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TUESDAY, December 28th, 1999, AT 3:30 PM/PT

No Question In
Mua's Ability At
IKF Fresno, CA, USA

To begin with, this was not your typical event featuring 10 fights done on a Friday or Saturday night. This event was a SPECIAL Attraction at the 1999 Fresno CA, Hmong New Year Celebration Event featured at 1PM on a Wednesday afternoon. From the sound of it, you would think that first time IKF Promoters Billy Mua and John Cho of Fresno CA, USA would have problems getting a crowd. However, when the event started, a quick look around the room saw approximately 1,500 plus in attendance and it was suddenly SHOWTIME!

The event, Y2Kickboxing had one bout they wanted to feature and 1 hometown fighter, IKF U.S. Amateur Champion Yia "The Bull" Mua (9-1/4, Fresno, CA, USA). There were questions by some about Mua's ability having just lost in his last performance in San Jose CA, USA. Today he was matched up against Fairtex MuayThai fighter Rakarma Young (2-1/2, San Francisco, CA, USA). Since the bout was booked by both trainers as a special 4 round MuayThai Rules feature bout, Young's trainer Alex Gong asked if Mua could put up his IKF title for the bout. However, gong was informed that Mua's IKF title was inInternational / Leg Kick Rules, not MuayThai Rules. However even if he held a MuayThai title, the IKF would have declined to sanction any title for the bout since Young only had 2 amateur fights.

Regardless of Mua's performance in San Jose on his last bout, this day, the ring belonged to Mua and ALL Questions about his strength, stamina, power and other abilities were clearly put to rest. Mua controlled the bout from the start and only faltered slightly in round 2 which he lost on all the judges score cards. Mua brought the crowd to their feet in round 1 when he dropped Young with a strong left hook to Young's temple. As Young stood back up, IKF Referee Dan Stell continued the 8 count and the round finished with Mua easily winning on all 3 judges cards 10-8.

Although Young got the judges nod in round 2, it was won with a price as he suffered a cut over his left eye from a right hand of Mua. Round 3 was well paced and close, but all scored it for Mua. In the final round, Mua put on a show and turned up the heat when eventually, Referee Dan Stell had to step in and give Young an 8 count after Mua landed several unanswered punches to Young's head. In the end there was no question who the winner was on this day as Mua won on all 3 judges cards 39-35 bringing the crowd to their feet and many jumping into the ring to congratulate Mua on a great win. Young did well and with a little more experience, we're sure to see him in the winners circle a lot more. This guy has some great potential.

There were only 2 other real bouts on the days schedule. In the first real bout of the day, a WILD and out of controlled Walt Gonzales (0-1) of Fresno, CA, USA found out what kickboxing is all about in his first match ever against Mak Bun (1-0) of Modesto, CA, USA who was also making his fighting debut with Gonzales in their International / Leg Kick Rules bout. Acting like a caged animal, Gonzales came out of his corner at the opening bell with a jumping side kick to Bun which missed and followed with a barrage of wild punches. He even slipped in several illegal knee strikes as well in their International Rules bout. (No knees allowed) Referee Dan Stell was forced to warn Gonzales several times about the knees and his animated actions and fighting style. Gonzales continued to taunt Bun with facial gestures until he ran out of gas in the first round. Although animated, Gonzales learned that COMPOSURE is a much better tactic in the ring. One that Bun used through it all and eventually won by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

In the second real bout, Narayan Stitt (2-0/0, Seaside, CA, USA) won a unanimous decision over Danny Daniel (0-1, Modesto, CA, USA) in their International / Leg Kick Rules Bout.

The event also featured 5 exciting exhibition bouts of which the Women won over the crowd with their skills. Carina Moreno (109 lbs, 4-1/0) of Seaside, CA, USA took on Monica Mendoza(119 lbs, 0-1/0) of Fresno, CA, USA for 3 rounds exciting the crowd in ever round. The promoters were trying to book a real match for Moreno but no California fighter wanted to take the bout which could have been for an IKF State Title.

The other exhibitions featured Eddie Resendes vs Mao Noth, Pete Lopez vs Jeff Soukop, Kong vs Joy. The crowd was treated to a special Exhibition performance when Pro MuayThai fighters Boonkerd and Enn Fairtex faced off against each other to show some exciting MuayThai techniques to the crowd. Together they have won over 300 bouts in Thailand along with numerous titles before coming to the Fairtex CA Camp in San Francisco. For more info on this event you can contact Mr. John Cho at (559) 225-9796 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

TUESDAY, December 28th, 1999, AT 3:30 PM/PST

Mua and Cho
Ready For
IKF Fresno, CA USA

First time IKF Promoters Billy Mua and John Cho of Fresno CA, USA are all set to host a special afternoon event at the Fresno Fairgrounds tomorrow (Wednesday, December 29th) at 1:00 PM in Fresno, CA, USA. The event will feature IKF Amateur Champion Yia Mau of Fresno as the main event in a non title bout against Rakarma of Fairtex San Francisco.

Other MuayThai Bouts Feature,Walt Gonzales vs Maken Cheng, Tony Estrada vs Carlos Moreno, Mao Noth vs Joel Colerac, Vahe Ovsepyan vs Francisco Trulio and Naryan Sitt vs Danny Daniel. IKF veteran referees Dan Stell and Jon Schorle will both attend the event as officials. For more info you can contact Mr. John Cho at (559) 225-9796 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 12-28-99. . .

IKF Champ Zack Day
Featured In Toughman On FX!

Zack "Attack" Day, who has won U.S. Amateur Kickboxing titles in 2 different sanctioning bodies at 3 different weight classes, has advanced to the "Sweet 16" finals of the Toughman Light Heavyweight World Championship Tournament, which airs on FX. His qualifying bouts are scheduled to air on January 21, 2022 with the finals to be held on February 11, 2022 at Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Day, who only 4 years ago was told by doctors to "forget competition", has won the following amateur kickboxing titles since this bit of "suspect advice": PKC (Professional Karate Commission) GA State Light Heavyweight Champion; PKC U.S. Cruiserweight Champion 1997-1998; IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) Middleweight East Coast U.S. Champion 1998, IKF National Tournament Champion at Middleweight 1999.

"One thing I have learned about Zack", says trainer/attorney/manager Mike Carlson, "is to never underestimate him." Day has also won submission wrestling tournaments and would like to fight NHB in the future. Day works as a mortgage banker and also teaches kickboxing and jujitsu at Carlson's Augusta Martial Arts Academy in Augusta/Martinez, Georgia, USA.

FRIDAY, December 25th, 1999, AT 12:10 PM/PT

Lleveland, Texas, USA Results.

Walt Mason: IKF Texas USA: On December 11, 2022 the IKF and TACKA (Texas Amateur Contact Kickboxing Association) co-sanctioned an event under the direction of Walt Mason and Phil Wileman, with great support and effort from Sharkey Lecroy. The event was held at the Boys Club in Lleveland, Texas, USA.

With nine bouts of exciting kickboxing a crowd of approximately 400 people, came to enjoy the efforts of these fine athletes. A very responsive crowd, gave a resounding cheer with every technique thrown by each fighter. The fighters and coaches came from, Texas and New Mexico to take part in this event with a great anticipation for future events. Plans for another event already slated for 2000. Here are the event Results;

EMIL ALCOZAR defeated JAMES MALLETT: (Type of decision unknown)

JOSE RUBALANCA defeated JASON NAVARO: (Type of decision unknown)

JESUS SHENZ defeated JOHNATHAN BENNETT: (Type of decision unknown)

TOMMY ALCOZAR defeated BOBBY MENDEZ: (Type of decision unknown)

CORY MANNING defeated JOE MENALDI: (Type of decision unknown)

DUSTIN MOUSER defeated VINCE SOLIS: (Type of decision unknown)

MARCUS HALLUM defeated KELLEN McKELVEIEY: (Type of decision unknown)

RAUL ROMERO defeated JOHNNY FLORES: (Type of decision unknown)

MATEO ROMERO defeated RANDY ALCOZAR: (Type of decision unknown)

For more info, contact Mr. Walt Mason at (972) 239-5053 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

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WEDNESDAY, December 22nd, 1999, AT 11:20 AM/PT

Retires MT Title To Move Down In Weight

IKF Pro United States MuayThai Light Cruiserweight Champion Kwame Stephens of Chicago, Illinois, USA (AM: 10-1/6 PRO: 22-4/19) has made the decision to retire his Title to move down into the Super Middleweight Class. Stephens hopes to eventually challenge for a title in the Super Middleweight Division if he can develope a winning streak. Stephens won his title against Kevin McMullen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA when Stephens defeated McMullen in a 5 round majority decision 48-46, 46-46 & 48-47. Since then, he has won one bout, lost 3 and ended one bout in a draw.

Stephens took a shot at the vacant IKF World Cruiserweight MuayThai title quickly afterwards when he faced Kurt Podany (13-0 with 10 KO's) in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. The bout was suppose to feature top action from both champions but it appeared as if Podany was the only fighter going on the offensive the entire night. A failure to commit offensively saw Stephens behind on all 3 judges cards after 3 rounds. During the action of round 4, Stephens hurt his foot during the action which eventually brought referee Fred Fitzgerald to stop the bout at the 1:41 mark of the 4th round. Stephens was virtually inactive the entire fight, consistently waiting to counter Podany. However Podany's speed and technique made Stephens desires completely ineffective.

In his second bout since winning his U.S. Title, he faced IKF # 1 Ranked Light Heavyweight Maurice Travis of Los Angeles, CA, USA (32-5-1 with 22 knockouts) knocked Stephens out in the first round on a bout held in California, USA. On Stephens next bout, he lost in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

In October he fought his third bout since his title win against Jeff Robinson at the Beaumont club in Kansas City, MO and lost. However, the IKF is still awaiting a video of this bout because it is currently being protested. It could very likely be overturned.

In November, he fought his fourth bout since his title win against Andrew McCallister in Decatur, in which Stephens stopped McCallister in the first round with a knee.

A week later he fought Bill Rassiter to a DRAW on November 12th in Belleville.

Stephens is 16 pounds lighter now than when he won his IKF Title. The move down in weight should make him a stronger fighter so we should see a difference in technique and hopefully for Stephens future, a difference in outcomes as well. He stressed that his decision to retire the title was also to make the title available for someone else to have the same opportunity to fight for it as he did. "There's no reason for me to hold on to it just to say that I'm a champion. I'm a champion in heart and that is all that counts to me." said Stephens. Good Luck at the lighter weight Kwame, were sure to see you in the ring again soon.

TUESDAY, December 21st, 1999, AT 10:10 PM/PST

"The Terminator"

Still Winning...

IKF Full Contact Rules Heavyweight World Champion Dennis Alexio won another bout by KO this last Saturday night. Alexio knocked out Gordan Minors of the United Kingdom at the 20 second mark of the 5th round in a non title bout in Honolulu, Hawaii. This makes Alexio's record 70-2 with 65 KO's.

MORE NEWS OF 12-21-99. . .

IKF AM MuayThai Champions
Downey & Johnson Turning PRO!

1999 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur MuayThai Champions James Downey and Jason Johnson are turning PRO in 2000. James Downey Sit-Kongnapa (154 lbs.) is making his Pro debut January 6, 2022 at the famous Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok on Phetnoi Promotions vs a Thai opponent. He's the first American fighter to appear at Rajadamnern. Johnson (210) will make his debut February 26th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Promoter Scott Joffe is still looking for a Midwest opponent for him. Heavyweights interested, please contact Scott Joffe milwkick@geocities.com or (414) 305-3474.

SUNDAY, December 19th, 1999, AT 11:30 PM/PST

Marinoble Wins Title By TKO At
Win-River Casino
Redding, CA, USA

Win-River Casino

For all those people who ever questioned the power capability of Pro Full Contact Rules fighter, Dave Marinoble of Roseville, California USA (14-0-2/6), dig a hole and bury those questions...... DEEP!

Marinoble put a "KNOCKOUT" end to a SELLOUT Night at Win-River Casino (www.win-river.com ) in Redding, CA, USA!

The event was co-promoted by Dan Verdugo Martial Arts and Win-River Casino. Marinoble moved up to Super Middleweight to fight for the vacant IKF Pro Super Middleweight Full Contact Rules Title against veteran fighter Thomas Downing of Windsor, Ontario, Canada (25-14-2/10). Both fighters came out relaxed and composed in the opening round but it was Marinoble who was more busy, throwing over 20 kicks to Downing's 9.
In round 2, both seemed to try to press the other but it was Marinoble again who pressed the action most of the round as he scored with hand and feet combinations throwing 17 kicks to Downing's 8 to his body and head. In the middle of round 2 as Marinoble went to kick, Downing stepped in and Marinoble's shin hit Downing in the ribs dropping him to 1 knee for an 8 count. Only seconds later as Marinoble went to kick again, Downing caught him with a punch as he was off balance, knocking Marinoble back. Marinoble used his hand to stop his fall but since his glove touched the ring canvas, it was still counted as a knockdown by IKF Referee, Jon Schorle. As round 2 ended, 2 judges had the score even at 18 while the third had Marinoble up 19-18.

As round 3 started, Marinoble wasted little time in turning up the heat on Downing, landing more punches than kicks this time in several attack combinations. Finally, at 1:04 of the third round, Downing was backed up on the ropes taking several unanswered punches from Marinoble when Referee Jon Schorle stepped in to stop the bout. Marinoble was crowned the New Pro IKF North American Super Middleweight Full Contact Rules Champion improving to 14 wins and NO LOSES and 6 KO's while Downing dropped to 25-14-2/10.

Marinoble's victory brings up a big question now as to what direction will he take in his fighting career. The biggest question on the minds of most though is who will he face next? Will a promoter match him up again against local rival Eric Regan (Pro IKF North American Middleweight Champion) also of Roseville, CA, USA? Chances of this are low. A couple years back, the two were once matched up, but while preparing for the bout, Marinoble suffered a broken rib in sparring putting an end to the bout. Looking at the possibility of such a match today seems slim as well, since Regan has turned to boxing over the last year for bigger paydays. Regan's trainer / manager (Niavaroni) says it will take a purse of $10,000 to get Regan to kickbox again unless he loses a bout as a boxer. So as much as we would all like to see this bout, chances are, it may never happen. Not picking a winner, but if there were ever a time that Marinoble were ready to beat Regan, that time is now. We say this now because there were some doubts before from some about Marinoble's power and composure in the ring. Regan's calm composure, reach and power always held the upper hand on paper in such a match up in the past.

But those doubts and advantages were "ALL" erased this last weekend for Marinoble against Downing. Marinoble's a much more mature and composed fighter, picking his shots more carefully than in the past when he earned a nickname of "The Madman". His quickness and power have never been better, blasting away on Downing's body over and over again.

Since a bout against Regan is unlikely due to Regan's managers purse demands, another direction could be to shoot for the top against IKF Pro Middleweight Full Contact Rules WORLD Champion, Tommy Kimber of Salem, Mass., USA. Who will promote the bout would be the next question though. Money won't be an issue with Kimber if it's a "Title Challenge" since Kimber will be required to accept the minimum purse fee for a Challenge. However, Kimber could make a lot more if he has his own promoter promote the bout.

However, there's also a third direction Marinoble may take. Something that could put a stop to Marinoble's fighting career. His family and his future. Entering Friday's bout, Marinoble was told that his father had only about 5 days to live after fighting a long and hard battle with Cancer. Such a loss can make one think about their needs and desires a little differently. Priorities become a bit different and family more important. With a beautiful wife (Liz) and 2 little girls (Adriana & Christina), fighting is clearly not the only thing on Marinoble's mind as he looks ahead to his future. He also owns 2 martial arts schools and is preparing to open a third. With all this in his life, he may turn in his gloves to focus on life after the ring. He may still choose to conquer that next level of World Champion, but it will still need a promoter willing to host the bout to make it happen. It's a fans dream bout for Full Contact Rules and if there were ever an excellent Full Contact Rules bout for TV, THIS would be it! Whatever choice Mr. Marinoble makes, we here at the IKF support him 100%. He has proved to many that he is a TRUE Kickboxing Champion, In and Out of the ring.

The Semi Main Event of the night was probably the best bout of the night even though there was a question of controversy in the final decision. IKF Amateur California Super Middleweight Full Contact Rules Champion, Jericho Lane escaped defeat in a 4 round, "Split Decision DRAW" with Challenger Shon Moore. One judge saw the bout 40-36 for Moore, another scored it 39-38 to Lane while the third judge scored it 38-38 even. Lane himself felt he had lost while still in the ring, as he said, "Let me put the belt on him (Moore)" before the decision was announced.

On the kick count, Moore out kicked Lane 75 to 26 over the 4 rounds. However, those who have seen Lane fight before know he's not a very active kicker. A key point in question here is "How many of Moore's kicks "SCORED" compared to how many of his kicks were "BLOCKED" by Lane? This will be the main focus of a bout video review by the IKF planned for later this week.

In round 1, Moore out kicked Lane 23 to 8. Two of the 3 judges gave the round to Lane. In round 2, Moore again out kicked Lane 20 to 6 and again, 2 of the 3 judges gave the round to Lane. In round 3, Moore out kicking Lane 14 to 6. One judge gave the round to Lane while the other two gave it to Moore. In the final round, Moore was clearly the aggressor, not only out kicking Lane, 18 to 6 but also scoring on numerous hand combinations. All 3 judges gave round 4 to Moore.

In the end the scores were announced as follows;

Judge Gene Fields of Modesto, California scored it 39-38 Lane.

Judge Mike Dougherty of Loomis, California scored it 40-36 Moore.

Judge Johnny Davis of San Jose, California scored it 38-38 Even.

The result, a split decision draw which didn't go over well with the crowd. There were NO HOMETOWN judges so don't think "FIX" Moore fans as some questioned at the event.
This was simply the Opinion of "3" Impartial Judges watching a great fight!

In the bout, it was clear that Lane was frustrated by Moore's attack, showing much better skill in this bout than in their previous bout. Although a re-match would be an option of a solution, Lane announced after the bout that he was retiring. Regardless of his final decision, Lane has provided many exciting moments as a fighter throughout the years along with Moore, for this wasn't the first time these two met, it was the second. What a Great rivalry this has been over the years between these two! Here are the results of the rest of the event;

    Tony Sanza (2-3/0, 163, Vacaville, CA, USA) defeated Khari Woods (0-1, 170, Susanville, CA, USA) by split decision, 29-28, 30-29, 30-27.
    These two were matched to fight the day of the event when Sanza's opponent Joel Cleric of Fairtex, San Francisco failed to show at the weigh-ins without any cancelation call.San Tong who was Woods' original opponent from Marysville didn't come to the event either but his absence was due to a mix-up between Tong's trainer and the event matchmaker.

    David Velasquez (2-1/0, 154, Marysville, CA, USA) defeated Thor Ring (3-5/1, 150, Vacaville, CA, USA) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

    Christi Neal (1-0/0, 171, Marysville, CA, USA) defeated Angela Kopp (0-1/0, 176, Susanville, CA, USA) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

    Mike Marinoble (4-0/2, 200, Roseville, CA, USA) defeated Pete Garcia (4-5/3, 194, Redding, CA, USA) by Split decision, 28-29, 29-27, 29-25.
    Our thanks to Pete Garcia for filling in only hours before this bout. By the end of weigh-ins, Marinoble's planned opponent, Paul Bunyon of Bakersfield CA, USA failed to show up. Bunyon had been booked for the bout for weeks and even confirmed directions to the event the night before, however he didn't show up all day or night. A call to his house was never returned either.
    Dave Holeman (5-2/2, 145, Vacaville, CA, USA) defeated Tawn Saephan (3-5/0, 150. Roseville, CA, USA) by unanimous decision, 30-28, 30-27, 29-28.

This was a great event and our hats go off to Co-Promoters Win-River Casino and Dan Verdugo for their GREAT HOSPITALITY! It was a TRUE Sellout and the first time kickboxing has been at Win-River Casino for over 2 years.

The event also saw the return of Emily Prince, the First Ever Official IKF Ringcard/Calendar Girl. Emily first worked for the IKF back in 1992 and was a part of nearly every IKF event for several years before moving and starting her own company where she is the owner and designer of her own custom Swimwear. The company, Barely There Skinwear can be found by clicking this link: www.barelythereskinwear.com. She was a special guest at the event as the event Ring Card Girl. GREAT to see you again Emily, your as lovely as ever!

Win-River Casino announced they would like to promote as many as 3 events in 2000 featuring both pro and amateur fighters. We look forward to working with Win-River Casino's Gary Hayward (General Manager) and Bobby Foreman (Event Coordinator & Marketing Manager) and Mr. Verdugo in the future. For more info, contact Mr. Dan Verdugo at (530) 241-8175 or by e-mail by clicking HERE or Mr. Bobby Foreman at (530) 243-3377 or by e-mail by clicking HERE

MORE NEWS OF 12-19-99. . .

With :15 Second Win Over Arnall

At IKF Wisconsin, USA!

Proves To ALL That he is TRULY READY For a World Title Shot!

Muaythai Kickboxing, The Rave - Milwaukee, WI, USA by George Buse: Milwaukee Phetnoi Muaythai Gym's Richard Kostuck (IKF Intercontinental Jr. Welterweight MuayThai Rules Champion) is a school teacher by trade, and Saturday night, December 18, 1999, he gave Springfield, Missouri's Alex Arnall (IKF #5 Contender) a serious lesson in Muaythai.

Kostuck put the "K" in KO as he followed a beautiful high kick with a blazing punch to Arnall's head. Arnall crumbled to the canvas just five seconds into the first round. Motionless on the canvas, Arnall was counted out by Referee Al Wichgers at the 0:15 mark. Fortunately, Arnall received prompt medical attention and, after sufficiently passing a neurological exam, was able to walk under his own volition. Although the Kostuck-Arnall main event was the shortest pro fight of the year, the nine bout undercard was abundant with in-your-face amateur action. The results from the undercard can be seen below. The next Milwaukee event will be held at the spacious, uptown Milwaukee County Sports Complex on February 26, 2000. Stay tuned for more details on this and other fight cards in 2000. Happy New Year and thank you for your support--the new millennium will thrive with Milwaukee forging its way into the international Muaythai spotlight!

Undercard Results

  1. IKF Light Heavyweight Division - 178
    James Melton (Minnesota Kali Gym) defeated Joey Strongquill (Winnipeg Sik-Tai) Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Melton began with a hard low kick attack. Strongquill returned his own low kicks and exchanged punches with the Minnesota strongman. Both fighters clinched and threw knees at will. The first round concluded with solid punch exchanges by both. Round 2 was dominated by Melton's hard low kick and aggressiveness; Strongquill answered with a teep and leg kick attack of his own as the round ended. Firing right hands and uppercuts, Strongquill came out like gangbusters at the outset of Round 3. Melton unloaded a number of punches of his own. Both fighters clinched for most of the remainder of the fight.

  2. IKF Middleweight Division - 165
    Ciaran Daly (Minnesota Kali Gym) defeated Ketla "All Action" Jackson ( Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) Daly commenced the fight with a hard low kick attack. Jackson stayed composed and blocked most of Daly's leg kicks. Jackson neutralized Daly with hard punches. Both fighters clinched for the remainder of Round 1. Round 2 started where Round 1 left off--in the clinch. Daly gained the upperhand in Rounds 2 and 3 with knees and punches. Jackson proved to be a true lionheart throughout Round 3 with his punch onslaught against the game Daly.

  3. IKF Light Middleweight Division - 156
    Jason "Friday the 13th" Strout (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) defeated Aaron Anderson (Winnipeg Sik-Tai) Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). Strout pressed the action with a solid, well-paced tempo. Anderson exhibited a smart defense by keeping his hands high while trying to evade Strout's relentless punch combos and kicks. Anderson scored with some knees while in the clinch. Drilling multiple middle and low kicks, Strout was on fire in Round 2. Anderson buckled Strout's leg with a hard low kick, but Strout came back with swift punch combos and kicks in Round 3.

  4. IKF Welterweight Division - 147
    Raihan Alam
    (Minnesota Kali Gym) defeated Hutan Ghojallu (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28). Ghojallu came out with his trademark hard low kicks, followed by good punch combos. Alam hung tough and kept moving well; he then moved in and exchanged scoring knees with Ghojallu. Both fighters were strong-willed. Round 2 proved to be a truly see-saw battle. Ghojallu fired a penetrating middle kick while Alam would work inside and land knees. Ghojallu stunned Alam with well-timed left-right punch combination. Alam fired back combinations of his own. Round 3 was action-packed with Ghojallu peppering more right middle kicks; both fighters got into a punch war to the delight of the packed audience. Ghojallu hung tough and sent Alam to the canvas with several well-executed leg sweeps.

  5. IKF Welterweight Division - 147
    "Smoking" Joe Zychowka
    (Winnipeg Sik-Tai) defeated Fred Davis (Minnesota GietPhongKay) Kick KO - 1:40 Round 3. This was another see-saw battle. Davis sent Zychowka to the canvas with leg sweeps. Neither fighter could seem to capitalize; both were composed throughout Round 1. Round 2 saw both fighters slowing the pace of the fight. Zychowka worked solid leg kicks followed by punches. Referee Wichgers gave Davis the standing eight count at the bell of Round 2. The Canadian kept working against the ripped Davis; the end came when Zychowka landed a hard kick that KO'd the formidable Davis.

  6. IKF Lightweight Division - 132
    "G.I." Joe Tarman
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) defeated Monti Johnson (Minneapolis Rico's Gym) TKO - 0:32 Round 1. Tarman overwhelmed Johnson with a brutal knee and kick attack. After getting knocked down, Johnson expressed that he did not want to continue.

  7. IKF Light Welterweight Division - 139
    Nick "The Kick" Hare
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) defeated Rick Klein (Minnesota GietPhongKay) TKO - 1:32 Round 2. Hare exhibited a good arsenal of kicks. Klein lost a point after landing a number of groin shots throughout the first two rounds. Hare picked up the tempo. At some point in Round 2 Klein either clashed knees with Hare or caught Hare's hip with his knee; Klein's leg went limp and he was unable to continue.

  8. IKF Light Heavyweight Division - 178
    "Battling" Ben Dauck
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) defeated Brian Rood (Minnesota GietPhongKay) by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). This fight was a veritable war! Both fighters set a swift pace in Round 1. The undefeated Dauck exhibited good kick and punch combinations, and managed to muscle Rood to the canvas. Round 2 saw Rood getting a wide cut under his left eye. Fight physician David Niemann, MD was called in to look at the eye. The fight continued with both fighters working hard -- they threw kick after kick, punch after punch as the crowd roared to its feet.

  9. IKF Light Heavyweight Division - 178
    Derek "T.N.T." Yuen
    (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) defeated Larry "Razor" Sharpe (Winnipeg Sik-Tai) Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46). Like the preceding match, this was another great battle. Yuen pressed the action in Round 1 with his middle kick, while Sharpe maintained a solid defense. Sharpe would fire back throughout the five round war, but Yuen energized the audience with his relentless kick attack. As Round 5 wound down, Yuen had Sharpe dazed with a barrage of right hands. Great action and heart exhibited by both...

What a great way to end the year!

For more information, please call Milwaukee Phetnoi Muaythai Gym at (4514) 319-1151, Scott Joffe at (414) 967-7767 or e-mail at adcetera@mixcom.com or visit www.milwkick.com.

MORE NEWS OF 12-19-99. . .

Promoter Rashawans
Has Problems With
IKF Indiana, USA Promotion...

With less than 100 people in the crowd, first time IKF Promoter JoJo Rashawans found out how hard promoting can be. Rashawans event last Saturday night in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA featured 1 IKF Title bout and 4 undercard bouts.

IKF Pro fighter John Washington of Bakersfield, California, USA asked to pull out of the scheduled event last Thursday when he came down with the flue. However, after speaking with his trainer and IKF President Steve Fossum Thursday night, he choose to keep his agreement, despite being very weak from the flu. "His reasons were to help the promoter and to SAVE the Promoters event." Said Fossum. "It was a very honorable thing for him to do under the circumstances. He truly was very sick." If Washington would have pulled out, the promoter could have lost a lot of money since the title bout was the main focus of the event.

However, with less than 100 people in the crowd, it seems, looking back now, that maybe a rescheduling of the event would have been the best thing to do. Due to the special circumstances of Washington trying to help the show, the IKF informed the promoter that if Washington didn't win, he would be granted a mandatory rematch. All involved agreed and it looks like that re-match will happen since Washington only lasted into the 4th round when trainer Abe Belardo threw in the towel. "He simply couldn't breath and was really weak" said Belardo. The win gives Raul Llopis of Ft. Wayne Indiana, USA the IKF Pro Super Lightweight United States International / Leg Kick Rules Title. However, he will now be forced to defend the title in a mandatory rematch against Washington. Due to the special circumstances of this bout, the IKF will not charge the title bout sanctioning fee to the promoter who hosts the bout. More news on the undercard bout results and other news of this event as it comes later this week.

THURSDAY, December 16th, 1999, AT 3:10 PM/PT

Verdugo & Win River Casino
At Redding, CA, USA!

After a long layoff from promoting, IKF Promoter Dan Verdugo is back at it again with Win River Casino in Redding California, USA. Tomorrow night December 17th, Verdugo and Win River Casino will host MILLENNIUM MADNESS!

The event will feature 5 undercard bouts and 2 title bouts. In the Semi Main Event, Reddings own IKF Amateur California State Champion Jericho Lane will be defending his Full Contact Rules Super Middleweight Title against Shon Moore. The Main Event will be for the Vacant IKF Pro Super Middleweright North American Full Contact Rules Title when IKF U. S. Champion Dave Marinoble of Roseville, California USA (13-0-2/5) meets Thomas Downing of Windsor, Ontario, Canada (25-13-2/10).

Here's the nights undercard bouts:

  1. Tawn Saephan vs Dave Holeman
  2. Kristy Neal vs Angela Copp
  3. Khari Woods vs San Tong
  4. Thor Ring vs Dave Valasqes
  5. Mike Marinoble vs Paul Bunyan

For more info, contact Mr. Verdugo at (530) 241-8175 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 12-16-99. . .

Roufus & Joffe
All Set For IKF Wisconsin, USA!

Pro IKF Intercontinental Muaythai Champion Richard Kostuck Featured
On 12 Bout Holiday Extravaganza!

Scott Joffe, Ad Cetera Sports Marketing: Milwaukee's own Richard Kostuck (20-6-1, 5 KO's), the IKF Intercontinental Junior Welterweight MuayThai Rules Champion, takes on the IKF #5 Ranked Lightweight challenger Alex Arnall (15-5, 5 KO's) of Springfield, MO) on Saturday, December 18, 1999 in the Rave Ballroom located at 2401 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA.

Kostuck, 28, fights out of Milwaukee Phetnoi Muaythai Gym and is trained by Phetnoi's Kongnapa and Duke Roufus. He's been fighting Professionally since 1994. Arnall, 25, fights out of the Budo-Kai Gym in Springfield. This event once again showcases two excellent Muaythai fighters - in Milwaukee - a city recognized worldwide as America's Muaythai hotbed. A total of 12 Muaythai bouts will be featured during the evening.

Here are the nights other bouts:


  1. IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight 178
    Larry "Razor" Sharpe (Sik-Tai) VS Derek "T.N.T" Yuen (Phetnoi Gym)

  2. IKF Amateur Lightweight 132
    Monty Johnson (Rico's Gym) Minneapolis VS "G.I." Joe Tarman (Phetnoi Gym)

  3. IKF Amateur Light Welterweight 139
    Mark Petersen (Gietphongkay) St.Paul VS Adam "Bomb" Collins (Phetnoi Gym)

  4. IKF Amateur Light Welterweight 139
    Rick Klien (Gietphongkay) VS Nck "The Kick" Hare (Phetnoi Gym)

  5. IKF Amateur Welterweight 147
    Fred Davis (Gietphongkay) VSs "Smoking "Joe Zychowka (Sik-Tai)

  6. IKF Amateur Light Middleweight 156
    Aaron Andersen (Sik-Tai) VSJason Strout (Phetnoi Gym)

  7. IKF Amateur Middleweight 165
    Ciaran Daly (Minnesota Kali) VS Ketla "Action" Jackson (Phetnoi Gym)

  8. IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight 178
    James Melton (Minn. Kali) VS Predrag Androsevic (Phetnoi Gym)

  9. IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight 178
    Brian Rood (Gietphongkay) VS "Battling" Ben Dauck (Phetnoi Gym)

  10. IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight 178
    John Staufenberg (Singpraveah) Minneapolis VS later to be named Sik-Tai fighter.

  11. IKF Amateur Heavyweight -200
    "Bad" Brad Fowler (Phetnoi Gym) VS TBA.

Doors open at 7:00 PM., the first bout begins at 8:00 PM. Phetnoi Muaythai Gym is also sponsoring a free Muaythai judges and referee clinic and certification by KUHN FRED FITZGERALD. The seminar will be held on Friday, December 17 at 7:30 pm at Phetnoi Muaythai Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. For info, contact Scott Joffe at (414) 319-1151 or e-mail at adcetera@mixcom.com

Phetnoi 2000 NEWS:
In 2000, World Class Muaythai in Milwaukee moves to a new home - The Milwaukee County Sports Stadium, located at 6000 West Ryan Road in Franklin. This sparkling facility will host 10 exciting Muaythai events next year on the following Saturdays beginning at 7:30 p.m. (doors open 6:30 p.m.) - February 26th, April 1st, May 6th, May 27th (IKF Midwest Muaythai Regionals), June 17th, August 5th, September 9th, October 7th, November 4th and December 9th, 2000. Updates and amenities to look forward to include an improved, centralized venue location (3 minutes west of I-94 on Ryan Road, 15 minutes from Downtown Milwaukee), season tickets, child and group rates, valet and ample free parking, VIP Tables with wait service, new washroom facilities, lounge area and expanded menu of refreshments. For more information, please call Milwaukee Phetnoi Muaythai Gym at (4514) 319-1151, Scott Joffe at (414) 967-7767 or e-mail at adcetera@mixcom.com or visit www.milwkick.com.

MORE NEWS OF 12-16-99. . .

Ready To Rock With
IKF Indiana, USA!

First time IKF Promoter JoJo Rashawans will host his first IKF Sanctioned event this Saturday night in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA. IKF Event Representative Rob Zbilski will be on hand to assist with the promotion.

The main event will feature IKF Pro fighters John Washington of Bakersfield, California, USA against Raul Llopis of Ft. Wayne Indiana, USA for the vacant IKF Pro Super Lightweight United States International / Leg Kick Rules Title. For more info, please contact Mr. JoJo Rashawans at (219) 447-4063.

WEDNESDAY, December 15th, 1999, AT 7:30 PM/PT

Curtis Bush
Wins Again As A Movie Star

Although top ranked IKF Full Contact Rules Middleweight fighter Curtis Bush officially retired from kickboxing on November 12th of this year, he hasn't stopped throwing those powerful kicks that won him 4 World kickboxing titles. (The press release on this page says 5, but the video says 4...)

Following in tight footsteps with 10 time World Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Bush is the star in the made for video movie, THE DARK ANGEL: Psycho Kickboxer. Check out the cover jacket and get a copy by clicking HERE! As an amateur, Bush fought 17 times, winning 15 bouts and losing only twice with 11 knockouts. As a pro, he fought 53 times winning 42, losing 9 and had 2 draws. 30 of those pro wins were by knockout. Great job in your success Mr. Bush! As always, we support anything you do. But hey Champ, can you send us a copy of the movie...

MONDAY, December 13th, 1999, AT 2:45 PM/PT

Manual Quezada
"Rocks The House"
At IKF Bakersfield, CA, USA!

Although the Christmas Season crowd was smaller than his usual crowd, IKF Promoter Abe Belardo is very happy with a GREAT EVENT last Saturday night at the famous STRONGBOW Stadium in Bakersfield, CA, USA. The night featured 11 bouts with 3 of them being in the IKF IKF Junior Amateur division in which 2 of them were the first IKF IKF Junior Amateur titles ever awarded. The night also featured title bouts in theIKF Amateur Men's IKF International / Leg Kick Rules and the Amateur Mens IKF MuayThai rules.

