut, Alexio picked up the pace even more. Alexio hit Roger with blow after blow with his right hand that puffed up Roger's left eye until it looked like Roger had a golf ball cut in two and stuffed under his skin. Roger's eye was clearly closing more and more from each blow. "One of Alexio's strong points is that for a Heavyweight, he sets an extremely fast pace." stated one of Alexio's trainers, Nasser Niavaroni. This proved to wear down Roger more and more and especially near the end of rounds 3 & 4. From the beginning, Alexio proved to still have some of the quickest and powerful feet in the business. He threw snappy round kicks, hook kicks and spin kicks at Roger through 4 rounds. Then Alexio put on an exhibition of combinations, spin kicks and solid right hands through the first half of round 5 and after a strong right started to open up Roger's half golf ball size welt over his left eye, simultaneously Marcos Rosalas and Roger's corner stopped the bout. It was over at 1:10 of the 5th round and Alexio had once again, as he has done 66 times before, acknowledged the crowd as the winner. The knockout gives Alexio 62 on his pro career. With a record of 67 wins and only 1 loss, Dennis once again on this night reminded Sacramento and the rest of the world why he is and will always be remembered as "The Undisputed Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Kickboxing Champion of the World!"

BOUT 8 - IKF PRO North American Title
The Semi Main event belonged to hometown favorite, Eric "The Hitman" Regan! Regan (Right) entered the ring Friday night to a standing ovation of over 3,000 local fight fans. His opponent was Hector Torres of South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA. Torres, although a seasoned veteran with a fight record of 23-3 with 20 knockouts, he hadn't fought for 4 years.

Torres' brother Juan Torres, holds the IKF World Full Contact Rules Light Welterweight title so Hector wanted to hold an IKF title as well. Persuaded back into the ring against Regan for the IKF North American Title shot. At the end of round 2, the judges had the bout 19-19, 20-18 and 19-19 with Torres ahead on one scorecard. But by the 3rd round, Regan begin to put his height and reach into use, staying away from Torres' inside fight plan keeping Torres away with his jab and thrust kick. Often adding in a powerful right hand and round kick. By the end of round 7, Regan had bloodied Torres' nose and was taking full control of the fight. Although sticking in the fight like a true warrior, Torres knew when it was enough and informed referee Dan Stell himself during the round break that he was done.

The crowd went wild as Eric "The Hitman" Regan was crowned the IKF North American Full Contact Rules Middleweight Champion. Although Hector hadn't fought in 4 years, he clearly came to fight on this night. Both fighters brought mutual respect into the ring, often aknowledging each others good shots and taping gloves on the breaks. But what else would you expect from a Torres. Those who know the Torres brothers know that respect, honor and sportsmanship are all part of the game in their fights, as is with Eric Regan. Fighters who are remembered AFTER they retire are those who had respect for not only their opponents but their fans as these fighters do!

These types of fighters are True "PEOPLES" Champions. In a way, neither of these two warriors lost on this night. Both were true champions as all fighters who choose to enter the ring. Shame on those who boo "ANY" fighter who enters the ring of battle. All who enter are champions. They do the battle, rather than "WATCH" from afar. Amateur or Pro, they win by trying something great and tonight, Hector Torres made a statement! Although he lost, Hector "The Silent Warrior" Torres IS BACK! And we WILL see a lot more of him in the future. GREAT FIGHT guys!!!

BOUT 5 - IKF Amateur U.S. Title
The first title bout of the night was IKF United States Full Contact Rules Amateur Light Welterweight Champion Brett "Lion King" Spaid of Sacramento, CA, USA vs Tawn Saephan of Roseville, CA, USA. It was a defense of Spaid's U.S. Title. In an exciting bout, Spaid defeated Saephan on a TKO decision at 1:12 of the 5th round. Those at ringside thought that if Saephan didn't showboat as much in the opening rounds, he may have had a good shot at defeating Spaid. Spaid has always been a fighter that takes a few rounds to warm up, but when he does, the "LION KING ROARS!" By the beginning of the 3rd round, both fighters had come alive. Spaid started landing shot after shot to Saephan's head and finally, referee Dan Stell stepped in to give Saephan a standing 8 count. Although, the expected boooooooos from the crowd were heard, those at ringside saw that referee Dan Stell made the right decision to step in when he did. We all clearly saw that Saephan needed the count. Spaid was landing blow after blow to Saephan's head and even though Saephan wouldn't go down, his eyes were rolling and he was clearly taking too many head blows. If Stell did it the crowds way, he could have waited until Saephan simply fell to the canvas. It's too bad the crowd sometimes doesn't realize how important a standing 8 count is in ring sports. (Kickboxing & Boxing) The referees job is to protect the fighters "AT ALL TIMES" and Stell's standing 8 was the best decision to be made at the moment. Especially for those of us who remember the recent first ever ring death of kickboxing in the U.S. this last January. However, as hard as Saephan's head seemed to be and his will to not go down, it probably would have been a fall that would have killed him. Saephan was fortunate that Stell stepped in when he did, not caring what Spaid's hometown crowd wanted to see, which nearly ALL fans of ring sports want to see of their favorite fighter, a KNOCKOUT with the opponent motionless on the floor. Stell did his job. He protected an AMATEUR fighter, that wasn't paid (Amateur of course don't get paid) and allowed Saephan to fight another day. But before the 3rd round was over, Saephan answered back with a wild shot out of nowhere catching Spaid on the cheek knocking him to the canvas and causing a BIG cut. Upon getting up, Spaid was quickly given a standing 8 count himself as the round came to an end. Fortunately for Spaid that he had, which we will say AGAIN and AGAIN...

"One of the BEST CUTMEN to EVER Work the Fight Business, Kickboxing AND Boxing,
Will Edgington!

Edgington closed up the cut as best he could on the round break with excellent skill. A cutman is something "MANY" fighters don't think of as being too important, but on this night, Edgington made a GREAT difference for Spaid like he did Alexio. Edgington and Spaids Trainer & Cornerman Nasser Niavaroni allowed Spaid to re-gain his composure and focus on business. Spaid went out in the 4th round landing combination after combination and hardly missed a shot until referee Dan Stell stopped it at 1:12 of the round. Well tested in the ring by Spaid, we're sure we will see Saephan again. Maybe even a rematch??? Especially since he is trained by 3 Time IKF Champion Dave Marinoble.

Before the Spaid vs Saephan bout begin, both fighters camps and the loyal fans of kickboxing in the area knew it had more behind it than a title defense. BRAGING RIGHTS! Spaid is trained by Nasser Niavaroni of Roseville, CA, USA who also trains IKF Champion Eric Regan. Saephan is trained by 3 time IKF U.S. Champion Dave Marinoble, also of Roseville, CA, USA. Stay with us here now and follow along ... Some of you may not know the connection here, but for the loyal IKF fans that have been with the IKF for years now, you know that the IKF has been highly supportive of both Regan & Marinoble's kickboxing careers. In 1996, both Regan and Marinoble won the prestigious honors of being named IKF Co-Fighters of the Year. Regan was the undefeated IKF United States Full Contact Rules Super Welterweight Champion fighting at 153 lbs. As an amateur he was 12-0 with 8 knockouts. Marinoble was also undefeated at 10-0-1 with 4 knockouts. Marinoble held and continues to hold 3 IKF United States Full Contact Rules Amateur Titles at Light Middle, Middle and Super Middleweight. With both fighters finding it hard to get matches with their records, both had decided last year to turn pro. Regan also decided to move up to the Middleweight division and fight at 163 lbs. At that moment, the locals started talking phrases such as "GRUDGE MATCH" and "HEATED RIVALRY"! However, hear us out here...The ever so humble, Regan and Marinoble NEVER talked of this. BOTH had mutual respect for each other and NEVER said a negative word of the other. But also, neither said that they "Wouldn't" fight the other. But than again, NEITHER of these guys have EVER said "NO" to "ANY" fight offer!