The Main Event featuring Manual Quezada of Wasco, California, USA defending his IKF Amateur California State Super Heavyweight IKF International / Leg Kick Title against a "Challenge" by unranked, Sam Malioo of Long Beach, California, USA. Round 1 saw Quezada landing several head kicks and spin kicks but Molioo was able to take them and even answered back with some swift combinations of his own. In round 2, it was more of the same as Quezada searched to find his distance with Molioo, exchanging combinations and Quezada still landing some good head kicks along with some strong leg kicks. But late in round 2, Quezada found his reach and landed a right hand punch that "Rocked The House" sending Molioo motionless to the mat at 1:44 of the second round. Quezada retained his IKF California Super Heavyweight International / Leg Kick title.

In the Semi Main Event, Henry Cho (174, 3-3/1) of San Louis Obispo, California, USA faced off against Kazushi Nishida (172, 6-2/0) of San Francisco, California, USA for the vacant IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight IKF MuayThai Title. Let us tell you all that "BOTH" of these fighters put on a GREAT WAR for Everyone! This was truly one of the BEST MuayThai bouts of the year! When the smoke cleared, the judges as well saw it close. One judge saw it all even at 38-38, while the other two saw it 39-37 in favor of the new IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight IKF MuayThai Champion, Kazushi Nishida.

HOPEFULLY we will see BOTH these fighters in the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament next year to test their skills to see who is TRULY "The Best of the BEST!" in the Nation!

Lets go back now and review the other bouts of the night. The night started out with 3 IKF Junior Amateur Bouts.

  1. IKF Junior Amateur
    Antwon Washington (50 lbs, 7 years old) of Bakersfield, CA, USA defeated Gurgen Saakyan (50 lbs, 7 years old) of Glendale CA, USA by unanimous decision, 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

  2. IKF Junior Amateur International Rules
    California Light Atomweight Title

    This was the "*FIRST EVER", IKF Junior Amateur title.
    It was for the Boys IKF International / Leg Kick California Light Atomweight title. In the bout, Carlos Robo (103 lbs, 13) of Bakersfield, CA, USA defeated Roque Quezada (104, 13) of Wasco, CA, USA by majority decision, 40-36, 37-37 and 39-37.
  3. IKF Junior Amateur
    This bout featured the SECOND, IKF Junior Amateur title but the "FIRST EVER GIRLS"IKF Junior Amateur title Bout .
    It was for the Girls IKF International / Leg Kick California Light Atomweight title. In this bout, Aylin Davtyan (100 lbs, 12) of Glendale, CA, USA defeated Kendra Washington (100, 12) of Bakersfield, CA, USA by split decision, 36-39, 37-39 and 39-37.

    After the IKF Junior Amateur bouts were over it was time for the adult bouts. The results were as follows;

  4. IKF Amateur International / Leg Kick
    Tosh Cook (209, 1-0/1, North Hollywood, CA, USA) defeated Rick Alvarado (212, 1-2/0, Fresno, CA, USA) by TKO when Alvarado couldn't answer the bell after the 1st round due to a bad cut over his left eye that was caused by a right hand punch by Cook.

  5. IKF Amateur International / Leg Kick
    Scott Lighty (213, 1-1/0, San Louis Obispo, CA, USA) defeated Lodune Sicaid (198, 0-1/0, North Hollywood, CA, USA) by unanimous decision, 29-28 on all 3 judges score cards.

  6. IKF Amateur International / Leg Kick
    Jack Tousenkchian (142, 1-0/0, North Hollywood, CA, USA) defeated Luis Raya (138, 1-1/0, Wasco, CA, USA) by split decision, 29-27, 28-29 and 29-27. This bout was delayed when the Representative of the California State Athletic Commission insisted that the two fighters should wear 10 ounce gloves according to California State Commission Rules instead of 8 ounce. Despite argument from IKF President Steve Fossum, (who assured the California State Commission Representative that the fighters could wear 8 ounce gloves), the fight was delayed while the gloves were switched. After the bout, Fossum showed the California State Commission Representative in the California State Athletic Commission Rule Book that fighters weighing 147 lbs and below in both Amateur and Pro kickboxing may wear "8" ounce gloves.
  7. IKF Amateur International / Leg Kick
    Freddy Diaz (147, 2-0/1, North Hollywood, CA, USA) defeated Jebadiah Baker (143, 0-1/0 Fresno, CA, USA) by TKO at 19 seconds of the third round.

  8. IKF Amateur International / Leg Kick
    Mike Simmons (186, 2-0/1, Modesto, CA, USA) defeated Miguel Alvidrez (194, 1-2/0, Wasco, CA, USA) by TKO at the end of the second round.

  9. IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules
    Lynda Loyce (124, 2-2/0, San Francisco, CA, USA) defeated Nadine Raya (121, 2-1/0, North Hollywood, CA, USA) by unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges score cards.

Mr. Belardo has scheduled his next event in Bakersfield, CA in February, 2000. For more info, contact Mr. Abe Belardo at (661) 834-5871.

MORE NEWS OF 12-13-99. . .

Jason Johnson
Of Wisconsin, USA,
Wins MuayThai Gold!

IKF U.S. Amateur MuayThai Super Heavyweight Champion, Jason "Roadblock" Johnson of Milwaukee's Phetnoi Muaythai Gym captured the World International Federation Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) Super Heavyweight Gold Medal on Saturday, December 11, 2022 in Thailand with a second round TKO over his Ukrainian opponent. Johnson raises his amateur record to 7 wins with no loses and 4 wins coming by knockout.

MORE NEWS OF 12-13-99. . .

Mason's IKF Lleveland, Texas, USA
Results Coming Soon...

THURSDAY, December 9th, 1999, AT 10:35 PM/PT

Abe Belardo
Ready for IKF Bakersfield, California, USA!

IKF Promoter Abe Belardo is set to go with this Saturday nights Bakersfield, California, USA event held at the famous Strongbow Stadium. The event will feature 13 bouts with the Main Event featuring Manual Quezada of Wasco, California, USA defending his IKF Amateur California State IKF International / Leg Kick Super Heavyweight Title against a "Challenge" by unranked, Sam Malioo of Campton, California, USA. In the Semi Main Event, Henry Cho of San Louis Obispo, California, USA will face off against Kazushi Nishida of San Francisco, California, USA for the vacant IKF Amateur Light Heavyweight IKF MuayThai Rules Title.

Also featured on the event will be 2 IKF IKF Junior AmateurDivision titles. They include, the vacant IKF California Junior Girls Amateur IKF International Rules Light Atomweight Title Bout between Kendra Washington against Jenny Chavira and the vacant IKF California Junior Boys Amateur IKF International Rules Flyweight Title Bout between Robo and Quezada. Doors open at 6:30PM and the bouts begin at 7:30 PM. For more info, contact Mr. Abe Belardo at (661) 834-5871.

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-99. . .

Mason Ready For
IKF Lleveland, Texas, USA!

IKF Promoter Walt Mason is set to go with this weekends, Lleveland, Texas, USA, event held at the Boys Club, this Saturday night, December 11th. The event will feature 14 non title bouts. Although no title bouts are scheduled for this IKF/TACKA co-sanctioned event it will feature top fighters from the state of Texas. Doors open at 6:PM and the bouts begin at 7:PM. For more info, contact Mr. Walt Mason at (972) 239-5053 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-99. . .

Posted AT 10:30 AM - Pacific Time

James Downey
Loses For the First Time...
Johnson Wins By TKO!

James Downey (156 lbs.. of Phetnoi MuayThai Gym-USA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) lost a close decision on one of the most exciting bouts of the World Amateur MuayThai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand yesterday at Nationals Stadium against a Finland opponent. This was Downey's first loss ever added to his 11-1 record with 5 Knockouts.

Downey plans to make his pro debut at Rajadamnern Stadium this coming January 9th, 2000. Downey plans to stay in Thailand to train and fight for the next 2 months under the watchful eye of Phetnoi Gym-Thailand, producer of 6 Rajadamnern Stadium champions including IKF Pro World MuayThai Champions, Kongnapa, and Khunpon.

Heavyweight MuayThai Fighter Jason Johnson (Phetnoi MuayThai Gym-USA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) won his first bout by TKO in the second round against an opponent fro Iran. Johnson now advances to the Championship round to fight for the Gold Medal against an opponent from the Ukraine. Johnson's record is now 6-0 with 3 Knockouts. After the World Championship Tournament, he too plans to turn pro.

Sorry to report that outstanding MuayThai fighter Dan Rawlings (132 lbs. Euclid Ohio, USA and now with Phetnoi MuayThai Gym) lost in his first round against an opponent from France by decision. Rawlings record drops to 15 wins with 3 loses with 7 knockouts.

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-99. . .

Posted AT 12:45 AM - Pacific Time

IKF Welcomes NEW
Miss Wenger...

Veteran IKF Official Steve Wenger of San Francisco, California, USA, is the proud father of his first baby girl. Mr. Wenger's wife, Leslie gave birth last Saturday night, December 4th at 11:17 PM at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, CA to Sara Emily Wenger. Sara weighed in at quite a bit under the Atomweight limit, weighing 7 lbs, 10 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. For those who know Steve, give him a hello on his e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 12-9-99. . .

Roufus Wants To Make
WKA Bout Protest Public!

Pro Heavyweight Muay Thai fighter Duke Roufus and his manager Scott Joffe of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA found themselves in an akward situation after Mr. Roufus' WKA World Title bout a few weeks back in Italy. After a foul in round 2 and no time to recover, Roufus was declaired the loser but from what you will read, there's much more to the story.

Please note that this is "NOT" a slam to the WKA, for it could happen in ANY organization and HAS in the past. This is WHY there are protests allowed in the fight world. WKA President Paul Ingram was not present at the event as well. You will see the respect that Roufus and Joffe have for the WKA near the end of the article. They just wanted to make this protest letter public since many have asked what happened in the bout. Here is the entire letter below from Roufus and Joffe;

Dear Jon Gaskarth,
Hello. Hope you are doing well. It was nice meeting you in Treste. As you were the official WKA representative in attendance, I am writing this letter of formal protest to you, on behalf of my fighter, Duke Roufus. Please forward this letter to Paul Ingram and anyone else you see fit to receive it who can assist in evaluating our protest.

As you are well aware from witnessing Duke's fight in Treste, Italy on November 19, 1999, a foul (Judo type hip-throw) was commited during Round 2 which ultimately lead to Duke being counted out by the referee, moments later.

At first the referee acknowledged the foul (turns to all judges and signals "First Warning, next foul take away 1 point" and he let Duke take some time for recovery), but then suddenly the same referee started the 8 count about 25 seconds after the foul was commited as Duke was recovering from the illegal throw.

(and the basis of our formal protest):

The (Croatian, we were told he was from Italy though) referee ONLY took this action and started counting AFTER the event promoter and Duke's opponent's manager (the SAME person), Harry Gorian (and WKA Croatian Representative) ran up to the ring and yelled to the referee to begin the 8 count, AFTER the referee had determined that Duke could have recovery time.

I do not understand how this type of acton could be allowed by the person in charge of the action in the ring - the referee. (Well, I guess I do understand how these things happen).

I was less than 4 feet away from Mr. Gorian when he ran up and yelled to the referee to begin the count.

Once we saw that the referee started his count (quite late as it was), we yelled for Duke to "GET UP" (so he would not be counted out right then and there), which he did and beat the count (which should not have been started in the first place).

As you saw, Duke was stunned by the hip-throw. His back hit the mat flush and the action of the foul caused the back of his head to slam into the mat, knocking him out momentarily. Duke, as I stated above, beat the 8 count, but was not at all ready to continue fighting with less than 40 total seconds to recover.

Moments later, Duke (still in a fog) took another standing 8, but the referee stopped the fight (seeing that Duke could get seriously injured if he continued - which makes perfect sense).

I feel Harry Gorian's actions seriously tainted the bout and therefore request that the bout be declared a "No Contest," and not count on either fighter's records.

It was obvious to anyone who saw the fight (live or on video) what happened. Duke's opponent (who we scouted quite well) was getting solidly beaten by well placed low kicks and knees. He became frustrated and resorted to an illegal move. I understand these things happen and the referee seemed to have been in the right frame of mind at first - until Mr. Gorian took matters into his own hands - and his referee listened to him instead of doing the right thing.

(One other point - We were fighting for a WKA Thai Boxing Title, but Mr. Gorian insisted we use K-1 rules instead. Many managers do this to our fighters when they want to fight Muaythai, but at the same time do not want their fighter to be at a disadvantage in the ring (against a well rounded Thai style boxer). "We'll fight Muaythai, but shorter clinch and not much knees" (whatever that means). Therefore, this fight should not have been called a Thai Boxing Title Fight in the first place.

To make matters much worse, we did not get paid prior to the fight as promised (or afterward, as Mr. Gorian said to me he would on Friday at the fights). We had to "stake out" the Hotel Milano lobby (for Mr. Gorian) all day Saturday, Nov. 20th, from 7:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., waiting and wondering if we were going to get paid our purse and travel expenses (which we paid in advance). We eventually received payment at 3:15 p.m., after a long day waiting without any sleep or information. I heard that as of Monday, Nov. 22nd, Duke's opponent had not gotten paid.

All in all, I would hope, at the least, that this fight be declared a "No Contest" due to the factors stated above regarding the circumstances surrounding the fight.

Duke and I have much respect for the WKA and the people (such as yourself) involved with running it on a day-to-day basis. Duke was very confident that with the WKA involvement, foul play would not become an issue. We are left with very bad feelings regarding this fight. Not so much with the WKA or yourself, but rather with Mr. Gorian and his involvement in this WKA sanctioned event.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope to catch up with you again sometime in the near future. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Sincerely, Scott A. Joffe, Manager Phetnoi Muaythai Camp, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, e-mail: adcetera@webtv.net

We WILL Post the response from the WKA here once we have it. In our response to this, we would like to see the video if at all possible.

MONDAY, December 6th, 1999, AT 5:05 PM/PT

Downey Wins Bout 1
In Thailand

James Downey (156 lbs. of Phetnoi MuayThai Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) won his first bout at the Amateur World MuayThai Championships in Bangkok, Thailand today at Nationals Stadium against a South African opponent. Downey won his bout by unanimous decision. His next bout is this Wednesday against a Finish opponent who Knocked out a Thai in his first bout with a head kick. There are a total of 16 fighters in Downey's division representing 16 different countries.

Dan Rawlings (132 lbs. Euclid Ohio, USA) and Jason Johnson's ( Heavyweight, of Phetnoi MuayThai Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) will both have their first bouts this Wednesday. More details will be posted tomorrow in regards to the Amateur World MuayThai Championships.

MORE NEWS OF 12-6-99. . .


Milwaukee IKF MuayThai Promoters Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe of Phetnoi MuayThai Gym in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA are searching for a 200 lb Amateur MuayThai Fighter to fight Brad Fowler (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 7 wins, 2 loses and 3 KO's, 6' 4", 200 lbs., 19 years old) on their upcoming December 18th event in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. They are looking for a fighter from the North Central Region of USA. Trainers or fighters, if you feel you can book this match or have questions in regards to it, please contact Scott Joffe at (414) 319-1151 or e-mail at adcetera@webtv.net

Phetnoi Gym is also hosting a FREE Muaythai judges and referee clinic and certification by KUHN FRED FITZGERALD. The seminar will be held Friday, December 17 at 7:30 P.M. at Phetnoi MuayThai Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. For info, contact Scott Joffe at (414) 319-1151 or e-mail at adcetera@webtv.net

MORE NEWS OF 12-6-99. . .

Waiting For
IKF St Louis, Missouri, USA Results.

As of this posting, (5:05 PM) we still have not yet received any results from last weekends IKF St Louis event so check back a bit later. The event, promoted by Jessie Finney was held at the Union Plaza in St Louis, Missouri, USA. For more info, you can contact Mr. Jessie Finney at (314) 351-5226.

MORE NEWS OF 12-6-99. . .

Ramsey Forced To Cancels
IKF West Virginia... Again.

For the second time, Promoter Leon Ramsey was forced to cancel his event due to circumstances regarding his fighter George Randolph. Ramsey is still looking to host his first IKF event. This time, the IKF was informed that Randolph injured his hand forcing him to pull out of the bout. The event was planned to be held at Glenville State College in Glenville, West Virginia, USA.

Last time Ramsey planned an event, Randolph pulled out due to personal reasons. On the line for this event was the Vacant IKF Pro U. S. Full Contact Rules Title Bout between #1 Ranked Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight Kevin Rosier of Buffalo New York, USA vs #3 Ranked Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight George Randolph of West Virginia, USA. Ramsey hopes to reschedule this event so we will wait and see. For more info, you can contact Mr. Leon Ramsey at (304) 462-5744.

SATURDAY, December 4th, 1999, AT 10:45 AM/PT

St Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF Promoter Jessie Finney is all set to host his second IKF Sanctioned event tonight at the Union Plaza in St Louis, Missouri, USA. There are no IKF title bouts planned for the event so we have no title bout info to report on.
In addition, we didn't receive any pre-bout line-up as well from Mr. Finney, so we'll all have to wait for the event results. For more info, you can contact Mr. Jessie Finney at (314) 351-5226.

FRIDAY, December 3rd, 1999, AT 12:30 AM/PT

IKF Standardizes Amateur MuayThai Rankings
With The World.

On December 2nd, 1999, the IKF made some changes to the IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Rankings. It all started when IKF MuayThai Representative Duke Roufus of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA suggested that the IKF become standardized with the rest of the world in regards to the MuayThai weight classes. Roufus pointed out the need for this if IKF Amateur MuayThai fighters ever want to be compared to other fighters around the world and in International Competition.

Roufus recently sent a USA Team to compete in Thailand at the World MuayThai Championships. These USA fighters recently won at the first "EVER" TRUE National, USA Amateur Kickboxing Championships that the IKF USA Team organized along with RINGSIDE INC. The official Equipment Sponsor for IKF Kickboxing.

When you view the new IKF MuayThai Rules Rankings page, you'll notice one major change right away which is the new format of how the fighters are ranked and visually presented. The new format is much easier to read and all title holders are now ranked within the rankings as well. This is because some title holders may not be better than some non title holders. Nothing negative meant here, its simply true.

The other change as we already mentioned was to standardizes the weight classes of IKF Amateur MuayThai with those weight classes done on the International Amateur Competition Level. This created less weight divisions which makes the competition better as well. However, it did present one problem. The change moved some CHAMPIONS into the same weight division as other CHAMPIONS. Those CHAMPIONS that are now listed in a different weight class than their previous one have an additional note below their name. For some of these Champions, it will make for a great title bout to make only "1" Champion in that division. However, some you will see are from the same school, so of course they won't be fighting each other.

So if your a promoter and you want to put some great fights together, maybe you'll be the first to unify the IKF Champions that are currently duplicated in the new IKF MuayThai Rules Rankings. Let us know how you like the new page by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 12-3-99. . .

Dave Pareja
Wins In Boxing!

IKF National Amateur Light Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Champion Dave Pareja has been keeping quite busy lately. He just won again in a Boxing bout Wednesday night December 1st at a club in Chicago, Illinois, USA called Liquids. According to Pareja, it was his best performance of the year so far and he felt the guy he fought was the toughest opponent he's faced this past year. That is not to say that Pareja hasn't had some hard fights it's just that this guy was his toughest of them all. With over 40 bouts to his credit (Boxing & Kickboxing) Pareja said he's never performed so well, or been so loose and relaxed in the ring against an opponent so far. "This just goes to show that all the fights this year, and all the hard work and training is starting to really pay off." Said Pareja

Pareja's fight was the 10th, and last fight of the night. He weighed in at 178 lbs. and his opponent was around 190 lbs. He totally dominated the fight with speed and power. In round one, Pareja sent him to the mat with a strong left hook to the head. He got up, and the referee gave him an 8 count and the fight continued. Later in round one Pareja landed so many shots to his opponents face that he started to bleed from his nose.

In round 2 Pareja hit him with a vicious attack to the body and head, and the referee stopped the action to give his opponent another standing 8 count. Again the bout continued. Pareja continued to land punch after punch through the end round 3, and then the fight was over. Pareja won the bout by unanimous decision and continues to be known as "DANGEROUS" DAVE PAREJA! Pareja's picture can be found on the IKF/RINGSIDE USA Amateur Tournament picture page by clicking HERE!

FIGHTERS: If you have a bout story that you would like us to publish here on the News page, please send it in by clicking HERE!

TUESDAY, November 30th, 1999, AT 8:30 PM/PT

115 Lb. Amateur Female Needed

IKF Promoter Abe Belardo of Bakersfield CA, USA is looking for a 110 to 116 lb. Female Amateur International / Leg Kick opponent from California to fight on his upcoming December 11th event at Strongbow Stadium in Bakersfield, CA, USA. An Amateur female (from the bay area) had already contacted Belardo but her phone number was lost in the shuffle so if you're her and reading this, please contact Mr. Belardo. If not, please contact him anyway for a potential bout against amateur Lindsey Thompson (2-2/0). Contact Mr. Belardo at (661) 834-5871.

SUNDAY, November 28th, 1999, AT 8:45 PM/PT

Border League Results

IKF Tecate, Mexico
The tiny Mexican border town of Tecate played host to the latest IKF/Border League event this past Saturday, November 27th. A sparse crowd of 150 witnessed 15 excellent amateur MuayThai bouts promoted by Abraham Tostado and Miguel Reyes, sponsored by Tecate Beer and Matsushita Television. The fans were treated to a half-time intermission with the 1999 Border Miss Tecate contest that was well appreciated by the local fans. Special guests in attendence were WWF star Ken Shamrock, former IKF Pro IR World Champion Ivan Silva and WBO Featherweight World Champion Manuel "Mantecas" Medina. The nights results follow:

  1. Sergio Cortes won by decision over Gaspar Ortega
  2. Alex Munos won by 2nd round KO over Julio Ortega
  3. Abraham Fontes won by 3rd round KO over Julian Solis
  4. Sherrif Rochette won by 3rd round KO over Armando "Porky" Garcia
  5. Diego Perez won by decision over Ken Floyd
  6. Brenda Lopez won by first round KO over Janette Garcia.
  7. David Rubio won by decision over Joel Rubacalva
  8. Mario Mendoza won by decision over Saul Gonzales
  9. Julio Fernandez won by decision over Juan Salamon
  10. Pedro Pena won by third round KO over Luis Silva
  11. Juan Gonzales won by decision over David Ortega
  12. Jesus Serrano won by decision over Pete Lopez.
  13. Aaron Lopez won by decision over Jorge Bejar.
  14. Miguel Madrigal won by decision over Juan Benivides.
  15. Roberto DeLaParra won by decision over Roberto Felix.

The next IKF/Border League event will be at the Baby Rock Disco in Tijuana, Mexico, February, 2000. Planned bouts include several Border League title bouts with area competitors. For further information about the IKF/Border League please contact Doug Dickey in the US at 619-529-0134 or Miguel Reyes in Mexico at 011-52-66-26-48-27.

MORE NEWS OF 11-28-99. . .

Steele & Olsen
To Fight In Japan!

IKF MuayThai Fighter Billy Olsen (Featherweight, Pro MuayThai) and 2 time IKF Pro World Champion Danny Steele (IR & MT) are off to Japan for their next bouts. The two will be competing against 2 fighters from Japan in Shoot Boxing bouts promoted by Yuki of Japan. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, December 1st, at the Koyakun Hall in Tokyo Japan. Steele will face Japan's Doi at 140 lbs and Olson will face Japan's Moriya at 122 lbs. Lets hope the judging is fair and may the best fighters win. We say this only because of some negative results from the judging over there we were made of aware of in the past....Good Luck Guys!

FRIDAY, November 26th, 1999, AT 9:45 PM/PT

IKF Border League
Ready To Rock In

The IKF Border League is all set to go with this weekends event which will be held at the at the Tecate Munincipal Auditorium, Tecate, Mexico. The bouts will begin at 5:PM Saturday afternoon. Weigh-ins are from 3:00 to 4:30 PM and headgear will be required in the modified Muay Thai bouts. For more info in the USA, call Doug Dickey at (619) 529-0134.

On another note, IKF fighters Miguel Reyes and Heath Harris of Dickey's Camp will be headlining an event on Dec.5th in DelMar, CA, USA. Reyes will fight Luis Cordillero at 147lbs and Harris will fight Javier Diez at 168lbs

WEDNESDAY, November 24th, 1999, AT 10:50 PM/PT

Fighters Needed For
IKF Redding, CA, USA

If you're a Amateur Fighter or Trainer from Oregon, California or Nevada, IKF Promoter Dan Verdugo would like to hear from you. Mr. Verdugo is hosting an IKF event on Friday night, December 17th at the Win River Casino in Redding CA, USA. (Northern CA). Since the event is being held on a Friday night (The only night the Casino had available) we've been having some problems booking fights. Currently, 7 bouts are confirmed but we're looking for 12.

So if your a trainer or fighter that can make the show, please contact Mr. Verdugo by e-mail by clicking HERE or at his gym at (530) 241-8175. He will discuss travel arangements, accomidations and potential bouts as well. Thank you for your help.

MORE NEWS OF 11-24-99. . .

Torres and Calleros
Put On A SHOW At
IKF Sacramento, CA, USA

To say this bout was a "GOOD" bout would be an understatement. To say this was a "GREAT" bout, still wouldn't be enough. The fact is, is that this bout was one of the best World Title bouts we have ever seen by TWO GREAT FIGHTERS!!! There was nothing one sided about this bout, just 2 "GREAT" fighters going toe to toe for a full 12 rounds! IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Welterweight World Champion, Juan "The Ghost Warrior" Torres of South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA, (AM: 5-0/4, PRO: 38-3/26) had not kickboxed since May of 1998 but it looked like he had been doing it everyday since. Challenger, Fernando Calleros of Albq. New Mexico, USA. (AM: 10-1/7, PRO: 28-7-16) was thought by some to not have what it took to be a self disciplined World Champion when he had problems making weight in the past. However, throw out the past because Calleros is back in Championship form and his last two fights now prove it!

Calleros had no problem making the requested contracted weight for his bout with Torres and he looked lean and mean for the challenge. He had also just defeated well know MuayThai Champion Danny Steele in San Jose, CA, USA a few weeks earlier and was now facing well known World Champion Torres. Together, the two threw over 270 kicks over the 12 rounds with Torres averaging just over 12 per round and Calleros just over 10. Torres most active kicking round was round 1 when he threw 19 as Calleros answered back with 10. Torres won round 1 on all 3 judges cards 10-9. After 3, all 3 judges had it at 29-28 Torres who was also ahead on the total kick count, 39-29.
By the end of round 6, 2 judges had it dead even at 57 while judge 3 had it 58-56 Torres who remained ahead on the total kick count 74-61. After 9, 3 judges had it 86-85 Torres who remained ahead on the total kick count, 113-94, while the third had it 86-85 Calleros. After 11, Torres held a slightly larger edge on two judges cards, 106-103 and continued to lead in the total kick count, 138-116 while the third judge had it 105-104. The final round saw Calleros more on the attack with his hands, winning two of the judges cards 10-9 and throwing 9 kicks to Torres' 10, while the third saw it for Torres 10-9.

However, it wasn't enough for Calleros as the Unanimous decision win went to the Champion, Juan Torres as he retained his IKF World Full Contact Rules Light Welterweight Title.

This bout had everything a classic Full Contact Rules Bout can offer from jump kicks, spin kicks to fantastic boxing ability by both fighters. Although Torres had a long absence from kickboxing ( 18 months) he didn't seem to miss a beat. These two have already agreed to a rematch and from the sound of the standing room only crowd, they would like to see it, as many of the fans thought Calleros should have received the decision.

All 3 judges were appointed by the California State Athletic Commission as all boxing and kickboxing events are in the State of California. The IKF was able to have IKF World Referee Dan Stell as the center referee. If a rematch occurs in California, the IKF may request their own "Certified" Kickboxing judges since some thought the State Commission Boxing judges didn't know how to score a kickboxing match. Regardless, this was a great bout and a GREAT performance by both fighters!! An added benefit to all promoters is that BOTH these fighters fight in "ALL 3" rule divisions so if your looking for some GREAT fighters, look these two up. Torres has been thinking of moving down in weight for some time now and may for his next bout. Calleros on the other hand has fought from light Welterweight up to Super Welterweight.

The only other "Kickboxing" bout on the event was a non title bout featuring top Full Contact female Fighter Jessica Nobles-Ellis (6-0/0, Sacramento, CA, USA) in only her 2nd leg kick bout. Nobles has recently made the move to leg kicks thinking she would get more bouts in that rule division, however she still continues to have problems finding opponents. Finally, a week before the event, Lynda Loyce (1-2/0 of Fairtex, San Francisco, CA, USA) was booked for the fight. However, the event matchmaker and Nobles trainer, Nasser Niavaroni never told anyone that he would like the bout to be for the vacant IKF Bantamweight title. Not Loyce's trainer Alex Gong or the IKF was informed prior to the weigh-ins of the desire. It was all a surprise to both when Nobles brought it up herself after the weigh-ins, the morning of the event. Niavaroni and IKF President Steve Fossum discussed it but they still had to discuss it with Loyce herself, who by that time had already left the weigh-ins. They also had to discuss it with her trainer Alex Gong who was not able to come to the event. By the night of the fight, Gong was finally reached by phone and he agreed that Loyce was not ready for any title shot with a 1-1 record. In addition, Nobles record as a leg kick fighter was only 1-0. Nobles is MORE THAN WORTHY of a Full Contact Rules Title shot, but she had only had 1 leg kick bout and the title requested was a leg kick title.

Regardless of all this, Nobles fought strong in round 1 forcing referee Dan Stell to administer an 8 count to Loyce as Nobles won on 2 of the judges cards 10-8 and a third California State Athletic Commission judge had it 10-7.... In round 2, Loyce pressed and countered more than in round 1 and won the round on 2 of the judges cards 10-9 and the other judge gave it to Nobles,10-9. In round 3, Nobles seemed to come back and get the nod from 2 of the 3 judges 10-9 while the third judge saw it 10-9 Loyce. Nobles won the bout 30-27, 29-27 and 28-27. The judge who recorded a 10-7 round did not effect the final outcome of the scoring other than it would of (Should of) been recorded a Majority decision since his final score should have been 28-28.

In a much anticipated bout, 1999 IKF /RINGSIDE National Amateur Super Middleweight Champion Darren Freeman (10-1-1/4, Susanville, CA, USA) was suppose to make his pro debut against Hector Torres (South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA.) However, to begin with, Freeman was over an hour late to the weigh-ins and once there, it was discovered that he had not completed his required tests for the California State Athletic Commission. It was determined that the tests could not be done by fight time so this bout was just an exhibition. A big disappointment for Hector Torres who was very ready to get back in the kickboxing ring after an 18 month layoff like brother Juan. However this time, unlike his match with Eric Regan back in May of 1998, (See Below Post) Torres was going to fight Freeman in his regular style of leg kicks, International Rules.

The remainder of the event featured 3 boxing matches. Two of the boxers are IKF Kickboxers. IKF Kickboxer Domonick Robles of Roseville, CA, USA defeated Efrain Munoz of Tijuana, Mexico by unanimous decision and IKF Pro North American Full Contact Rules Champion Eric Regan defeated Vincent Moses of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA by unanimous decision 80-71, 79-73 and 79-73. Regan improves to 7-0 with 6 KO's in Pro Boxing.

MORE NEWS OF 11-24-99. . .

IKF Ireland vs IKF USA

From November 11, 1999, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

  3. Chris Brammer, USA vs. Henry O'Grady, Ireland. O'Grady wins by TKO in the second round with a side kick to Chris Brammer which cracked Chris's ribs.

  4. David Pareja, USA vs. Dan O'Shea, Ireland. David Pareja won by a split decision 29 -28, 30-29, 28-29.

  5. Tammy Roza, USA vs. Nora Jordan, Ireland. Tammy Roza won by split decision 30-26, 28-29, 29-28.

  6. Tim Mazurkiewicz, USA vs. Robert Maloney, Ireland. Refree stops contest in the first round. Mazurkiewicz overpowered Maloney all the way.

  7. Special Exhibition: Male vs Female: (battle of the sexes): Matt Bentley, USA (15 yrs old) vs Tracey Kuschel USA (30 something). Bentley won 30-26, 29-28, 30-27.

  8. Tony Barton , USA vs. Simon Moynihan, Ireland. Moynihan won by a split decison 29-27, 28-30, 28-29. Barton was given a low kick by Moynihan in the first round that took Barton to the ground, but Barton regained his strenght and gave Moynihan the fight of his life (so far that is).

  9. Rob Wiley, USA vs. Padraig Murphy, Ireland. Murphy won by a split decision 28-30, 28-29, 30-27.

MONDAY, November 22nd, 1999, AT 11:00 PM/PT

"The Ghost Warrior"
Juan Torres

Defends IKF World Title
In Sacramento, CA USA

IKF Pro FCR Light Welterweight World Champion, Juan "The Ghost Warrior" Torres (South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA, AM: 5-0/4, PRO: 37-3/26) will return to kickboxing after being away from it for over a year to defend his IKF World Title he won back in January of 1994.

Torres won the title when he stopped Jorge Angat (32-10-2) at 45 seconds of the second round at Caesar's Tahoe, Stateline Nevada on Karatemania 7, January 22nd, 1994. Torres last fought as a kickboxer on May 1st, 1998 in Sacramento (on the undercard of the Alexio vs Roger' World title bout) against Mauricio Gonzalas (12-0 with 8 KO's of Los Angeles, CA, USA.) Torres won that bout after Gonzalez threw a high kick in the beginning of the 3rd round to Torres' head that missed and Gonzalez appeared to pull something in his leg. After a brief time-out, he tried to continue but couldn't stand on the leg and referee Dan Stell was forced to stop the bout at :45 seconds of round 3.

Before that bout, Torres had not kickboxed for 4 years, competing as a boxer instead. Just before his bout with Gonzalez, Torres won a 6 round unanimous decision over Gabriel Ocampo at the Scottish Right Center in San Diego, CA. USA. Torres at that time improved his boxing record to 10-3 and Ocampo's record was 19-13. In the bout, Torres simply overwhelmed Ocampo, scoring numerous shots to Ocampo's head and body.

Tuesday night in Sacramento, CA, USA, Torres will truly be tested when he faces Fernando Calleros of Albq. New Mexico, USA. Calleros record stands as 28 wins, 8 loses with 16 knockouts and unlike Torres, Calleros has been VERY ACTIVE as a kickboxer. He's coming off one of his biggest wins of his careers, a split decision win over MuayThai Standout, Danny Steele of Los Angeles, CA, USA in San Jose, CA, USA just a few weeks back. Calleros has kept busy taking bouts in all kinds of rule styles from MuayThai to Draka (SanShou-Throwing included) One things for certain, when the bell rings, these two will come out banging!

The kickboxing undercard of the night will feature the Pro Debut of 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Super Middleweight Champion Darren Freeman of Susanville, CA, USA. Freeman's kickboxing record is 10 wins with 1 loss and 1 controversial draw he received in Hawaii this last year. Four of his bouts were won by knockout. Freeman will face the other half of the Torres attack in Juan's brother Hector Torres, also of South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA. Hector's amateur kickboxing record was impressive with 19 wins without a loss and all 19 wins coming by knockout or technical knockout. As a pro, his kickboxing record is 3 wins and 4 loses with 1 KO. Hector last fought in kickboxing on the same Sacramento card his brother fought on back on May 1st, 1998. Before that, he too had a long absence from kickboxing of 4 years. In that bout, Hector went right to the top of the class when he took on Eric Regan (Current IKF Pro North American FCR Middleweight Champion) of Sacramento, CA, USA with a kickboxing record of 18 wins and NO LOSES with 12 wins coming by knockout or technical knockout. Although the bout was a war for 7 hard rounds, Hector knew he had enough and retired after the 7th round voluntarily. Not bad though considering his competition, especially after a 4 year layoff. Also on the kickboxing undercard will be Jessica Nobles-Ellis (5-0, from Citrus Heights, CA, USA) in an amateur International / Leg Kick bout, but her opponent was not known at press time.

What makes this event interesting though will be two IKF Kickboxers entering the ring to fight in boxing instead. We already brought up his name previously so Eric Regan is no stranger to this post. Although Regan loves to kick up his feet in kickboxing as a 6 foot 4 inch, 165 lb Middleweight, he's found some better paydays in the boxing arena. Regan is 6-0 with 6 Knockouts as a pro boxer and will be looking for win number 7 Tuesday night when he faces Vincent Moses of Nigeria. (6-4, also with 6 KO's) Another IKF Kickboxer featured on the event as a boxer is Sacrament's Domonic Robles. IKF Ringside Gym's chief trainer Greg Kirkpatrick of Roseville, CA, USA was scheduled to fight on the card but Kirkpatrick is coming off a hard fought 4 round boxing victory from about a week ago. Kirkpatrick improved his Pro Boxing record to 3 wins and no loses with 1 win by knockout.

The bout will take place at the Sacramento Radisson Hotel, 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, CA, USA. IKF Co-Founder Dan Stell will be the kickboxing referee. Stell was the referee the last time both Torres' brothers fought back in 1998 and he has also refereed Freeman and Calleros as well. Local radio personality Jim Hall of Sacramento will be the nights ring announcer. Hall was also the ring announcer in South Lake Tahoe when Torres fought Anget back in 1994.

This event is presented by Don Chargin Productions and begins at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $20 and $40. For more info, contact the Radisson Hotel at (916) 922-2020.

FRIDAY, November 19th, 1999, AT 2:00 PM/PT

Featured At
Galvaston, Texas USA

IKF/TACKA Promoter Walt Mason will help host tonights third IKF and TACKA (Texas Amateur Contact Karate Association) Co-Sanctioned event in Galvaston Texas, USA. Full event details were not available at press time but a post event report will be posted here after the event. For more info, contact Mr. Walt Mason at (972) 239-5053 or e-mail by clicking HERE

MORE NEWS OF 11-19-99. . .

Help Keep The Rankings

As we all know, fighters info changes as time goes by and many fighters fail to contact us with updated info on themselves. If you find something within our rankings (Fight record, weight, age etc.) that needs to be updated or corrected, please e-mail us the new info. For some reason, Phone Numbers seem to change often. So If you encounter a DISCONNECTED or WRONG Phone number, PLEASE inform us by e-mail so that we can try to register the correct number. The listed info is what we were last given by the fighter and their trainer. Make sure you inform us what RULE division and WEIGHTCLASS you found the errored number in. To e-mail us, click HERE: ikf@jps.net. Thank You.

MORE NEWS OF 11-19-99. . .

Featured In
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

IKF Promoter Jeff Mullen hosted a mixed martial arts event last Saturday night, November 13th at the New Daisey Theatre in Memphis Tennessee, USA. The event featured both kickboxing and submission style fighting. The main event was suppose to be for the ISCF Amateur Mid-South Regional Middleweight Title between Mike Pyle and Quintin "Rampage" Jackson. However, Jackson weighed in heavy (200) for the title so technically, Pyle (175) won by forfeit. But this couldn't keep these two from going for it in the ring. In the end, Jackson won by unanimous decision but Pyle was quick to ask for a rematch. Whether the title will be on the line or not in the rematch has yet to be confirmed. For bout results, please see below. For more info, contact Mr. Jeff Mullens at (901) 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

TUESDAY, November 16th, 1999, AT 6:00 PM/PT

Plans For The Millennium with

Well we can't announce who the individuals are just yet but what we can say is that IKF Team Europe has just made a major move in the growth of IKF Team Europe. IKF European Director Alby Bimpson appeared to some to be out of the picture lately with IKF work in Europe. However, what many didn't know was that Bimpson had been working on bringing several big names in kickboxing to the IKF World Team.

As of today his organizational efforts are a success and the respected reputations of the individuals involved are sure to be an important link in organizing the sport of kickboxing worldwide under the IKF Banner. The individuals involved bring with them hundreds of pro and amateur promoters, fighters, trainers, clubs and officials from all across Europe as well as some other continents around the world. IKF President Steve Fossum may end up traveling to Europe before Churistmas to confirm all the issues involved in the agreement for 2000. Such issues include Promotional Events, TV Deals, IKF Licensed and Endorsed Appareal & Equipment along with other Endorsement deals and Fighter Organization.

In addition to the major connection for Pro Fights (Mainly more legit World Titles) the deal also seals a major tie in with the IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament . With the connections, the IKF will now work toward organizing what has been in the IKF plans for some time now. A full European Amateur Championships in the year 2000. The IKF has also been working with several other continents and will soon be hosting the first EVER,TRUE World Amateur Championships for "ALL" Rule Styles. As news comes in, we'll report on it but until then, it will be a big surprise for the entire kickboxing world in 2000 and a MAJOR Step in Organizing the Sport of Kickboxing Worldwide under the IKF Banner.

MORE NEWS OF 11-16-99. . .

Check Out
MuayThai News...

Kuhn Fred Fitzgerald has posted some event results and discusses his upcoming trip to Thailand with the USA Amateur MuayThai Team for the Kings Cup. Read all about it by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 11-16-99. . .

Event Results

IKF Daytona, Florida, USA

IKF Promoter Larry Jones and IKF Florida Representative Sean Wohl completed their first IKF Event in Daytona this last weekend. The event was held at the Daytona YMCA at 825 Derbyshire Road, Daytona Beach, Florida. Although the crowd was small the action was big with 10 Amateur Kickboxing Bouts in total. A more detailed report will be added to this post later in the week.

The bout results are listed below. For more info, contact Mr. Larry Jones at (904) 238-1001 or Mr. Sean Wohl at (904) 253-5141 or Larry by e-mail by clicking HERE or Sean by e-mail by clicking HERE.

  1. Chris Kahn Vs Robert Tims - Winner - Tims

  2. Ruel Eccles Vs Daniel Wallace - Winner - Wallace

  3. Joel Eccles Vs David Hamby - Winner - Eccles

  4. Blake Chambers Vs Robby Burwell - Winner - Burwell

  5. Exhibition Match - Charles Camacho Vs Kern Brown

  6. Richard Allen Vs Amber Francis - Winner - Allen

  7. Jean Baptiste Vs Sean Camp - Winner - Baptiste

  8. Exhibition Match - Tim Kocher Vs Robert Rene Jr.

  9. Joe Sanders Vs Shea Lowe - Winner - Sanders

  10. Majid Ibrahim Vs Dan Montereone - Winner - Montereone

  11. Exhibition Boxing Match - Rommel Rene Vs Tony Faust

MORE NEWS OF 11-16-99. . .

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Report has it that the bouts on this event were FANTASTIC!

However, we are still waiting for all the final results from IKF Promoter Mick Doyle. The event took place last Thursday evening, November 11th at the National Guard Armory in Omaha, Nebraska, USA and featured Amateur Full Contact fighters from USA vs Amateur Full Contact fighters from Ireland

The event was such a success that the IKF Ireland group has already confirmed an event in Ireland in May with the same scenerio. We hope to have the info from Mr. Doyle soon and posted later this week. For more info, contact Mr. Mick Doyle at: (402) 498-9592 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

THURSDAY, November 11th, 1999, AT 2:30 PM/PT

IKF Promoters Prepare For
USA Events

IKF Omaha, Nebraska, USA

IKF Promoter Mick Doyle is all set to host IKF USA vs IKF IRELAND tonight, November 11th, at the National Guard Armory in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. The event will feature a selected group of Amateur Full Contact Rules fighters from the U.S. selected by Doyle against a team from Ireland. For more info, contact Mr. Mick Doyle at: (402) 498-9592 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 11-11-99. . .

IKF Daytona, Florida, USA

IKF Promoter Larry Jones and IKF Florida Representative Sean Wohl are ready to promote their first IKF Event in Orlando Saturday night, November 13th. The event is called the Daytona Rumble. Doors will open at 6:00 PM at the Daytona YMCA at 825 Derbyshire Road, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. Eleven bouts are scheduled on the all amateur card. For more info, contact Mr. Larry Jones at (904) 238-1001 or Mr. Sean Wohl at (904) 253-5141 or Larry by e-mail by clicking HERE or Sean by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 11-11-99. . .

IKF & ISCF MMA Memphis, Tennessee, USA

IKF Promoter Jeff Mullen will feature an ISCF Regional Amateur title on his mixed martial arts event this Saturday night, November 13th at the New Daisey Theatre in Memphis Tennessee, USA . The main event will feature an ISCF Amateur Mid-South Regional Middleweight Title bout between Mike Pyle and Quintin "Rampage" Jackson. The event will feature other IKF kickboxing bouts as well. For more info, contact Mr. Jeff Mullens at (901) 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

FRIDAY, November 5th, 1999, AT 2:30 PM/PT

Info On The
2000 IKF
US National Amateur Tournament
Click HERE

TUESDAY, November 2nd, 1999, AT 1:20 PM/PT

Great MuayThai
Demands Great Officiating

From Milwaukee, WI, USA IKF PRESS
On Saturday, October 23, Milwaukee played host to an impeccable evening of Muaythai. The event featured exemplary amateur and professional bouts. However, the quality of the matches was not only due to high caliber competitors, but also to the caliber of the event's center referee: KUHN FRED FITZGERALD.

Referee Kuhn Fitzgerald is in the highest echelon of Muaythai officials. He is the ONLY American certified by the World Muaythai Council (WMC) to referee in Thailand. Consequently, he is the ONLY American refereeing in America that is WMC-certified. Referee Kuhn Fitzgerald is also a key member of the International Federation Muaythai Amateur.

Fitzgerald's presence in the ring was unequivocally world class. Using just three commands he was able to regulate the bouts, yet keep the action non-stop. Furthermore, he made fighter safety a TOP priority. Milwaukee is at the forefront of American Muaythai events, and having a distinguished referee such as Fitzgerald was both an honor and treat for the fighters and fans alike. We are grateful to have had such an eminent official at our event, and we certainly look forward to Fitzgerald's return in the near future. After all, great Muaythai demands great officiating.

SUNDAY, October 31st, 1999, AT 6:25 PM/PT

Muay Thai Fighters Needed

Milwaukee Wisconsin USA IKF Promoters Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe would like to invite all interested Amateur Midwest USA MuayThai fighters to take part in their December 18th amateur fight card in Milwaukee Wisconsin. They are asking trainers to please send them a list of their available fighters for the event. Please include on the list, weights, height, age and fight record. You can contact Roufus or Joffe at (414) 305-3474 however it is much easier if you e-mail your fighters list to them by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 10-31-99. . .

Kevin Rosier
Prepares For Boxing Bout!

Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight Kevin Rosier of Buffalo New York has kept pretty busy since facing Mike Labree on the Mass Destruction event in May. Rosier has had several boxing fights and will enter the ring again on November 12th at the Elks Club in Queens New York on Queens Blvd. Rosier will face Super Heavyweight Sinclair Babb in a 6 round slugfest. For ticket info, call (212) 839-8761.

FRIDAY, October 29,th 1999, AT 6:50 PM/PT

Super Heavyweight

If you are a PRO Super Heavyweight Full Contact Fighter in NORTH AMERICA, we NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!! We are looking to strengthen the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight Ranks with fighters from North America because we have some things happening in North America NOW and in 2000.

So, if you're a Super Heavyweight Full Contact Rules Fighter in North America, or the manager, trainer etc. of such fighters, please e-mail us by clicking HERE with your name and stats. Also, please professionally follow it up by mailing us a video of you fighting ability for us to evaluate your ability to; IKF, P.O. Box 1205, Newcastle CA, 95658. Please include your Amateur and Pro record as well. If you would rather fax your info, please fax us at (916) 663-4510.

THURSDAY, October 28th, 1999, AT 2:45 PM/PT

ATTENTION All Promoters...
Trainers And Fighters!!!

UPDATED: This post was posted a couple days ago to speak to Promoters. However, we received some phone calls and e-mails from some promoters asking us to include the concept of PROFESSIONAL COURTESY "BOTH" Ways! It seems that RETURNING PHONE CALLS or E-MAILS is a lot to ask some times. We here at the IKF would like to ask all Promoters and Trainers and or Fighters to show Professional Courtesy by returning all your calls or e-mails.

PROMOTERS, when a fighter, no matter WHO he or she is calls or e-mails you, would you PLEASE return their calls. "EVEN" if you cannot or don't want to use them on your events, at least return the calls please. We always request fighters to contact promoters to try to get fights and we know all of you promoters, no matter what organization you promote with, want fighters.

TRAINERS & Fighters. When a promoter, no matter WHO he or she is calls or e-mails you, would you too PLEASE return their calls. "EVEN" if you cannot or don't want to fight on their events, at least return the calls please.

VERY IMPORTANT: Something many of you may not think about is that WORD TRAVELS FAST! If your someone who doesn't return calls, promoter, fighter, trainer etc. you better plan for the day when your phone stops ringing, because IT WILL STOP! We have seen it in the past and we still see it today. So again, PLEASE return ALL CALLS and e-mails that are left for you. Of course, if you get some unprofessional calls such as, "Hey Joe Promoter, I want to fight your guy and I think I can kick his A#$!!! Call me or you'll regret it!!!" No, you don't have to return these calls. This notice comes from several fighters AND Promoters who have contacted us and expressed that they have contacted promoters. trainers and fighters and never received any return calls. Remember everyone that WE are ALL part of the SOLUTION to better our sport. We "NEED" to be professionals at our work, no matter if amateurs or pros.Thank you for your Professional Courtesy to your associates in the kickboxing world.

MORE NEWS OF 10-28-99. . .

Nothing New For
Anthony "POWERHOUSE" Bartinelli
In his Pro Debut

Past IKF United States Amateur Champion Anthony Bartinelli made his pro debut this last Tuesday night, October 26th at the "Showdown In Arizona" held at the Midnight Rodeo Club in Phoenix Arizona, USA. Although the class of amateur to pro was different, the results sure were not.

Bartinelli knock out his opponent, #12 IKF Ranked and ISKA North American Champion Cecil Hagins in the 2nd round of their main event bout. Hagins went down three times in the final round. The first knockdown came with a right hook after a right roundhouse kick. The 2nd time was after a combo of punches, two left hooks then a straight right hand. The 3rd and final time was after a right hand, left hook then right hand. Bartinelli officially vacated his amateur title on October 18th of this year to move into the Pro Full Contact Rule Rankings.

The event was promoted by IKF Arizona Representative Clement J. Vierra and was co-sanctioned with the UAKF. For more info, please contact Mr. Clement Vierra at (602) 493-1567 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

TUESDAY, October 26th, 1999, AT 7:15 PM/PT

A Fighters
Of The IKF Nationals

Amateur Kickboxer Dan Tharp offers a GREAT Article from a fighters view of the IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament this last September.
To read it, click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 10-26-99. . .

Super Heavyweight
Needed For Miles Canada Event!!!

Promoter Mike Miles of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is looking for an experienced Amateur Super Heavyweight, leg kick or MuayThai kickboxer to fight on his upcoming November event. The opponent is Keith Crawford of Calgary Alberta, Canada ( 235). The bout is planned to be for the vacant IKF North American Title but several potential opponents have backed out. Some amateures have requested money, some saying they have to work, and some can't be found by their trainers.... Imagine that one....

Mr. Miles can be reached by phone by calling (403) 244-8424 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MONDAY, October 25th, 1999, AT 1:00 PM/PT

Makes Pro Debut In IKF Arizona

On a Tuesday night, March 4th, 1999, Leg Kick Fighter Anthony Bartinelli of Vierra's Hard Knocks Gym in Phoenix Arizona made his mark in the IKF History books winning the IKF United States International Rules Amateur Middleweight title in dramatic fashion with a 4th round KO over Adam Rogers (4-2/2) of Seaside, California, USA. Bartinelli combined a straight Right and Left hook that dropped Rogers motionless to the canvas at 1:55 of the 4th round. The punch was so Devistating that Referee Dan Stell was waving the bout off before Rogers hit the floor. Rogers layed on the ring canvas for several minutes with the ringside physicians attending to him before leaving the arena on a streatcher to the local hospital where he checked out and later released. That was then, this is now....

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 26th in Phoenix Arizona, USA, Bartinelli will make his pro debut against Cecil Hagins. Hagins is ranked number 12 in the IKF Middleweight Pro Full Contact Rule Rankings division and also holds the ISKA North American title. Bartinelli officially vacated his amateur title on October 18th of this year to move into the Pro Full Contact Rule Rankings.

The event "Showdown In Arizona" will take place at the Midnight Rodeo Club in Phoenix promoted by IKF Arizona Representative, Clement Vierra. The event will be co-sanctioned with the UAKF. for more info, please contact Mr. Clement Vierra at (602) 493-1567.

SUNDAY, October 24th, 1999, AT 2:00 PM/PT

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Results

Roufus Dominates Cooper - Downey Overcomes Zuniga

Reported From George Buse of Milwaukee Kickboxing & Fitness Club Milwaukee, WI, USA

Melding athletic prowess with pure Muaythai artistry, Duke Roufus (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) punished a diehard Dewey Cooper (Las Vegas One Kicks Gym) for 5 hard rounds before winning the heavyweight bout via unanimous decision. The 29 year old Roufus used his armamentarium of middle kicks to set the tempo and tenderized Cooper's right leg with an onslaught of low kicks. Despite being hurt on a number of occasions, Cooper, a veteran of the K-1, showed tremendous heart and fortitude. A round-by-round synopsis of this action-packed fight can be seen below. After the bout Roufus accurately described Cooper's style as being "awkward and smart." Roufus' win punctuated a trip to Italy for a match against the WKA World Heavyweight Champion this November.

In a much anticipated match-up, Dave Zuniga (Winnipeg Sik-Tai) faced Jim "Knock 'em Down" Downey (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) in an undercard light middleweight WAR. Words alone cannot describe the unbridled battle that occurred between these two calculated, highly regarded amateur phenoms. Proving his mettle against the more experienced Canadian and winning via tough unanimous decision, Downey fought the fight of his life. This bout could very well be considered THE amateur fight of the year; it was a ballet of savage force between two elite, indefatigable Muaythai athlete-artisans. A round-by-round synopsis of this incredible bout and the other undercard fights can be seen below.

  1. IKF Lightweight Division - 132
    Darrin Zabriskie (Minneapolis Singpraveh) defeated Jon Ferrer (Winnipeg Sik-Tai) Split Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
    Round 1: Zabriskie immediately set the pace of the fight by firing hard leg and middle kicks. Ferrer answered with a hook-cross combination. Both fighters clinched and fired knees to the body. Zabriskie and Ferrer downgraded the fight tempo and resorted to feeling each other out by mid-round. A nice jab-right leg low kick by Zabriskie scored. Ferrer unloaded a crisp cross.
    Round 2: Ferrer deftly grabbed Zabriskie's middle kick and took the Minneapolis fighter to the ground. Zabriskie connected with a solid right hand, followed by a crafty high feint-low kick technique. Both fighters exchanged knees. Ferrer checked (i.e., blocked) most of Zabriskie's low kicks.
    Round 3: A beautiful left leg head kick by Ferrer landed. Ferrer began worked a solid middle kick followed by a teep (i.e., push kick) that sent Zabriskie reeling backward. Ferrer and Zabriskie exchanged knees. Ferrer and Zabriskie exchanged punches, with Zabriskie landing more leather than Ferrer. A strong teep by Ferrer kept Zabriskie at bay. Both fighters clinched and fell to the canvas at the bell.

  2. IKF Middleweight Division - 156
    Nathan Clements (Ohio Muay Thai) defeated Hutan "Iran Man" Ghojallu (Milwaukee Phetnoi) Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).
    Round 1: Ghojallu exploded and landed a commanding hook punch-right kick combination. Clements and Ghojallu clinched and began kneeing. Ghojallu worked crisp middle kicks. Clements fired a leg kick followed by a side kick. Both fighters exchanged well-placed middle kicks simultaneously. A hook-cross combo by Clements scored. Both exchanged low kicks; Clements picked up the fight pace as the round came to a close.
    Round 2: Clements just missed with a spinning back kick. Ghojallu deftly evaded Clements' punch attack. Ghojallu unloaded a low kick which was countered by Clements' right hand. Clements landed a spinning backfist. Clements pushed the action with hard low kicks followed by knees. Ghojallu fired hard middle kicks. Clements returned fire with knees. Ghojallu connected with the teep.
    Round 3: Clements delivered a powerful low kick. Clements grabbed Ghojallu's middle kick. A left-right punch combination by Ghojallu grazed Clements. A left-right combo by Clement's drove Ghojallu's head back forcefully. Ghojallu delivered swift low kick; Ghojallu's patented teep sent Clements backward.

  3. IKF Women's Light Welterweight Division - 139
    Sarah Baker (Minneapolis Singpraveh) defeated Julie "The" Jackle (Milwaukee Phetnoi) Punch KO, 0:46 of RD 1.
    Round 1: Baker penetrated Jackle's defense with strong jabs. Jackle fired back her own punches and a head kick. Baker overpowered Jackle with a left-right punch onslaught.

  4. IKF Exhibition
    Adam Collins (Milwaukee Phetnoi) and Jason Strout (Milwaukee Phetnoi).
    Round 1: Collins and Strout exchanged middle kicks. Both fighters showed a good deal of movement. Strout worked a jab and some low kicks. Collins and Strout clinched. Strout threw middle kick; Collins connected with a well-timed kick to Strout's base leg.
    Round 2: Collins and Strout clinched. Collins landed a right hand to the body. Strout showboated a bit and then unleashed three middle kicks in a row. Both exchanged teeps and then low kicks.
    Round 3: Collins began the round with some middle kicks. Both fighters began clinching and kneeing. Strout unloaded some left leg kicks, followed by a crisp right hand. Both fighters began clinching and kneeing toward the end of the round.

  5. IKF Light Welterweight Division - 139
    "Playboy" Noi Siborboun (Milwaukee Phetnoi) defeated Alessio "Appleton Assassin" Ziel TKO, 0:07 of RD 2.
    Round 1: Ziel came out hard; Siborboun remained calm and composed. Siborboun landed 3 hard low kicks in succession. Both fighters clinched and began kneeing. Siborboun connected with an overhand right, which stunned Ziel. Ziel attempted a side kick. Siborboun delivered a solid knee that sent Ziel to the canvas; the blow appeared to hit Ziel's solar plexus, but Ziel complained of a low blow. Referee Kuhn Fred Fitzgerald restarted the bout. Siborboun drilled a vicious low kick followed by another right hand which knocked down Ziel. Ziel beat the count.
    Round 2: In a demonstration of sheer athleticism, Siborboun got airborne from nearly mid-ring and blasted Ziel's body with a flying knee that was heard around the world. By the time Ziel hit the canvas referee Fitzgerald wisely stopped the bout.

  6. IKF Light Middleweight, 156
    This was not a fight; this was a WAR from opening bell to closing bell! Jim "Knock 'em Down" Downey Sit-Kongnapa (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) defeated Dave Zuniga (Winnipeg Sik-Tai) Unanimous Decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46). This was a fast-paced bout that saw both combatants fighting his respective style, interspersed with a number of toe-to-toe, no-retreat-no-surrender exchanges. Trying to recount this battle through words alone does not serve justice to the brilliant Muaythai masterpiece these two exhibited. Zuniga is the 1999 Canadian National Tournament Champion and Downey is the 1999 United States National Tournament Champion--at the amateur level you cannot get a match-up that is more marquee than this!
    Round 1: The southpaw Zuniga stuck Downey with blazing left crosses and a strong teep. Downey responded with a number of low, middle, and high kicks. Zuniga kept on the move, working his hands proficiently followed by a low kick attack.
    Round 2: Zuniga and Downey exchanged high kicks. Downey threw a middle kick; Zuniga craftily blasted Downey's base leg with a solid kick. Downey worked a knee attack, followed by a grazing right hand. Zuniga continued moving, working jab-cross-kick combinations. Downey fired a crisp right hand and continued drilling Zuniga with middle kicks. Zuniga caught Downey with a well-placed cross. Downey connected with a blazing, scoring left cross.
    Round 3: Zuniga continued his proficient movement while Downey stuck to his middle and high kick strategy. Downey peppered jab-cross combinations and worked the knee. Zuniga responded with his own arsenal of punches and kicks. Zuniga teeped Downey with authority. Downey got off a flying knee that sent the Canadian champion into the ropes. Both fighters clinched and began kneeing. Zuniga connected with a hook-low kick combination. Both fighters got in each other's face after the round--neither was willing to back down.
    Round 4: Downey deftly grabbed Zuniga's teep. Downey fired another head kick; Zuniga drilled the base leg with a kick of his own. Downey caught Zuniga with a knee to the head. A punch attack ensued by both. Zuniga continued moving, working a proficient teep. Downey unloaded another high right kick. Zuniga was driven back by Downey's knees. Downey's uppercut hit Zuniga flush in the head at the end of the round.
    Round 5: An impressive middle kick barrage by the U.S. Champion neutralized Zuniga's own offense. Downey landed another textbook uppercut. Zuniga cracked Downey with a scorching kick to the base leg. Both fighters went at it toe-to-toe in center ring! The crowd was on its feet with deafening cheers--neither fighter would back down! What an awesome bout between two awesome fighters!

  7. IKF Main Event Heavyweight Division - 210
    Duke Roufus-Sit Kongnapa (Milwaukee Phetnoi Gym) defeated Dewey Cooper (Las Vegas One Kicks Gym) Unanimous Decision (50-44, 50-45, 50-44). This match featured two of America's finest professional Muaythai fighters. Although Cooper came well-equipped and ready to rumble, Roufus' methodical style eventually pressed the K-1 veteran into a retreat- or-be -destroyed mode. Roufus clearly dominated the bout, drilling Cooper with middle kicks and low kicks. Despite being outclassed and having taken a brutal beating to the right leg--which left the Las Vegas sensation limping to his corner in between rounds -- Cooper's interminable will power and smart corner work kept him in the fight. Roufus put on a Muaythai clinic and left the ring victorious; Cooper left the ring defeated, but he won the respect of the crowd for his toughness and great spirit.
    Round 1: Roufus worked a hard right leg attack. Cooper went for a middle kick but Roufus blasted the base leg. Roufus teeped. Cooper fired a high kick that was evaded by Roufus. Roufus countered with a low kick. Cooper landed a solid left cross. Roufus teeped, followed by an onslaught of middle and high kicks. Roufus powered Cooper back with a big knee strike. Roufus landed a right hand. Cooper was hanging tough as the end of the round saw Roufus firing a low right leg kick followed by a crisp left leg middle kick.
    Round 2: Middle kicks and low left kicks by Roufus served as a continuation from the last round; Cooper seemed to be getting frustrated as he was unable to mount a substantial offense. Both fighters clinched. Cooper landed a leg kick; Roufus countered with a solid middle kick. Roufus distracted Cooper with unpredictable head feint-low kick attacks. Cooper fired a middle kick that was evaded by Roufus. The confident Roufus was clearly the aggressor.
    Round 3: Cooper tried clinching after Roufus threw his textbook middle kick. Cooper's scoring leg kick was followed by a scoring leg kick from Roufus. Roufus grabbed Cooper's teep and blasted the Las Vegas native with a leg kick. Cooper rushed in with punches and would then try to clinch to prevent getting kicked. Cooper was limping painfully at the close of the round.
    Round 4: Roufus began the round by rolling over the waistband on his shorts, which signified that Cooper was not an easy customer and that it was time to "really get to work." Roufus continued to brutalize Cooper's right leg with low kicks, but Cooper just would not go down. Cooper returned a hook-cross combination. Roufus cornered Cooper and tapped him with some punches to the head, followed by authoritarian leg kicks. Roufus landed a great knee to Cooper's head, which prompted referee Fitzgerald to administer a standing eight count. Cooper continued like a true braveheart.
    Round 5: Cooper resorted to rushing in with some punches and tried tying up Roufus in a clinch. Roufus worked some swift jabs. Roufus grabbed Cooper's leg and penetrated with a sound body punch. Roufus low kicked again and evaded Cooper's own leg attack. Roufus fired the middle kick as the round came to a close.

Roufus' next event is scheduled for November 13th when Phetnoi Gym's Kongnapa defends his IKF Pro Muay Thai World Junior Middleweight Title against Dimitri Pyasatsky of Belarus, the WKA World Champion. For more information, please call Mr. Scott Joffe at (414) 305-3474 or visit www.milwkick.com

SATURDAY, October 23rd, 1999, AT 11:30 AM/PT

Chris Wright
Wins "ANOTHER" World Title... By DQ!

From Mike Duffy of The British Thai Boxing Web Page

Now last night ( 22 Oct 2022) was I lucky enough to get into the Red Night Club, Edge Lane, Liverpool, To see some top class fights along with the other 5 or 6 hundred people who had filled the Club to the brim. This was the kind of show that I and all fans of Thai Boxing enjoy and will be back next time to see again. With tickets at prices that did not need you to take out a second mortgage, or sell the car. World and European Title fights as top of the bill, with a under card that included novices and British Title fights. This was the kind of show, that has me up at 8:00 AM the next day writing about it already.

A full report will be on the British Thai Boxing site soon, but high lights of the show included, local warrior and IKF Pro Cruiserweight MuayThai Rules World Champion Chris Wright who was up against the much taller Swedish Fighter Jorgon Kurt, who has fought in Thailand and held the WKA World Cruiserweight Thai Boxing Title. The fight was over in the second round when Jorgon landed a knee to the head of Wright, (which in the WKA rule book is a disqualification). Wright was in no condition to continue. (due to a massive cut under his eye on his cheek bone about 1 & 12" long and very wide). Wright got the title on the disqualification. Both he and Jorgon would not have wanted the fight to end this way. A rematch must on the cards. In my view Jorgon was too tall for Wright, and the knee was aimed to the chest of Wright. But being taller by a good 2 or 3 inches than Wright he got the head. When at this point of the fight Jorgon was just starting to warm up to the fight. A Thai Boxing European title was the last fight of the night and this was none stop action all the way. More to come.
Thanks Mike for the info.

IKF Light Welterweight European Champion Tony Bassnett ( Liverpool, England, 24-16/10) won the vacant WKA European Thai Boxing Title at 63.5kg by split decision over Nigan Guranaidu. (London England)

IKF Pro Middleweight British Full Contact Champion Willie Robbie ( Glasgow, Scotland, 9-0/9) won the vacant WKA British Commonwealth Full Contact Title by TKO in the 6th round over Lee Connor (St Helens, England.)

Promoter Alby Bimpson would like to thank everyone for attending their show last night, and regarding Wright's fight, Bimpson (Wright's Trainer) added, "We do not like being called a champion under controversal circumstances." For more info, contact Mr. Alby Bimpson at 01942 723858 or e mail Mr. Bimpson by clicking HERE.

IKF European Representative Alby Bimpson (Wrights Trainer) decided to promote this event so Wright could have a shot at becoming the true undisputed World Cruiserweight MuayThai Champion. Along with holding the IKF World title, Wright also holds the ISKA, WKO and now the WKA World Titles.

MORE NEWS OF 10-23-99. . .

More From England...
Paul Middlehurst
Is An IKF Star For The Future.

IKF Europe
Middlehurst is a 16 years old kickboxer who already holds the WKA British Amateur title (leg kicks), and last night in spectacular form capured the WKA British Amateur Commonwealth Full Contact Title. Middlehurst has had a great upbringing working with the likes of 4 x World Champion Chris Wright, and Double European Champion Tony Bassnett and a number of other champions. He has just been kept "underwraps" until now.

WEDNESDAY, October 20th,, 1999, AT 10:45 AM/PT

Duke Roufus
Returns To The Ring!

Past IKF Super Heavyweight Muay Thai World Champion, Duke Roufus will return to the ring again this Saturday night, October 23rd in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA in a 5 round Muay Thai non title bout.Roufus (32-4-1) is a 4-Time World Kickboxing Champion. He retired his IKF World Super Heavyweight title earlier this year to move down to the Heavyweight Division. When Roufus enters the ring a bit lighter this time at about 209 lbs, he will meet up with Dewey Cooper of Las Vegas Nevada. Cooper (15-2) last fought in K-1 Japan suffering only his second loss of his career. The event will take place at the Eagles Club Grand Ballroom located at 2401, West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee Wisconsin. All bouts are co-sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council (WMC) and the IKF. Doors open at 7:00 p.m., the first bout begins 8:00 p.m.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Roufus is highly regarded by his peers worldwide as one of Muaythai's greatest American Heavyweights and a true legend and ambassador of the sport. In addition to Professional Muaythai Kickboxing, Roufus also operates the Milwaukee Phetnoi Muaythai Kickboxing Gym located at 111 West Virginia Street in Milwaukee and oversees the Kardio Kickboxing programs at Milwaukee area Bally Total Fitness locations and the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

This event once again showcases two International Muaythai Superstars - in Milwaukee - a city recognized worldwide as America's Muaythai hotbed. A total of 8 Muaythai bouts will be featured during the evening. Featured are IKF US National Amateur Championship Team Members Jim "Knock 'em Down" Downey (9-0/2) of Racine, Wisconsin against Dave Zuniga (21-4-1/3) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Sik-Tai Gym). Also Brian "Bad Boy" Fowler (5-1-1/2) of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin against John Holley of Master Toddy's Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Referee and Official WMC American Representative for the event is Fred Fitzgerald of New York. Tickets can be purchased at all Ticketmaster outlets including Boston Store and Piggly Wiggly, at the door or in advance by calling the Eagles Club Box Office at (414) 342-7283. VIP Ringside Front Row seats are $40.00, Ringside seats are $30.00 and General Admission are $15.00 in advance, $20.00 at the door. Everyone attending is encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to benefit "Food For Families."

The event is presented by Ad Cetera Sports, Balistreri's Bluemound Inn and is sponsored by Amelia's, ARG Machining, Teamsters Local 200, Teamsters Local 344, Pitch's Miss Katie's Diner, Hampton Dental Clinic, Attorney Martin Stein, Sunbusters Tint and Auto Enhancement, Chippewa Spring Water, Community Newspapers, Bally Total Fitness, Bell Ambulance, Body Ritual and Herro's Sports Page. For more information, please call Mr. Scott Joffe at (414) 305-3474 or visit www.milwkick.com

TUESDAY, October 19th, 1999, AT 5:25 PM/PT

Border League

From: Dickey, Douglas, IKF Border League:
Oct.16th marked a step up for the IKF Border League in terms of a larger fight venue, advertising and co-sanctioning with the Baja State Athletic Commission that provided the referees, judges and doctors. An enthusiastic crowd of 500 enjoyed a night of modified-rules Muay Thai action that until that very date was in danger of falling through due to last minute cancellations and no-shows. The main event was to feature K-1 USA competitor Pedro "Pitbull" Fernandez against Ray Otomoto of Los Angeles. However, 2 days before the event, Otomoto disappeared from sight, refusing to return phone calls or even offer an explanation of his absence. The IKF AND The Border League fully expect Otomoto to repay the lost expenses and travel money Sent to him up front by the Promoter.

The evening's results are as follows:

  1. Omar Zarate (Tecate Muay Thai) Dec. David Luna (Lion's Den)

  2. Aaron Luna (Tecate Muay Thai) won by KO in round 1 over Jorge Bejar (Lion's Den)

  3. Jose Rodriguez (Mexicali) won by 2nd round KO over Armando Gonzales (Tecate Muay Thai)

  4. David Serano (Reyes MuayThai) won by 1st round KO over Isael Rodriquez (Tecate Muay Thai)

  5. Serigo Garcia (Reyes Muay Thai) won by 1st round KO over Victor Galvan (Mexicali)

Special thanks goes to the Baja State Commissioner Saul Armas, sponsors Corona Beer, Bazar International and Promoter Miguel Reyes. The Next Border League event will be on November 27th in Tecate, Mexico. For more information, call Doug Dickey in San Diego, CA at 619-529-0134 or Miguel Reyes in Mexico at 011-52-66-24-15-42.