First the GREAT news!!!!!...
Enter top West Coast Promoter Scott Coker of West Coast Promotions. Coker matched the 2 to fight on one of his mega events in San Jose CA scheduled for May 31st of last year. The event was also scheduled to be a part of ESPN 2's Strike Force Show, so the 2 were assured worldwide Cable TV exposure. This was clearly a match both wanted, and who wouldn't. This was also a promoters dream match up as well. Everyone planned to be pleased with this bout. Two Undefeated Champions. Co-fighters of the year and both making their Pro Debut on Worldwide Cable TV! "Lets Get it ON!"

Now the bad news... While training for the fight with past Pro World champion, Johnny "Superfoot" Davis and 2 time IKF Champion Mike Dougherty, Marinoble suffered a rib injury only weeks before the scheduled bout and was forced to withdraw from the bout. However, Regan went on to make his pro debut. But it wasn't against a fighter making his Pro debut. It was against "SEASONED" Pro Russell Franklin. Franklin's Pro record was 23-4. But as the bout went on, it was suddenly clear that at 5'9" in height, Franklin's experience was not enough against the 6'4" Regan. Regan's jab and right hand introduced themselves to Franklin's face throughout the bout and his thrust kick dropped into Franklin's face and chest for several visits as well as Regan simply schooled the veteran fighter to a 5 round unanimous decision. Back home, Marinoble stayed amateur and is still an amateur ranked fighter. Finding Marinoble a fight has been tough. He is scheduled to defend one of his titles in September of this year. But could the right offer bring him to the Pros?

Since Regan and Marinoble never met in the ring, the two local schools have been put into a couple of awkward situations by some promoters. Last fall, Niavaroni's Jack Glueck was matched up against Dave Marinoble's brother Mike Marinoble as an undercard match on an IKF event in Redding, CA, USA. Although neither fighter, nor either of the two trainers ever talked of it, the feel of the match was obvious from the crowds point of view that bragging rights were clearly at stake here between the two schools. Although Marinoble clearly controlled the bout against the older Glueck, he couldn't knock him out. Marinoble had to settle for a win by decision 30-26, 30-25 and 30-25. With this bout going Marinobles way, the Spaid vs Saephan bout of course had even more "GRUDGEMATCH" feel behind it all. Especially since both fighters were fighting in their home town. Before Spaid won, he was ahead on all the score cards as well, 39-37, 39-36 and 40-35. From the Glueck vs Marinoble bout, it made the Spaid victory special for Niavaroni's school. But than again, people are still asking.......Regan? Marinoble? Will it happen or not??? Only time will tell...No matter who the promoter is, these two are worth the show. Or better yet as we have all heard before..MONEY TALKS!!! And we all know what walks...


BOUT 1-Amateur: Muay Thai Rules: The first bout of the night was an Amateur Muay Thai bout consisting of 3, 3 minute rounds. The first round was extremely exciting with both fighters keeping busy exchanging combination after combination. But the bout itself never got past the 2nd round. Shawn Yacoubian, 137 lbs. 2-2 with 1 KO's from Van Nuys, CA, USA proved too much for Tung Fairtex, 140 lbs, 0-1 from San Francisco, CA, USA. Referee Marcos Rosalas stopped the bout at 2:05 of the 2nd round awarding the win to Yacoubian. Fairtex took 2 standing 8 counts in round 2 before his corner threw in the towel.

BOUT 2-Amateur: Full Contact Rules Bout 2 matched up Billy Beach, 138 lbs, 5-0, 1 KO from Citrus Heights, CA, USA against Victor Rodriguez, 138 lbs, 0-0, who was making his Amateur kickboxing debut. Rodriguez did have some boxing experience with a 3-1 record with 2 KO's. Beach also had boxing experience with a 2-0 record. This bout had a very exciting first round but it was all Beach as Rodriguez received 2 standing 8's in the opening round. Beach's OBVIOUS ring experience as a kickboxer proved too much for Rodriguez when the bout was stopped by referee Marcos Rosalas at 1:33 of the 2nd round.

BOUT 3-Amateur: International Rules In bout 3, Gary Wheeler, 155, 1-0, 1 KO, Van Nuys, CA, USA, stopped Fairtex trained Amin Asul, 150, 1-0, 1 KO, San Francisco, CA, at 1:43 of the second round. Wheeler dominated the entire bout forcing Asul to take a standing 8 count in round 1 before putting him away in round 2.