MORE NEWS OF 10-19-99. . .

Chris Wright
Going For "ANOTHER" World Title!

IKF World Cruiserweight MuayThai Champion Chris Wright ( Merseyside, England, 14-3/7) will hope to capture his 4th World Title this Friday night when he faces off against WKA World Cruiserweight Champion Jorgon Krut. IKF European Representative Alby Bimpson (Wrights Trainer) decided to promote the event so Wright could have a shot at becoming the true undisputed World Cruiserweight MuayThai Champion. Along with holding the IKF World title, Wright also holds the ISKA and WKO World titles.

Also on the card will be IKF Light Welterweight European Champion Tony Bassnett ( Liverpool, England, 23-16/10) who will challenge for the vacant WKA European Thai Boxing Title at 63.5kg. The event will happen at the Reds Night Club, The Dovonshire House Hotel, Edge Lane in Liverpool England. Tickets can be bought at the door - or contact Mr. Alby Bimpson at 01942 723858 or e mail Mr. Bimpson by clicking HERE.

SUNDAY, October 17th, 1999, AT 8:00 PM/PT

Tran Shines In
IKFColorado, USA

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

First time IKF Event Promoter Bing Tran of Colorado can rest a bit now after hosting a very exciting event in Littleton Colorado, USA at his Champion Martial Art Center. A packed house watched matches in International Rules, MuayThai Rules, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Pro and Amateur Vale Tudo and the Toughman and Woman USA Championships (Boxing only). There was something at this event for every fight fan.

The IKF was originally concerned about sanctioning the event since all the matches were done in an octagon style cage. However once there, it was clear that the ring itself was actually a great fighting arena. Designed by well known NHB man, John Perretti of Hampton Bays, New York, USA, this $35,000+ ring was worth its weight in gold. It stood approximately 4 feet off the gym floor and measured 27 feet across with heavily padded walls and coated fence material to protect the fighters from any injury at all. The height of the side walls on the ring itself were the same height as the top rope of a boxing ring. The mat was obviously padded yet not too soft, allowing an exciting surface for any style of fighting. Perretti also attended the event as one of the 3 referees for the night along with cornering for some of his own fighters. To say the least, we were extremely impressed with his knowledge of the fight game. Perretti position in the NHB world speaks for itself. From the experience of being a past fighter, he now passes on his knowledge training NHB fighters at his club in New York. But he is most well known for two other aspects of the NHB fight game. One for being the matchmaker for the UFC and two, don't forget the fact that he was one of the first to bring NHB fighting to the public arena.

While Perretti and promoter Bing Tran organized the other fighting styles, IKF Colorado Representative Sven Bean and IKF President Steve Fossum went to work organizing the Kickboxing portion of the event. Being an open invitation tournament, matchmaking had to be done only hours before the event. Together, they matched up a very exciting fight card. Here are the results of the IKF Kickboxing matches sanctioned on the event;

  1. IKF WOMEN'S AMATEUR International Rules
    Jacquelyn Dillin (Englewood, Colorado, USA, 1-0/0) defeated Tammy Roza (Omaha, Nebraska, USA, 0-1/0) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-28, 29-27.

  2. IKF AMATEUR MuayThai Rules
    Oscar Martinez
    (North Hollywood, CA, USA, 6-1/3) defeated Jason McKeever (Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, 1-4/0) by split decision, 30-29, 28-29, 29-28.

  3. IKF AMATEUR International Rules
    Rufino Soltero (Denver, Colorado, USA, 2-0/2) defeated Mark Walker (N/A) by TKO at 17 seconds of the second round. Walker stopped the bout himself, informing the referee that he was too tired to continue.

  4. IKF WOMEN'S AMATEUR International Rules
    Trisha Hill
    (Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA, 4-0/0) defeated Tracy Kuschel (Omaha, Nebraska, USA, 1-3/1) by TKO when referee Tom Yoshida stopped the bout at 1:25 of the second round. Hill overwhelmed Kuschel with punch after punch each time she pressed Kuschel. Hill was an exciting fighter that in our opinion would have a great future in boxing as well as kickboxing.

    Opponents for Ron Hillyard (Englewood Colorado, USA, 0-0/0) and Eric Lalone (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, 16-1/13) were no shows so the two decided to do a special exhibition bout. Scheduled for 2, 2 minute rounds, Lalone (235) was just too strong and aggressive for the smaller Hillyard (200) and after Lalone knocked Hillyard to the ring floor in the first round by an unintended strong punch, the second round was quickly shortened to only 1 minute. Lalone is a big and strong heavyweight and it will be exciting to see him in a real bout with other IKF Muay Thai Heavyweights in the future.
  6. IKF AMATEUR MuayThai Rules
    On paper, this should have been a close match between two exciting fighters. But to those who were there, Duane Ludwig (12-2/9, Aurora, Colorado, USA) showed everyone that he is clearly ready to step up to the pro ranks sometime next year as he simply put on a MuayThai clinic in stopping Shale Lapage (9-2/--, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA) at 1:41 of round 3 to add his 12th victory and 9th KO to an already great record. Our first view of Ludwig was earlier this year, June 5th, in Orlando Florida, USA when he suffered 1 of his only 2 career loses. In Orlando, Ludwig met Tony Haddock (6-2/3) of Orlando Florida to fight for the International Rules (Leg kicks, no knees) Light Middleweight U S Amateur title. In round 2 of that bout, Haddock unloaded a blistering left hook that quickly dropped Ludwig to the canvas. Ludwig's legs were shaking on the mat yet he stood up as IKF Referee Dan Stell started the count. Once up, he fell back into the ropes and it was obvious he was not able to continue. Stell stopped the championship bout at :51 seconds into the second round.
    Looking back now, Ludwig knows he doesn't want to fight anything but MUAYTHAI bouts. Why? The "ONLY" 2 bouts Ludwig has lost have been International Rules bouts. (Leg kicks, no knees) Ludwig's only other loss came in Calgary Alberta Canada to Trevor Desjarlais (From what we were told by Ludwig). According to Ludwig, the bout was suppose to be a Muaythai bout but was changed to leg kicks only. Ludwig still fought and lost the bout.

Ludwig proved Saturday night though that knees are a very important part of his fight game. Since his loss to Haddock and especially after his showing in the 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament (September, 99) where he won the Light Middleweight Title, Ludwig has come a long way. Ludwig made his bout with Lapage look easy as he schooled Lapage in round 1, dropping him twice forcing 2 standing 8 counts. In round 2, Ludwig dropped him again with a strong knee shot. Round 3 was no different as Ludwig put together a 3 punch combination followed by a kick to Lapage's head that forced referee Tom Yoshida to step in and give yet another standing 8 count to Lapage. Finally, after receiving a strong beating against the fence from Ludwig, referee Yoshida stepped in to stop the bout which in our opinion could have been stopped much earlier with no reason for complaint. Ludwig now contemplates the decision to turn pro, but before he does this, he wants to meet Trevor Desjarlais again. However, this time, Ludwig would like to face him under Muaythai rules. We'll all have to see just what the future brings here.

Mr. Tran's next event is scheduled for December 4th. For more event info, please contact promoter Mr. Bing Tran at (303) 973-7098 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.. More info on the event can also be found by clicking this link HERE.

More News
Of This Past Weekends
IKF Events Coming Later In The Week...

THURSDAY, October 14th,, 1999, AT 3:10 PM/PT

Busy Weekend Of IKF Events!!

Five different IKF promoters are ready to kick off a great weekend of IKF Kickboxing. Three of the 5 events will be with new IKF Promoters, promoting their first IKF sanctioned events. Here are the rundowns of the 5 events.

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Friday night, October 15th, first time IKF Promoter Doug Freeman of Combat Promotions will host the "Ultimate Kickboxing Showdown" The nights Main Event will feature a great rematch when Pro Super Heavyweights Jeff Ford of Kansas City MO, USA faces off against Rob Stack of O'Fallon, IL, USA in an International Rules, non title bout.

The semi main event will feature Pro Full Contact Rules, Super Middleweights Ronnie DeLeon of O'Fallen, IL, USA against Dwayne Lewis of Kansas City, Missouri, USA in another non title bout.

Three IKF Missouri State Amateur Title Belts will be on the line during the night as well. Fighting for the IKF Missouri State Amateur Muay Thai Light Welterweight title will be Damon Cline against Brian Glenn.

Fighting for the IKF Missouri State Amateur International Rules Light Middleweight State title will be Dan Tharp against Jason Blanckett.

The final State Title will be for the IKF Missouri State Amateur International Rules Super Lightweight Title featuring Kris Kurtz against an opponent who was just recently named. Because of this, we did not have Kurtz's opponent's name at the time of this posting. However, when we are given the info, we will add it to this article.

The event doors open at 6:PM and the fights start at 7:PM. The venue location is the Beaumont Club located at 4050 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Event tickets are $17.50 general, $25.00 reserved and $30.00 Ringside. For more event info, you can contact Mr. Doug Freeman at (816) 966-9393.

MORE NEWS OF 10-14-99. . .

Tijuana, Mexico

Saturday night, October 16th, IKF Promoters Doug Dickey and Miguel Reyes will host another IKF *Border League Event featuring amateur fighters from California USA and Mexico. The event will take place at the Tijuana Municipal Auditorium. Doors open at 7:PM and the first bout will start at 8:PM. Pro kickboxer Pedro "Pitbull" Fernandez of Mexico was scheduled to fight as a special feature bout but his opponent backed out this week. A special exhibition bout will feature Promoter and Fighter Doug Dickey against Mario Mendoza. Special guest at the event will include Ultimate Fighter, Ken Shamrock and WBC Junior Featherweight World Champion Eric Morales. For more event info, please contact Mr. Miguel Reyes in Mexico at 011- 52- 66- 24- 15- 42 or Mr. Doug Dickey in San Diego, CA, USA at (619) 529-0134.

(*) The IKF Border League was organized by Dickey & Reyes to establish more events between fighters in California and Mexico. The success of the league has been great. 10 bouts are planned for this Saturdays event. The event will feature fighting in the Modified Muay Thai Rules (No Elbows) with knees to the body permitted, headgear, 14 oz. gloves and shin guards will be mandatory.

MORE NEWS OF 10-14-99. . .

Layton, Oklahoma, USA

Also on Saturday night, October 16th, First time IKF promoter Robert Thomas will host a Pro-Am event at the Great Plans Coliseum in Layton, Oklahoma, USA. Although the event will not feature any Title bouts, the event will feature several great matches between local amateurs and pro kickboxers. For more event info, please contact event promoter Mr. Robert Thomas at (501) 834-4082.

MORE NEWS OF 10-14-99. . .

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

IKF Promoter Jeff Mullens will also host an IKF Event this Saturday night. Mullens, who is also an IKF Regional Tournament Event Promoter will feature several amateur bouts on his event to be held at the New Daisy Theatre in Memphis Tennessee, USA. No title bouts are scheduled for this event but the action is sure to be great as it always is in Memphis. For more event info, please contact promoter Mr. Jeff Mullens at (901) 757-0985.

MORE NEWS OF 10-14-99. . .

Littleton, Colorado, USA

First time IKF Event Promoter Bing Tran of Colorado has added the assistance of the IKF to help out with organizing his kickboxing bouts for his "US Open, Vale Tudo & Kickboxing Event" scheduled for this Saturday night in Littleton, Colorado, USA. IKF President Steve Fossum will attend the event to assure the kickboxing portion of the event will go well. In question is the fact that all the kickboxing matches will be fought in an octagon cage as they do in events such as the UFC. All the fighters scheduled to fight on the event have all agreed to fight in the cage. "The cage is there for the Vale Tudo matches and moving a ring in would require too much extra work." said Tran. "Since several spectators asked if we could include kickboxing and Muay Thai bouts on the events, this was the only way we could do it."

Assisting with the Muay Thai organization of the event will be IKF Promoter and Muay Thai Trainer Mick Doyle of Omaha Nebraska who will also be bringing 2 fighters to the event. Doyle pointed out the need to work with the IKF to Tran on his last event where Doyle's fighters blasted through the so called competition. Better fighters were needed to match up in MuayThai and with the assistance of IKF Associate Sven Bean of Colorado, the scheduled kickboxing and MuayThai bouts on the event now look really good.

Tran's main focus is the organization of this great event which will feature a wide variety of fighting styles. A sensational full contact martial arts competition open to all styles, Tran's event will include the IKF Muay Thai Bouts, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Pro and Amateur Vale Tudo and the Toughman and Woman USA Championships. The event will also be filmed and later televised on ESPN 2. It will all take place at Tran's "Champion Martial Arts Center". A 20,000 square foot facility located at 10251 W. Bowles Ave in Littleton Colorado. Advanced purchase for tickets are $25 day and night and $ 35 Ringside or Bleacher Seating. Tickets are also available at Tigron Martial Arts Supply, (303) 937-7771. Elimination bouts will start at 3:PM and the nighttime show and finals will begin at 6:30 PM. For more event info, please contact promoter, Mr. Bing Tran at (303) 973-7098 or by e-mail by clicking HERE. More info on the event can also be found by clicking this link HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 10-14-99. . .

Pro Female Fighter
Needed For Miles Canada Event!!!

Promoter Mike Miles of Calgary Canada is looking for a fighter to meet beginning pro female fighter Vanessa Bellegarde of Alberta Canada. Bellegarde is 21 years old and weighs approximately 116 lbs. Miles is looking to match Bellgrade in a 4 round bout against a new professional woman's fighter. The pay is $100.00 per round plus airfare, hotel and food. The rule style can be either International (leg kicks) or modified MuayThai. The maximum weight of the fighter needed would be 118 lbs.

On another note, Miles has said, if no female fighter can be found, the idea of Bellgrade facing a male fighter is an idea they would like to try. If there is a male fighter who would like to meet Bellgrade (no more than 116 lbs and no more than 10 bouts) please call Mr. Miles as well. It would be an experiment but something Miles and Bellgrade would like to try, just to see what would happen. Mr. Miles can be reached by phone by calling (403) 244-8424 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

Bellgrade's accomplishments as an amateur are many and include winning the IKF Amateur North American Women's Flyweight Kickboxing Champion in1998, WKA World Super Bantamweight Amateur Muay Thai Champion, WKA North American Super Bantamweight Kickboxing Champion, 4th IAMTF World Muay Thai Championships - Gold Medal, bantamweight in 1999, ISKA North American Super Flyweight Freestyle Rules Champion in 1997, WKA Canadian Bantamweight Full Contact Champion in 1997, WKA Canadian Featherweight Kickboxing Champion - team Canada in 1996, WKA North American Bantamweight Kickboxing Champion in 1996.

TUESDAY, October 12th, 1999, AT 11:50 AM/PT

Language Translation Page

Our IKF web staff has made it possible by this link below for any of you to translate the IKF web pages into a different language. To Translate any of these pages to French, Spanish, Portuguese, German or Italian, Click this link: Language Translation Page

We are also working on translation for other languages as well. This link above can always be found on our opening page under the same heading.

MONDAY, October 11th, 1999, AT 12:30 PM/PT


Well known MuayThai Referee Fred Fitzgerald has joined forces with other Expert here on the IKF web pages (IKF CORNER TALK with BROOKS MASON and IKF TRAINING TIPS From World Champion: JOHNNY DAVIS) to bring you various news about the world of Muay Thai. Mr. Fitxgerald's page can be found by clicking this ling IKF MUAYTHAI In The Ring with KUHN FRED FITZGERALD

WEDNESDAY, October 6th, 1999, AT 1:30 PM/PT

Amateurs - Get Your Headgear!

Beginning January 1st, 2000 Headgear will be mandatory for all IKF Amateur kickboxing bouts, NO MATTER What the fighters age or ring experience. In fact, some promoters such as Duke Roufus in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA are going to start this rule as of their very next event, October 23rd. The IKF will "Request" that all IKF Promoters with IKF events booked between now and January 1st, 2000, also begin this new rule on their events. However, it will not become mandatory until January 1st, 2000.

These decisions have been decided after the IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament this past September in Iowa, USA. RINGSIDE founder and owner John Brown of RINGSIDE INC, the official sponsor of IKF Kickboxing worldwide was questioned what he would like to see in the sport of kickboxing for the amateur program to grow. His desires were the same as many of the IKF Promoters and Trainers who discussed the issue after the National Tournament. "To make the sport more Safe." said Brown and Ringside Inc Representative Joe Taylor.

The simple fact is that "Amateurs NEED to be protected." This decision may come as a surprise or even a shock to many West Coast USA fighters who are use to not wearing headgear as an amateur, however, "SOMEONE" needs to make the move to protect these fighters at the amateur level. Years ago is when amateurs stopped wearing headgear at the requests of promoters. Various promoters urged fighters not to wear headgear for TV viewing or crowd appeal since fighters without headgear made the fighters appear as pros. However, the IKF is not concerned with TV ratings and crowd appeal when the trade off is FIGHTERS SAFETY.

The IKF has been committed to fighters safety since it's beginning and pledged so even more when it endorsed the Jaw-Joint Protector some time ago. In fact, the Safety of fighters was so important that the IKF developed a page just for news from the Jaw-Joint Protector Organization (WIPSS) located at this link on the front index page, WIPSS Products Inc. Fighters Safety News. We hope everyone can see and understand the need for such a decision. In thinking of fighters safety, we hope you all agree with this ruling.

PERMITTED IKF APPROVED HEADGEAR: Headgear with jaw bars and or *cheek protectors are not allowed. ONLY "Competition Style" Headgear will be allowed. This type of headgear is also USA Boxing approved. (*) Headgear with cheek protectors limit the fighters vision of kicks coming up to a fighters face/head.

TUESDAY, October 5th, 1999, AT 3:35 PM/PT

St Louis, USA Results

Late Report from Rob Donaker, St. Louis Missouri, USA. First time IKF promoter Jesse Finney of St. Louis Missouri, USA hosted 11 exciting bouts on his event held on Friday night, September 24th at the Union Plaza in St. Louis Missouri, USA. Attendance was around 1500 for the event which featured all Full Contact Rules bouts. The event was co-sanctioned by the IKF and K.I.C.K Here are the bout results.

  1. Mike Kakarsus (1-0/1,172, 5'11, 24 of Finney's Championship Kickboxing)
    defeated Jason Janko (1-0, 173, 5'10, 19 of U.S.A. Karate Club) by KO at 1:42 of the 2nd round.

  2. Nick Kramer (1-1/1, 179, 5'11, 19 of Finney's)
    defeated Quentin Oche (0-2, 178, 5'9, 21 of Bon Terre Martial Arts) by KO at 2:39 of the 1st round.

  3. Lanie Gault (1-1/1, 153, 5'6, 27 of Finney's)
    defeated Evelyn Marler (2-0, 150, 5'6, 22 of Bon Terre) by KO at 1:24 of the 2nd round.

  4. Midwest Middleweight #2 K.I.C.K and K.I.C.K Illinois State Champion Jose Ponce (8-1/7, 154, 5'6, 25 of Deleon Kickboxong)
    defeated Mark Mayfield (9-5/3, 153, 5'9, 18 of Finney's) by split decision 30-27, 27-30, 30-27.

  5. Chris Granda (2-0/1, 142, 5'9, 20 of Finney's)
    defeated Mike O'Keefe (2-0, 140, 5'9, 19 of Bon Terre) by KO at 2:24 of the 3rd round.

  6. Jason Bozada (1-0/1, 147, 5'9, 17 of Finney's)
    defeated Joe O'Keefe (0-0, 145, 5'11, 18 of Bon Terre) by unanimous decision 30-27,30-27,30-27.

  7. Kenny Loehr (6-0/6, 159, 5'11, 22 of Finney's)
    defeated Richard Anderson (8-3/2, 157, 6'1, 20 of U.S.A. Karate Club) by KO at 1:52 of the 1st round.

  8. Kevin Bozada (6-0/6, 195, 6'0, 35 of Finney's)
    defeated Myron McNulty (K.I.C.K #4 Midwest Heavyweight Contender, 4-0/4, 192, 5'11, 29 trained by self) by KO at 2:35 of the 1st round.

  9. MAIN EVENT: Jesse Finney (13-0/10,172,6'0,25 of Finney's)
    met K.I.C.K Missouri State Champion Dave Young (4-0/4,170,6'1,23 of Bon Terre)
    Young barley stayed in his feet to finish the second round. Finney then put it on him to win by KO at 1:57 in the 3rd round.
    Finney improved his record to 13-0, with 11 KO's.

For more info on Mr. Finney's event or his next event, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226

MONDAY, October 4th, 1999, AT 4:00 PM/PT

"Walks The Walk"
In IKF Florida, USA!

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

It seems everywhere the IKF goes now, the phrase is heard by every fighter and trainer. Every IKF Fighter that enters the ring to compete on an IKF event truly "Walks the Walk!"

It's a phrase that was made popular this past year at the 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE Regional events around the USA leading up to the first ever, 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur tournament in Iowa, USA. At the Nationals, nearly 100 amateur fighters who had earned their way through regional events around the Nation took their shot at being the best in the USA. Rather than just win a title against another fighter from their home state on any given Saturday night, these fighters faced all opponents who were willing to face their peers in their weight and fighting style. Sure, there were fighters who weren't there, but they could have been. So for those who were at the regionals and to those who made it to the national finals, these were the fighters who first created and deserved the slogan of those who "Walked the Walk!"

They took the sport of Amateur kickboxing to another level. They took the long road to the top to prove their status among their peers. Now the saying is what makes IKF Kickboxing great around the world today. Keep in mind though everyone, it's not just the fighters who "Walk the Walk" in IKF kickboxing. Don't forget the trainers and promoters that provide the opportunity for these great fighters as well.

Take for example IKF Florida, USA Promoter Caroline Mixon of The Mac Group in Orlando Florida who promoted last Saturday nights October 3rd IKF event. New to the IKF in January of 1999, Mixon along with the organizational efforts of IKF Florida Representative Sean Wohl, IKF World Referee Dan Stell & IKF President Steve Fossum, her events just keep getting better and better. She just completed her last IKF event for 1999 at a gym she purchased last year and has been trying to rebuild better than it was years ago. She's accomplished that to the "Scrapyard Kickboxing Gym" a.k.a. Orlando Kickboxing Center, in Orlando Florida, USA.

In addition, Mixon has brought great fighters to her events this last year from as far away as California, Colorado and West Virginia just to name a few states, at her expense rather than have 2 Florida fighters fighting for a U. S. Title. She hosted one of the IKF/ RINGSIDE National Amateur Regionals (South East) and was first to witness that not everyone who calls themselves champions (in other organizations) were willing to test their skills against their peers in Florida, let alone around the Nation. She's also done well selecting officials with the help of the IKF who don't lean to just the home town fighters as well. As one trainer put it, "At least our fighters don't have to knock their opponents out to win on Caroline's event. We can always be assured a fare fight with fare judges with an organization that recognizes our fighters in legitimate amateur and pro rankings."

Mixon has changed the credibility of what truly makes a kickboxing champion in Florida this last year. With the year 2000 around the corner, Mixon and the IKF have even bigger plans for Florida kickboxing and we all look forward to an even more exciting year, next year.

Mixon's event on Saturday night featured 11 exciting real bouts and 1 special Champions Exhibition. Five of the nights bouts were in the IKF Junior Amateur Division (Ages 8-15). Her event marked the first time ever an IKF event featured a full half card line-up of Junior Amateur Fighters. Mixon proved something the IKF has been trying to tell promoters for some time now. That the IKF Junior Amateur program will offer some exciting competition among the younger athletes and bring in a great crowd of supporters for the fighters as well! Sure enough, the house was full mainly because of all the supporters for the Junior Amateur fighters and the bouts? They were some of the most exciting on the night.

The IKF plans to feature the Junior Amateurs in a National Tournament in the year 2000 either with the adults National Amateur Tournament schedule or as a completely separate tournament with it's own regional events and championship. Mixon's event proved that not only are there a lot of Junior Amateur fighters out there but there are a lot that can fight GREAT! Here's a rundown of Saturday nights bouts and all the fighters who "Walked the Walk in Orlando USA!"

  1. IKF Junior Amateur Full Contact Rules Division
    Cory Fox
    (Orlando, FL, USA, 1-0/1, 54 lbs., 8) defeated Joel Eccles (Orlando, FL, USA, 0-1/0, 62 lbs., 10) by TKO at :59 seconds of round 3.

  2. IKF Junior Amateur Full Contact Rules Division:
    Blake Chambers
    (Orlando, FL, USA, 1-0/0, 79 lbs., 9) defeated David Hamby (Orlando, FL, USA, 0-1-1/0, 66 lbs.) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28. Hamby had agreed the week of the fight to accept the bout even though there was a big difference in the weight (13 lbs.) Despite the weight difference, Hamby fought hard and strong and went the distance. Hamby proved he will be a strong competitor against opponents his own weight in future bouts.

  3. IKF Junior Amateur Full Contact Rules Division
    History was made in Orlando on this night as well and in the world of kickboxing when the first ever Male vs Female Bout took place. Ten year old up and coming Female junior star Amber Francis (Orlando, FL, USA, 1-0/1, 84 lbs.) stepped into the ring to face a male opponent and Francis didn't let the crowd down. Fighting with true determination and passion, Francis edged out a split decision win over a tough fighting Richard Allen, (Orlando, FL, USA, 0-1/0, 80 lbs., 10) 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28. This was a great fight that could have seen either fighter get the win and if anyone wants to give Allen a bad time for losing a great bout to a female, we suggest before you spout off any comments, maybe you should step into the ring against Francis. For these two, as we said, both fought a GREAT FIGHT! Heck, maybe we should say, before you give Allen a bad time, "Step into the ring with HIM as well!" Great fight you two and did you ever "Walk the Walk!"

  4. IKF Junior Amateur Full Contact Rules Division
    Lena Taylor
    (Orlando, FL, USA, 1-0/0, 113, 12) followed up the "Girls Night Out" in Orlando with another split decision win over her male opponent, Chris Kahn. (Orlando FL, USA, 0-1/0, 101, 12) Taylor added to the crowd excitement for the girls this night in a great fight that again, could have went either way, and again in support of Kahn, before any of you people give these boys a hard time,,,,, Step in the ring and "Walk the Walk" with him! Kahn gave up "12" lbs. to accept this fight and against boy or girl, that's a big difference in weight. Again, GREAT FIGHT you two!

  5. "BOXING"
    IKF Kickboxer Jean Baptiste (Orlando FL, USA) stepped in the ring for a change of pace on this IKF event to fight a Boxing match against William Carpenter of Orlando FL, USA. The taking away of Baptiste's kicking skills didn't bother him a bit as he easily punched his way to a unanimous decision win 30-26 on all 3 of the judges score cards.

  6. "BOXING"
    IKF Kickboxer Rommel Rene (Orlando FL, USA) found himself in an unfamiliar situation Saturday night after losing a close split decision to boxer Kenya Ojima (Orlando, FL, USA), 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  7. IKF Full Contact Rules
    Kern Brown
    (Orlando, FL, USA, 4-2/1) defeated Milton Canidate (Daytona, FL, USA, 0-1/0) by TKO after Canidate took a solid right hand from Brown that was followed up by a strong front kick that sent Canidate flying into the corner where he dropped to the ring floor. As he stood, IKF Referee Dan Stell determined he had enough from the explosive combination and stopped the bout at 1:28 of the 3rd round. Canidate was warned several times in the bout for kicking Brown in the groin and after several warnings, Stell deducted a point from Canidate in round 2. Stell deducted another point from Canidate in the 3rd round as he continued to kick Brown low.

  8. IKF International Rules Division
    James Routson
    (Orlando, FL, USA, 1-0/1) stopped Richard Crosse at 1:53 of the first round. Routson broke Crosse down with right leg leg kicks to Crosse's left thigh and when the time was right, Routson kicked Crosse in the face with a left leg shin kick. Crosse dropped as referee Dan Stell counted him out. Some of Crosse fans questioned the kick thinking it was a knee but from all judges and officials at ringside, it was clear that it was a shin that made the contact. Next, those fans wondering if it was a legal strike but to re-answer them, in a leg kick bout, striking with the shin is very legal.

  9. IKF Junior Amateur Full Contact Rules Division
    Daniel Wallace
    (Orlando, FL, USA, 1-0/0, 116lbs, 12) defeated Robert Tims (Orlando, FL, USA, 0-1/0, 108 lbs, 12) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28). Tim's and his trainer choose to give up the difference of the weight (8 lbs.) which proved to be the difference as Wallace was simply too strong for Tims. Tims will prove to be a strong competitor though against fighters in his weight class in future bouts.

  10. IKF International Rules Division
    It didn't take Jason Cleveland (Orlando, FL, USA, 2-0/2) long to give Andre Wilson (Orlando, FL, USA, 0-1/0) a wake up call to the sport of full contact fighting. Cleveland put a stop to Wilson only 18 seconds into the first round with a strong right hand that caught Wilson straight in the face and dropped him. As Wilson stood up his knees buckled just enough for referee Dan Stell to stop the bout at once. A good stop by Stell since there is no telling what kind potential head injuries such a blow could have caused and since Wilson's an amateur in his first bout, better to keep him safe for his next fight than to risk further contact to his head. He'll be back next time.

  11. IKF Full Contact Rules
    Ryan Robertson
    (Deland, FL, USA, 0-1/0) found out just how demanding the sport of kickboxing can be on ones endurance level in his bout against Arturo Saenz (Miami, FL, USA, 1-0/1). Robertson kept pushing his mouth piece out away from his teeth in hopes to breath better during the bout. "Hey Ryan, that mouthpiece isn't any good if it doesn't stick solid to your teeth." Although Saenz fought very wild it was Robertson that paid the price of not having done more roadwork (Endurance training) when Saenz punched him with a right hand as the two were breaking from a clinch and dropped Robertson at 1:43 of the 2nd round. A reminder to all fighters, "Protect yourself at all times!"

    IKF/RINGSIDE U.S. Full Contact Rules National Amateur Tournament Welterweight Champion and IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules Florida Welterweight State Champion Derrick "The Flash" Samuels (Orlando, FL, 8-0/3) and IKF United States Amateur International Rules Light Middleweight Champion Tony "Hitman" Haddock (Orlando, FL, USA, 6-2/3) excited the crowd with a very classy 3 round exhibition to end the night. Samuels and Haddock thrilled the crowd with quick and smooth combinations proving to everyone why they are IKF Champions.

Mixon's next event probably won't be until this coming spring but this event marked the end of a great year for IKF Kickboxing and The Mac Group in Florida, USA. For more info on the next IKF event at the Scrapyard (Orlando Kickboxing Center) contact Mrs. Caroline Mixon and The MACC Group at (407) 648-5133 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.. Also, visit their website by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 9-28-99. . .

Ott and Freeman
Shine At IKF Fairfield, CA, USA

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

Although the crowd was small, IKF promoter Tim Stell hosted 8 bouts at the Allanwitt Sportscenter in Fairfield, CA, USA Saturday night, September 25th. The crowd received a show of action in Full Contact, International and San Shou Rules fighting. IKF U. S. Pro San Shou Super Middleweight Champion Rudy Ott of San Jose, CA, USA (Formerly from Boston, MA, USA) and IKF U. S. Amateur International Rules Light Heavyweight Champion Darren Freeman of Susanville, CA, USA both shined once again in their careers with wins.

In the nights main event, San Shou fighter Rudy Ott successfully defended his IKF Pro San Shou Super Middleweight title in a rematch against Redwood, City, California's Cary Nathan. Ott (19-3/4) was declared the winner when Nathan couldn't answer the bell and begin the 3rd round. Ott was tough in his title defense showing good hand and feet skill while Nathan just never got on track the whole bout.

In the nights Semi Main Event, Susanville, California's Darren Freeman (10-1-1/5) put a stop to Todd Whitmoyer of Phoenix, AZ, USA, (6-2/4) when he dropped Whitmoyer at 1:38 of the first round. Freemen had already dropped Whitmoyer twice in the opening round and with the win, Freeman wins the vacant, IKF United States Amateur Light Heavyweight International Rules Title.Freemen is also the IKF United States Super Middleweight Amateur International Rules Champion and the 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Tournament Super Middleweight Amateur International Rules Champion. He won all his National Tournament bouts by KO as well. After the bout, Freeman (27) brought up the idea of moving up to pro status and with the way he's been fighting, we think he's more than ready for the move. Freeman's boxing skills have always been good. However, what makes him a much better fighter now is that he now blends his kicking techniques in better than ever which set up his punches a lot easier. If your ready to go pro Darren, there's a world title waiting out there somewhere in your future. If you feel now is the time to make the move, we wish you the best of luck.

Here are the way the other bouts went on the night;

  1. IKF International Rules
    Keishan Scott
    (San Francisco, CA, USA, 1-0/0) defeated Joe Elliot (Suisun, CA, USA, 0-2/0) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.

  2. IKF San Shou
    James Fanshier
    defeated Frankie Stitt by TKO after Stitt gave up in the second round at the 44 second mark. Fanshier's (27) skills were way more advanced than the older Stitt (39).

  3. IKF WOMEN' International Rules
    Mary Tourtlotte
    (San Jose, CA, USA, 1-0/1) defeated Keisha Crystal (Redwood City, CA, USA, 0-1/0) by TKO at :25 seconds of the second round.

  4. David Luna (Poway, CA, USA, 2-2/1) defeated Tony Sanza (Napa, CA, USA, 1-3/1) in a surprise Split decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28. It had appeared that Sanza was the more aggressive and powerful fighter but two judges saw it differently.

  5. IKF WOMEN'S International Rules
    In her second bout as a leg kick fighter, Jessica Nobles-Ellis (Citrus Heights, CA, USA, 5-0/0) showed great focus and clean punches more than leg kicks as her hands took her over Elena Reid (Phoenix, AZ, USA, 4-3/0) for a unanimous decision win, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

  6. IKF Full Contact Rules
    After the weigh-ins, this had the makings of a great bout. With well known IKF Amateur FCR Lightweight California Champion Ronnie Tsutsui (Vallejo, CA, USA, 11-1/3) weighing in at 136 and Jorge Sosa (Albq. New Mexico, USA, 8-1/5) weighing in at 133 lbs. However, as the saying goes, "A funny thing happened on the way to the show" Sosa obviously wasn't prepared to "Walk the Walk" against Tsutsui on this night as he and his trainer Mr. Frank Trejo choose to not leave the hotel with the fighters bus when it picked up all the other fighters before the event on Saturday night. The two simply just stayed at the hotel making no effort to even try to get to the event. Our apologies to Mr. Tsutsui who was there ready to "Walk the Walk" against Sosa. Then to add insult to injury, the two missed their plane the next day as well. By the way, according to IKF rules, you two now owe Mr. Stell the full amount of your travel expenses which include plane fare, hotel and the food he paid for, for you. Something we here at the IKF trust you will take care of ASAP. We wouldn't want you two to be labeled as individuals that left a tab with the promoter. So please do the right thing guys, contact Mr. Stell and pay back what you cost him. Not to mention the disappointment you cost Tsutsui and his fans who came to watch him fight.

For more info about future events Mr. Stell will be promoting, you can contact him at LTD Productions, (707) 290-8192.

FRIDAY, October 1st, 1999, AT 1:30 AM/PT

Ready For
IKF Orlando, Florida, USA!

IKF promoter Caroline Mixon of The MACC Group in Orlando Florida is all set for yet another IKF event this Saturday night at the Orlando Kickboxing Center in Orlando Florida, USA. Mixon's event will be the first IKF event to feature a full half card line-up of "Junior Amateur Fighters" along with adult kickboxing bouts to finish out the night. IKF Referee Dan Stell of Fairfield, CA will be the referee for the event. For ticket info, call (407) 648-5133 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 10-1-99. . .

More Pictures
Added to the Picture Pages.

Check them out at these pages;

IKF Photo Gallery 1 - Mass Destruction!

IKF Photo Gallery 2 - USA National Tournament

IKF Photo Gallery 3

IKF Photo Gallery 4

MORE NEWS OF 10-1-99. . .

Check Out This

International Institute of Professional Executive Protection

WEDNESDAY, September 29th, 1999, AT 4:00 AM/PT

Welcomes IKF To Australia!

Hallak & Fernerly Capture IKF World Titles.

IKF Australian Promoter and IKF Australian Representative Robert Wilesmith Walked the Walk with an exciting event last Friday night at the Croatian Club in Bankstown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.Wilesmith brought in 2 great fighters from South Africa to fight 2 Australian fighters for IKF World Titles and supported the 2 World title bouts with a great local undercard.)

Although the beginning of the event was disrupted and delayed due to fighters who didn't show up and or didn't make their contracted weight, once the event begin, everything went smooth. With the exception of some questionable judging by the judges of the AKFA, (Australian Kung Fu Association) the nights bouts provided enough excitement for everyone! Here is a rundown of the bouts on the night.

  1. IKF JUNIOR DIVISION International / Leg Kick
    Geoffrey Gray (Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, 1-0/1, 47 kg) defeated Ali Hamoud (Guilford, NSW, Australia, 1-1/1, 48kg) by TKO at 1:43 of round 2)

  2. IKF AMATEUR International / Leg Kick
    Luke Maddison (Wanniassa, Act, Australia, 2-1-1/0, 59kg) defeated Ali Abouhalka (1-1/1, Guilford, NSW, Australia, *65kg) by unanimous decision, 29-27, 29-26, 29-28. (*) Abouhalka weighed in late due to his work schedule, directly before the event (approximately 7 PM) so Maddison and his trainer waived the registered weight difference since Maddison gained weight after the 12 noon weigh-in.

  3. IKF AMATEUR International / Leg Kick
    Adam Amar (Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2-0/0, 71kg) defeated Robert Redroff (Sydney, NSW, Australia, 1-2/0, 71kg) by Majority Decision, 30-25, 28-28, 30-26. After several warnings, Redroff had 1 point deducted in the 3rd round by referee Rino Labruna for hitting Amar in the back of the head.

  4. IKF AMATEUR International / Leg Kick
    George Mihas of Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2-0/1, 96kg defeated Teaura Ward also of Sydney, NSW, Australia, 0-1, 91kg by TKO when Dr. Lou Lewis stopped the bout. Dr. Lewis suspected Ward fractured his cheek bone and to avoid serious injury, requested referee Rino Labruna to stop the bout.

  5. IKF AMATEUR International / Leg Kick
    Adrian Crutchley of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, trained by Kyle Butrose defeated Joe Zedan of Sydney, NSW, Australia who is trained by George Plellis, by split decision, 47-49, 49-47, 49-47. The judging in this bout was "Terrible" since they gave Zedan a round (10-9) that he was given a standing 8 count in. Also, all 3 judges scored another round 10-9 in favor of Crutchley that should have been 10-8 or even 10-7 Crutchley because Zedan was given "2" standing 8 counts in the round. These were judges from the AKFA (Australian Kung Fu Association) and not approved by the IKF. IKF President Steve Fossum wasn't happy about this but these judges had to be used because of certain circumstances involving the NSW Boxing Commission. "Unless they all go through a complete IKF officials certification course, these judges will never be used again on an IKF sanctioned event in Australia because their judging methods are those of Kung Fu and not kickboxing." said IKF President Steve Fossum. Fossum made several trips to each judges table during the event to question some of their scoring. Their errors proved costly through the night.

    Promoter Robert Wilesmith has been bragging about Australian Female Sensation Holly Fernley of Sydney, NSW, Australia (11-5-2/6, 55kg) for some time now and on Friday night's event at the Croatian Club, Fernley backed up Wilesmiths words with a "Devastating" 3rd round KICK KO to the right side of South African fighter Lynette Els.
    Before the bout though came the question whether or not these two would truly decide who the NEXT IKF Woman's Bantamweight World Champion would be. When the two fighters touched gloves the ruling became official as the IKF officially retired previous World Champion, Ramona Gatto's World Bantamweight title. The decision was forced upon the IKF since Gatto turned down the offer to defend the title against Fernerly over a month ago. "It wasn't an easy decision." Said IKF President Steve Fossum. "But it had to be done, no matter how much we truly wanted Ramona to defend her title, we were forced into the decision by Ramona's actions leading up to the fight. It was truly her decision."

    In round 1, Els proved she had skill in the kicking department winning round 1 over the slow starting Fernely. However, as round 2 started, Fernerly went to work on Els legs who wasn't use to fighting a low kick game. (Els main skill in in full contact above the waist fighting)
    Round 2 was dynamic for Fernerly as she discovered she could attack Els legs at will and follow with strong and fast hand combinations. Fernerly gave Els 2 standing 8 counts in round 2, however one was questionable since it was from a leg kick. Fernerly won round 2 in dynamic fashion and the crowd was just getting warmed up to her exciting fighting style. At the break after round 2, Fernerly's trainer, George Plellis informed Fernerly of an opening he now could see in Els defense. Each time Fernerly went to kick, Els first thought was to protect her legs and with it she dropped her hands away from her head.
    Fernerly came out in round 3 with that in mind and sure enough, as she went to deliver a kick, Els hands dropped and Fernerly kept her left leg going up and it landed squarely on Els jaw and dropped her down and out at only 16 seconds into the 3rd round.
    It was only Els second defeat in 27 fights. Her pro record dropped to 12 wins, 2 loses with 1 draw and 10 KO's. Els has no desire to face Fernerly again unless it's under full contact, above the waist rules which it doesn't seem Fernerly is interested in. Fernerly wins the IKF World Bantamweight International Rules Title. Fernerly next fight is a professional boxing match in New Caledonia scheduled for mid October according to her trainer, George Plellis.
    It was hard enough finding a quality opponent for Holly Fernerly's World Title Bout but finding one for Australian fighter Ali Hallak at only 58kg's (127 lbs) was even harder. IKF South African Associate Representative Roeleen Coetser put forward to promoter Robert Wilesmith a name none of us had heard of, but after his bout and performance against well known Australian fighter Hallak, none of us will forget him!

    Lucky Clement of Roodport South Africa made a name for himself last Friday night, September 24th at the Croatian Club in Bankstown, Sydney, NSW, Australia.Clement came to Australia with an unblemished record of 8-0 as an amateur fighter and 12-0 with 6 KO's as a pro fighter. On a night that was suppose to be all for the hometown boy Hallak, Clement stole some of the cheers from Hallak's hometown crowd with his exciting kicking style which included some dynamic ax kicks, swift round kicks and fancy spin kicks.

    Clement waited until about the 5th round of the scheduled 10 round bout to go to work on Hallak's legs scoring heavily with his right leg to Hallak's left thigh. It didn't take long before the red marks and bruises started showing up on Hallak's legs while Clement looked like he just started the fight fresh in each round. With each attack, Hallak seemed to weather a lot of the storm with counters of his own but Clement kept coming. Scoring by the kung fu judges here again caused problems when one of the judges gave Clement a score of "8" in two of the rounds in a fight that saw NO STANDING 8 COUNTS given to either fighter.

    As round 9 begin, Clement seemed to be taking more control but just past midway of the round both charged toward each other and collided with a truly accidental head butt. Hallak fell to the ring from the impact and blood spit out like a faucet from a deep gash on his forehead above his left eye. Referee Raymond Eardley stopped the bout and brought Hallak to his corner for the doctor to examine. It didn't take much for Dr. Lou Lewis to request the bout be stopped. Hallak's forehead had a 2 inch slit above his left eye that appeared about a ¼" deep and IKF President Steve Fossum agreed with the Dr. Lewis' decision.

    IKF rules require in the case of any accidental injury that forces the stopping of a bout, the bout decision will go to the scorecards after all 3 judges score the last round, which was done. The scores read, 86-86 even by judge Cornelious. 87-82 Hallak by judge David Yap who was the judge who gave Clement 2 rounds with the score of "8". The true shocker was judge Malcolm Dem who scored "ALL" 9 of the fought rounds to Hallak, 90-81. This was a TERRIBLE score since no one agreed Hallak won "ALL" the rounds. To avoid questions by anyone, know that these judges were NOT selected by promoter Robert Wilesmith either so don't think that he had anything to do with the scores as some may want to question. It's just that the local commission required they be used on the event which linked to the reason we were able to host the first ever woman's kickboxing bout in New South Wales Australia. The bouts had to be linked to a "Martial Arts Organization" such as the AKFA. The sad mark on this bout was the scores by the AKFA, kung fu judges Yap and Dem. These scores are what put a question mark on a great bout, NOT the Fighters!

    Hallak was awarded the IKF World Featherweight Title but the bout scoring/judging is already in question. A mandatory rematch is already in the works to be held in South Africa with IKF South African Promoter Larry Vorster in December or in Australia with IKF Promoter Robert Wilesmith in February, 2000. In Hallak's defense, both of these fighters fought very well and who knows what the outcome could have been if the bout went the full 10 rounds. However, if it went to a judges decisio, it seems clear that Hallak would have won. In the rematch, ONLY judges appointed by the IKF will be allowed. Both fighters proved to be true champions on this night and both deserving of the title World Champion. Hallak fought another war of his great career that saw his record improve to 31-3-1 with 12 KO's as a pro after a 17-3 amateur career. In the other corner, although Lucky Clement wasn't lucky on this night, his luck is golden for his future in the fight world. At only 21 years old, he has truly made his mark as a World Class, TOP RANKED Fighter! He is yet another unearthed gem the IKF has found in a world of hidden talent and we're sure to see him with a world title belt around his waist someday and were sure he won't need any "LUCK" to attain it either.

Robert Redroff (Sydney, NSW, Australia, 71kg) was originally scheduled to fight Bobby Risteski (3-0, 66kg) of Guilford, NSW, Australia for the New South Wales State Welterweight Title. However, at the 12 noon weigh-in, Redroff weighed in at 71kg, way over the welterweight weight limit of 64kg to 66.8kg. He asked if he could have some time to lose the necessary weight for the title which was granted by Risteski and the IKF. But this was just the beginning of several problems caused by Redroff. To begin with, he showed up an hour later than the scheduled 2nd chance weigh-in of 6:PM causing problems with everyone trying to finalize the nights bout order. As if that were not enough, Redroff weighed in at the "Exact" same weight as he did earlier in the day at the 12 noon official weigh-ins, 71kg which forced the title bout to be scratched from the event and a forfeit Win given to Risteski who did a great job to make the weight for the bout. When IKF President and event representative Steve Fossum asked Redroff why he didn't lose the weight, Redroff's only reply was, "I ate lunch. I had to eat." "It's things like this that amateurs need to be taught by their trainers to prepare them to be professional fighters." Said Fossum. "Redroff's actions cost Risteski a chance to prove himself in front of his peers and fans. I take these actions seriously because there's no room for such actions. If this were a pro bout, Redroff would have been required to forfeit his entire purse and been required to pay all his travel expenses paid by the promoter. In addition, he could have also been required to pay the promoter all the fees put into the title bout such as advertising, the cost of the title belt and his opponents expenses and purse as well. I was bothered to see Redroff act as if it was no big deal about not even losing a pinch. His trainer, Malcolm Diapep needs to instill some discipline into his fighters actions. Being professional in this sport is an act of "Discipline" and ALL fighters need it."

As if Redroff weight problem didn't already cause enough of a problem, Fossum had other problems that he had to deal with before the event. Adam Amar of Sydney, NSW Australia's opponent, Frank Mastronado and fellow stablemate fighter of Mastronado's, Peter Fogas never showed at their requested late 6:PM weigh-in either. It took a call by promoter Robert Wilesmith and Fossum at a little after 7:PM to their trainer, David Gurlayen of Sydney, NSW, Australia to finally confirm they weren't coming. Gurlayen told Fossum Quote-unquote: "The guys just got cold feet earlier today and chickened out." What made the situation worse though was that Gurlayen showed a great lack of professional courtesy and responsibility himself by not even calling Wilesmith to inform him that his 2 fighters were not going to show up. In addition, Fossum was left waiting until after 7:PM for a requested late weigh-in by fighter Abdul Halabhi who was scheduled to fight Anthony Deluca of Wanniassa, Act, Australia. Halabhi had spoken to Wilesmith about 6:30 PM and assured him he was on his way to the event. As Fossum waited, the event start time grew closer and closer until Fossum finally made a decision to scratch Halabhi. Once this decision was made, Fossum past promotional experience came into play when he was forced to be a last second matchmaker to try and put some matches together so some of the fighters could have a bout despite their opponents not showing up. This matchmaking delayed the event which was suppose to begin at 7:30 PM to after 8:PM. Fossum was able to match up Robert Redroff (71kg) with Adam Amar (71kg), however no matches were found for Peter Fogas (76kg) of Sydney, NSW Australia who was scheduled to fight Frank Mastronado, Bobby Risteski (66kg) or Anthony Deluca (61kg). Deluca's opponent, Halabhi, never showed up the entire night.

Wilesmith's next IKF Australia event is planned for February of 2000. For more event info you can contact Mr. Wilesmith at Mobile: (614) 1922-0925, Gym: (61) 2-9897-5222, Fax: (61) 2-9681-7776 or: e-mail.

MORE NEWS OF 9-28-99. . .

Davis Wins AGAIN!

Fighters Note
1999 IKF/ RINGSIDE Natioanl Tournament Champion Greg Davis of the Colorado Hit Squad at World Karate & Kickboxing fought last weekend in Grand Junction Colorado and won by an impressive head kick KO over Rick Crosley of Steele Dogs Gym. Davis improved his record to 6-1-1 / 2 ko's. Great Job Greg!

On the same event, Mercedes Mercury (CHS) won by unanimous decision to avenge an earlier loss to Kelsey McKeever.

MORE NEWS OF 9-28-99. . .

Steele DROPS Menor
In Hawaii Win!

IKF Hawaii: IKF World Muay Thai and World International Rules Champion Danny Steele dropped Melchor Menor 3 times in the 8th round on hard leg kicks and after the 3rd leg kick that dropped him, the referee stopped the bout as Steele was simply too strong at that point and Menor was hardly able to stand according to our source who was one of the judges at the event. Menor never complained about the stop. It was scheduled for 10 rounds, 2 minute rounds, modified muaythai, NO elbows, knees to the body only. The sanctioning organization (ISKA)called the bout a "MODIFIED MUAY THAI RULES BOUT".

If your a fighter the IKF knows and want everyone to know you won, no matter WHO sanctioned the event, send us an e-mail and we will post it here.

MORE NEWS OF 9-28-99. . .

COMING LATER in the Week;

Full Results from IKF Fairfield, CA

Freeman Wins
As Ott Defends!

Fairfield IKF Title Results:
Boston's Mass. Rudy Ott successfully defended his IKF United States Amateur San Shou Middleweight Title by stopping Redwood City California's Cary Nathan in a rematch of their March 1999 bout.

Susanville California'sDarren Freeman captured ANOTHER IKF Title as he stopped Todd Whitmoyer of Phoenix, Arizona to win the IKF United States Amateur International Rules Light Heavyweight Title. Freeman ALSO holds the IKF United States Amateur Super Middleweight International Rules Title.

More event details coming soon. For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Tim Stell at LTD Productions, (707) 290-8192

MORE NEWS OF 9-28-99. . .


Results From The
Co-Sanctioned St. Louis, Missouri, USA Event.

TUESDAY, September 21st, 1999, AT 3:30 PM/PT

Wilesmith & IKF
Ready For TheCritics In Australia!

IKF Australian Associate Representative Robert Wilesmith is all ready to prove himself to the IKF and many others as he prepares to host the first ever IKF event in Australia this coming Friday night, September 24th at the Croatian Club in Bankstown, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Wilesmith has been under fire from some "Critics" of the sport in Australia as well as other individuals "Claiming" to be the Australian representatives of other worldwide sanctioning organizations. Some of Wilesmith's critics have even been brave enough to act above the law and form their own rules by telling certain fighters not to fight on an IKF event or a Wilesmith promoted show. Apparently, these power hungry critics didn't think the trainers and fighters they were talking to would turn to the IKF for help or advice. Which they did, and several blew the whistle on their crap. How do we know this? The power of the internet and e-mail...

"Were tired of being told what show we can or cannot fight on" said a NSW mailer who asked not to be indentified. "Were fighters! All we want to do is fight. We don't want to get mixed up in the politics of sanctioning bodies. However, when someone threatens to ban you from future events, that's B.S.!"

IKF President Steve Fossum agrees 100%! "The true fact is, is that fighters don't think of Letters when they're offered a fight. Sure, many appreciate the work of the IKF for example, but letters of an organization don't persuade them or stop them from fighting. Letters (Sanctioning body initials) should NEVER be an issue for a fighter. They want to fight! When an organizations starts to threaten fighters as they have done in the past, these people need to be exposed to the public, which is exactly why I'm attending this event in person. Someone needs to stand up for the fighters and look these politicians in the eye and put a stop to their crap! This sport has no room for "Politics" and certanially not on an IKF event! These people have been running their own law for too long and it's time they get called on it!

What Fossum points out most is that most of the World Headquarters of the organizations in question know nothing about the activities of their representatives in many other countries. "Don't call up Paul Ingram of the WKA in England or Mike Sawyer of the ISKA in Florida, USA for example and complain to them. They're not the ones doing it! Their representatives are. They're abusing their power they were given as a "REPRESENTATIVE of an Organization" and their leaders many times don't even know about it."

Fossum is the first to point out just how tight the IKF ship runs. Every event that happens around the world with the IKF goes through ONE OFFICE! The World Headquarters in Newcastle, CA, USA before it becomes an "Official" IKF event. Upon confirming ANYTHING, an event, associate, representative, fighter, title etc., the IKF immediately posts it on the official IKF web site for EVERYONE to see around the world. Some organizations have "SEVERAL" web sites around the world posting different champions and representatives. Not at the approval of their head people, the sites were just established by individuals who all of a sudden "Claim" to be the organizations presidents.

Such is or was the case of Oliver Muller in Europe who claims to be President of ISKA Europe. Check out his web site at iska.group.tm. Not much on it but there sure use to be. Maybe he thinks he's different calling his association ISKA "GROUP". A year ago this month Muller sent out e-mails with the signature of, Olivier Muller, Ceo & President, ISKA GROUP & WKN. If we were Mike Sawyer of the ISKA, we'd be pretty steamed about this! However, after the falling out of Billy Murry with the ISKA in Europe last year, he and others formed the WKN from it all. And now, no one seems to know who runs the ISKA in Europe let alone Australia. Several claim to run it but who exactly still remains to be proven. But who cares? Or do you? It's just letters right? But from an organizational stand point of the sport worldwide, we ALL should care. This is just another reason why the IKF lists their associates and representatives on the IKF web site: IKF Advisory Board. So people can be accounted for. Isn't the internet a GREAT tool! Especially if you use it to it's fullest as the IKF does.

Australia is no different where the ISKA Australia and WKA Australia host their own sites. This may sound like no big deal to a lot of smaller organizations based in one state or country, but to an organization claiming to sanction kickboxing worldwide such as the IKF does, such a decision can cause nothing but confusion! Different champions, unknown events, lost sanctioning fees, varied charges, unknown fighters, officials, and the list goes on and on. It's something that has slipped away from the other leading sanctioning bodies around the world over the years and to organize the sport, these organizations need to organize their own organizations! "We've had some of our associates and representatives ask to take over the full operations of the IKF in their country but we've continued to say no. It may slow our growth in some countries but we've never lost control in any country either because of this policy. We want to know what the IKF letters are associated to EVERY TIME! Otherwise, we may get blamed for things we know nothing about, as other organizations are getting blamed." says Fossum.

In regards to the politics down under in Australia, well, Fossum will get a first hand look at if the problem is as big as he has been told. "Some of the people who have told us of the politics in kickboxing down in Australia could have exaggerated a bit." Says Fossum. But maybe not. At least I'll get to see it myself once there and if it's true, we'll make it public to everyone. Someone needs to put their foot down in regards to this. It just isn't right! I truly feel sorry for the ISKA and WKA's name in these countries. Their getting blame and some heat for some things they don't even know about."

Wilesmith has worked with several organizations in the past in Australia with negative results and hopes he will find a place as the official IKF Australian Representative when the event is over. IKF President Steve Fossum who will attend the event himself will get a front row seat view of how Wilesmith conducts his event. Despite some of the negative comments some have spoken of Wilesmith, Fossum makes a stand in saying "There's always 2 sides to every story and reasons behind actions as well. As far as we're concerned, all the complaining and cryin everyone has done about Mr. Wilesmith is in the past." says Fossum. "What we care about is WHAT he is TODAY and WHERE and HOW he is going to associate with the IKF in Australia in the future. What happened with him and other organizations in the past has not happened with us here in the IKF. If it does, Ok...We can be said we made a bad decision. But at least we tried. Sometimes you just have to let things happen and deal with them as they go. If things go great this weekend, we will, as already planned, support Mr. Wilesmith in all his efforts in helping the IKF grow in Australia and in helping the sport of kickboxing in Australia under the IKF banner."

Fossum has already been in contact personally with the New South Wales Boxing Authority and from what he has been told, the sport of kickboxing in New South Wales and the rest of Australia needs a true leadership organization. Apparently, the other organizations are running their own sanctioning in Australia although they are using the letters of other well known organizations such as WKA & ISKA. " I truly feel sorry for Mike Sawyer of the ISKA and Paul Ingram of the WKA." says Fossum. "How dare a promoter use their letters without getting authorization from the organizations Presidents! A lot of people point fingers at Sawyer or Ingram claiming certain things were their faults, us being one of them, however, upon further investigation, many times they have nothing to do with it since they never even approved the events in the first place."

With the support of the internet, Fossum has uncovered several promoters around the world that have tried to use the IKF, WKA & ISKA letters on events that the promoters were never given permission to use. This is a big reason ALL IKF events are listed here on the IKF web site. IKF UPCOMING EVENTS. This way if someone claims to be having an IKF event, it doesn't take long to investigate if it's true or not. Promoters in other countries such as Brazil, where the IKF is currently working with Carlos Silva to introduce the IKF in Brazil, are doing the same thing. Claiming there show is ISKA or WKA sanctioned yet neither organizations head officers know of it and never even authorized it."The internet is a great tool for us." says Fossum."Other organizations should also use it to keep track of their operations. It doesn't take long to check up on someone promoting an event somewhere that is using an organizations sanctioning letters illegally. It's also great to confirm champions when someone claims to someone else that they hold a title with a certain organization. This is why we stress the challenge to ALL sanctioning organizations to keep UPDATED RANKINGS on their sites."

Despite the politics that may be a part of the IKF coming to Australia, one thing is for certain. The IKF "IS" Coming to Australia! With it, the IKF hopes to establish itself as a strong and ORGANIZED Sanctioning body for Australia with no politics. An organization that will be a strong support for the Australian fighters and trainers worldwide as well as a supportive organization for Australian promoters. All these things are available to everyone in kickboxing worldwide who want to be a part of the IKF WORLD TEAM.


Mr. Wilesmith's event is scheduled for Friday night, September 24th at the Croatian Club in Bankstown, Sydney, NSW, Australia. The event will feature a Duel Main Event with 2 IKF World title Bouts. Fighting for the vacant IKF Featherweight International / Leg Kick World Title will be Ali "LIGHTNING" Hallak of Sydney, Australia vs Lucky Notshele of South Africa. Fighting for the *Soon to be vacated IKF Pro Woman's International / Leg Kick World Bantamweight Title is Holly Fernley of Sydney, Australia vs Lynette Els of South Africa.

(*) We say "Soon to be vacated" because currently, Ramona Gatto holds the title. However, Gatto turned down a requested title defense a month ago against Fernley. So once Fernley and Els step in the ring, touch gloves and the bell rings, the IKF will officially retire Gatto's title. However, if one of these fighters doesn't show, make weight, drops out etc. the title will still remain Gatto's despite the fact that many in the sport don't think she will ever fight again.

Tickets are: •$25.00 (General Seating) •$45.00 (Ring Side) •$70.00 (V.I.P. Seats). For more event info you can contact Mr. Wilesmith at Mobile: (614) 1922-0925, Gym: (61) 2-9897-5222, Fax: (61) 2-9681-7776 or: e-mail.

MORE NEWS OF 9-21-99. . .

Finney Ready For
IKF St. Louis, Missouri, USA!

First time IKF promoter Jesse Finney of St. Louis Missouri, USA is all set to host his co-sanctioned event this Friday night, September 24th at the Union Plaza in St. Louis Missouri, USA. The event will be co-sanctioned with the IKF and K.I.C.K. Since the IKF sanction was approved late in the works of the event, the titles on the event will only be K.I.C.K. titles.

The main event will feature Jesse Finny himself against Gabriel Sabitus of Chicago, Illinois for the K.I.C.K Full Contact Midwest Light Heavyweight Amateur title.

The semi main event will feature St. Louis' Kevin Bozada against John Welch of Chicago, Illinois for the K.I.C.K. Midwest Cruiserweight amateur title. Bozada recently won the IKF U.S. Amateur Heavyweight Full Contact title in Chicago, Illinois by knockout, 55 seconds into the second round over Tim Mazurkiewicz of Beloit Wisconsin.

For more info on Mr. Finney's event, please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 351-5226

MORE NEWS OF 9-21-99. . .

Stell Ready For
IKF Fairfield CA, USA

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

IKF Promoter Tim Stell is all set to host another night of championship kickboxing at the Allen Witt Sports Center in Fairfield, CA, USA Saturday night, September 25th. Stell's event will feature fighting in all styles which include Full Contact, International / Leg Kick, MuayThai and San Shou.The event will feature two title bouts on the night.

One of the nights title bouts will be a Title defense when IKF U.S. Amateur San Shou Middleweight Champion, Rudy Ott of Boston, MA, USA faces off in a rematch against Redwood City, CA, USA's Cary Nathan.

The other title bout of the night will feature 1999 IKF RINGSIDE National Amateur Super Middleweight Champion Darren Freeman of Susanville, CA, USA facing off against Todd Whitmoyer of Phoenix, AZ, USA for the vacant IKF Amateur International / Leg Kick Light Heavyweight title.

For more info on this event, please contact Mr. Tim Stell at LTD Productions, (707) 290-8192.

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IKF "NY Showdown"
Proves Most Exciting on East Coast!!

San Shou Continues to Grow!

IKF New York
While Hurricane Floyd threatened to put the second "New York Showdown" event on the ropes, promoters David Ross and Steve Ventura managed once again to put on an exciting card featuring some of the best amateurs on the East Coast. The event also showed that San Shou (Chinese rules kickboxing) is a sport that continues to grow and continues to win new fans. Chief referee Donnie Carolei, a 30 year veteran in the world of kickboxing and one of the most respected referees on the east coast, once again expressed his new found excitement for the sport. Carolei said that the combination of kicking, punching, low kicking and throwing made for a very realistic but also exciting sport.

Apparently, kickboxing fans agree. Once again, the house was packed. And this for an afternoon show (to avoid the De La Hoya vs Trinidad Pay-Per-View) and after a major storm. Promoters worry that soon they won't be able to hold these "small shows" because they simply aren't very small!

Here are the quick results (more detailed report to follow)

  1. IKF San Shou Super Welterweight
    Larry Lierman (Yee's Hung Ga) defeated Kelvin Urena (Kuoshu Academy) by unanimous decision. Yee's Hung Ga is emerging as yet another gym specializing in San Shou style fighting, fielding some very tough fighters.

  2. IKF International / Leg Kick Super Heavyweight
    Joshua Binger (Survival Center) defeated Victor Maldonado (NY Kung-Fu) by unanimous decision. Binger extended his record to 3-0 in an exciting brawl in which both fighters stood toe to toe and slugged it out. Binger is definitely an up and coming star but Maldonado also showed the heart of a lion and a chin of solid rock.

  3. IKF San Shou Super Middleweight
    Hank Gerson (William C.C. Chen's Taichi) defeated Mike Brown (Boston San Shou) by split decision. Another toe to toe slug-fest. Both fighters landed on the canvas as results of strong punches in this match, making the crowd cheer at deafening levels!

  4. IKF International / Leg Kick Super Welterweight
    Women's Division: Kouki Mojadidi (NY Kung-Fu) defeated Lisa Defeciani (Survival Center) by split decision. These terrific female fighters provided the most exciting fight of the night featuring high kicks, low kicks, stiff punches and fierce in fighting. It was a see-saw type of fight that could have gone either way and talk of a rematch is already underway.

  5. IKF San Shou Super Lightweight
    John Villareal (Yee's Hung Ga) defeated Bob Nerden (Boston San Shou) by TKO at 43 seconds of RD 2. Like most Boston fighters, Bob Nerden showed great technique and was ahead on the cards in Round 1. However, at the beginning of RD 2, Villareal used a head and arm hip throw to bring Nerden to the canvas. The throw's impact knocked the wind out of Nerden and resulted in a TKO. Another possible rematch in the works?

  6. IKF San Shou Super Light Middleweight
    John Madden (AFC) and Brian Klingborg (Yee's Hung Ga) fought to a by majority draw.
    Klingborg rallied from a devastating beating to the legs in round 1 to fight his way to a majority draw. Klingborg corner wisely warned him to stay away from the leg kicks, close and use his grappling skills.

The next New York Showdown is tentatively scheduled for January 15. For more information, call (212) 242-2453.

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USA Amateur
MuayThai Team

The 1999 IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament did it's job by preparing the amateur muaythai fighters for international competition this year. RINGSIDE INC. is proudly sponsoring the 1999 USA Amateur MuayThai Team.

Team USA can ONLY take 6 amateur male fighters to the World Championships in Korea so a selection process for the team had to be created by the IKF. Fighters who become eligible are only fighters who won the recent 1999 IKF RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament. Each confirmed win of a fighter counted as "2" points. Each loss is 2 points subtracted from the fighters total. Draws do not count as any points. Smoker bouts (Exhibitions) do not count for any points. If someone from the top 6 cannot go, the next in line will replace the fighter. Here are the trainers, associates and standings of the IKF Amateur Muay Thai Tournament Champions. Remember, the top 6 fighters are currently representing the 1999 Team.

Complete stats on all these fighters above can be found on this page, Mens Amateur Muay Thai Rankings.

MONDAY, September 20th, 1999, AT 2:30 PM/PT

Phetnoi Gym
"King Of The Ring"

IKF Wisconsin, USA

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

Wisconsin's Kongnapa Defends IKF World Title With 2nd Round KO!

Muay Thai Kickboxing Eagles Club Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI Saturday, September 18, 2022
As reported by George Buse of Milwaukee Kickboxing & Fitness Club Milwaukee, WI, USA.

This evening of Muay Thai featured an action-packed undercard of amateur bouts, including a three-man "King of the Ring" single elimination middleweight tournament, followed by a spectacular professional main event between Thailand's Kongnapa (four-time Ratchdamnern Stadium Champion & IKF World Jr. Middleweight Champion) and Belarus' Vadim Chamiakin (two-time European champion). The card also played host to an exciting submission fight between Milwaukee's Adrian Serrano (SFC Light Heavyweight Champion & Extreme Challenge Middleweight Champion) and Muncie, Indiana's Scott O'Dell. Below is a round-by-round report of the bouts.

  1. IKF "King of the Ring" Middleweight Tournament Semi-Final
    Jim "Knock 'em Down" Downey (Phetnoi) defeated Hutan "Iran Man" Ghojallu (Phetnoi) Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  2. IKF Womens Welterweight Division
    Julie "The" Jackle (Phetnoi) defeated Jenny Van Meter (Midland Muay Thai) Unaminous Decision (30-26, 29-27, 30-26)
  3. IKF Junior Welterweight Division
    Nick "The Kick" Hare (Phetnoi) defeated Alessio "Appleton Assassin" Zeal (Appleton Muay Thai) Technical knockout at 1:13 of Round 3.
  4. IKF Super Middleweight Division
    Harvey "Inca" Grasse (Phetnoi) defeated Aaron Anderson (Sik-Tai) Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.
  5. IKF Submission Fight
    Adrian Serrano (Phetnoi/Serrano's Freestyle Grappling and Jiu-Jitsu) defeated Scott O'Dell (Muncie Gym) Arm bar tap-out at 3:40.
  6. IKF "King of the Ring" Middleweight Tournament Final
    Jim "Knock 'em Down" Downey (Phetnoi) defeated Jose Lopes (Sik-Tai) Fight stopped because of equipment delay after Round 1.
  7. IKF World Junior Middleweight Title *Defense
    *Kongnapa (Phetnoi) defeated Vadim Chamiakin (Minsk Athletic Club) Knockout at 1:53 of Round 2.

For more information on the event, please contact Mr. Duke Roufus or Mr. Scott Joffe at (414) 305-3474 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

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*WIPSS Products Inc.
Announces "ANOTHER" Endorsment!

(*) WIPSS Products Inc. - www.wipss.com, the creators of the Jaw Joint Protestor, Official mouthpiece of the IKF has announced that the AIBA ( Amateur International Boxing Association ) Medical Commission, representing 186 affiliate countries, announced at the world amateur boxing championships in Houston, Texas, USA its' decision to recommend the new generation mouthpiece (Jaw Joint Protector) designed to protect against internal head injuries. For complete details, click HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 9-20-99. . .

Border League Bash III A Success

Doug Dickey: San Diego, CA, USA: IKF Border League Bash III held this past Sunday night at the Baby Rock Disco was a huge success with 11 action packed amateur bouts in front of an audience of 300 fans. Teams from the United States were Black Tiger Gym and the debut of Ken Shamrock's Lions Den Muay Thai amateur team. Mexican teams included Dragon Muay Thai, Silver Kickboxing and Reyes Muay Thai. The fight of the night went to Super Middleweights Jack Kembulijung of Black Tiger and Ken Lewis of the Lion's Den in 3 rounds of brutal action with tremendous low kicks and powerfull knee strikes. Kembulijung won the bout on a unanimous decision.

IKF Border League Promoter Miguel Reyes and IKF Mexican Border League rep Doug Dickey were very excited with the turn out and results and have announced that Border League IV will be a pro-am show to be held at the Tijuana Municipal Auditorium on Oct. 16th and will feature the return of K-1 USA competitor Pedro "Pitbull" Fernandez and a host of amateur fighters from both sides of the border.

Results from the bouts are:

  1. Lisa Martin defeated Erika Alvarez.
  2. Brenda Lopez defeated Gisela Veliz.
  3. Alex Arias defeated Abraham Fontes.
  4. Jose Luis Perez defeated German Contreras.
  5. Samuel Contreras defeated Alberto Valerio.
  6. Jack Kembuljung defeated Ken Luis.
  7. Alfonso Martinez defeated Saul Mercado.
  8. Sharif Roache defeated Eloy Valdez.
  9. Alex Munoz defeated Trason Young.
  10. Gabriel Garcia defeated Norman Enriquez.
  11. Xavier Curiel defeated Javier Martinez.

For more information about the IKF Border League, contact Miguel Reyes in Mexico at 011-52-66-24-15-42 or Doug Dickey in San Diego, CA, USA at 619-529-0134.

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Coming Later ...

Results from IKF New York, USA & ISCF Arizona, USA!

FRIDAY, September 17th. 1999, AT 7:10 PM/PT

Phetnoi Gym
Ready For
"King Of The Ring"
At IKF Wisconsin, USA.

Wisconsin's Kongnapa Is Ready to Defend His Pro World Muay Thai title against Vadin Chamikin, of Minsk, Belorussia!

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

IKF Promoter Duke Roufus is all set to kick off another IKF Muay Thai event and this time, he will also debut a new promotional company with partner Scott Joffe. Roufus and Joffe have called their company, Extreme Muay Thai Association. Their event is scheduled for this Saturday night, September 18th at the well known Eagles Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. The event entitled, "King Of The Ring" will feature the IKF Pro Muay Thai World title defense of Junior Middleweight (147.1 lbs.. - 154 lbs.. or 66.9K - 70K) Champion Kongnapa of Phetnoi Gym in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA, against Vadin Chamikin of Minsk, Belorussia.