BOUT 4-Amateur: Full Contact Rules Bout 4 featured 2 women fighters as Jessica Nobles, 128, 2-0, Citrus Heights, CA went the distance against Kathie Gude, 132, 0-0 of Van Nuys, CA, USA. The beginning of round 1 was fast and exciting but Gude became winded at the close of the round. Both fighters fought a very exciting 3rd round. Nobles won on a unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Although it was a unanimous decision loss for Gude, she was strong in the bout and we are SURE to see more for her in the future. Great bout ladies!!!

BOUT 5-Amateur U.S. Title:Story ABOVE

BOUT 6-Pro: Full Contact Rules IKF World Kickboxing Champion Juan Torres of South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA, made his return to the ring after 4 years out of Kickboxing. He has been doing Boxing and doing quite well, currently with a 9-3 record with 2 KO's. Torres, 143 lbs, 36-3-1 with 25 KO's as a Pro Kickboxer faced IKF U.S. Amateur Champion Mauricio Gonzalas, 142, 12-0 with 8 KO's of Los Angeles, CA, USA making his Pro debut. Gonzalez was also fighting in his first ever full contact rules bout which was a surprise to many. Although the first 2 rounds were rather quiet, Torres did attempt to put on an extensive clinic in body punching winning the first 2 rounds. At the beginning of the 3rd round though, Gonzalez threw a high kick to Torres' head that missed and Gonzalez appeared to pull something in his leg. After a brief time-out, he tried to continue but couldn't stand on the leg and referee Dan Stell was forced to stop the bout at :45 seconds of round 1.

BOUT 7-Pro: Muay Thai Rules: Bout 7 featured 2 Muay Thai Pro fighters. Cecil Hagins, 173 lbs, 3-2 with 2 KO's as a pro from Albq. New Mexico, USA vs Danny Bennett, 171 lbs 3-2 with 3 KO's as a pro from Renton, WA, USA. This fight wasn't very exciting until the final 2 rounds which saw Bennett take advantage. However, Bennett had a 1 point deduction by Referee Dan Stell in round 3 due to a low blow. Hagins went on to win a split decision 48-46, 48-46 and 46-48.

Event Results

    Shawn Yacoubian, Van Nuys, CA, USA, Peter Cunningham, defeated Tung Fairtex, San Francisco, CA, USA, Fairtex, by KO at 2:05 of round 1.

    Billy Beach, Citrus Heights, CA, USA, Nasser Niavaroni, defeated Victor Rodriguez, South Lake, Tahoe, CA, USA, Hector Torres, by KO at 1:33 of round 3.

    Gary Wheeler, Van Nuys, CA, USA, Peter Cunningham, defeated Amin Asul, San Francisco, CA, USA, Fairtex, by KO at 1:43 of round 2.

    Jessica Nobles, Citrus Heights, California, USA, Nasser Niavaroni, defeated Kathie Gude, Van Nuys, CA, USA, Peter Cunningham, by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 30-27.


    *Brett Spaid, Sacramento, CA, Nasser Niavaroni, defeated Tawn Saephan, Roseville, CA, USA, Dave Marinoble, by TKO at 1:12 of round 5.

    Juan Torres, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA, Self, defeated Mauricio Gonzalas, Van Nuys, CA, USA, Peter Cunningham, by TKO at :45 of round 3.

    Cecil Hagins, Albq. New Mexico, USA, Bill Packard, defeated Danny Bennett, Renton, WA, USA, Bert Forerer, by Split Decision, 48-46, 46-48 & 48-46.


    Eric Regan, Citrus Heights, CA, USA, Nasser Niavaroni, defeated Hector Torres, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA, Juan Torres, when Hector Torres' corner retired him on the break after the 7th round.


    *Dennis Alexio, Hawaii, USA, defeated Achille Roger, Dijon, France, Dacasta Didier & Pusol Sean Robest, by TKO at 1:10 of round 5.

MONDAY, April 27th, 1998, AT 3:30 PM

IKF's Doyle, Takes 2nd
In US Shidokan

IKF #1 ranked Light Middleweight Pro Muay Thai fighter Mick Doyle of Omaha Nebraska, USA, competed in Chicago this last weekend under the US Shidokan Organization. Doyle placed second in the lightweight division. Whats interesting is that it was two Thai Boxers in the final. Doyle competed against Wayne Gregory ( Gregory is the only American to compete in Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok, and was one of the founders of Fairtex in the U.S) It was a beautiful fight with a lot of classy Muay Thai technique, unfortunately Doyle had to retire after dislocating his patella after landing a low kick in the fifth round.

IKF's Doyle, Organizing USA Muay Thai Team

IKF Promoter Mick Doyle of Omaha Nebraska, USA is currently forming a USA Muay Thai team to compete in the Kings Cup World Muay Thai Championships in Thailand in August later this year. The Kings Cup is conducted under the direction of the World Muay Thai Council (WMTC) and is a five day event of the finest Muay Thai fighters from over 40 countries. Each country receives one invitation to field a team of 12 fighters, 2 coaches, 1 manager, and 1-2 referees and officials. Mr. Doyle is currently putting together the USA team for this event and would like the undercard of his July 10 IKF Kickboxing event in Council Bluffs, Iowa to be the trials for the team. The dates of the Kings Cup are August 16-23 1998 at the Crocidile Farm just outside of Bangkok. The U.S Amateur team currently receives no sponsorship so it will be up to the individual fighters to pay their airfare to Bangkok. Once they are there everything else will be taken care of. Interested coaches can mail Mr. Doyle a video tape of their fighters that they consider good enough to compete at an international level. Mr Doyle can be reached at the Emerald Mongoose Muay Thai Camp. 10801 Blondo Street. Ste c1. Omaha Nebraska, 68164.

SATURDAY, April 25th, 1998, AT 3:30 PM

IKF World Champion
Torres Wins in BOXING

IKF Light Welterweight World Champion Juan Torres scored a unanimous 6 round decision over Gabriel Ocampo last night at the Scottish Right Center in San Diego, Ca. USA. Torres is 10-3 and Ocampo is now 19-13. According to IKF Associate Doug Dickey, Ocampo is very strong and capable and against Torres he was overwelmed. Torres scored numerous shots to Ocampo's head and body. Doug Dickey IKF Associate

FRIDAY, April 24th, 1998, AT 8:AM

IKF Tijuana, Mexico

Auditorium of Tijuana - April 23rd, 1998 - Promoter: Johnny Zarate


From the very first bout, which saw a knockout 15 seconds into the first round to the last bout which was also a first round knockout, the IKF Mexico event was a KNOCKOUT EVENT! IKF Promoter Johnny Zarate was pleased with the turnout and has already made plans for the next IKF Mexico sometime in June. IKF Mexico Associate Doug Dickey reported a great success on the event which was held at the Auditorium of Tijuana in Tijuana Mexico.

IKF World Champion Ivan Silva pleased his hometown crowd in the main event of the night once again with a devistating first round knockout of his non title bout. However, the fight of the night was between Bakersfield CA, USA's John Washington and Baja, Mexico's Jose Guardado. The two went toe to toe for 5 rounds, both suffering cuts and in the end, Guardado edged Washington on a VERY CLOSE decision. The bout could of went either way and could have also been a draw, and like the talk after the last time these two met back in December of 97, the words "REMATCH" were heard around the arena after the bout. A full event report will be posted sometime next week.


Event Results

THURSDAY, April 16th, 1998, AT 3:45 PM

A special Note to EVERYONE on the...

ATTENTION IKF Trainers, Fighters, Promoters, Officials and FANS!
The IKF continues to grow with leaps and bounds EVERY DAY! Keep in mind that we will continue to grow with ALL our efforts towards the great sport of Kickboxing. We would also like to welcome those of you in our new division of IKF Submission Fighting. Lets keep up the great teamwork everyone! Remember, there is no "I" in TEAM and together, "WE" are a TEAM and we are "Makin Things Happen! Great job everyone! The IKF World Headquarters Office thanks you all for your work with THE TEAM!