Despite some late dropouts in the amateur bouts, the event will still feature a great card of 1999 IKF / RINGSIDE National Amateur Champions and other great Amateur Muay Thai fighters. They include, James Downey, Jason Johnson, Brian Fowler, Derek Yuen And Joey Corro! Also, submission fighter, Adrian Serrano will fight in his 50th Fight.

For more information on the event, please contact Mr. Duke Roufus or Mr. Scott Joffe at (414) 305-3474 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 9-17-99. . .

Ross Ready For
In New York USA

San Shou Style Feature of NY Event!

IKF Promoters, New York Kung-Fu and Kickboxing Academy Presents "NEW YORK SHOWDOWN 2" Kickboxing and San Shou Event. The event will be held at the New York Kung-Fu and Kickboxing Academy at 43 W 24th Street #3B, New York, NY, USA. Here is the nights line up;

Due to Hurricane Floyd, some of these bouts have been deleted, however, "WHICH" bouts were unknown at the posting of this press.

  1. IKF San Shou Light Middleweight
    John Madden (AFC) vs. Brian Klingborg (Yee's Hung Ga)

  2. IKF International / Leg Kick Women's Division
    Kouki Mojadidi (NY Kung-Fu) vs.Kathy (Muay Thai)

  3. IKF San Shou Super Welterweight
    Larry Lierman (Yee's Hung Ga) vs. Elvin Urena (Kuoshu Academy)

  4. IKF San Shou Light Heavyweight
    Doug Stockton (Siu Lum Pai) vs. Danny Yannes (Boston San Shou)

  5. IKF San Shou Lightweight
    John Villareal (Yee's Hung Ga) vs. Bob Nerden (Boston San Shou)

  6. IKF San Shou Light Heavyweight
    Michael Wright (siu Lam Pai) vs. Dave Hill (Boston San Shou)

Plus Exciting Full Contact Bouts Featuring;

Miki Foged (NY Kung-Fu) vs TBA

Chris John (NY Kung-Fu) vs TBA

Ken Hewski (AFC) vs TBA

The event starts Saturday afternoon at 4:PM. Tickets are $15 general and $20 for Ringside. For more info, contact Mr. David Ross or Sifu Ventura at (212) 242-2453, FAX: (212) 337-0415 or by e-mail; Sifu Ventura at by e-mail by clicking HERE or, Mr. David Ross' e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 9-17-99. . .

Dickey - Reyes
Bring Mexico & USA Together In
IKF Border League Bash III.

IKF Mexico Promoters Doug Dickey and Miguel Reyes are set to host their Third IKF BORDER LEAGUE Amateur Muay Thai Tournament this Sunday, September 19th at the Baby Rock Disco in Tijuana, Mexico. The OPEN invitation tournament has been a great success in the past and Dickey and Reyes hope for the same on this event. Weigh-ins will run from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and the event will follow. For more info, contact Mr. Miguel Reyes in Mexico at 011- 52- 66- 24- 15- 42 or Mr. Doug Dickey in San Diego, CA, USA at (619) 529-0134.

The IKF Border League was organized by Dickey & Reyes to establish more events between fighters in California and Mexico. The success of the league has been great. Over 20 bouts are planned for this Sundays event. The event will feature fighting in the Modified Muay Thai Rules (No Elbows) with knees to the body permitted, headgear, 14 oz. gloves and shin guards will be mandatory.

MORE NEWS OF 9-17-99. . .

Donnell Ready For
ISCF Arizona USA

ISCF SUPERFIGHT Is Feature of Event

ISCF - International Sport Combat Federation Promoter Lance Donnell of Phoenix Arizona, USA is all set to host another ISCF event at the Midnight Rodeo in Phoenix Arizona, USA this Saturday night, September 18th. Donnell's event will feature amateur kickboxing matches along with an ISCF "SUPERFIGHT" Championship match. For more info, you can contact Mr. Lance Donnell at (602) 873-5885

MORE NEWS OF 9-17-99. . .

Duke Roufus
Retires World Title.

IKF Pro World Super Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion, Duke Roufus of Milwaukee Wisconsin has decided he can no longer defend his Super Heavyweight Title. "I'm training so hard right now, I just can't keep the weight up." says Roufus. "Rather than just hang on to the title, I'd rather retire it so someone else can have a shot at it and look forward to fighting for the Heavyweight title instead."

The IKF MUAY THAI RULES Heavyweight class is 190.1 lbs. to 209 lbs. (86.5 kg - 95 kg). Roufus is currently weighing-in at about 207 lbs. and feeling very strong at that weight. He was scheduled to fight for the vacant Pro Muay Thai title on his upcoming October 23rd event, however, he has now decided that he will just have a non title 5 round bout on the event and look at fighting for the title later in the year or early 2000. The IKF wasn't pressuring Roufus to defend the title at all. "This was purely Duke's choice" said IKF President Steve Fossum.

"Something I wish the other champions would do, especially those who have never defended their titles. Most fighters who have the capabilities of promoting their own events don't do so like Duke. However, in their defense, if they are never challenged for their title, nothing says THEY must promote their own event." After winning the title, Roufus defended it once with a first round KO victory over Grant Barker. Since then, he has never been challenged by anyone for the title.

WEDNESDAY, September 15th, 1999, AT 12:30 AM/PT

Shines AGAIN On IKF Chicago, USA Event!

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

IKF Promoter Rob Zbiliski of Chicago (Lake In The Hills) Illinois, USA and his Promotional TEAM once again hosted a fantastic event at The Centre at North Park in Franklin Park, Illinois. The event, "SUMMER BRAWL" featured 9 GREAT bouts with the Main Event featuring Rick Stellwagon against Manson Gibson for the vacant IKF FCR Pro, U. S. Light Heavyweight Title. A total of 11 bouts were planned but 2 fighters no showed at the weigh ins. Those fighters were Troy Collins and Jalone Zaris. Zaris' opponent Achour Esho of Shokie Illinois wanted to fight so bad, he accepted a fight with an opponent "18" pounds heavier than him. "I came to fight ANYONE." said Zaris. "Just please let me fight." Upon request, the IKF allowed the bout. Wait till you read the outcome below...

A bout was put together for Collins opponent, Ted Baltuska of Lake In The Hills Illinois when Char Zawadzinski of Spring Grove Illinois accepted the bout at the weigh-ins.

The main event featured a fighter many of us have heard of over the years when Manson Gibson of Chicago Illinois USA faced off against Richard Stellwagen of St. Charles Illinois for the vacant IKF FCR Pro, U. S. Light Heavyweight Title. You question, "Hey, 2 fighters from the same state for a U. S. title???" Well, no worries here mate, these 2 were VERY Worthy of the U. S. Title, they just happened to be from the same state and so be it. Gibson, 10-0-1 with 8 KOs as an amateur and 92-8-2 with 60 KOs as a Pro, himself has been around the world and has won about 7 World Titles in various organizations. With this type of background, we were proud when Gibson said "I thank you for the opportunity to fight for an IKF Title. I've wanted to fight for an IKF title for some time now." Stellwagen, 18-1 with 15 KOs as an amateur and 9-0 with 3 KOs as a pro, felt the same about the opportunity to fight for an IKF title. We thank them both for the compliments. Together, we were proud to represent these two great fighters in a GREAT Title FIGHT!

The fight itself lived up to all expectations of a GREAT TITLE BOUT as well. Scheduled for 8 rounds, this fight was full of GREAT Full Contact Style fighting action as both fighters exchanged blow after blow. Gibson, 38 looked as young as ever against the younger Stellwagen at 29. With flashy kicks and spins from both fighters, they gave the fans a clear look at what Full Contact, above the waist style fighting should really look like when 2 Great fighters hook up. Neither fighter seemed to be in trouble during the bout but both took the best the other had to offer. In the end it was VERY CLOSE and the judges gave a split decision to Richard Stellwagen, 77-76, 76-78 and 75-77.

Our hats go off to Gibson who we here at the IKF feel is STILL a Great fighter! We plan to match Gibson for either a leg kick or Muay Thai style IKF title bout in the near future since these are his two main styles he fights under in his career today. However, don't count Gibson out in Full Contact Style Fighting! He still has it!

Stellwagen can now look forward to his next goal, a bout against an opponent to be named soon for either the IKF North American, Intercontinental or World Light Heavyweight Title. All 3 are vacant and Stellwagen is ready to fight for them all. Any promoter interested?

In the semi main event, IKF/RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament *Walkover Champion, Tim Mazurkiewics of Beloit Wisconsin wanted to confirm his walkover win as the IKF National Heavyweight Title holder so he asked promoter Rob Zbiliski to find him a fight only 2 weeks after the National Tournament.

(*) Won the title by forfeit when his opponent didn't show up. Also automatically won the U. S. title since it was vacant.

Zbiliski found Kevin Bozada of St. Louis Missouri. Mazurkiewicz, ( 27, 203lbs ) 7-0 with 5 KO's entering the bout was in for a fight facing off against Bozada ( 35, 196 lbs ) who had a 4-0 kickboxing record with 4 KO's. However, the big difference was his amateur boxing record of 34-8 with 15 KOs. Boxing proved to be the difference as Bozada knocked Mazurkiewicz down with a punch combination 55 seconds into the second round. Upon trying to stand, Mazurkiewicz lost his legs and referee Tom Heriaud stopped the bout handing Mazurkiewicz his first kickboxing loss of his young amateur career. The win gave Bozada the IKF U.S. Amateur Heavyweight Title as he improved to 5-0 in kickboxing with 5 KOs.

Here are the results of the nights undercard bouts;

  1. Bob Hermann, (31, 146, 1-0/1) of Skokie Illinois, USA wins by TKO over Brian Limbach (22, 141, 0-1/0) of Chicago, Illinois, USA at 1:30 of the second round.

  2. Tom Possey, (27, 171, 2-0/1) of Skokie Illinois, USA defeated Willie Koenemann (24, 176, 0-5/0) of Spring Grove Illinois, USA by TKO at 30 seconds into the second round.

  3. Ted Baltuska (20, 175, 1-0/0) of Lake In The Hills Illinois, USA defeated Char Zawadzinski (29, 183, 0-1/0) of Spring Grove, Illinois, USA.

  4. Jesse Finney (25, 172, 12-0/9) of St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Ryan Kessler (22, 175, 4-4/0) of Spring Grove, Illinois, USA by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-27, 30-27.

  5. Jeremy Hermanson (27, 158, 2-0-1/0) fought to a majority draw with Achour Esho (19, *140, 0-1-1/0) 28-28, 28-28, 29-27.
  6. Woman's Bout: Katie Earhardt (21, 139, 4-0/0) of Buffalo Grove Illinois, USA defeated Emily McCann (17, 137, 6-3-1/0) of Hazelwood, Missouri, USA in a close split decision, 28-29, 30-27, 30-27.

  7. Ilya Krueger (23, 167, 9-3/1) of Lake In The Hills Illinois, USA defeated Mark Mayfield (18, 157, 9-4/3) of St. Louis Missouri USA by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

For more info about this event or future events promoted by Team Z, contact IKF Midwest Representative, Mr. Rob Zbiliski at, (847) 458-8333 or by e-mail by clicking here.

MORE NEWS OF 9-14-99. . .

Muay Thai Fighters
Needed In Milwaukee!

If your a fighter in the Midwest USA or a fighter that doesn't mind driving to Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA this weekend, YOUR NEEDED. Seems there was some last minute cancellations for Milwaukee Kickboxing & Phetnoi Gyms upcoming IKF Muay Thai Event this Saturday night, September 18th at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. IKF Promoters Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe are looking for amateur fighters of any weight class to fill some bouts on the undercard of the IKF Pro World Muay Thai Title *Defense when *Kongnapa of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA takes on Vadin Chamikin of Minsk, Belorussia. , If you're interested, please contact Mr. Roufus or Mr. Joffe at (414) 305-3474 or e-mail by clicking: HERE. Travel expenses will be covered by the promoters upon confirmation.

MORE NEWS OF 9-14-99. . .

What a
From The IKF / RINGSIDE Nationals..

This may seem like a story about a USMC Kickboxing Team, however, as you will see at the end, the story is really about working as a TEAM for the better of the sport. Please read it all, especially the end. It inspired us here at the headquarters and we Thank All of those involved in assisting with Mr. Crump.

The Boys are back in town! Following an eight-day journey through nine states, The HUMAN & USMC Kickboxing Team has arrived back home in San Diego County. Competing with approximately 100 fighters from all over the United States, The Team won two National Title belts. The IKF / RINGSIDE National Amateur Championships were held at Harvey's Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa. "This was a classic event under the auspices of classy people", said Coach Marshall Hamil, 41, himself an IKBA U.S. Heavyweight Champ. "Mick Doyle of Emerald Mongoose Gym and Steve Fossum of the IKF made a huge step for Amateur Kickboxing with this show. Everyone we dealt with in Nebraska and Iowa were outstanding in regards to integrity and hospitality. The states opened their doors and their hearts and we'll be back next year ready to fight again." HUMAN (Hamil's Universal Martial Arts Network) was founded in 1990 by Marshall Hamil. In January of this year, Coach Hamil was approached by USMC Master Sergeant Ricardo "Top" Sanders with an ambition to create the first ever military kickboxing team in the long and proud fighting history of The United States Marine Corps. "Top and I brainstormed in January and then got four original members some bouts down in Tijuana, Mexico in February", said Coach Hamil. The Team officially began practice March 1, 2022 and was recognized by The Corps through the tenacity of Team Captain Sanders. Says Team Manager Brett Jaffe, "Top makes things happen, period." Since then, The Team has fought monthly either in Mexico or California. So with six months of experience they traveled to the Midwest and fought some of the toughest men in the sport.

Winning the IKF / RINGSIDE International Rules Welterweight Tournament Title was Philip Swain, age 23. Christopher Tyre, age 20, brought home the IKF / RINGSIDE Modified Muay Thai Rules Lightweight Belt. "Muay Thai literally means free-boxing," said Team Captain Sanders, "and fighters are allowed to use their knees and elbows for attacking as well as their fists and feet. Muay means box and Thai means free. Thailand, formerly Siam, is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been conquered by a forgein power and it is this fierce fighting spirit which lives on in the country today, which is why they refer to their country as 'Freeland'." In California, the Athletic Commission restricts the use of knees and doesn't allow elbows at all and therefore a "modified" division was created. The lack of kneeing experience was evident when The Team suffered their losses here. Although the other nine fighters on The Team did not win at Nationals, they had won the right to be there by victories at The Southwest Regional Championships in Southern California. Fighting hard were Scott Burns, age 16, Jose Castro, 22, Eric Crump, 20, Harvey Green, 23, Ben Lankow, 20, Monserrat Mendez, 20, Kareem Rogers, 19, Ricardo Sanders, 38, and William Suddeth, 31. In addition, Patrick Holguin, age 19, didn't have an opponent and helped in the corners. Sean Ryan, 20, was called away for a family death and flew from Iowa to New Jersey, and Talitha Matlin, 16, also, the only female on the team, had commitments to school at The San Dieguito Academy.

The Team rolled all over the states in two 15-passenger vans. Everywhere they went their HUMAN & USMC shirts were recognized and the friendly people of Omaha and Council Bluffs went out of the way to accommodate The Team. The National Guard Armory of Omaha allowed the fighters the use of their facility and The Team was quite comfortable with hot showers, cots, basketball courts and many games of dominoes and spades. While in town, The Team was able to visit Boys Town. "Being able to visit Boy's Town was a dream come true," said Coach Hamil, "Top Sanders and Myself built this team on the same type of love and dedication that Father Flanagan had, and I felt chills as we toured the grounds."

While the almost four thousand mile round trip was a fantastic experience, one problem arose which served to once again display the outstanding values of Americans. In the third of fifty scheduled bouts over two days, fighter Eric Crump sustained a punctured lung. Professionally handled by emergency personnel at Harveys, Crump was whisked to Offutt Air Force Base Hospital. He is resting there in good condition awaiting a doctor's release. Because he couldn't leave with The Team, Top Sanders asked for donations from the five hundred spectators to fly Eric home. Immediately, these compassionate fans opened their wallets and began filling a pitcher with dollars. As the pitcher was passed, Bill Orlando, Bob Covin, and Vern Welch (Executives of Harveys) stepped forward and offered to fly Eric back to California at the expense of Harveys! But another turn in the story makes the family-style network of kickboxing clubs and their supporters across the U. S. grow to even greater heights.

When The Team returned home and called to check on Crump in Nebraska, they were told that due to his type of injury, Eric couldn't fly for another 30 days after his release from the hospital. Enter BROOKS MASON of Red Oak Inc. in Nebraska. Mr. Mason, a former USMC Gunnery Sergeant, offered to drive Crump to Texas, where Eric could recuperate with family. In turn, Harveys will now reimburse Mason for gas, food and lodging and fly Eric back to Camp Pendleton in thirty days. It is this type of camaraderie that exists in Kickboxing.

As this sport evolves and makes a bid for the 2004 Olympics, people like those mentioned here and HUMAN & USMC Kickboxing Team sponsors, Cush Automotive Group, Mary's Family Restaurant, and Dorothy's Dry Cleaning will make this 'The sport of the future,' the sport of ethical choice. As Eric Crump would smile and say, "Very well, it's all good to go Coach."

GREAT STORY GUYS! Semper Fi! And Get well soon Mr. Crump!

MORE NEWS OF 9-14-99. . .

On a Sad Note...

One of Canada's greatest Kickboxer Michel Rochette ( Former ISKA, PKA Champ) lost his life in a motorcycle accident last week. With his loss, the sport has lost one of the great ones. Vic Thériault Productions will have a tribute night and a trophy named after him for the fighter that shows the most courage in his Canadian events. This guy was a class act. To contact Mr. Thériault, you can e-mail him by clicking this link: pvtinc@videotron.ca.

FRIDAY, September 10th, 1999, AT 3:15 AM/PT

Ready For IKF Chicago, Illinois, USA

Manson Gibson and Rick Stellwagon Face Off For IKF Pro Title!

IKF Promoter Rob Zbiliski of Chicago (Lake In The Hills) Illinois, USA and his Promotional TEAM are all set to go with their IKF event scheduled for Saturday night, September 11th at The Centre at North Park in Franklin Park, Illinois. The event, "SUMMER BRAWL" will feature for the main event pro fighters, Manson Gibson vs Rick Stellwagon for the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Light Heavyweight Title.

The Semi Main Event will feature the vacant IKF FCR Amateur U. S. Heavyweight Title Bout between the 1999 IKF / RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament "Walkover" Heavyweight Champion Tim Mazurkiewicz vs Brian Bozada. For more info, contact Z's Martial Arts or Mr. Rob Zbiliski at, (847) 458-8333.

Here is the nights line-up;

  1. Welterweight, Bob Hermann vs Brian Limbach

  2. Super Middleweight, Mike Owens vs Troy Collins

  3. Light Cruiserweight, Tom Posey vs Willie Koeneman

  4. Super Middleweight, Ted Baltuska vs Jason Ransom

  5. Welterweight, Asher Eschoe vs Jalone Zaris

  6. Light Middleweight, Jeremy Hermanson vs TBA

  7. Super Middleweight, Ryan Kessler

    or Mike Ward vs Jesse Finney

  8. Super Lightweight, Katie Earhardt vs Emily McCann

  9. Middleweight, Ilya Krueger vs Mark Mayfield

  10. Vacant IKF FCR Amateur U. S. Heavyweight Title Bout: Tim Mazurkiewicz vs Brian Bozada

  11. Vacant IKF FCR Pro, U. S. Light Cruiserweight Title Bout: Rick Stellwagon vs Manson Gibson

MORE NEWS OF 9-10-99. . .

Support For Mr. Crump!

The report is in that Injured IKF / RINGSIDE Nationals Tournament Finals Fighter Eric Crump of Camp Pendleton California is doing pretty well. Crump suffered a collapsed lung from a knee strike during his Welterweight MTR bout with Chayee Xiong of Omaha Nebraska. Due to the injury, he was held for several days at the local Military Hospital. However, his team had to "Drive" back to California on Monday and they needed to raise money for a plane ticket for him to fly back once released from the hospital. After the fund raising effort was announced at Sundays Finals, a travel agent (who asked not to be identified) offered a 25% reduction of a plane ticket. After that, Harveys Casino stepped up and paid for the entire ticket. Now thats SUPPORT! Our GREATEST Thank You to those who stepped up to help this fighter out!

We ask those of you concerned to give Mr. Crump a call at (402) 294-7496, Room # 316. He may be there awhile and some kind words from his peers would be great. Keep Strong Mr. Crump and we'll see you back in action soon...Semper Fi!

MORE NEWS OF 9-10-99. . .

Fernando Loio
Overcomes "No Shows" With IKF Portugal

IKF Portugal Promoter Fernando Loio had to overcome several no shows by a Portuguese Team from Oporto City. In doing so, several demos and exhibition bouts by Loio himself and some of his students saved the day. The IKF event was in Viseu Portugal. The event at Feira de S. Mateus in Viseu Portugal featured the following bouts;

  1. Pankration Exibition Fights: Fernando Loio Vs Paulo Almeida
  2. Fernando Loio Vs Bernardino Figueiredo
  3. Martial Arts Demonstration:6 year old Ruben Gomes broke 3 woods with kicks. Paulo Almeida broken 5 tiles with his shin. Paulo Ferreira broke 5 burning tiles with his head.

    IKF International Pro bouts (5 Rounds) Portugal Vs Spain:

  4. 64Kg - Juan Moran (Asturias-Spain) wins by points to Luís Neves (Viseu-Portugal)
  5. 67Kg - José Coelho (Viseu-Portugal) wins by unanimous decision to Alejandro Rodriguez (Asturias-Spain)

For more info, please contact Mr. Fernando Loio by Fax: 032-440316 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 9-10-99. . .



As previously mentioned, All the fighters of the National Finals will be added into the official IKF rankings within the week. Look for them in a few days.

ALSO Coming Later...Results from IKF Beloit Wisconsin.

WEDNESDAY, September 8th, 1999, AT 1:05 AM/PT

"Walkin The Walk!"

IKF / RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Tournament Is A MAJOR Success!!!

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

It doesn't get any more "LEGIT" than this Kickboxing fans! The "Best of the Best" Amateur Kickboxers all at ONE EVENT to decide WHO were TRULY the Nations BEST Amateur Kickboxers! Oh, you say the BEST fighters weren't there because YOU or someone you know wasn't there? Sorry!!! That excuse isn't accepted after this weekends SUCCESS! If you THOUGHT you were truly one of the best, you should have found a way to be there to PROVE YOURSELF to everyone else that was there. Now you'll have to wait until next year, even if your excuse was "LEGIT". With that said, we can hardly wait to see more of you there at "Next Years" 2nd annual IKF RINGSIDE National Amateur Tournament. Oh yes... There will be another... and another...and another! This event is here to STAY!

The word was clear the entire weekend. Those who were there, at Harveys Casino Hotel in Council Bluffs Iowa, USA for the 1st annual IKF RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championship Tournament clearly had "Walked the Walk!" Nationwide, it's CLEAR there are too many amateurs that "CLAIM" to be the Nations best who hold some National title from an organization that's only known in their home state or region of the United States. Or a fighter who holds a title that several other fighters hold across the nation because the organization they fought for never keeps records of their amateur champions. But this wasn't true at Harveys Casino Hotel in Iowa, USA this last weekend. Those who TRULY wanted to see if they were TRULY the BEST among their peers worked hard to raise the money to make the trip to the National Championship Tournament in Iowa.

Now when we say "Raise the money" we don't mean fees to the IKF. We mean their travel fees such as gas or plane fare, hotel and meals. For there were no Registration fees to pay to the IKF for this first National Championship Tournament. Together the IKF RINGSIDE National Finals Tournament Team of RINGSIDE INC., Harveys Casino Hotel, Tournament Host Mick Doyle, the IAA and the IKF, the event they organized was second to NONE. The event had an Outstanding Venue, Top Class Title Belts for the Champions, Outstanding Equipment to use for each and every fight and all was organized like an Olympic event that ran as smooth as silk! Again, this was truly "THE" EVENT!

Some of you in the USA reading this choose not to attend for various reasons. Maybe you thought the event would be a wash, that there would be no competition or that it would be no big deal like the many other "SO CALLED" National Championships. Well everyone, for your information, as we just said, this event was "THE EVENT" for Every Amateur in the USA who wanted to be recognized as a TRUE National Champion! Those who attended this FIRST EVER True National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament that included fighters from ALL OVER the United States, Sanctioned by a Legit Kickboxing Sanctioning body can now truly say that they have...

"Walked The Walk!"

Our praise goes out to tournament host Mick Doyle of Omaha Nebraska. ( An e-mail link has been given to this article for those looking to pass on your thanks to Mr. Doyle) Mr. Doyle took on the responsibility of helping the fighters, coaches, officials and guests attending the event find a hotel, restaurants as well as organizing all the events officials and various promotional expenses. We thank Harveys Casino Hotel Team Leaders, Verne Welch (Harveys Senior Vice President & General Manager), and Bill Orlando (Harveys Customer Development Manager) who supplied the venue facilities for Saturday and Sunday for FREE when other venues wanted thousands. Your support of this event and future events is Golden to all of us!

If we knew all their names, we would list them all, but there are so many individuals on Mick Doyle's promotional team that we just need to say THANK YOU to them ALL! For without their efforts, many of men and women would not have reached their dream of a National Finalist, let alone, a true National Champion.

We thank the efforts of those behind the scenes that many don't see that helped the event run so smooth that no one ever questioned the events timing. People such as our event Equipment Coordinator Steve Wiley who made sure all the fighters received the correct size and color of gloves along with headgear and shin pads, for without his efforts, such an event would have lasted DAYS!

We thank Vickie Laegeler of Z's Martial Arts in Lake In The Hills Illinois who assisted in finding the CORRECT title belt to give to our many title belt presenters throughout the Finals. Without her, we would have been searching for days.

To all of our event officials under the leadership of Dan Stell and Fred Fitzgerald who worked passionately to make sure the event was fare and safe for everyone. Judges, referees, timekeepers and kick judges. Even though they put in some long hours, their skills and judgement continued sharp as a needle until the end.

We thank Doctor Eric McKillican who kept all the fighters safe throughout the event with the support of our event paramedics. The courage of some of your decisions could have made a difference in a fighters future and we thank you for assuring them all a bright one.

To the trainers, some who travelled as far as 1,700 plus miles by van (HUMAN USMC Kickboxing Team, Camp Pendleton, California) who sacrificed their time, money and efforts to bring their fighters to the event in search of a dream, a goal, a victory. And for some, just to be a part of something so great was victory enough despite a loss, for they could walk proudly away knowing they truly "Walked the Walk", win or lose.

We thank the dedicated commitment to kickboxing excellence by John Brown and Joe Taylor of Ringside Inc. who have supported the IKF throughout the year. Our relationship has been successful for us all who believe in offering more quality to the sport of kickboxing. Ringside Inc. donation of quality equipment for all IKF events and their financial support of paying half the cost of over $5,000.00 in title belts and awards for this event along with the IKF proved their commitment is as good as GOLD! We look forward to many great years in the sport with the IKF and Ringside Inc. connection.

We truly expect next years event to draw double the amount of fighters and we hope to see you there next year to compete to be one of the Best of the Best amateurs in the USA so that you too can say as all these fighters below can, that you truly "Walked the Walk!"

So without further delay, here's the results of this weekends IKF / RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Championship Tournament and the many names of those amateurs who, won or lost, they truly "Walked the Walk!"


  1. FCR Light Welterweight Prelim
    Mark Greubel of Augusta Georgia defeated Kern Brown of Orlando Florida by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 to advance to the Championship bout against #1 seed KC Giwa of Bloomington Minnesota on Sunday.

  2. MTR Welterweight Prelim
    Chayee Xiong of Omaha Nebraska defeated Eric Crump Camp Pendleton California by split decision, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29 to advance to the Championship bout against #1 seed Joey Corro of Milwaukee Wisconsin on Sunday.
  3. FCR Light Middleweight prelim
    Paul Pearman of Augusta Georgia defeated Daniel Tharp of Belton Missouri by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 to advance to the Championship bout on Sunday against the winner to be determined after several bouts.

  4. FCR Light Middleweight Prelim
    Robert Klein of Chicago Illinois and Jean Baptiste of Orlando Florida fought to a split decision draw. So they were scheduled to fight a 1 round bout later in the day to determine who would move on, Bout 17 below.

  5. MTR Light Middleweight Prelim
    Rob Wiley of Omaha Nebraska defeated William Suddeth of Chula Vista, California by TKO at end of round 1 to advance to the Championship bout against #1 seed Duane Ludwig of Denver Colorado on Sunday.

  6. FCR Middleweight Prelim
    Peyton Russell of Minneapolis Minnesota defeated David Lavender of Spring City Tennesse by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 to advance to round 2 on Saturday.

  7. FCR Middleweight Prelim
    Zachary Day of Augusta Georgia defeated Robert Rene Jr. of Orlando Florida by TKO at 1:09 of the 2nd round to advance to round 2 Saturday against Peyton Russell of Minneapolis Minnesota (Winner above).

  8. FCR Super Middleweight Prelim
    Joel Poindexter of Kansas City Missouri defeated Johnny Ransom of Clinton Wisconsin by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 to advance to the Championship bout against #1 seed Shawn Stallard of Detroit Michigan on Sunday.

  9. IR Super Middleweight Prelim
    Darren Freeman of Susanville California defeated Paul Donelson of Omaha Nebraska by TKO at 1: 20 of the 3rd round to advance to the Championship bout scheduled for later on Saturday.

  10. IR Super Middleweight Prelim
    Tony Barton of Omaha Nebraska defeated Justin Russell of Memphis Tennesse by TKO at 1:08 of the 2nd round to advance to the Championship bout against Darren Freeman of Susanville, California above, scheduled for later in the day Saturday.

    IR Light Cruiserweight Division

    Greg Davis of Aurora Colorado defeated Jose Castro of Camp Pendleton California by unanimous decision, 30-25, 30-24, 30-24.

    FCR Flyweight Division

    Eric Andrews of Calumet City Illinois defeated Joe Taylor of Lake In The Hills Illinois by split decision, 30-27, 30-28, 28-29.

  13. MTR Featherweight Prelim
    Josh Tarman of Milwaukee Wisconsin defeated Monserrat Mendez of Oceanside California by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-26, 30-26 to advance to the Championship bout on Sunday against #1 seed, Hawk Chhim of Modesto, California.

    MTR Light Welterweight Division

    Christopher Tyre of Camp Pendleton California defeated Carl Ecksted of Omaha Nebraska by split decision, 29-28, 27-29, 27-29.

    MTR Super Middleweight Division:

    Harvey Grasse of South Milwaukee Wisconsin overcame a dislocated shoulder he suffered when he fell during a clinch in the bout to defeat Ricardo Sanders of Camp Pendleton California by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

  16. MTR Heavyweight Prelim
    Steve Bass of Omaha Nebraska defeated Harvey Green of Camp Pendleton California by TKO (Referee Stopped bout due to experience) at :51 of round 1 to advance to the Championship bout on Sunday against #1 seed, Jason Johnson of Milwaukee Wisconsin..

  17. FCR Light Middleweight Prelim
    Robert Klein of Chicago Illinois and Jean Baptiste of Orlando Florida fought a 1 round tie breaker because of their split decision draw in bout 4 above in which Baptiste won. Baptiste advances to the next round and will fight the first fight on Sunday against #1 seed Aaron Lassi of Duluth Minnesota.
    FCR Middleweight Division

    Zachary Day of Augusta Georgia defeated Peyton Russell of Minneapolis Minnesota by TKO at 1:56 of round 2.

    IR Super Middleweight Division

    Darren Freeman of Susanville California defeated Tony Barton of Omaha Nebraska by KO at 1:28 of the 2nd round to bring an end of the scheduled bouts for Saturday.


  1. FCR Light Middleweight
    In the only non championship bout of the day, (Because of the split decision draw bout & added 1 round fight-off on Saturday) Aaron Lassi of Duluth Minnesota defeated Jean Baptiste of Orlando Florida by split decision, 30-27, 29-28, 28-30 to advance to the Championship bout which is the last scheduled bout of the day against Paul Pearman of Augusta Georgia.

    FCR Super Lightweight Division

    Charles Baron of Chicago Illinois defeated Heath Fonnest of Forest Lake Minnesota by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    IR Super Lightweight Division

    Jonathan Border of Memphis Tennessee defeated Robert Burns of Carlsbad California by TKO at 1:11 of the 3rd round.

    MTR Super Lightweight Division:

    Dan Rawlings of Euclid Ohio defeated Chris Brammer of Omaha Nebraska by TKO at 1:56 of round 1.

    Woman's FCR Welterweight Division

    Jennifer Thyssen of Depree Wisconsin defeated Amy Johndrow of Horn Lake Mississippi by TKO when the doctor stopped the bout after round 1.

    MTR Featherweight Division

    Hawk Chhim of Modesto California defeated Josh Tarman of Milwaukee Wisconsin by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

    FCR Light Welterweight Division

    Mark Greubel of Augusta Georgia defeated KC Giwa of Bloomington Minnesota by Split decision, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

    IR Welterweight Division
    Phillip Swain of Camp Pendleton California defeated Damon Cline of Kansas City Missouri by Split decision, 28-29, 29-28, 30-27.

    Woman's MTR Super Lightweight Division

    Lisa Morrison of San Diego California defeated Sarah Baker of St. Paul Minnesota by Split decision, 30-27, 28-29, 30-27.

    FCR Welterweight Division

    Derrick Samuels of Orlando Florida defeated Arvind Gavali of Chicago Illinois by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

    MTR Welterweight Division:

    Joey Corro of Chicago Illinois defeated Chayee Xiong of Omaha Nebraska by TKO at 1:55 round 2.

    Woman's MTR Flyweight Division

    Angela Rivera of Hespeira California defeated Deb Davey of Dixon Illinois by TKO at 1:09 of round 1.

    FCR Super Welterweight Division

    Kevin Miller of Chicago Illinois defeated Scott Akins of Memphis Tennessee by Split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 30-28.

    MTR Super Welterweight Division

    Jim Downey of Milwaukee Wisconsin defeated Matt Kenney of Omaha Nebraska by TKO at break of round 1 & 2.

    MTR Lightweight Division

    Nathaaniel McIntyre of Brooklyn Ctr. Minnesota defeated Vantha Chhim of Modesto California by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

    IR Heavyweight Division

    Bryan Waid of Jasper Alabama defeated Mark Baier of Arvada Colorado by TKO at 1:28 of round 1.

    FCR Super Heavyweight Division

    Jack Nilsson Jr. of Augusta Georgia defeated Allan Samp of Vinemont Alabama by TKO at :52 of round 1.

    MTR Light Middleweight Division

    Duane Ludwig of Denver Colorado defeated Rob Wiley of Omaha Nebraska by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 30-28.

    MTR Heavyweight Division

    Jason Johnson of Milwaukee Wisconsin defeated Steve Bass of Omaha Nebraska by TKO at 1:16 of round 3.

    FCR Super Middleweight Division

    Shawn Stallard of Detroit Michigan defeated Joel Poindexter of Kansas City Missouri by KO at 1:36 of round 2.

    FCR Light Heavyweight Division

    David Pareja of Flossmoor Illinois defeated Robert Carlton of Arlington Texas by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

    MTR Light Heavyweight Division

    Brian Fowler of Milwaukee Wisconsin defeated Ben Lankow of Camp Pendleton California by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    MTR Cruiserweight Division

    Brad Fowler of Milwaukee Wisconsin defeated Kareem Rogers of Camp Pendleton California by TKO at 1:36 of round 1.

    FCR Light Middleweight Division

    Aaron Lassi of Duluth Minnesota defeated Paul Pearman of Augusta Georgia by unanimous decision, 30-28, 30-27, 29-28.


These fighters opponents registered to attend the National Finals but did not show up.

FCR Heavyweight Division
Tim Mazurkiewicz of Beloit Wisconsin won by forfeit when Darryl Rudd of Memphis Tennessee failed to show up at the weigh-ins or the event.

MTR Super Heavyweight Division
Ryan Quendensley of Omaha Nebraska won by forfeit when Innocent Otukwu of Nashville Tennessee failed to show up at the weigh-ins or the event.

Woman's IR Bantamweight Division
Tracey Kuschel of Omaha Nebraska won by forfeit when Thong Souksavath of Nashville, Tennessee failed to show up at the weigh-ins or the event.

MTR Junior Light Heavyweight Division
Anthony Kindel of Milwaukee Wisconsin won by forfeit when Carlos Flores of Bakersfield, California failed to show up at the weigh-ins or the event.


INSIDE STORIES and PICTURES about this GREAT Event coming later in the week.

All the fighters of the National Finals will be added into the official IKF rankings within the week. Look for them in a few days.

MORE NEWS OF 9-7-99. . .

ALSO Coming Later... Results from IKF Viseu Portugal and IKF Beloit Wisconsin.

THURSDAY, September 2nd, 1999, AT 1:00 AM/PT

IKF / RINGSIDE USA Nationals...

"Walkin The Walk!"

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

Nearly a year ago, IKF President Steve Fossum and RINGSIDE INC. Representative Joe Taylor came up with a dream idea to unite the amateur ranks of kickboxing here in the United States. To bring North and South, East and West together to find out who truly is "The Best of the Best" of the American Amateur Kickboxers. It was an idea that many had talked about, to build a strong and solid foundation for the sport here in America, but that was all with those who discussed it in the past. It was all just talk.

Together Taylor and Fossum knew the challenge would be hard and maybe even impossible with so many different sanctioning organizations in America. Against them would be everything from organizational politics to financial hardships for everyone involved. Finding the fighters would be a task in itself, but finding promoters to fill a card for a regional was to prove even harder. As if that wasn't enough problems in their plan, there were many others... How to please everyone that wanted to participate? Where would the finals be? What rule styles should be offered? How big should the title belts be? How much would the awards cost? How can it be affordable for the fighters yet helpful for the promoters? What would such a challenge cost emotionally, financially and physically for the strain of stress alone could stop such a dream dead in it's tracks.

As the idea grew, Ringside's Taylor put the challenge out to Fossum. "Can it be done?" he asked. "If you think you can, I challenge you to make it happen." What Taylor didn't know though was a challenge is all that IKF President Steve Fossum needed. For Fossum has always lived by the famous quote;

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

As a martial artist of over 20 years, Fossum achieved a total of 13 degrees of black belt in 3 different styles. As a fighter, he won a combined 6 International and 11 National titles in point fighting, hand to hand combat and of course, full contact kickboxing. As a school owner he built the largest karate & kickboxing training facility on the West Coast, USA at over 17,000 square feet in size. When challenged by other sanction bodies who said, "If you think you can do better, do it." he did, and the IKF has long been proof of that.

When challenged the same way by a Title Belt company that had terrible customer service, he started the IAA (International Awards and Apparel) so the IKF promoters would never deal with terrible customer service again. Yes, Fossum's accomplishments have been many, but the fact he says, says it all. "The ONLY reason "I" have succeeded is because of the TEAM around me." says Fossum.

Knowing the strength of the IKF TEAM, Fossum begin to put the plan into action. This was NEVER a "ONE" man challenge. It was a Challenge to the IKF TEAM to see if they could truly "Walk the Walk". And as ANY successful TEAM would respond, battles have been won, one after another on the way to the final battle of the first ever 1999 IKF / RINGSIDE National Amateur Kickboxing Tournament.

Now, almost a year later, Fossum and Taylor's dream idea has become a reality, but NOT ALONE!!! With THE TEAM! The stage is set for the last chapter of this event. The combined efforts of now "ONE" TEAM, The IKF RINGSIDE INC. TEAM have had a GREAT YEAR working up to this event. All of you who were a part of it worked to prove it could be done if we were willing to put in the time, effort and financial support it needed to succeed. We proved that if we all were willing to do our jobs being what we each do best and "Walk Our Walk" we could make it happen. We are all truly ready for "THE BIG SHOW!" If you want to know who's on stage, check out our Final list of our National Championship Qualifiers by clicking Here!

A reminder to EVERYONE that such an event would never be possible if not for the STRONG SUPPORT of OUR IKF TEAM which includes our Fighters, Trainers, Officials the Regional Promoters and of course their understanding FAMILIES & LOVED ONES who have sacrificed "A LOT" of Quality Time to allow us to prepare for this event. We know it hasn't been easy to "Make It Happen" but together as the IKF TEAM, we can say "We've come this far, now lets Finish WALKIN THE WALK!"

As we have said before, but it needs to be said again, A "MAJOR THANKS" to all our IKF regional promoters that sacrificed their time, money and efforts to bring the fighters together. To provide a quality venue so that these great fighters can challenge their peers in a fare and safe competition. To provide them with a truly worthy goal that shall be contested among their peers.

To our first ever regional promoter, Jeff Mullen of Tennessee, who learned with IKF President Steve Fossum that keeping composed and patient as martial artists have their values under pressure. For together, their organizational skills were tested greatly on this first regional event and many lessons were learned.

To Rob Zbilski of Chicago and Duke Roufus of Wisconsin who used the TEAM concept together to promote some of the greatest Muay Thai and Full Contact Bouts we have seen. Proof that Team Work succeeds in every arena.

To Dan Rawlings of Ohio who discovered promoting and fighting are not as glorious as they seem, but if one stays focused, ones goals can still be succeeded.

To Marshall Hamil of California who entered cautiously into the IKF TEAM from other associations as many of us did but now stands as a proud supporter along with his dedicated Human Marine Team. Semper Fi Marshall.

To Caroline Mixon of Florida who battled politics and the ways of the past of some fighters who wanted to stay home and win a title from an unknown organization and not be truly recognized around the world rather than Walk The Walk with the IKF as some of her own champions have. She has faced battle after battle with the OLD SCHOOL people and succeeded greatly with her perseverance and dedication. She is the example of Stand Strong!

To Mike Carlson of Georgia who for so long flew only the PKC flag but united the efforts and fighters of the PKC and the IKF together to prove no world or sport is too small for those working to improve it. The Team concept has worked together with the IKF and PKC consistently now for over a year and even back as far as 1992 when they combined efforts on an event that included 3 PKC & 2 IKF World titles in South Lake Tahoe Nevada, USA that was aired live on Showtime Television.

To Sven Bean of Colorado who put his heart, time and financial backing into an event for the fighters and sacrificed his personal gain to make sure they had a place compete, no matter what the costs.

And finally, to Mick Doyle of Nebraska and the Team of Harveys Casino Hotel in Iowa who have faced the pressure of organizing us all. Together they have faced the daily pressure of bringing OUR TEAM to the finals and making us feel at home while so far away. From what we can see, they are prepared to truly Walked The Walk to not only bring the TEAM together, but to offer us all an atmosphere worthy of winners. for remember everyone, no matter who wears the belts home, you are ALL WINNERS because you have all "Walked the Walk!"

And on that note, we salute you all out there on the IKF TEAM "WORLDWIDE". Together we are ALL a part of something great for the sport of kickboxing. In the beginning, founders Steve Fossum and Dan Stell had a dream, but that dream could have never become a reality as it is today without ALL OF YOU! For all of us on OUR TEAM must remember to do our jobs and do them well. We all have our special talents and we need to focus on them. For as the saying goes;

"Great things can be accomplished by those who don't care who gets the credit!"

OK TEAM... We hope to see you at THE SHOW! Now lets have some fun.....

MORE NEWS OF 9-2-99. . .

IKF Promoters Ready For
Upcoming Weekend Events

Craig Monyelle
Ready For IKF Wisconsin

IKF Wisconsin Promoter Craig Monyelle is all set for his IKF event this Friday night at Telfer Park, in Beloit Wisconsin. Monyelle's card will feature 14 non title bouts. The nights Main Event will feature Super Heavyweights Rick "The Rock" Culver of Impact School out of Wisconsin vs Raoul "The Fighting Policeman" Doucet of Theraults Gym of Montreal, Canada. Doors open at 6:30 PM, fights begin at 7:30 PM. For more info contact Mr. Craig Monyelle at Impact at (608) 362-0404.

MORE NEWS OF 9-2-99. . .

Fernando Loio
Ready For IKF Portugal

IKF Portugal Promoter and IKF Representative Fernando Loio is all set for his upcoming IKF event in Viseu Portugal. The event at Feira de S. Mateus in Viseu Portugal will feature 6 Pro non title bouts, two of them with Spain. For more info, please contact Mr. Fernando Loio by Fax: 032-440316 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 9-2-99. . .

Duke Roufus
Returns To The IKF

After a short stay with the ISKA, IKF Promoter Duke Roufus of Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA is looking forward to getting back into the mix of things with the IKF and moving on to bigger and better things for the sport of kickboxing. "It didn't take me long to realize that the IKF is the only true NFL of kickboxing today." Said Roufus. "It became quickly clear to my fighters and I that the IKF can offer my fighters worldwide opportunities where as the ISKA wasn't able to fulfill this need for us. My fighters want to fight like anyone else and it's a great feeling knowing you will have competition out there with an organization that works for you."

Roufus told the IKF that he had never really left them even though the ISKA issued a press release quoting him as saying that he had signed on to sanction all his future events under the ISKA banner. However, Roufus did leave the IKF, there was no question about that, but only because he was made a lot of promises of what the ISKA could do for him and his promotions. "Sure they offered me a lot." said Roufus, "However, it was going to be me that paid the bill and what they were offering in exchange simply didn't balance out." What Roufus refers to is the organizational structure of the IKF. The updated rankings, news page, upcoming events page and the fact that everything a fighter, promoter, trainer or official needs to know is right here on the IKF Web Pages. Something other organizations call "Too much work for too little return..

Roufus went on to say, "I'm looking to unify all the promoters across the country through the works of the IKF organization. My desire is to unite with other promoters as part of the IKF World Team and to fill the spaces between the places." The "Spaces" Roufus refers to are the smaller, "Grass Roots" promoters that often get overlooked by many sanctioning bodies, but not by the IKF. "The IKF creates a central base that all of us are a part of whether we are big or small event promoters." said Roufus. In the IKF we are all on the same Team. The grass roots minor league promoters are what make the major leagues and the IKF IS a major League Organization!"

According to Roufus, the opportunities that ISKA offered him were not there since he found that ISKA was not able to offer him and his fighters the worldwide opportunities they were assured. Roufus' plan now is to work in association with the IKF to fully develop his new company "Extreme Muay Thai Association". EMTA has confirmed that a deal is worked out with the Midwest Sports Channel to feature Roufus' events and other IKF events throughout the Midwest. The deal will work in unison with the upcoming deal the IKF has to announce for the year 2000 with network television. Roufus vows to continue the high quality of matchmaking he has kept throughout all his past IKF promotions building up to his largest show he has ever planned for February of 2000.

Roufus also discovered that once he turned to the ISKA, he and his top fighters were not able to fight some of ISKA's more well known fighters, which was another part of his original desires when he turned to them. Several offers were talked about such as Jean Claude Leuyer vs Duke Roufus in the beginning but once Roufus agreed to work with the ISKA, those offers simply went away. Other possible matches included Richard Kostuck against George Tsutsui, but Tsutsui himself turned that bout down twice, saying he needed a tune up bout first. Roufus offered his star IKF World Middleweight Muay Thai Champion, Kongnapa to fight ISKA's best middleweight only to find out they had no fight offer for him. "I won't say they're protecting certain fighters" said Roufus. "All I'm saying is if you call yourself the best, let the best fight the best and lets see who's truly the best." Roufus was mainly referring to ISKA Super Heavyweight Muay Thai World Champion Jean Claude Leuyer who Roufus, the IKF Super Heavyweight World Muay Thai Champion, has had a great desire to fight for some time now, anytime or anywhere. Roufus ended with, "What are the advantages of joining a federation if there not going to help you get fights or help you with your promotions? At least I know the IKF will work for me."

Roufus' next IKF sanctioned event will be Saturday, September 18th and will feature IKF Pro Middleweight Muay Thai World Champion Kongnapa when he defends his World title against Vadin Chamikin of Minsk, Belorussia at the famous Eagles Club Stadium in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. For more info, contact Mr. Duke Roufus at Phetnoi Gym at (414) 319-1151.

MORE NEWS OF 9-2-99. . .

IKF Kickboxers
Score KO's In Pro Boxing!

IKF Kickboxers Greg Kirkpatrick and Eric Regan, both of Roseville, California USA scored victories by Knockout at the Radisson Hotel's "New Kids On The Block" Boxing show last night. Kirkpatrick, a 216 lb. heavyweight KOed 230 lb Sean Johnson of Fresno, CA, USA while Regan, a 165 lb. middleweight KOed 163 lb. Raul Salazar of Mexicali Mexico.

As an amateur kickboxer, Kirkpatrick won both the IKF California and IKF United States Heavyweight Titles in the Full Contact Rules Division. He is the main kickboxing and boxing trainer at the IKF Headquarters, "RINGSIDE GYM" in Newcastle, CA and is trained by Jim Foehr of Auburn, CA. Foehr also trains at Newcastle Ringside Gym. Kirkpatrick improves to 2 wins with no loses in his Pro boxing career. Regan also won IKF titles as an amateur and currently holds the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules North American Title with a kickboxing record of 18 wins and no loses with 12 KO's. Regans pro boxing record now improves to 5 wins with no loses with all 5 of his wins coming by KO in the first round. Regan is trained by Nasser Niavaroni of Kickboxing Inc. in Roseville, CA.

MONDAY, August 30th, 1999, AT 1:55 PM/PT

Verify The Use Of The IKF Name....

We recently received some e-mail from some IKF fans in Canada asking about a certain "Kickboxing & Karate School". It seems this school ( Karate Auto-defense de Montreal, inc., Instructor, Patrick Giroux at 7080 Hutchison, Bureau 607, Montreal, Quebec (514) 270-8128) has been telling some students there that they award IKF certified Kickboxing "Rank" Belts. We need to inform you that not only is this NOT TRUE but we don't even have his school on our IKF Kickboxing schools web page.( For KICKBOXING SCHOOLS Outside The USA, Click HERE )

Although several people have brought up the idea, as of now, we do not and have never had an IKF Belt Ranking System endorsed or sanction by the IKF. The closest to this is a VERY WELL run kickboxing program by IKF European Representative Alby Bimpson in England. Mr. Bimpson's program is an excellent belt ranking system for kickboxing and if asked, we here at the IKF would HIGHLY Endorse his belt ranking system he has at his clubs.

In regards to this guy in Canada, after giving him a call, he went from "Yes we are an IKF certified school" to "No we are not" only after we introduced ourselves to him over the phone as official representatives of the IKF. After he did some mind changing, he went on to say that he made up his own belt rank system and that he would have NO NEED to associate himself with any kickboxing organization. He also claimed to have never heard of the IKF. This we wondered since we do know that if your "Anyone" involved in Kickboxing, especially someone as close to us as Canada, how could you not hear of the IKF?

Giroux (The school owner) had told all his current students that he recently decided to establish the belt system according to "the IKF new international regulations" claiming we here at the IKF informed him to do so. The belts offered were in sequence white, orange, blue (6 months work), green, yellow, brown (2-3 years work), and black.

Our sources inform us that Giroux claims to have 2 black belts in kyokushin, but he has made a kickboxing and muay thai section which is now getting a lot of new people. The bad thing about the belts, is that he announced that if his students don't have the right one, they can't go to the advanced class and learn more techniques or do any ring sparring. Of course, the cut-off point will increase as more people get better belts, so they will have to keep buying a more "advanced" color if they want to stay in the right level. Sure this sounds OK, but ALSO keep in mind that ALL these students have already paid for a FULL year of training in Advance and now Giroux wants them to pay more or else they wont get much more than stretching and how to do a few punches our sources say.

From what we have been told, he has said different things to different people, so it's very hard to judge now, but the latest one is that the belts are certified by IKF. He told his students that the IKF manual was instructing everyone in the WORLD to put colored arm bands, but "HE" changed his mind.

Three instructors that recently started teaching at his school were handed black belts (even though they never had a kickboxing belt in their life before.). One of the instructors just came with his shotokan black belt, while Giroux himself was wearing his kyokushin black belt with kickboxing apparel.

An Interesting Addition to this article. As we were writing this, Mr. Giroux himself called us here and asked what it would take for him to become an IKF certified Kickboxing Instructor and school. We asked him to send us information on himself. Hmmmm.

MORE NEWS OF 8-30-99. . .

KARATE Instructor's BEWARE!!!

This Article above is a preview of the rapidly growing number of "KARATE" instructors that "CLAIM" or "THINK" they know how to do and teach kickboxing just because they know how to kick and punch. Hopefully the END is NEAR For all the FAKE Kickboxing Schools! Check out this article on our Opinions Page and give it a read. Just Click HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 8-30-99. . .

Ramona Gatto
Refuses IKF Title Defense!

The first Pro IKF Woman's World Champion and eventually, three time IKF International Rules World Champion Ramona Gatto seems to be done with kickboxing after a successful career. Or at least for now. Thats the impression IKF President Steve Fossum received from a recent telephone conversation with Gatto from her home in San Carlos, CA, USA last week. The IKF had been trying to contact Gatto since early June and just recently received a phone call from her in regards to a challenge for her title to be held in Australia on September 24th.

Gatto hasn't fought since May 13th, 1995 which was a "Controversial Loss" in San Jose, CA, USA. (See story by clicking HERE) After stating several reasons why she felt she doesn't need to take a title defense fight on only 4 weeks notice, Gatto flat our refused to defend her title. Sadly to say though that the IKF has tried to get in touch with Gatto as we mentioned, as far back as early June which would have given her almost 4 months to prepare for the title defense. However after leaving several messages at her home, the IKF JUST received a return phone call a couple of weeks ago when Gatto confirmed she would accept the challenge. It had taken IKF Hawaii Associate and past trainer of Gatto, Rick Rodriguez to get the message to her that the IKF was serious about the challenge and that she was leaving the IKF no choice but to be forced to retire her title since she was refusing to respond to all the messages that were left for her at her home. But after Gatto confirmed the fight 2 weeks ago, she had a change of heart last week.

Over the years, Gatto could always rely on one person to stand up and be loyal to her through all her controversy and that was IKF President Steve Fossum. However, according to Fossum, after the phone conversation he had with Gatto last week, his support for her has diminished greatly. In the conversation, Fossum had asked Gatto ( For the 3rd time) to send some pictures of her to the promoter for the event poster. Gatto had previously promised to do so on Monday, August 23rd and also promised to phone back later that day with a tracking number to the IKF to pass on to the Australian promoter so he could track the package since he was past his deadline for advertising and the poster printing because of the delays by Gatto already. But Gatto never phoned back any tracking number and Fossum tried to contact her again. Again, Gatto didn't return Fossum's calls so Fossum left a message for Gatto with Rodriguez in Hawaii on a 3-way call to verify the message.

Later in the night, Gatto called back, angry that Fossum was giving her such a choice as to retire the title since she wasn't keeping in contact with the IKF or doing as the IKF asked and as a professional curtesy, follow through with the needs and requests of the promoter. Gatto tried to argue several issues that were already discussed the week before. "Ramona knew we had been trying to contact her for some time now about defending one of her titles. said Fossum. "If it were not for Mr. Rodriguez, we may still have never gotten in touch with her. I feel we've been more than fare to her, especially since she hasn't fought in over 5 years. For her to become upset with me or the IKF when we did nothing wrong was totally uncalled for and the language she used towards someone who has always worked to support her was totally unacceptable as a professional.

In the conversation, Gatto claimed the IKF had not given her enough notice, ( Calls were made to her as far back as early June) that she didn't know anything about her challenger ( Rick Rodriguez her trainer who confirmed the fight with Gatto was told everything about her challenger and Mr. Rodriguez past the info on to Gatto who then accepted the fight 2 weeks ago) and she questioned why she should have to pay to send the promoter pictures of her ASAP. ( The IKF and the promoter offered to pay her back the shipping fee. We just thought it made sense, since everyone else does it, since she is over 3 hours away from the IKF office and a continent away from the promoter in Australia. It didn't seem like a big deal to ask her to mail them ASAP and we could repay her later. )

In addition, the IKF will eventually determine whether Ms. Gatto is fully retired from kickboxing altogether or if she will defend any of her World Titles. If she will not defend the titles, the IKF will retire all 3 of her IKF World Titles. Flyweight, Bantamweight & Featherweight. As for now, we will wait and see.

MORE NEWS OF 8-30-99. . .

Don't Wait for It!
Go Get It Yourself!

England's Chris Wright looks to become UNDISPUTED WORLD Champion

As we discussed back on June 30th of this year in an article entitled, Chris Wright.... "THE BEST!" Chris Wright of England Is INDEED... The BEST MUAY THAI Cruiserweight! If not THE BEST Overall Cruiserweight! ( See the story by clicking HERE ) The time has come to "MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!"

IKF Pro World Muay Thai Cruiserweight Champion Chris Wright of England and his trainer/manager IKF European Representative Alby Bimpson are tired of waiting for a promoter to bring Wright to their show. And rightly so. Since winning his IKF World Title last year, no one has challenged Wright for any of his World titles. (IKF & ISKA) So, IKF European Representative Alby Bimpson has decided to bring the show to Chris. Bimpson has the full support of the IKF when he promotes a WKA World title on his next event. If Wright wins, he will be the Undisputed Cruiserweight Muay Thai World Champion. With those kind of letters behind them, Wright and Bimpson hope to make some noise with promoters around the world.

The IKF as said, supports Wright and Bimpson in their quest, even though Bimpson is the IKF European Representative. "Some times you have to go after what you want" Says IKF President Steve Fossum. "Bimpson is tired of waiting for a promoter to feature Wright to win a 3rd World title. Knowing Bimpson and Wright, they are not the type of individuals that wait around for someone else to make something happen for them. They are clearly the type of individuals that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. They don't wait for things to come to them, they go after them" Fossum's words speak volumes in the aftermath of the words exchanged by Fossum and WKA President Paul Ingram earlier this year. "I don't hate Paul" says Fossum, "I just wanted to make sure the facts were straight in what he was saying about the IKF."

Wright will face Jurgen Krut of Sweden on October 22nd in Liverpool, England for the WKA World Cruiserweight Muay Thai Title. The event will also be featured on Sky Television. for more info, contact Alby Bimpson at +44 1942 723858 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 8-30-99. . .

Tarek Hussien
Wins Gold Medal of Pan Arab Games!

IKF amateur ranked Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Tarek Hussien ( 26-0 with 23 KO's ) of Amman, Jordan won the Super Heavyweight Gold Medal at the Pan Arab Games held in Amman, Jordan last week on August 22nd .Consequently, he became the holder of the title "Arab Champion ". Great job Tarek! We hope to see you on an IKF event soon. Promoters can contact Tarek's trainer Eisa Abu-Nassar at 009626-4380178 or Terik Direct at Telefax-009626-4627922.

WEDNESDAY, August 25th, 1999, AT 1:25 AM/PT

Muay Thai STRONG!!!

Ludwig Captures
IKF U.S. Muay Thai Title At
The Brawl in Broomfield

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event

Article Compliments of: www.fightscene.com and Sven Bean, IKF Colorado Associate

The Promoters, fighters and roughly 500 fans anxiously waited out the rain Saturday night at the Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club for the first ever "Brawl in Broomfield." They were generously rewarded as some of the most exciting, hard fought and extremely well matched bouts took place that night. The crowd got to see a little bit of everything from boxing to ultimate style fighting. Every competitor (bar none!) gave a 100% effort and it showed. IKF referee Cecil Peoples who was referee for the Kickboxing portion of the card was quoted as saying "What a great show!...these guys could fight anywhere....I am glad to be a part of this!" A pretty big statement since Sensei Peoples has been referee for such events as the "World Combat Championships" and numerous World Title bouts with the likes of Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Rick Roufus, and Maurice Smith. Fighters from all over the western region cam to compete. A few bouts had to be reworked because of a no show from the Round One Team out of Carlsbad, New Mexico.. but other than that the card went well. The rain delay was quickly forgotten and the night was an incredible success for everyone involved.

In the only IKF title bout of the night, 3D Martial Arts fighter Duane "BANG!" Ludwig captured the vacant IKF United States Super Middleweight Amateur Muay Thai Title with a unanimous decision win over Terrace James of A.K.K.A in Albq. New Mexico, 50-46, 50-46 & 50-45. This bout was "The Most Evenly Matched Fight" on the card with 5 rounds of kicks, punches and KNEES!!!!Great Fight!


  1. Boxing
    Greg "The Train" Davis (3D Martial Arts) vs Grafino Soltero (Freedom Fighting) an exhibition with no winner.. it did get the crowd going.... Davis was crisp and Soltero was tough ...good job guys!

  2. Ulimate Style, Heavyweight
    Pete "Cankle Boy" Cochitas (Colo Stars) vs Trevor Avery (Cronk Valetudo) Cochitas was a last minute replacemant and fought hard in his first fight and came away the winner.

  3. Ultimate Style, Lightwieght
    Darin Gonsor (Colo Stars) vs Pat "Mosquito" Stewart (Innovative). Stewart gave up 20 lbs to compete. He used effective strikes to keep Gonsor at bay early But Gonsor won the fight by decision.

  4. IKF Intl. Rules Kickboxing Heavyweight
    Mark Baier (3-D Martial Arts) vs Chris deWet (Kumite) from Cheyene, Wy Baier knocked deWet down 3 times in the1st and he couldn't answer the bell for round 2.Winner by TKO: Baier

  5. Shootfight, Lightweight
    Jose Chavez (Colo Stars) vs Jose Roberto Mena (Innovative) Good match up...well fought ...back and forth until Mena gave the arm and Chavez capitalized with triangle choke .Winner: Chavez

  6. Submission, Middleweight
    Billy Hendricks (Colo Stars) vs Jeremy William (House of Payne) William came to corner for Danny Payne and volunteered to fight. Valiant effort but Hendricks got the heel hook.Winner: Hendricks

  7. IKF Intl. Rules Kickboxing,150 lbs
    Chris Sisneros (3D Martial Arts) vs Danny Slade (A.K.K.A) This 3 rounder was a great fight. The ring was slick still and these two flew all over the place but performed well. Winner Split Dec: Slade, 30-28, 29-30 & 28-29

  8. Shootfighting, Lightweight
    Jeff Tuffano (Colo Stars) vs Rishi Tirella (Gracie JuiJitsu). These gave guys the crowd all they could handle in one of the better grappling matches of the evening. Winner by tapout: Tuffano

  9. Shootfighting, Light Heavyweight
    Richard Gozatti (Gozatti Ninjitsu) vs Jeromiah Hudson (Colo Stars) Strange ending to this one as Hudson struck with closed fists.. he tapped Gozatti's head in apology and lost. Winner by tapout: Gozatti

  10. Ultimate Style, Light Heavyweight
    Sgt. Jerry "No Shame" Roeder (Colo Stars) vs Cruz Chacon (Freedom Fighting) Good battle.. Roeder was the aggresor. These guys were talking to each other the whole bout...." Nice Shot!".. ."Thanks man!" Winner by Dec: Roeder

  11. Ultimate Style, Lightweight
    Tom Johnson (Innovative) vs Richard Hess (3D Martial Arts/Colo Stars) Johnson fought well against the crafty Hess. Hess was patient and worked for the arm bar. Winner by sub: Hess

  12. IKF Amateur Muay Thai
    United States Super Middleweight Title

    Duane "BANG!" Ludwig (3D Martial Arts) over Terrace James (A.K.K.A) by Unanimous Decision, 50-46, 50-46 & 50-45.

  13. Ultimate Super Fight, Lightweight
    Maynard "Professor" Morrison (Co.Stars/Tracy's) vs Danny Payne (House of Payne) This fight had it all! Great initial strikes by Payne..when it went to the ground both guys went for the ankle. Morrison switched to a reverse lock and Payne verbally submitted. He went to the local hospital with torn ligaments and dislocated ankle. For more info on this event, call Sven Bean at 303-400-1756

MORE NEWS OF 8-24-99. . .

Emerald Mongoose Gym
Proves True in Muay Thai !!!

Mick Doyle and his fighters from his Emerald Mongoose Gym in Omaha Nebraska spoke "VOLUMES" a couple weekends ago as they simply "Cleaned House" on all the other Muay Thai fighters at the Bas Rutten 4 in Littleton, Colorado on August 14. Doyle's club won 4 and only lost 1 bout with 3 of their wins coming by TKO on the event impressing all in attendance. Here are their results;

  1. Chris Bremmer, of the Emerald Mongoose Gym in Omaha, defeated Keith Lemeu by a 1st round TKO.

  2. Robert Wiley of the Emerald Mongoose Gym in Omaha defeated Angel Sena, of Northglenn, CO by a 1st round TKO.

  3. Brian Curly of the Emerald Mongoose Gym in Omaha defeated Shaun Heitman of Littleton, CO by Unaminous Decision.

  4. In the lone Women's Muay Thai bout, Tracey Bushell 127 of the Emerald Mongoose Gym in Omaha defeated Shelly Pangor 130 of Lakewood, CO by a 2nd Round TKO.

  5. The only loss for the Emerald Mongoose Gym was when Dan Boxely of Thornton, CO defeated Paul (unknown) by Unanimous Decision.

For more info on the Emerald Mongoose Gym in Omaha contact head Muay Thai trainer and IKF Promoter, Mr. Mick Doyle at (402) 498-9592.

FRIDAY, August 20th, 1999, AT 9:15 PM - PST

IKF Title Bout On
The Brawl in Broomfield

IKF Colorado: Saturday, August 21.1999, the Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club at 250 Main Street in Broomfield, Colorado will play host to a night of exciting Fights. Beginning at 7:00 p.m. the Colorado Stars Training Center will be sponsoring the "Brawl in Broomfield". The fight card will consist of a combination of boxing, kickboxing, shoot style and ultimate style fighting. The IKF - International Kickboxing Federation will be sanctioning the kickboxing bouts which include the fight for the vacant IKF United States Muay Thai Super Middleweight title. This bout will feature local knockout artist Duane "BANG!" Ludwig. Ludwig is a local fighter from Littleton Colorado who is known for his devastating striking abilities and has a knack for knocking guys out in the first round. Facing Ludwig will be Terrace James of Albuquerque New Mexico. James is a rugged fighter trained by veteran coach and kickboxer Mike Winklejohn. This should be a War!

Also on the card is a "Ultimate" style fight featuring Danny Payne of Garland Texas. Payne is an exciting Vale Tudo fighter with an impressive 10-3-1 record with fights in the U.S.W.F. He has good striking ability and is chomping at the bit to fight with "closed fist " rules. Facing Payne is shootfighter Maynard "The Professor"Morrison. If Shootfighting were a college course Morrison would have a Ph.D.! He is known for training with every credible facility around and is a walking encyclopedia of submission holds.

The Referees for the evening will be Kenpo karate legend Cecil Peoples (boxing & kickboxing) and UFC veteran Ron "H2O" Waterman. (shoot style & ultimate style) and Al "Grappling Grandpa" Pallone will be the master of ceremonies.

Brawl in Broomfield Fight Card includes;

  1. Boxing Exhibition (3 rounds)
    Greg "THE TRAIN" Davis (3D Martial Arts), 6', 183 lbs, Denver CO vs Grafino Soltero (Freedom Fighting) 200 lbs, Commerce City.

  2. Ultimate Fighting
    Cody Engle (Innovative Martial Arts), 17 yrs, 5'8", 140 lbs, valetudo, Aurora CO vs Joe Fuentes (Round 1) 22 yrs, 5'7", 148 lbs, valetudo, Carlsbad NM

  3. Ultimate Fighting
    Darin Gonsor (Colorado Stars), 21 yrs, 5'5", 155 lbs, shoot fighter, Northglen CO vs Pat Stewart (Innovative Martial Arts), 22yrs, 5'6", 143 lbs, Aurora CO

  4. IKF International Rules Kickboxing
    Mark Baier (3-D Martial Arts), 6'0", 185 lbs, Kenpo, Denver CO vs Chris DeWit, 28 yrs, 5'10", 190 lbs, Kumite, Chey. WY.

  5. Shoot Fighting
    Al Paiz (Colorado Stars), 19 yrs, 5'8", 175 lbs, Submission Wrestling, Denver CO vs Rick Morales (Round 1) 22 yrs, 5'11", 190 lbs, Valetudo, Carlsbad NM.

  6. Shoot Fighting
    Jose Chavez (Colorado Stars), 19 yrs, 5'8", 155 lbs, Submission Wrestling, Broomfield CO vs Jose Mena (Innovative Martial Arts), 19 yrs, 5'9" 146 lbs, Kickboxing, Aurora CO.

  7. Submission Wrestling
    Billy Hendricks (Colorado Stars) 18 yrs, 5'7" 173 lbs, Jujitsu, Broomfield CO vs Angel Mata (Round 1), 21 yrs, 5'10", 180 lbs, Valetudo, Carlsbad NM.

  8. IKF International Rules Kickboxing
    Chris Cisneros (3 D Martial Arts) Denver CO vs Danny Slade (IKKA Karate) Alb. NM.

  9. Shoot Fighting
    Jeff Tuffano (Colorado Stars) 20 yrs, 5'8" 163 lbs, Submission Wrestling, Broomfield CO vs Rishi Tirella (Gracie Jujitsu), 21 yrs, 5'7", 150 lbs, Brazilian Jujitsu, Denver CO

  10. Shoot Fighting
    Jeremiah Hudson (Colorado Stars) 20 yrs, 5'10", 185 lbs, Submission Wrestling, Brighton CO vs Richard Gozatti, 20 yrs, 5'8", 200 lbs, Ninjuitsu, Denver, CO.

  11. Ultimate Fighting
    Trevor Avery (Cronk Valetudo), 22 yrs, 6'3", 225 lbs, Valetudo, Denver Co vs Jim Westfall (Round 1) 25 yrs, 5'10", 225 lbs, Valetudo, Carlsbad NM.

  12. Ultimate Fighting
    Jerry "NO SHAME" Roeder (Colorado Stars), 26 yrs, 6'2" 200, Submission Fighting, Boulder CO vs Cruz Chacon (Freedom Fighting), 31 yrs, 5'10", 200 lbs, Valetudo, Commerce City CO

  13. IKF United States Super Middleweight Muay Thai Title
    Duane "BANG" Ludwig, 5'9", 155 lbs, vs Terrace James (IKKA Karate) record of 8-2, Alb. NM

  14. Ultimate Fighting
    Richard Hess (3 D Martial Arts) 32 yrs, 5'8", 146 lbs, Shoot Fighting, Denver CO vs Tom Johnson (Innovative Martial Arts), 30 yrs, 140lbs, Kickboxing, Aurora CO.

    Maynard "THE PROFESSOR" Morrison (CO Stars / Tracy's) 37 yrs, 5'6", 155 lbs, Shoot Fighting, Brighton CO vs Danny Payne (House of Pain), 5'5", 148 lbs, Valetudo, Garland TX.

For more info on this event, please call: 303-635-0530.

SUNDAY, August 15th, 1999, AT 5:30 PM/pt

U.S. Nationals READY to GO!!!

The final names of all the Qualified Fighters are in and we're all set for the "FIRST EVER" TRUE National Kickboxing Championship Tournament. To see who our National Qualifiers are, check out the Qualifiers page by clicking Here! A "MAJOR THANKS" to all our IKF promoters that helped bring us this far; Jeff Mullen, Rob Zbilski, Duke Roufus, Marshall Hamil, Caroline Mixon, Dan Rawlings, Mike Carlson and Mick Doyle. The success of this great event would not be possible without your work and great effort. Everyone on the IKF salutes you With Honors! We'll see you all in Iowa everyone!! Now lets have some fun.....

MORE NEWS OF 8-15-99. . .