MORE NEWS OF 4-16-98. . .

Podany Wins
PRO IKF Muay Thai Title!

Kurt Podany of Omaha, Nebraska, USA won the vacant IKF Pro United States Muay Thai title with a first round knockout over Abreham Namery of Brooklyn, New York, USA. The official stoppage came at 1:31 of round 1 by the referee after Namery had already been knocked down twice from blows.

IKF Orlando, Florida, USA

Lyman High School, Longwood - April 11th, 1998 - Promoter: Christopher Cordeiro

Event Results

    Joel Gonzalas, Orlando, Florida, USA, ,160, defeated James Hartley,145 lbs., by Submission by a rear choke.

    Ed Johnson, 150 lbs. Daytona Beach, Florida, USA and Russell Radford, 145 lbs. USA, fought to a draw.

    Roger Kessler, 174, defeated William Perez, 157 lbs. by Submission by a arm bar.

    Thomas Foster, 190, defeate Chris Rye, 185 lbs. by TKO in round 3.

    Steve Weeds, 185 lbs., Sebring, Florida, USA and Scott Williams, 173 lbs. , Pinsicola, Florida, USA, fought to a draw.

    Sam Davis 170, defeated Mark Toler, 165 lbs. by Decision.

    Michael Rambo, 190 lbs. , Orlando, Florida, USA defeated Joel Maher,165 lbs. by Submission key lock.

    Rick Mathis, Alturas, Florida, USA, 213 lbs. defeated Roy Miller, 208 lbs., by Decission.

    Steve Miller, Orlando, Florida, USA, 218 lbs, defeated Francis Copp,, 210 lbs, by TKO.

IKF Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Eagles Club - April 4th, 1998 - Promoter: Duke Roufus

MONDAY, April 6th, 1998, AT 3:00 AM


Promoter Jeff "DUKE" Roufus and his DYNAMIC Promotional TEAM promoted a FANTASTIC kickboxing event this last Saturday night April 4th at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. The event hosted nearly 2,000 spectators that saw 8 fantastic bouts. Of the 8, 2 bouts were Submission Fighting bouts and 2 more were for IKF PRO, United States Muay Thai Titles. Richard Kostuck of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA won the IKF Pro United States Light Welterweight Muay Thai Rules Title with knockout of Jack Whittaker of St. Louis Missouri at 1:05 of the second round. Kwame Stephens of Carbondale Illinois won the IKF Pro United States Light Cruiserweight Muay Thai Rules Title with a 5 round majority decision over Kevin McMullen of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 48-46, 46-46 & 48-47. For COMPLETE bout results, Click HERE and scroll down to IKF MILWAUKEE.

Roufus' next event will feature one of the most outstanding fighters in the World on May 30th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. IKF World Light Welterweight Muay Thai Rules Champion, Khunpol of Thailand, (Surapon Dechkampu, 62-2 with 25 KO's) now training at Roufus' Milwaukee Kickboxing Gym, will fight a non-title Muay Thai Rules bout against Peter Clajecvic from Yugoslavia now training in New York. Clajecvic is 21-6 with 14 KO's.

On September 12th, Jeff's brother and IKF World Champion, Rick "The Jet" Roufus will fight in Milwaukee for a different IKF World Title than the one he currently holds against an opponent yet to be announced as well.

Event Results

    Pedro Linale,156, Omaha, Nebraska, USA (1-0/0) defeated Mike Dean,Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, (0-1, 157 ) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Henery Matamoros,Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (10-2/3, 170) defeated John Renken, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (9-6-2/9, 189) Submission by a Leg Lock around neck at 8 minutes & 30 seconds of bout

    Tony Barton Omaha, Nebraska, USA, (5-0/1, 171) defeated Derek Yuen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (0-2, 171) by split decision, 28-29, 29-28, 30-27.

    Brad Fowler, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (2-0/0, 194) defeated Rick Noyes Brooklyn, Minnesota, USA (2-5/0, 195) by majority decision, 29-29, 29-28, 29-28.

  5. IKF PRO Muay Thai Rules
    United States Light Welterweight Title (Vacant Title)

    Richard Kostuck Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (15-3/5, 142) defeated Jack Whittaker, O'follen, Illinois, USA (23-5/12,142) by KO at 1:02 of round 2.

    Paul Svehlek, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (11-0/9, 137) defeated Tony Mason O'follen, Illinois, USA (1-2/0, 132) by KO with a knee to Mason's head at 1:05 of round 1.

    -*Referee Decision:Adrian Serrano, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (16-3-1/12, 179) defeated David Menne Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (12-4/9, 178 ) By Referee Decision.
    After 1, 10 minute round and 1, 2 minute overtime, Referee Kurt Podany awarded Serrano the win for overal domination in the overtime round.

  8. IKF PRO Muay Thai Rules
    United States Light Cruiserweight Title (Vacant Title)

    Kwame Stephens, Carbondale, Illinois, USA (21-2/19, 182) defeated Kevin McMullen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (10-1/9, 184) By Majority decision, 48-46, 46-46, 48-47.

IKF & PKC Bringing East & West USA Together

1998 In January of 1994, the IKF and the PKC triple sanctioned an event with the WKA on an event in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. The event was a success and friendships were formed. Although PKC President Glenn Keeney and IKF President Steve Fossum have been busy since than, they remembered each other very well. Recently, the two were brought together again through a mutual friend, Promoter and Martial Artist, Mike Carlson of Martinez Georgia. Mr. Carlson and Mr. Fossum found each other while searching kickboxing sites on the Internet and have been building a friendship for some time. Since that first meeting back in 1994, the IKF has grown tremendously World Wide. To help build the amateur ranks of kickboxing Nationwide, the IKF and the PKC have reunited again to connect the East and West of the United States. It will all begin this Saturday, May 2nd at the Bell Auditorium in Augusta, Georgia.

The event is the 1998 PKC U.S. Amateur Kickboxing Championships. From the event, the IKF will sanction all the winners as IKF East Coast Champions. In the year to follow, the IKF and the PKC will organize events putting these fighters who will mainly be of the PKC East team against the IKF West team, which consists mainly of IKF US Champions from the Western United States. This action was done in hopes to unify all the various United States Kickboxing titles available today from so many organizations. This way, legit U.S. Champions can be crowned that are from all over the entire United States. This move by the IKF and the recent co-sanction with the ISKA will only do more to bring Kickboxing Champions together and to unify the titles under the top organizationsAll the bouts will be Full Contact Rules bouts. (Above the waist) Results Of the IKF & PKC East Coast - USA Championships All bouts on this PKC & IKF co-sanctioned Event were under the Full Contact Rules. (Above the waist) Here are the event results.

  1. IKF East Coast & PKC US Bantomweight Title
    Dave McBride, Ohio defeated Matt Holmes, Alabama by Unanimous Decision.

  2. IKF East Coast & PKC US Featherweight Title
    Mike Adams, Georgia defeated Jerry Grove, Indiana by Knockout 57 seconds into round 2.

  3. IKF East Coast & PKC US Lightweight Title
    J. R. Barnard, Georgia, defeated Rich Drake, Indiana by Majority Decision.

  4. IKF East Coast & PKC US Light Welterweight Title
    Troy Widener, Georgia defeated Jason Snook, Ohio by Majority decision.

  5. IKF East Coast & PKC US Welterweight Title
    Undra Eggleson, Indiana defeated Carlos Dequesada, Alabama by Split Decision.

  6. IKF East Coast & PKC US Light Middleweight Title
    Paul Pearman, Georgia defeated Lane Andrews, Indiana by Unanimous Decision.

  7. IKF East Coast & PKC US Middleweight Title
    Yves Samake, Georgia defeated Luis Rodriguez, Georgia by unanimous Decision.

  8. IKF East Coast & PKC US Lt Heavyweight Title
    Mark Brennan, South Carolina defeated Wes Albritton, Alabama by Split Decision.

  9. IKF East Coast & PKC US Cruiserweight Title
    Zack Day, Georgia, defeated Mark Feaks, Ohio by Split Decision.

  10. IKF East Coast & PKC US Heavyweight Title
    Rusty Perry, Georgia defeated Joe Favre, Indiana by Unanimous Decision.