IKF World Kickboxing Champion and Movie Star Don "The Dragon" Wilson has made it clear to everyone that he wants the world to know how he feels about someone writing a story claiming his IKF World Title fight against Dick Kimber last May was fixed. So here it is, in Mr. Wilson's own words.Attacked & Angry - Click HERE

SATURDAY, August 14th, 1999, AT 8:30 PM/PT

World Title Fighters Down Under?...

One would think that it would be easy for a promoter to find 2 World Class Fighters to venture to Australia to fight for 2 World Titles. Well... One would think. The IKF office and Australian IKF Promoter Robert Wilesmith have been searching for months for 2 World Class fighters to match up with Australian fighters HOLLY FERNERLY (Bantamweight) and ALI HALLAK (Featherweight), both Leg Kick Bouts. But it seems finding these two QUALITY opponents has been harder than selling tickets.

Currently, Ramona Gatto holds the IKF International Rules World Bantamweight title. One would think that Fernerly could match up against her. But Gatto hasn't fought since the ISKA robbed her of one of her World titles back in San Jose on May 13th, 1995. (see story by clicking What Happened to World Champion Ramona Gatto Despite several attempts over the last few months, Gatto has been unable to reach, leaving us here at the IKF with no other choice but to retire her title and let Fernerly fight someone else for it. But WHO?

Wilesmith has been trying to bring someone from North America to fight Fernerly but has had no luck in finding an opponent. Number 1 ranked Dee Dufoe of Bakersfield, CA, USA was booked for the match but because of a change in date for the event, she had to pull out since she was offered a World Boxing title bout. Who could blame her with the purse she's getting. So again we ask, "WHO knows of a Pro World Class Female Bantamweight Leg Kick fighter that wants to travel to Australia?" If you know of one, PLEASE contact us here at the IKF by e-mail at; ikf@jps.net.


It seems "ALSO" that Featherweight Male fighters are just as hard to come by. That is, "WORLD CLASS FIGHTERS" who are "READY" for a WORLD title shot. (We don't want the critics to wonder like on the Mass Destruction event do we...) The same matching problems have come up with Australian sensation Ali Hallak. So AGAIN, if anyone has a fighter that is a World title Fighter for Ali Hallak, please contact the IKF and let us know at ikf@jps.net We thank you for your help...

FRIDAY, August 13th, 1999, AT 2:00 AM/PT

For Those Wanting

Check out the new
IKF Photo Gallery
by clicking HERE

MORE NEWS OF 8-13-99. . .


Check out our New ANSWER PAGE. Various questions that have come up in regards to the tournament answered directly by IKF President Steve Fossum. Click HERE

WEDNESDAY, August 11th, 1999, AT 1:15 PM/PT


Remember EVERYONE... The DEADLINE for Late Sign-Ups and Confrimations of CURRENT Qualifiers is Friday, August 13 ALSO...SPECIAL NOTE: There will be "NO" Walkover Champions! (Fighters winning a title WITHOUT Fighting) So if by Friday, August 13th, you do not have any competition in your division you may either change RULE Divisions or WEIGHT Divisions to be able to compete for an IKF National (USA) Title.

MORE NEWS OF 8-11-99. . .

IKF Georgia!

IKF and PKC Promoter,James Corbett of Valdosta Georgia USA had a very successful event last Saturday night, August 7th at the Boy's Club Gym in Valdosta Georgia. After a successful State Rated PKC Martial Arts Tournament Corbett went to action on his evening kickboxing promotion. The event was co-sanctioned by the IKF and PKC and was a benefit for the Lowndes High School Wrestling Team and Valdosta Boy's Club.

The event featured the long awaited comeback of local favorite, Heavyweight Mike Carlson of Augusta Martial Arts Academy in Augusta Georgia. Carlson, 6'1", 200 lbs was booked to fight Wes Albritten for the vacant IKF and PKC Pro East Coast Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Title. However, only a few days before the event, Albritten was injured in training. Another opponent was quickly picked, but he too was injured in training forcing Promoter James Corbett to bring in the only possible replacement, Past IKF Amateur East Coast Super Heavyweight Champion, Matt White of Hartselle, Alabama, USA who stood 6'4 with a record of 33-4. No one would have questioned Carlson if he would have decided to pass on the bout with such a major difference in opponents but Carlson kept his word to promoter James Corbett and continued on with the fight.

However, the late change and major height difference threw off Carlson's fight plan and White used his size and reach advantage and caught Carlson midway through the first round with a kick and hand flurry before the referee stopped the bout at 1:09 of the round. White won both the IKF and PKC Pro East Coast Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Title. Carlson will be back again and hopefully next time he will fight the fighter he is training to fight. For more event info, please contact Mr. James Corbett at Valdosta Martial Arts Center at (912) 245-8622 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

TUESDAY, August 10th, 1999, AT 1:15 AM/PT

New Logo For The

We are pleased to present the new ISCF Logo (International Sport Combat Federation, The Submission Fighting Division of the IKF. Please check it out by clicking HERE! All ISCF Championship belts have this Brass Medallion as a center piece and they look HOT!!!

MORE NEWS OF 8-10-99. . .


Well USA.... The IKF/RINGSIDE National Finals are fast approaching. Are you ready? Are you going to be there? If you missed a regional somehow and still want to be in the National Tournament, you can STILL register but the deadline is this Friday, August 13th. Click HERE to do so. If your not registered and CONFIRMED to go by then, well, we hope to see you next year.

Wondering WHO IS Going? Click HERE!

JUNIORS: If there are any JUNIORS out there (Ages 8-15) who wish to fight, we can still host a division for you. Also, we need more WOMEN!!! So if you know of any, get them REGISTERED ASAP! It's gunna be a BLAST and we hope to see you there, even if your not a trainer or a fighter.

MORE NEWS OF 8-10-99. . .

Coming Soon...

Full Results of IKF Georgia, ISCF Arizona and we are STILL Awaiting the FULL Results from Promoter Craig Monyelle's Wisconsin event... Hey Craig, Everyone wants to know what happened... Can you fill us in???

WEDNESDAY, August 4th, 1999, AT 11:50 PM/PT

IKF Georgia
Hot Summer Fights

IKF and PKC Promoter,James Corbett of Valdosta Georgia USA is all set for a full day of GREAT action at the Boy's Club Gym in Valdosta Georgia this Saturday, August 7th. The action will begin with a daytime State Rated PKC Martial Arts Tournament followed by Evening IKF and PKC Kickboxing along with some exciting Professional Wrestling. The event is a benefit for the Lowndes High School Wrestling Team and Valdosta Boy's Club.

The event will feature the long awaited comeback of local favorite, Mike Carlson of Augusta Martial Arts Academy in Augusta Georgia fighting for the vacant IKF and PKC Pro East Coast Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Title. For more event info, please contact Mr. James Corbett at Valdosta Martial Arts Center at (912) 245-8622 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 8-4-99. . .

Scott & Proctor
Ready For PRO ISCF U.S. Championships

ISCF (The Submission division of the IKF) Promoters John Scott and Tom Proctor are all set to host 5 ISCF Pro United States Titles Thursday Night at the Rockin Rodeo at 7850 South Priest Drive in Tempe, Arizona, USA. ISCF Event Representatives will be Nick Carroll, Jiro Shiroma and Tom Proctor. For more info on the event, contact Mr. John Scott at (602) 23-FIGHT or Tom Proctor (480) 539-8801. For ticket Info at Rockin Rodeo call (480) 496-0799.

MORE NEWS OF 8-4-99. . .

USA Toll Free Number Problems??

Well, not really. Actually we had it turned off for a couple of months. WHY? Well, this number was mainly installed to help those interested in the work of the IKF. The number was installed for our USA based Promoters, Trainers, Fighters and Officials. NOT for people looking for Aerobic Kickboxing schools!!!

A couple of months back, a USA based magazine called SELF printed our toll free number 888-IKF-KICK at the end of an article talking about Kickboxing for fitness along with our website address. Thanks for the tip SELF but the web address would have been ENOUGH. SELF Magazine also mentioned to readers interested in looking for a Kickboxing School in their area to call us.... On our Toll Free number.....

Well, after about 3 weeks of averaging about 60 plus calls a day from around the USA, we just got tired of it. It was taking away from our valuable time needed for other IKF work. On top of that, the New York Times also published the number after a simular article a few weeks later and again, the phones were ringing off the hook. What made it even more frustrating was the fact that ALL THIS INFORMATION about schools "WE" know of in the USA is accessable directly from the front page of our web site under the heading KICKBOXING SCHOOLS In The USA. It couldn't be more easier than this.

Since SELF published the website address, people could have EASILY looked this info up on their own computer. However, they called us instead and 90% of the time, they had computer access and could have EASILY found the info themselves. So, the number will be temporarly off for awhile while the next few issues of the magazine appear. If you need to contact us by phone, please call us on our main number (916) 663-2467.

We hope a lot of you got some business from our referals because there were sure a lot of calls. The majority of the calls came from the Southern California area and the New York USA areas.

MORE NEWS OF 8-4-99. . .


Well, it's official. Our official IKF Training Center here in Newcastle CA, USA has been proudly named RINGSIDE GYM after our proud sponsor of IKF Events Worldwide, RINGSIDE Products Inc. If you have never been to our facility, read all about it by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 8-4-99. . .

Regional Fighters
Get Walkover WINS!

Although there were quite a few fighters registered for both the IKF/RINGSIDE South West National Amateur Regional Tournament at Camp Pendleton in Southern California and the South East National Amateur Regional Tournament at Orlando Kickboxing Center in Orlando Florida there were not enough matches (Matched weight classes and rule Divisions) to justify the expense of an event in either area. For this reason, all of the Registered Fighters on both of these events received a Walkover Win and an invitation to the National Finals in Iowa beginning Friday Night, September 4th. See you all there and the BEST of Luck to EVERYONE!

To see who is going and who still needs to decide yet, see the CURRENT QUALIFIERS page by Clicking HERE. If you are an amateur fighter and have missed a regional event in your area, or there was never a regional in your area, click HERE to see how you can still be a part of the FIRST EVER "TRUE" National Amateur Kickboxing Championships!

MORE NEWS OF 8-4-99. . .

"Ring of Fire"

We don't care HOW GREAT a venue looks. As we here at the IKF expressed to IKF Colorado Promoter Sven Bean of Flamingyang Productions the $12,000 the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado wanted was CLEARLY "TOO MUCH"! Unless you have some major TV money or Big Sponsorship behind you. Or better yet, maybe a fighter on your event such as Dennis Alexio fighting in Sacramento (Where the venue last year was about $15,000 and the gross Gate on the event was over $90,000). It seems the venue didn't think Bean's event would draw a large crowd so the price went UP on the nights rental so they could be assured to cover their time and expenses. Upon hearing this, along with some problems with some fights dropping, Bean and IKF President Steve Fossum agreed to simply re-schedule the event. "As much as I'd like to be in Colorado at Sven's event this weekend, we here at the IKF can't allow ANY promoter to take a chance on losing such a large amount of money. With that kind of rent, it doesn't leave much room for ANY profit for the promoter." A Tentative date has already been announced of August 21st and hopefully confirmed soon at another location nearby.

Scheduled to fight on the "Ring of Fire" Night of Championship Fighting event were several IKF Title bouts. They included The IKF US Muay Thai Rules Junior Welterweight Title Featuring David Cummings of Colorado, USA vs IKF California Pro Muay Thai Rules Champion, John Washington of Bakersfield, CA, USA. For the IKF US Amateur Muay Thai Rules Light Middleweight Title it was Dwayne Ludwig of Colorado, USA vs Terrace James of Albq. New Mexico, USA. For the IKF US Amateur International Rules Light Heavyweight Mountain Regional Title the meeting was between Greg Davis and Shale LiPag. The night was also to feature several U.S.S.A Shoot Wrestling Matches. Keep an eye on the Upcoming events page for a confrimation of this event. For more event info, contact Sven Bean of Flamingyang Productions at (303) 667-8612.

WEDNESDAY, July 28th, 1999, AT 9:45 PM/PT

Results From
Monyelle's Wisconsin Event Coming Soon!

Sorry for the delays but our promoters were a bit late getting the results back to us on these 2 events below. We should have the complete results to Mr. Craig Monyelle's IKF Wisconsin event coming soon that featured Danny Russ against Ronnie Deleon. Keep watch for the full event results.

MORE NEWS OF 7-28-99. . .

Defends Pro FCR State Title!

IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Pennsylvania State Middleweight Champion Jimmy Stewart successfully defended his title by unanimous decision over Tim Jones on July 16th in Butler Pennsylvania. Now Stewert will be setting his eyes on a bigger IKF title bout in the Middleweight Division. Good job Jimmy!

SATURDAY, July 24th, 1999, AT 4:45 PM/PT


We had some calls and e-mails today from some fighters, trainers and fight fans asking about some fight results. Seems there was no where for anyone to look up these results. Well, if these were IKF events, you would find the results RIGHT HERE! Once again we ask.... "What has Your Sanctioning Body Done for you Lately?"

MORE NEWS OF 7-24-99. . .

"Ring of Fire"
August 7th in Colorado, USA!

Flamingyang Productions
On Saturday August 7th, the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado will be set ablaze as fighters from all over North America will gather to compete in the "Ring of Fire". The fight card will have a combination of Kickboxing and "Shoot" style matches The Main Event of the night will feature Pro IKF California Lightweight Muay Thai Champion John "The Shadow" Washington of Bakersfield, California against local hero David "Thunder" Cummings of Colorado Springs, Colorado for the vacant IKFPro United States Lightweight Muay Thai Rules Title.

Amateur Kickboxing Champion, Greg "The Train" Davis will meet Shale LiPage for the vacant IKF Light Heavyweight Amateur "Mountain Regional" International Rules title. Duane "Bang!" Ludwig will faceTerrace James of Albq. New Mexico for the vacant IKF Light Middleweight Amateur United States Muay Thai Rules Title.

Another match that is causing quite a stir locally is the war between shootfighters from the Army and Marines. Representing the Army will be David Spinelli from the Army wrestling program. Marine close quarter combat instructor Jerry Roeder will bring all his skills in to the ring in this classic rivalry. These guys have some impressive supporters and trainers. Kevin Jackson will be in Spinelli's corner, and Roeder has been training at Colorado Stars, home of Ron "H2O Man" Waterman and Larry "the Violator" Parker. Both Waterman and Parker will display their great skills in two Superfights the same night. Five time Sabaki heavyweight champion, Clarence Thatch will make his long awaited return to the ring in a 3 round kickboxing match.

This event will also witness the birth of the "U.S.S.A" or "United Shoot-Style Association". There will be a four man elimination tournament to create the U.S.S.A. Middleweight World Champion. U.S.W.F. superstar Eric Payne, UFC veteran Trent Jenkins, kickboxing and Brazil Vale Tudo veteran John Cronk, and NHB fighting sensation Thomas Denny will make up the field for this showdown in the 160-175 lb. division.

Also on the card is the long awaited rematch of U.S.W.F. Lightweight World Champion Brent Medley and the always entertaining Danny Payne out of Garland ,Texas. These two previously clashed in U.S.W.F.'s last event and the bouts outcome was under suspect because of the occurrence of an "illegal" or "unintential", depending on who you believe, headbutt. This could be the most exciting match of the night. Keeping control of this match might prove to be a tough job for World Open Sombo Champion Leo Sawyer who will be referee for all Shoot matches. All kickboxing matches will be under the watchful eye of martial arts legend Cecil Peoples.

Some of the sports celebrities that will be in attendance include: Air Force football head coach Fisher Deberry, Ex-Baseball pro and FTS apparel Vice President Joe Deberry, K-1 Japan kickboxer Ray Sefo, U.S.W.F. Heavyweight Champion and UFC fighter Evan Tanner, Team USA and gold medal hopeful Mike VanArsdale, and players from the Denver Broncos, the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalnche, and the Rocky Mountain Thunder. The venue holds 9000 people and the town is already buzzing. Look for a good show. Tickets are on sale at the World Arena Box office (719)-477-2121 $35.00 , $25.00, &$15.00 ($2.00 off with your Military I.D.) Contact the promoter via email by clicking HERE.

FRIDAY, July 23rd, 1999, AT 1:30 PM/PT

Ready for IKF Wisconsin!

IKF Promoter Craig Monyelle is all set to kick off his IKF Wisconsin event Saturday night, July 24th in Telfer Park, Beloit, Wisconsin, USA. Monyelle's event will feature 12 bouts with 13 of the nights fighters coming from TEAM THUMP. The Feature Main Event will be a Pro non title Full Contact Rules bout between Beloit's own Danny Russ vs well known Pro fighter Ronnie Deleon of O'Fallon, Illinois, USA.

In addition, Heavyweight Angelo Rivera of Cicero Illinois USA will face Tim Mazurkiewicz of Freeport Illinois for the IKF Full Contact Rules Midwest Heavyweight Title. Both fighters still intend to attend the National Championships in Iowa in September and will face competition with John Welch of Oak Park, Illinois and Darryl Rudd of Memphis, Tennessee.

Also included in the National Tournament mix for the Full Contact Rules Heavyweight Division but unconfirmed if they will attend the Tournament are IKF East Coast Champion, Rusty Perry of Douglasville, Georgia and IKF California Heavyweight Champion Greg Kirkpatrick of Roseville, California.

For more info on the event, please contact Mr. Craig Monyelle at Impact Martial Arts and Team Thump at (608) 362-0404.

MORE NEWS OF 7-23-99. . .

IKF Rankings & Rules Pages

To help individuals navigate through our IKF Ranking and Rules Pages "Even Easier", we have just added 2 main pages for all IKF Rankings and Rules. Check out the RANKINGS page by clicking HERE! Check out the RULES page by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 7-23-99. . .

Super Heavyweight Needed!!

IKF Promoter Mike Miles in Canada is looking to put on an IKF Amateur North American International Rules Title Bout for his upcoming August 28th event in Calgary Canada. Miles and the IKF are looking for an opponent for Canada's Keith Crawford a 235 lbs. Super Heavyweight with 8 wins, 1 loss and 0 draws. The match will be for the IKF Amateur North American International Rules (Leg Kick) Title which is currently vacant.

In addition, Miles is also looking for 2 other opponents. He needs an opponent for Sokhim Or, a 147 lbs. fighter with a record of 7 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws. This bout will be 5 X 2 Muay Thai Rules. And an opponent for IKF International Rules Western Canadian Champion, Nick Ring, a 178 lbs. fighter with a record of 12 wins, 3 losses, 0 draws. This bout would be 5 X 2 Muay Thai Rules as well.

As always, Mr. Miles will pay airfare to Calgary Alberta Canada, hotel and food. To apply for the bout, please contact Mr. Miles via e-mail by clicking HERE or by phone at: (403) 244-8424. You may also contact the IKF office at (916) 663-2467 or by e-mail which is easier by clicking HERE.

THURSDAY, July 22nd, 1999, AT 12:00 PM/PT

Problems Accessing Our Page??

Over the last week our internet web site (www.ikfkickboxing.com) was unable to be accessed by people outside our direct server area. This problem was caused by an outside source that coordinates all internet address worldwide in regards to hook-ups, servers, routing etc. Although we are not sure of the exact cause of the breakdown in connection, we are aware that it had something to do with a mistake in a deletion of part of our internet address. We've been assured that we will be back on line sometime on Thursday the 22nd or Friday the 23rd. We apologize greatly for this problem but it was out of our control.

It seems in our computer world, one mistaken slip of a digit or letter can cause problems around the world and apparently we were the victim of such a problem. If you're reading this, it obviously means you can once again reach our web page. Let us know when this happens by sending us a quick e-mail with the words "ACCESS OK" by clicking HERE. Thank you.

TUESDAY, July 20th, 1999, AT 12:00 PM/PT

Who's Using the Term
"Cardio Kickboxing?"

It seems with the popularity of "KICKBOXING" spreading worldwide, the name or term "KICKBOXING" has become a great attention grabber for various "KARATE and MARTIAL ART" schools and their marketing packages to get students in their door. Within the last 5 years there has "All of a Sudden" been an increase of kickboxing experts which include those "Karate" instructors who have "NEVER" even trained in a "REAL" kickboxing class or even attended a "REAL" kickboxing gym let alone ever fought in an actual kickboxing match. In addition, there are THOUSANDS of "AEROBIC" Instructors who haven't even studied any martial arts at all who claim to offer a kickboxing class. This is even more disturbing! From all this, as we travel around the world for various IKF events, we see on nearly every window at karate schools the words "Cardio Kickboxing". Not only is this "False Advertising" when karate instructors with NO REAL Kickboxing experience use it, but the term "Cardio Kickboxing" is ILLEGAL! Yes, Illegal! (See below)

If you know of someone that is using this term at their karate school, or even at a kickboxing school, please hand them a copy of this press with the copyright info below. And for those of you who are karate instructors with NO TRUE Kickboxing experience who are teaching these "Cardio Kickboxing Classes", or even saying you teach kickboxing let it be known that we are soon going to have a special page that will list schools, gyms or clubs advertising kickboxing classes that have NO Kickboxing experience. Just because you know how to throw a kick and throw a punch does NOT make you a kickboxer or a kickboxing instructor.

This action comes from the "Complaints" of people around the world who have asked us to do something about it after they went and signed up at some of these schools only to find out later that they were given a sales pitch to sign up and their instructor is only a Tae Kwon Do instructor that's never even taken a true kickboxing class let alone been in the ring. Someone needs to put a stop to this and we, as we have been before, will be the "Black Sheep" here to begin the process.

To begin with, "KICKBOXING" is an ART, "NOT" a general term of someone who kicks and punches. Only an instructor who has actually trained in the sport should ever use the term and NO ONE ELSE! This would be like a guy who studied Tae Kwon Do yet he tells everyone he got his black belt in Kenpo. So if you know of someone that is using the term "Kickboxing" in ANY way that has no true experience in the training of it, please let us know here at the office. Soon we will have a "WARNING" List of these schools, clubs or gyms etc. so the general public will have knowledge of them. We hope this helps everyone when it comes to finding a TRUE KICKBOXING SCHOOL.

The "Trademark"

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, the term "CARDIO KICKBOXING" is "ILLEGAL". Here is the proof of that as well;

Pres. Sport Karate, Inc. Press Release: Please be advised that "Cardio Kickboxing" is a registered trademark (U.S. Patents and Trademark Office, Washington, DC, Reg. # 1,890,451) owned by my company "Sport Karate, Inc.". It is a specific program that was designed to promote the sport of kickboxing through kickboxing for fitness. It is not an aerobics/karate program like TaeBo, but an alternative to aerobics that is equipment intensive. Many aerobics instructors in particular, are using the name in a generic fashion to describe their own fitness or aerobic kickboxing classes. This is most often inadvertent, but occasionally deliberate. We would appreciate your notifying us of any unauthorized use of the name. Thank you! Regards, Frank Thiboutot, Pres. Sport Karate, Inc.www.wowpages.com/cardiokick

SUNDAY, July 18th, 1999, AT 7:50 PM/PT

Steele Controls Reyes
In 10 Round World Title WAR
In Hawaii.

A RINGSIDE Sponsored Event - ringsideboxing.com

The promotional team of Tom Moffatt Productions (TMP) proved once again they have what it takes to put on a first class event. TMP helped Dennis Alexio start his promotional career in Hawaii and now TMP has a new Hawaiian STAR... Danny "Hard As" Steele!" Steele took on top ranked welterweight from Mexico, Miguel Reyes and battled a 10 round war that saw Steele win nearly every round on all the judges cards. With the win, Steele won the vacant IKF World Welterweight International Rules Title by unanimous decision, 100-88, 98-91 and 99-91 before a crowd of 2,000 at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu Hawaii. "I believed in him for a long time," said promoter Tom Moffatt, "I want to bring him back again. We're going to build something with him." The win sets up a potential return to Hawaii for Steele in October of this year to defend his title and if the event is confirmed, the show has the makings of one of the greatest cards in Hawaii. Steele, improved to 35-6-2 with 27 KO's. Reyes dropped to 26-6 with 15 KO's.

The event also had a GREAT UNDERCARD which included 1 IKF West Coast Title and 2 IKF Hawaiian State Titles. In bout 1, Keli Madrid of Kihel Hawaii defeated Jerel Ancheta of Hilo Hawaii by majority decision, 38-37, 39-37 and 38-38 to win the IKF Hawaii State Amateur Full Contact Rules Light Welterweight Title.

Bout 2 was an IKF West Coast title that saw Tommy Pestana of Waianae Hawaii defeat last second fill in Jerico Lane of Redding CA by TKO at 56 seconds of the 3rd round. Lane came to the bout with only 48 hours notice when he replaced Southern California's Edgar Fierro, who pulled out claiming to have a knee injury. However there were other reports saying he simply couldn't make the weight limit. We should know more of this story soon. Pestana won the IKF West Coast Light Heavyweight Amateur Full Contact Rules title.

In bout 3, Shawn Taylor of Kailua Hawaii won a split decision, 38-37, 35-39 and 36-39 over Justin Kaahanui of Aiea Hawaii to capture the vacant IKF Hawaii State Amateur Full Contact Rules Super Middleweight Title.

Bout 4 became a Special Prestige Bout when Hawaii sensation, Cheyenne Padeken's opponent pulled out of the fight at the last moment. Cher Lewis of Tom Moffatt Productions was called by trainer Nasser Niavaroni to offer his fighter Dominic Robles of Citrus Heights, CA to fight Padeken. Niavaroni knew Padeken's fighting style since Padeken had already fought IKF Champion Eric Regan twice, who is also trained by Niavaroni. However, what Niavaroni didn't tell Lewis was that Robles was now registered as a pro fighter in the State of California and in the IKF Rankings since he had just fought a pro boxing match a few weeks earlier in Sacramento CA. Padeken was an amateur, despite having over 100 boxing matches and a 14-2 kickboxing record. IKF President Steve Fossum was flying back from other IKF business on another Hawaii Island when the bout was confirmed and didn't hear of the match-up until arriving at the event weigh-ins on Thursday afternoon.

Upon hearing of it, Fossum pulled Robles, Padeken, his trainer and Cher Lewis off to the side and explained their options to them. (Robles trainer, Niavaroni was in Tahoe with fighter Eric Regan on a boxing event and couldn't make the trip) Since Robles made the trip over, Fossum offered to allow Robles and Padeken to fight but it would not be sanctioned as a title bout since it was an amateur title. Both agreed with no problem and fully understood the situation. The only request by the 2 was that the result of the fight be counted on their records which the IKF agreed to do. When the smoke cleared between these two, the judges had it as a majority draw, 38-38, 40-40 with one judge seeing the bout 40-37 in favor of Robles. Padeken won the IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules West Coast Middleweight Title by forfeit since his opponent pulled out at the last minute and Robles was a pro as explained above.

Hawaii's Tien Nguyan also won his title by forfeit when his opponent pulled out of the fight only a couple days prior to the event. Nguyan won the vacant IKF Hawaii State Full Contact Rules, Lightweight Title.

As mentioned above, TMP plans to host another night of Championship Kickboxing in October so keep watch of this plan. It only gets better from here... GREAT EVENT Everyone and thanks for the Hawaiian Hospitality... For more info on this event or other TMP events, please contact promoter Tom Moffatt or Sher Lewis at (808) 371-8835 or Sher by e-mail by clicking HERE. Oh and P.S..... Doug... Close the door...

MORE NEWS OF 7-18-99. . .

A Great Event? Hmmmm...

Well, we had the pleasure of attending this event in person and we must say... This Promotion Production was EXCELLENT! The fighters were GREAT! The officials of the event (United States Wushu Association from which we were told) All need have their heads examined!!! There were more errors of officiating here than we have seen on EVERY event all year long! The referees were the worst we have EVER seen.

Can you believe they let a fighter continue AFTER he was KNOCKED OUT COLD!!!

Can you believe they called a TIME-OUT to let a fighter fix a "Dislocated Shoulder" and continue on...

Look for a FULL Report on our opinions page on this in the next few days. Too bad a GREAT Production by Mr. Matt Young was scared with such TERRIBLE OFFICIALS. This event had some great fights as well, but one in particular, James Cooper should have been given the win over An Hu of China after Hu dislocated his shoulder and was allowed to fix it. Try passing that rule with someone like the California State Athletic Commission. Cooper went on to lose by TERRIBLE Judging. On our card, Cooper had it won EASILY. This was one of those... "Which fight were the judges watching" fights... What a shame... Watch for a full report soon...

MORE NEWS OF 7-18-99. . .

Results of the "SUMMER SHOWDOWN 99" Coming later...

Where IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Pennsylvania State Middleweight Champion Jimmy Stewart put his title on the line in a rematch title defense against Tim Jones on Friday Night, July 16th in Butler Pennsylvania.

SATURDAY, July 10th, 1999, AT 3:00 AM/PT

IKF Promoters Set For Upcoming Events

Steele and Reyes
Meet For World Title in Hawaii!

IKF Promoter Tom Moffatt and Event Coordinator Sher Lewis are all set to go with their big IKF World Title Event scheduled for Friday, July 16, at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii. IKF Pro World Muay Thai Champion Danny Steele ( 34-6-2 with 27 KO's ) is set to take a shot at another IKF World Title when he meets Miguel Reyes ( Kickboxing: 26-5 with 15 KO's, Pro Boxing Record 10-3 with 5 KO's) for the now vacant IKF International Rules (Leg Kicks) World Welterweight Title.

As previously reported on this page, Steele was originally scheduled to face the IKF Pro IR World Welterweight Champion Ivan Silva of Tijuana Mexico. However, Silva suffered a potentially career ending hand injury in training. After the injury, Silva discovered he would need surgery and opted to simply retire his World Title. Silva ends his career with a 14 and 1 record with 8 KO's but was NEVER challenged for his IKF World Title until Steele's recent challenge.

Reyes is Silva's trainer and will now in turn face Steele. Steele and Reyes have met before back in their amateur days in 1990 when Steele won a close split decision over Reyes in Buana Park CA, USA. Both fighters have come a long way since that meeting and we're sure to see a war in Hawaii. Reyes is also a paid sparring partner for Erik Morales, the current WBC Junior Featherweight World Champion, a father of two and owns a large kickboxing school in Tijuana, Mexico. Steele lives in Los Angeles with his wife Shelly and together have 1 child.

Five other IKF titles are scheduled for the night as well. Two IKF West Coast Amateur Full Contact Rules Titles and 3 IKF Hawaii State Full Contact Rules Titles.

  1. Fighting for the vacant IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules (FCR) West Coast Light Heavyweight Title will be Tommy Pestana of Hawaii vs Edgar Fierro of California.

  2. Justin Kaahanul and Shawn Taylor will meet for the vacant IKF Amateur FCR Super Middleweight Hawaii State Title.

  3. Jaran Ancheta and Kili Madrid will meet for the vacant IKF Light Welterweight Title.

  4. Che-ung Aiona and Tien Nguyan will meet for the vacant IKF Amateur FCR Hawaii State Lightweight Title

The search is STILL ON for an Amateur Full Contact Rules Middleweight opponent for Cheyenne Padeken who is seeking the vacant IKF Amateur West Coast FCR Middleweight Title. If any fighters are interested please contact promoter Tom Moffatt or Sher Lewis at (808) 371-8835 or Sher by e-mail by clicking HERE to submit your fight record and other info. For any additional event info, please feel free to contact the offices of Tom Moffatt Productions Inc. at (808) 371-8835 or again, Sher at by e-mail by clicking HERE.

MORE NEWS OF 7-10-99. . .


In regards to "Number of fighters", the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Middleweight Division is by far one of, if not the strongest division in kickboxing today. Two fighters seeking to position themselves a bit higher in that division will meet in Pensylvania on July 16th. After their first fight, Tim Jones desired a re-match against the newly crowned IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Pensylvania State Champion Jimmy Stewert. Well, a change of promotional management and seven months later, the re-match is HERE! Stewert who is ranked among several great IKF Pro FCR Middleweight fighters will also be the promoter of the event this time as he gets set to once again meet Tim Jones to defend his IKF Pro FCR PA State title he won back in January of this year.

A win would bring Stewert closer to a higher title shot which could face him against for example, IKF Pro FCR U.S. Middleweight Champion Dave Marinoble of Roseville CA, USA. Currently Tommy Kimber of Lynn Massachuttes stands at the top as the IKF Pro Middleweight World Champion after he defeated Curtis Bush of Virginia Beach Virginia, USA back on May 14th of this year by unanimous decision. Bush would love to have another shot at Kimber but so would several others. Currently IKF Promoter Nasser Niavaroni of Sacramento CA, USA is trying to get in contact with Kimber to bring him to Sacramento California USA for an August 1st showdown against IKF Pro North American Middleweight FCR Champion Eric Regan (18-0/12). However, some changes of numbers have made Kimber hard to contact. So Mr. Kimber, if you or someone you know reads this, please contact Mr. Navaroni at (916) 782-4757. In addition, don't forget the others in the division such as number 1 ranked contender Trevor Ambros of England or even Wullie Robbie of Glasgow, Scotland and the list goes on and on.

Stewert's "SUMMER SHOWDOWN 99" event is scheduled for Friday night, JULY 16 at the Butler Days Inn in Butler Pennsylvania, USA. The event is set to start at 8:00 PM. For more event info, please contact Mr. Jim Stewart at (724) 482-4814.

MONDAY, July 5th, 1999, AT 4:05 PM/PT

West Coast
Fighters Needed For Hawaii Event!

It seems some last minute cancelations with injuries and personal problems have forced some fighters off the scheduled IKF June 16th Hawaii event. Over the weekend, promoter Tom Moffett Productions lost "5" Amateur Full Contact Rules Fighters which included, Light Heavyweight (172.1 - 179)Chris Cafran due to a fractured leg. Super Welterweights ( 147.1 - 153) Kaloe Kean from an injury at work and Virgil Sanicolas from a fractured hand. Super Lightweights (132.1 - 137) Duane Amaral and Danny Cayme dropped off the event for reasons unknown. The promoters are looking for fighters from California to replace some of the bouts.

If your a fighter or trainer in California who think you can fill some of these drops, please contact Tom Moffatt Productions or Sher Lewis at (808) 371-8835 or Sher at by e-mail by clicking HERE..

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IKF Rule Changes

Fighters, Trainers and Judges. Please be aware of the following IKF rule changes;

1: In IKF Judging: There will now be allowed a 10-10 scored round in IKF Scoring. Previously, IKF judges were asked to determine a winner based on technique ability in an evenly fought round. However, now IKF judges are allowed to score BOTH fighters even at 10-10 if they feel they were evenly matched with skill in a single round.

2: In IKF Full Contact Rules in regards to Kick Counts and Penalties: In the first round a fighter misses his/her kicks, they will be WARNED. In EACH ADDITIONAL ROUND, the fighter will lose first 1 point, than 2 points, than 3 points etc. etc. for each additional round he/she misses his/her kicks. Previously there was just a "1" point deduction for each round kicks were missed after the warning round.

SATURDAY, July 3rd, 1999, AT 5:00 PM/PT

So... Who Is the Best in Europe?

So you call yourself a World Champion? Or maybe you think your the BEST but have never been given the opportunity to PROVE IT? Well, nows the time! This call goes out to all European kickboxers who want to come to England and prove their skills. IKF European Promoter and Representative Alby Bimpson has big plans for his upcoming September event and wants to offer some of Europes best, the opportunity to come fight in England. So if you feel your one of the best in Europe, Contact Mr. Bimpson at +44 1942 723858 by e-mail by clicking HERE!

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IKF Champ
Eric Regan...
Wins By KO In BOXING!!

OK, So Regan's opponent was not a world class boxer at last night ESPN 2's Friday Night Fight event in Sacramento, CA, USA, but the result was the same. Regan by KO. Yes, IKF Pro North American Full Contact Rules Middleweight Champion Eric Regan has been doing a bit of Boxing to go along with his kickboxing and so far he has yet to be challenged. He's currently 3-0 with 3 KO's as a pro boxer being featured on three of Don Chargin's Boxing Promotions in Sacramento, CA USA. Who knows, maybe someday we will see Regan as we once saw Troy Dorsey. A fighter with a World Title in both Kickboxing and Boxing. Sounds pretty good to us..."GO ERIC!"