  11. IKF East Coast & PKC US Super Heavyweight Title
    Matt White, Alabama defeated Ben Hillman, Georgia by Knockout at :35 seconds into round 1.

  12. IKF East Coast & PKC US WOMAN'S Lightweight Title
    Mandy Mutigli, Ohio, defeated Leia Patton, Indiana by default (Walkover).

  13. IKF East Coast & PKC US WOMAN'S Middleweight Title
    Rebecca Preacher, South Carolina, defeated Aimee Hiler-Drake, Indiana by Unanimous Decision.

For more event information you can contact Mike or Elizabeth Carlson at (716) 855-5269.

IKF Bakersfield, California, USA

Strongbow Stadium - March 14th, 1998 - Promoter: Abe Belardo

7 BOUTS, 7 KO'S!!!

IKF Promoter Abe Belardo's IKF Bakersfield, CA, USA event hosted a packed house Saturday night, March 14th at the famous Strongbow Stadium. Of the 7 scheduled bouts, all 7 ended in knockouts or TKO's. A new IKF International Rules Amateur Heavyweight Champion was crowned when Manual Quezada knocked Jason Williamson to the mat 3 times in the first round with strong hand combinations. Going by the 3 knockdown rule backed by the California State Athletic Commission, Williamson was out at the 3rd knockdown and Quezada won the vacant IKF Amateur Heavyweight Title.

Event Results


MONDAY, February 23rd, 1998, 2:00 PM


After a long lay-off which included running a martial arts school and getting married, we hear it's "HAMMERTIME" once again! One of the most exciting fighters the IKF has ever seen, Toney "The Hammer" Hannon has decided to step into the ring again. According to IKF President Steve Fossum, Hannon will also retain his once vacated IKF North American International Rules Title. Hannon's trainer Eric Nolan of Bakersfield CA, USA was the trainer of well known female kickboxing champion Kathy Long and many other kickboxing champions. Hannon will start off his comeback as an amateur and then break his way into the Pro ranks. Hannon is tentatively scheduled to make his comeback debut on Abe Belardo's March 14th IKFchampionship kickboxing event at the famous Strongbow Stadium in Bakersfield, CA, USA. Watch for details coming soon.

SATURDAY, February 14th, 1998, 4:00 PM


IKF Associate Doug Dickey and several IKF Champions have just opened their state of the art martial arts center in San Diego, CA, USA. The club name is ARENA MARTIAL ARTS and is located at 3350 Sports arena Blvd. #H-2 in San Diego, CA 92110. The clubs phone number is (619)222-2225. A beeper number is also available at (619)529-0134 . You can reach Mr. Doug Dickey by e-mail at arubio@pacbell.net Click Here to link up.

The 10,000 square foot gym is equipped with regulation sized boxing ring, banana and punching bags, weights, jacuzzi, sauna, showers and lockers. Featuring instruction in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Shootfighting, Boxing and Kenpo Karate. Competition classes featuring such kickboxing and boxing champions as former WBA World Champion Jesus Salud, IKF World Welterweight Champion Ivan Silva, IKF Light Heavyweight Champion Heath "Cowboy" Harris, former IKF Champion Dominic Sivalon, IKF California Champion Isaac Molina and IKF pro fighters Miguel Reyes and Douglas Dickey.

The head Muay Thai and Kickboxing Trainer is Douglas Dickey. Assisting Doug is Trainer Cowboy Harris. The head Boxing Coach is Victor Zamora. The head Kenpo Karate Instructor is Sifu Richard Scott.The gym hours are Monday through Friday, 4:00PM to 8:30 PM.

FRIDAY, February 13th, 1998, 3:00 PM


Sets the Record STRAIGHT About Kickboxings Past!!!

Canadian Muay Thai Expert Mike Miles of Calgary, Alberta Canada takes some time to set the record straight about kickboxings past history. We here at the IKF respected the news article so much, we think it's worth a peek by everyone. It's a long article but well worth it.Click Here to visit Mike's site and read it all.